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russian-tank-army-t-90-Syria_12.15Russian Tanks T-90 in Syria – Escalation?

Russia brings over heavy T-90 tanks to boost three Syrian warfronts

As far as Israel is concerned, the main worry is that Russian instructors will also be assigned to train Iranian and Hizballah tank crews in the use of the advanced T-90. Once they get hold of these tanks, they will be able to attain their objective of beefing up the Iranian-Hizballah front against Israeli defenses from southern Syria and the Syrian Golan.

The battle in Syria continues as ISIS forces continue their assault on the capital of Damascus.  This is a buildup and yet our president doesn’t address it as his ridiculous, leading from behind “strategy” is, for all practical purposes, useless.  Russia is riding rough-shod over the area and providing more weapons of war. Will this lead to WWIII, or as some people posit are we already in the beginning of the war?


According to law enforcement the female shooter in the San Bernadino shooting allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS.  The short story is this, these people were terrorists.  Their apartment was essentially a bomb making factory.  They had multiple weapons and lot’s of ammo.  Here’s the rub—and The Donald has addressed this—the people who were close to them must have known what was going on.  People came to the house, the mother-in-law, and perhaps other relatives.  Surely words were spoken and the relatives must have put two and two together.  This begs the question, why didn’t these people speak up?  California Senator, Barbara Boxer actually pointed to California’s sensible gun-control laws and claimed they are working!

I guess Farook was the exception to the Cali-gun-laws?  The bottom line for me is this, there is no way to stop the ongoing Jihad and slaughter unless people are armed and shoot back, period.  The police aren’t going to protect us, and our president and government can legislate till the-cows-come-home and it will never, I repeat never, stop the ideology that is the nexus for these attacks.  Liberty University president nails it when states: let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here. 

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