LA Marzulli New End Times Handbook October 2015


I want to take a moment and personally thank those of you who contributed $100 to the new studio.  We’ve raised about ($9321.11

Yesterday’s amount) $10,299.01 so far and our goal is around 30k.  If just 300 of you would help out we could get underway and start rounding up the equipment we need.  Those who are signing up for this are getting life-time subscription to our E magazine!  Lot’s of great articles on a monthly basis there.  Please consider helping out as I want to start doing daily updates as well as creating a different kind of show….. your show.  Thanks!  L. A. Marzulli

From Prophecy Watchers
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I can’t ever remember getting this kind of response to any other product ever before! The new Watchers 9 DVD and Days of Chaos book sales are off the charts. I just placed 2 MORE huge orders with LA Marzulli that are already on their way to us. If you have a backorder, it won’t be long before those are here and out the door. “72 will have to do!” You do your best to plan and try to think ahead, but every now and then a product captures the imagination of the public and the orders come in by the hundreds. Reinforcements are on the way courtesy of the gracious and understanding Peggy Marzulli, who made two special trips to the post office today just for us. Above and beyond the call of duty.  Bob Ulrich

L.A. Marzulli New End Times Handbook October 2015