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Days of Chaos

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Fear Porn or Reality?  Wake up Ostrich people!

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Good morning everyone.  First off I want to thank all of you who have contributed to our studio.  We are now over our goal of 30k!  Thanks to everyone for helping out.  Yesterday we started construction and Friday we will start shopping for cameras, lights and audio equipment.  I hope to be up and running by mid-December, although that may be ambitious.  We are still offering the LIFE-TIME subscription to our monthly News Magazine, for those of you who still want to contribute!  Thanks for helping out! (Studio Donation)

Two things this morning.  The first is about immigration of people from Middle Eastern countries to the USA and how it’s already affecting us.  The second is the refusal of the crowd at a soccer game to honor those killed in Paris last week and in the place of silence the all-to-familiar cry of Allah Akbar was heard.

29 Governors have refused to allow immigrants from the Middle East, specifically Syria, into their states.  Bully for them.  This is push back.  Meanwhile POTUS allowed 10,000 refugees to land in New Orleans.  As Ted Cruz stated, this is lunacy.  I’m going to address this in a VLOG on Friday complete with Tin-Foil hat.  What is happening in Europe and now in the USA is nothing short of a deliberate crisis brought to you by the leaders of these countries.  In Germany Merkel is demanding that her country should bring in more refugees.  The same is happening in Sweden and elsewhere throughout the European continent.  The people are waking up and realizing that these refugees are nothing short of an Islamic invasion.

Next, let’s examine the soccer game in Turkey.  The crowd is supposed to have a moment of silence for the 129 victims of the Paris massacre.  Instead the all-to-familiar cry of Allah Akbar rumbles through the stadium.  Really?

In closing todays post.  Bully for the 29 governors and when they come up for reelection the folks will remember.  Our president is dismantling our country right before our eyes.  His actions are deliberate, as I would posit he hates America and what we, the people stand for.  Days of Chaos anyone?  You bet.