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L. A. Marzulli

All you need to know about the new Omnibus bill is seen in this video! I’ll weigh in on only one aspect of it.  The bill allows thousands of immigrant into the country. (300,000 from Muslim countries per year)  It also provides them with 1.6 BILLION dollars to resettle here.  What about our men and women who gave years of their lives to defend us?  Our soldiers are not getting the care they need and yet our goofy leaders fund the so-called refugees, meanwhile the suicide rate continues to climb.  Shame on Congress.  Shame on Speaker Paul Ryan.  Shame on the Republican party.  This is why the folks are fed-up and as Pat Caldwell  declares: The country is close to revolution.

The people have no voice.  It’s a group of elite-out-of-touch-career-politicians who make these bills and then sign them into law.  Meanwhile we are taxed to death and 92 million people are unemployed.  Our infrastructure is crumbling and Obama has spent 70 MILLION dollars on his vacation.  Really?  Where is the outrage?


Wheaton College Suspends Hijab-Wearing Professor After 'Same God' Comment

Wheaton College Suspends Hijab-Wearing Professor After ‘Same God’ Comment

“I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book,” she wrote in a Facebook post on December 10. “And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God.”

What’s alarming to me is that this “Professor” is clueless about Islam and the god it worships.  The university did the right thing in suspending her, as her comment, lIke George W. Bush’s comment in the last years of his presidency; that we worship the same god, is 100% false and wrong on so many levels.  To cut to the chase.  Christians believe Jesus was the son of God, and Muslims emphatically state; that God does not beget which is in direct opposition to the good news.  This is the core difference among many others between the two.  We believe in our Messiah, our King, our blessed hope and He wasn’t just another prophet but was both God and man.  Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  Islam, as well as Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism, and other religions, never address the fundamental nature of man, his sin nature.  Yet, Jesus came to redeem us and allowed himself to be a sacrifice for all mankind, once and for all.  This is the good news, that we can have eternal life and can have a personal relationship with the God—the real one—of the universe.  Disparity? You bet.


ISIS Update! Basically the war continues and Russia is not only participating but giving aid and arms to Iraq.  The US is, under Obama so-called leadership, leading from behind! What a joke.  The aftermath of the fighting is influx of upward of a million people flooding into Europe.  The people living in those countries are  beginning to realize that their way of life, their culture, is being taken from them by these so-called refugees, who are unskilled, uneducated and mostly muslim men.  Meanwhile, we are allowing thousands of “refugees” into this country without a clue as to who might be a terrorist.  In my opinion what we are witnessing is deliberate.  In other words the governments of the EU and the USA are creating the chaos and then they will provide the solution to the chaos.  This is a classic Hegelian dialectic.  We have been sold down the river and this is just one more reason why Trump is resonating with the people.  Close the borders.  Stop immigration from Muslim countries, and balance the budget!


ChildhoodsEnd_gallery_101Recap_09Real, burgeoning and NOT going away! The video shows a small bright light hovering over the ocean.  Is it a bird tangled up in Chinese lanterns?  A US drone that has lost its way?  A weather balloon?  The planet Venus?  Niburu?  With the recent airing of Childhoods End the daily blog numbers went through the roof.  Disclosure is coming at some point as the cat-and-mouse game of witnessing lights in the sky will come to an end and we will see large, perhaps mile-wide craft finally reveal themselves over the cities of the world…. just like the TV series portrayed.  In the meantime until The Revealing occurs, most people won’t give it a second thought and just go about their daily routines oblivious to what is above them.  The Great Deception is coming.