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Global Overview


L. A. Marzulli

Soft Disclosure?

I’m using the above video in my presentations at conferences and the folks that have seen it are taken aback when they view it.  Is this yet an other attempt at what I would call soft disclosure?  In my opinion it is.  The commercial is crafted and deliberate as it shows the alien boy going from being ostracized by his classmates, because he looks different, to being the center of the class photo after he demonstrates his supernatural abilities by levitating three child-actors on stage, much to the delight of his classmates. Hybrids, modern-day Nephilim, superhuman beings, Mutants…. all of these and more?  When they finally do show up—in one mile-wide mother ships—when disclosure happens, I would posit these “visitors” will have supernatural abilities.  They may be able to levitate objects just the way the alien boy in the video does.  Why would UNICEF go with an ad like this, in the first place?  What are they trying to say.  Are they following in the footsteps of Vatican spokesperson, Father Funes who stated in 2008: Aliens Are My Brother?


Giants Coming Out of the Earth?

Seriously? Skull & Bones symbols, Giants or Nephilim coming out of the earth, a black sun, what are we to make of all of this?  Is this just creative expression or  something more?  Is this another in-your-face occult spectacle?  I believe we are steeped in Occult ritual and it is all around us, from the Super Bowl halftime shows with Maddona and last years offering—no pun intended—Katy Perry, to the Olympic opening ceremony in the UK.   Several years ago at the Grammy Music Awards, we saw Katy Perry involved in what can only be described as an Exorcism.  Then there’s Beyonce’ “channeling” Sacha Fierce who is her alter ego and takes over when she performs.  The Harry Potter series instructs our youth in the ways of witchcraft.  Last year at Christmas the Ouija boards were best sellers.  Then there’s the Charlie Charlie game which I warned about on this blog.  Folks, we are surrounded by the occult and yet the church, for the most part, dithers and does little or nothing to address the dark agenda.


Anti-Israel activists are gloating on social media that they were able to get Palestinian activist Bassem Tamimi—who is known for encouraging Palestinian children to confront Israeli soldiers so he can capture the interactions on video—invited to give a presentation to a third-grade Ithaca classroom.

Land for peace…. Nonsense! The only way there will be peace in the eyes of the Islamsists is when every Jew living in Israel is removed to another area of the world, let’s say Canada.  The Pope who is visiting the US now, like our fearless leader, Obama, is no friend of Israel.  The Pope declared his support for the Palestinians on the anniversary of Israel’s statehood.  He smiles and waves to the crowd in his white robes, but supports an ideology—The so-called Palestinians—that will never rest until Israel is destroyed.  Like many in the supersessionists, or replacement theology crowd, the pope most likely believes the church is Israel and that the Jews are forsaken by the God of the Bible.  Yet, the prophecies of the Bible show us that in the last days Israel will be gathered and set in her ancient homeland and that Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling to all the world.  We’re right on schedule….

Bully for Ben!

Carson won’t back down: “I do not believe Sharia is consistent with the Constitution of this country”

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson is standing by his view that a Muslim should not be president of the United States, telling The Hill in an interview on Sunday that whoever takes the White House should be “sworn in on a stack of Bibles, not a Koran.”

Carson ignited a media firestorm in a Sunday morning interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” in which he said he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

“I absolutely would not agree with that,” Carson said.

Bully for Ben!  Finally someone who understand that Islam is NOT a religion but a political ideology and because of that Sharia will trump our constitution every time.  When Kennedy was elected there was concern that because of Kennedy’s Catholic faith he would be partial to the Pope.  Kennedy proved them wrong and those fears were mitigated, however, Islam is a different animal and anyone who is an infidel—not a muslim—is disdained and viewed as an outsider.  Carly Fiorina is getting backlash from a speech she delivered 14 years ago where she praised Islam. Guess what unless she detracts her statements or at least clarifies them, she’s lost my vote!

Then we have CAIR calling for Carson to pull out of the race for insulting islam.

Could a Jew run for office in Saudi Arabia?  Could a Christian hold office in Iran?  Seriously, are you kidding me?

The clip above show us what the goal is, the Islamists want Sharia and a nation that bends the knee to Allah.

The Emperor is not wearing any clothes!


On Thursday, Pope Francis spoke before a Joint Session of Congress, where he explicitly lectured Americans on illegal immigration, redistribution of income, the death penalty, and climate change, but made only veiled references to abortion and same-sex marriage. It is no wonder President Obama was so happy to see the Pope in Washington, D.C.

The Vatican has one of the strictest immigration policies in the world, yet he’s lecturing us about taking in “pilgrims.”  Bully for The Donald who wants to build a wall to keep illegals out of the country.  The Donald also stated he would go after the gang-bangers the first day in office and rid our country of the evil that is now rampant in almost all of our cities.  For the Pope to call illegal aliens pilgrims is a deliberate distortion of the reality of the situation.  In California we are 10 billion in debt every year due to illegals pouring into our state and getting free medical, and other social services.  Nothing is free and the burden is put on those of us who pay our taxes.  Of course Papa—wait doesn’t the Bible specifically state not to call anyone Papa or Father—didn’t really condemn gay marriage.  While the Pope is the head of the Catholic church and is supposedly infallible—another man-made invention—he doesn’t speak for me when it comes to Biblical matters.  He’s no friend of Israel and thus is most likely a supersessionist, one who believes that the Jews no longer are God’s chosen people and that the promises that were once the Jews are now the churches.  He’s a man.  He’s a sinner like all the rest of us and a white costume and a special vehicle can’t change that.  There are no healings, no miracles, nothing, attributed to him just a man who seems like a nice guy, in a costume, being propped up by a man-made institution that we’re supposed to believe is the unbroken line from the Apostle Peter.  I’m not buying it.

34,000 saiga antelope dead in two weeks. What is the probable cause?

Hmmmm.  Every week there are more die-offs like this.  What are we to think?  In my opinion this unprecedented and we see some of this due to the ongoing drought in California.