The Untimely Death of Justice Scalia


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L. A. Marzulli

Justice Scalia

I’ve been to Dallas.  I was first there with my good friend and the director of the Watchers series Richard Shaw.  I walked all over Deally Plaza. I stood where Zapruder shot the now infamous film showing the assassination of JFK.  I aimed an imaginary rifle from behind the picket fence on the Grassy knoll which by the way is less than 60 feet from the fatal head shot that killed JFK and perhaps changed our country forever.

Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. With that in mind we now know that Saddam Hussein did not have Weapons of mass destructions, yet Bush went into Iraq anyway.  Saddam had poison gas and we know he used it against the Kurds, but the evidence shows he didn’t have nukes. We invaded Iraq, in my opinion, because Sadaam was trading oil for Euros.

We’ve been 15 years in Afghanistan and every year the opium harvest is over a Trillion dollars.  Really?  Who profits from this? I’ve heard opium is cheaper to buy than milk in Afghanistan.

Building 7 0a367Than there’s the events of 911.  I used to believe the official version until I saw the free-fall collapse of Building seven. (What do you with this?)

These are all troubling events and many of us don’t want to broach them. Frankly, I can’t blame some folks who don’t want to travel down the conspiracy rabbit hole.

 With that in mind we turn to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.  The official story is that he died of a heart attack in his sleep. Oh wait, the official story has changed.  He was found with a pillow over his head. As of the latest on Monday morning the family has refused a private autopsy.

I’m deeply troubled by this turn of events and here’s why. The Supreme court, ruling by judicial fiat, voted to make gay-marriage, essentially the law of the land.  Scalia’s had this to say:

“When the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified in 1868, every State limited marriage to one man and one woman, and no one doubted the constitutionality of doing so. … Since there is no doubt whatever that the People never decided to prohibit the limitation of marriage to opposite-sex couples, the public debate over same-sex marriage must be allowed to continue.

But the Court ends this debate, in an opinion lacking even a thin veneer of law.

The Supreme Court vacancy, left by Justice Scalia, will be no doubt filled by Obama.  Obama will put someone who is as liberal as Justice Sortomayer.  This will stack the court with essentially a liberal-leaning bias and thus, Obama will have achieved another blow to conservatism.

There are some who say Breitbart, whose website continues to be a bastion of Conservative thought, was heart-attacked, in other words murdered with a weapon that causes a massive heart-attack because of information he had on Obama that he was going to reveal before the last election.

Then there is the so-called Clinton body count where numerous people wind up dead by “suicide.”

These people play hardball and they play for keeps.

Politicians are elected year after year with no end to their term limits. This creates a permanent political class. Politicians should be limited to two terms, period. This is one reason why the Washington establishment hates The Donald.  He’s an outsider and if he gets to the White house he’s going to shake things up.

Like the shooting/murder in Oregon, that eye witnesses say was a deliberate assault, what is the truth? Most likely we’ll never know.

The untimely death of Justice Scalia may be a tipping point in an already out-of-balance government.

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  1. Many pieces of the puzzle forming the bigger picture here, L.A. Love your work. Keep it coming! Blessings.

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