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Global Overview


L. A. Marzulli

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Isaiah 17: Damascus will become a ruinous heap….

THE apocalyptic reality of modern war pans out before the camera of a Russian drone surveying the devastation done to Syria’s capital, Damascus.  It’s easy to see why so many are fleeing the country.  The pro-Moscow internet news service Russia Insider has published what it says is footage of the battle raging between the Syrian army and US-and-Australian backed rebels in the Damascus suburb of Jobar.

The drone-sourced footage is vivid.  Devastation in Damascus…

When I look at the startling footage above I am taken aback as it appears that there is not much left of the city of Damascus.  Recently someone told me that we shouldn’t base our interpretation of the Biblical Prophetic Narrative on the news?  Really?  Then what are we to base the possible fulfillment of the Biblical Prophetic Narrative on?  News is important, and without it we wouldn’t know what was happening on a global scale.  Think about it.  Israel became a nation and in my opinion that fulfills prophecy.  We know about it because this was big news when it happens.  Similarly, when we examine the footage above it seems to show, in graphic ways, that Damascus, or at least a good portion of it has become a ruinous heap.  Does this fulfill the Isaiah 17 prophecy?  I don’t know and as of this writing I’m not willing to put a check mark by that prophecy as being fulfilled, but I do find it more than interesting especially now that the Rooskies under the leadership of Car Vladimir Putin are now in Syria.  These are truly unprecedented times!

Hungary says migrant influx ‘stops’

“The border closure is working, it has effectively stopped illegal border-crossing,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told reporters in Nagykanizsa, close to the Croatian border.  “The Hungarian government is determined to keep the measures in place as long as is needed,” he said.

This is push-back and the people and governments of Europe are waking up to the nightmare that their leaders brought upon them, the influx of upwards of 1 million Moslems who do not want to assimilate or adopt the culture of the countries they have fled to, but instead, insist on Sharia law.  The influx of these people from the war-torn regions of the Middle East will change the cultural fabric of the entire continent unless it is stemmed.  It appears that Hungary at least has seen the handwriting on the wall and erected  fence to curtail the illegal entry of these people.  I would remind all of us that to the best of my knowledge the Saudi Arabian government has not yet to date accepted even one of the so-called refugees.  Do as I say and not as i do?

UNESCO draft resolution: Western Wall is part of al-Aksa mosque

Al-Aqsa Mosque preacher: Jews will worship the Devil and then be exterminated by Muslims

The vitriol from this so-called holy man is beyond the pale.  How does someone become so filled with hate and animosity?  This man spews his unique brand of antisemitism every Friday from Al Aqsa mosque in the heart of Jerusalem.  This video is a glaring, graphic example, in  my opinion, of why there will never be peace between the so-called Palestinians, and pretty much every other Moslem nation and the Jewish state.  As long as there is a Jew living in the Israel, this evil rhetoric will continue.  The children of these imams are brought up to hate at a very early age.  They are taught that the Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs.  How do you begin to have any sort of meaningful dialogue when one side believes you are inhuman and basically vermin.  This same mind-set was the hallmark of the Nazi regime.  Jews were considered subhuman as were gypsies, and others, who the Nazi’s sent to their deaths in the more than 20,000 camps that were part of the Nazi’s final solution.  We were told by our president George W. Bush that Islam was a great religion of peace.  How do we reconcile that statement with the video above.  It is also important to note that the same vituperative remarks are echoed in mosques and madrassas all over the world and even here in the USA.

Trump: If elected, I would shut down certain U.S. mosques

The Hamas-linked terror organization CAIR, which works assiduously to silence and marginalize everyone who speaks out against jihad terror, is now pretending to support the freedom of speech: “Donald Trump’s apparent willingness to close down American mosques that he deems ‘extreme’ is totally incompatible with the Constitution and our nation’s cherished principle of religious freedom,” said CAIR Government Affairs Department Manager Robert McCaw. “The government should not be in the business of deciding what is acceptable free speech or religious belief. Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks are both un-American, and un-presidential.”

Bully for the DONALD! Of course his statement is not politically correct and thus the Prius-driving-limp-wristed-round-up-your-guns-left-wing-media is crying foul!  The Donald has hit a nerve with the American people, as he is speaking what many of us are thinking but have no voice.  The mosques that preach hate and Jihad should be shut down, period.  The mosques that declare the Jews and everyone else who is not a Moslem are inferior should be shut down as well.  The goal of the Islamists in America is the implementation of Sharia law.  I am amazed at how the liberal women will gather to make sure they are allowed to kill as many of the unborn babies in their wombs as possible but are strangely silent when it comes to female genital mutilation, the wearing of the burqa, honor killings and being completely subservient to their husbands.  Their silence is deafening.

Russian TV documentary on how their intervention is defending Syrian Christians

Anastasia Popova’s brief documentary film Expulsion (Izgnanie), made for the Russian television channel Rossiia, focuses on the plight of Christians in war-torn Syria.

Christians are being slaughtered throughout the Middle East.  I find it appalling that the world, for the most part does not report on the ongoing atrocities that are happening to Christians are they are singled out for whole-sale slaughter.  What this video shows us here in the west is the absolute intolerance of Islam when it becomes the majority and holds an area under its control.  Wake up America if you think its going to be any different here in the USA.  All one needs to do is look at Dearborn Michigan.

abortion_2Planned Parenthood official: Dissecting aborted babies is ‘sickening on some level,’ but ‘fun’

In one exchange, Farrell seems eager to dissect aborted babies’ remains, calling the prospect “exciting” and “fun.”

This video is another example of why we are in the last days.  This is shocking example of how far down the rabbit hole we have gotten since Roe v. Wade.  This woman is a modern-day Mengele—the Nazi angel of death at the Auschwitz concentration camp.  How can she possible justify her behavior?  She cant and neither can Obama and Clinton who when challenged by presidential Carly Fiorina to watch what has now become the viral Planned Parenthood video tapped danced around the issue.  Where is the church?  Where is the cultural push-back.  Sadly there are many pastors who won’t weigh in on this.  Luke warm?  You bet and this is yet another sign of where we are in the prophetic stream of the last days.

L. A. Marzulli on Prophecy Watchers!

Got to love The Elder Brother!  Thanks for the interview Gary!

Warren Pollock-BRICS Hit Brick Wall & WWIII Breaks Out

This video is worth watching as it shows the relation between what is going on the Middle East and the BRICS nations who are trying to move the worlds default currency from the US-based petrodollar to the Chinese Yuan.   Days of Chaos anyone?

October 23-25 – Atlanta – W/ Pastor Caspar McCloud & Chief Joseph Riverwind, Bill Flynn!

What was written will come to pass.  What was foretold will unfold. L. A. Marzulli