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The Global Overview:

The Global Overview may be an ongoing feature on the BLOG and here’s why.

I used to post Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli, on Monday mornings and it listed links to pertinent stories, followed by a few lines of commentary from me. However, so much is happening on the world stage that I can no longer blog on just one story a day.  So every Monday I’ll weigh in on a variety of stories which point back to the prophetic Biblical narrative being fulfilled or at least referreneced in some way.  I’ll leave this up until Wednesday when I will then post again.  Thursday is Acceleration Radio so there’s no post other than a heads up on what the show will cover and Friday will be the another installment of The Global Overview.  If events in the world begin to settle down I’ll adjust accordingly.  If something major happens, I’ll try to discuss it immediately.   Welcome to the Days of Chaos!

Muslim invasion of Europe. 


Europe is being invaded.  It’s plain to see and anyone with half a brain and who is not being politically correct, surely can grasp that 1 million muslim refugees pouring into Europe will, in fact, change the cultural fabric of the entire continent.  Centuries ago Muslims hoards were held back at the Gates of Vienna and earlier by Charles Martel who at the battle or Tours in 732, turned back the Moslem armies intent on conquering all of Europe .

What is happening now, is a brilliant strategy to turn Europe into an Islamic state and I believe it is orchestrated.  Millions of so-called refugees are pouring into Europe and they are shouting Allah Akbar as they go. They are already battling police and unfurling banners that call for Jihad and the killing of non-moslems.

This is the conquering of Europe and the limp-wristed, politically correct crowd are too stupid to see the hand-writing on the wall.  What is Merkel smoking that she doesn’t see the obvious threat to Germany.  Oh wait, could this be the set up for the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy which states Gomer, which is Germany, will be one of the nations that attack Israel in the Ezekiel 38 war?

thWhat is amazing to me is the fact that Saudi Arabia has a tent-city, fully air conditioned, which can hold up to 3 million people.  Yet, they refuse to take any to the so-called Syrian refugees.  Instead they offer to build 200 Mosques in Germany.  Are you kidding me!

Who would have imagined such a campaign?  You can’t make this stuff up and like the Arab spring which manifested a few years ago, no one saw this coming.

The Austrians are waking up, as are other countries who are beginning to realize that these people—Middle Eastern Refugees which are predominantly muslims—who are coming into their country are, in fact, an invasion force.

Unless Europe wakes up and stops the invasion we may be witnessing the fall of Western culture, as we know it and in its stead the rise of Islam. Europe may be about to fall….
We see pictures of crying children—who are innocent and beyond reproach—yet are being used to garner sympathy from the west.

Think about it, why won’t the Saudi’s take in any of the refugees?  It’s very simple.  They know there are terrorists imbedded in the mass exodus.  What is happening before our eyes, is unprecedented.  Never before have we seen such an influx of people into Europe.  I’ll say it again to be perfectly clear.  This is an invasion and Europe is about to fall.  The alarming thing is that our so-called leaders are calling for refugees to be settled here in the USA.  In closing, if the Saudi’s won’t help there’s a good reason for it.  Take a good hard look at the empty tent city above.

The 2916 Presidential Race:


I wrote a blog last week entitled Calry Fiorina – Bully for you!  What excites me about the current race is that the top three GOP candidates are outside the Washington Beltway.  Their not politicians!  The folks are waking up and realizing that the same-old-same-old is not going to cut it anymore!  Rick Perry dropped out of the race and he should have, as all he has is crafted talking points and a new pair of glasses.  Scott Walker is tanking too, as well as Governor Kasich, all of which trumpet the same stale, worn-out, talking points that somehow got them elected in the first place.

Then there’s Carly!  Fresh, passionate, erudite, articulate.  I love her.  She challenged Obama and Clinton to look at the Planned Parenthood videos and they, in turn responded with the usual tap dance, blaming the republicans for the war on women but not answering the question!  They can’t defend their position, as harvesting body parts from aborted babies is indefensible and everyone knows it.

Trump may get the nomination and if he does he should watch his back as the power-that-be don’t like the possible dismantling of the IRS.  We are burdened with the  onerous tax burden that every American is now laboring under.

Then there’s the private bank known as the Federal Reserve which has had a stranglehold on us since its unholy inception in 1913.

We are at a crossroads in this country and we are deeply divided.

So who will I vote for?  At the moment I’m leaning toward Carly….Trumps a close second.

Days of Chaos Update!

thEarthquakes and Volcanos & Other Stuff:

Business as usual or is there an uptick in Volcano and earthquake activity?  Last week we had an 8.3 in Chile.  Tsunami warning were in affect all over the west coast of the United States.

Added to this is the ongoing temblor’s in Oklahoma which, most likely due to fracking has had an uptick of hundreds of earthquakes in a year. In other words the normal earthquake total in a year in Oklahoma was about two, now in 2015 it’s topping 500!

On top of that we now have warnings that the super volcano in Iceland, the Barda Bunga caldera may be threatening to blow.  In the meantime we have volcanos erupting in Mexico, and Ecuador, closing the air space in both of those countries.

There will be earthquakes in diverse places. Yeshua

The Middle East:

New Middle East

What is happening in the Middle East is, in my opinion, unprecedented.  We have the current Pope who has declared his support for the Palestinian statehood, on the anniversary of Israel’s declaring it’s statehood.  I posted on this blog that the Popes choosing the anniversary of Israel’s statehood was both calculated and deliberate. In my opinion, he is no friend of Israel and his recognition of the Palestinian state is a direct affront to the Jewish state.  Welcome to the end times!

Then we have ISIS—or as I prefer to call them by their original name, ISIL, who makes it clear that the goal of these Islamists thugs is the conquering of the Levant, and of course this includes all of Israel—who is continuing it’s rapacious campaign of genocide on those who do not hold to their brand of Islam.

We have the absurd treaty that we have made with Iran, yet none of our prisoners, rotting in Iranian jails were released in exchange and on top of this the language in the “deal”  states that the Iranians have 24 days of advance warning before the  inspection of Iran’s nuclear sites, which gives the Iranians plenty of time to move, what they don’t want prying eyes to see, to another location.

Over the weekend a rocket was fired into Israel.

It’s business as usual for the Islamist who will never rest until Israel ceases to become a nation. These Jihadists would do well to read Psalm 83, or Ezekiel 38.

As I point out in the new book Days of Chaos—shameless plugIsrael is now surrounded by nations who pose a direct existential threat to her.

Isaiah 17 – The Destruction of Damascus:

17 The burden against Damascus.

“Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,
And it will be a ruinous heap.

Iv’e written a lot of Syria and President Bashar al Assad.  He has survived, so far, the onslaught of the Arab Spring but in doing so he has plunged his country into a bloody civil war which has killed upward of 300,000 of his own people.  He is a tyrant and a bloody one at that.  This is the reason—along with the genocide being waged by ISIS in Iraq—for the mass exodus of so-called refugees fleeing the Middle East and heading toward Europe. (See the entry above)

Enter Russia and the new Czar—None dare call it him what he really is—Vladimir Putin, who is now arming Assad with the latest in Russian weaponry, including offensive weapons like tanks!

This ups the ante in an already overstressed region, as the influx of Russian arms is a game changer.  Putin is acting deliberately not only in Syria but in Iran as well as he’s promised the Iranians the S-300 missile system which would be able to shoot down incoming Israeli jets who would be targeting the Bushehr reactor.

See where this is going?

Unlike the other dictators in the Middle East who have been toppled in the wake of the Arab Spring, Assad continues to somehow cling to the reigns of power.

With the might of the Russians and Putin in his corner he most likely will be able to maintain his strangle hold on the Syrian people.

Meanwhile the killing and atrocities and of course the mass exodus of people fleeing the bloodshed continues in unprecedented numbers.  Will the Israeli’s conduct a preemptive strike on the Iranian reactor?  Will Assad armed with Russian tanks and armaments seek to regain the Golan heights which were taken from Syria decades ago in the 1967 war.  Are we witnessing the events which will lead to the destruction of Damascus?

Isaiah 17 anyone?

About the time of the end a body of men will be raised up who will believe in the literal interpretation of the prophecies amidst much clamor of opposition.  Sir Issac Newton

The Pope’s Visit & The Desecration of the Bride:


He’s here and he represents about 1 billion people world-wide, however, he doesn’t represent what I believe in.  I’m very wary of the Pope and his agenda.  I don’t believe the excesses of the Catholic Church, with its art, buildings, jeweled hats, silk garments and other worldly trappings have anything to do with the miracle of  being born from above by the Spirit of the Living God.  It will be interesting to hear what the Pope has to say as he addresses Congress in a few days.  What will he say about the Middle East?  He has already called for a Palestinian state—see above—and I would posit he’s no friend of Israel, just like our current president.  What is his real agenda?  Am I being to paranoid here because he’s a Jesuit, and the Jesuits have a very long history of intrigue and political machinations and subterfuge.  I could include a link here but I’ll let you explore on your own.

Will the Pope announce that ET is real, in other words could this be disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence?  I’m not holding my breath on this but it might just happen.  Four blood moons, Shemitah, CERN opening, The Pope’s visit, High Holy Days, coincidence or something more?

th-1Meanwhile Madonna is busy at work with her Desecration of the Bride Tour.  Watch this video with Pastor Paul Bagley




The So-called-come-to-the-white-House-Clock-bomb and the Islamic Agenda:


Last week a Muslim student—Ahmed Mohammed—came to class with a brief case filled with wires which supposedly was a clock.

He was arrested and handcuffed and this led to a media frenzy as the left-wing, politically correct media shouted foul!  The Islamists who are gaining more influence in our media said Ahmed was a victim of Islamaphobia.  So let’s strip this down and look at it.  What would you do if any student came to class with what looks like a suitcase bomb?  Give him or her a cookie?  How about a nice little squirrel decal on the forehead?  Or maybe, just maybe do what the teacher did, call the authorities. If it looks like a bomb it just might be a bomb!  In this day and age who can tell?

What is beyond the pale is that Obama invited this kid to the white house.  Does he have an agenda?  Sure he does and it’s to support and promulgate Isalm.  We have a Moslem in the white house.  Where was Obama when Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien?

Why can’t Obama call the Christians who were killed by ISIS Christians?

It’s plain to see Obama has an agenda and it is, in my opinion, anti-American, Anti-Christian, in every way.

The Donald was excoriated by the media over the weekend for not coming to Obamas’ defense when a man stated that our president was a Muslim.

Really?  I am so tired of the in-the-tank-media crying foul at every turn when it goes against their political ideology.  This whole affair was a set up.  It’s time to stop letting these people who want Sharia law into our country.  If we don’t stop it soon we will be Europe…. Oh by the way There’s a Muslim in the White House!