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The idea for The Days of Chaos began when I first learned of the so-called Miami zombie attacks in which a man was shot 12 times while trying to eat another man.  According to early police reports, the man was supposed to have been on “bath salts,” a potent hallucinogen.  However, after an autopsy was performed on the “zombie,” it was found that he did not have the potent drug in his system.  This begs the question, what set this guy off?  What motivated him to engage in such a diabolical act that stunned our country and the world?

According to police reports, the man was told to stop assaulting the victim, and when he did not comply, the police officer shot him.  The zombie turned and growled at the cop like an animal.  Imagine a man who is literally eating the face off his victim and when shot doesn’t seem to be bothered by it as he growls and returns to his grisly work.

I believe that there is something far more sinister at work here, and in my opinion it bears the fingerprints of an ancient evil that has waited for millennia and is now manifesting in ways that we have never seen before; thus, I call it The Days of Chaos.

I have a blog that began in 2008, and as of this entry it has more than two thousand articles that I have posted.  There are literally hundreds of stories and commentaries that will serve as the basis for this book.  I will reference a series of blogs on a particular subject and show the progression of events; thus, we will be able to see if this is business as usual or something more.   I will introduce the reader to the subject matter and will also comment at the end to provide a wrap up of the material.

I believe that something shifted in the waning years of 2009.  I posted an entry on the blog about it and will reproduce it here.  I want to take a moment to elaborate what I mean by “shifted.”  I am a supernaturalist.  What I mean by this is that I believe in the Biblical paradigm, or what we would refer to as supernatural events that we see demonstrated throughout the Bible.

Dreams, visions, words of knowledge, and miracles are what should be the norm for the Christian who is born from above and is walking in the power of the Spirit of the living God. Sadly, much of the supernatural has been left out of Christianity today and has been replaced with programs, building projects, man- centered kingdom building, and everything else but what the early church did, which was to wait upon the Spirit of the living God.

Be still and know that I Am God.

I believe that we are moving into a period of time unlike any other where we will see supernatural events that will shock us.

One day in November of 2009 I awakened and was troubled by a nagging feeling that would not go away.  I wrote about it and put it on my blog.  What I wrote was that something had shifted in the heavenlies.   Something had changed in the unseen, supernatural realm that I believe is in the final stages of a great cosmic war.  (See my Cosmic Chess Match for details.) Whatever changed, and I cannot pinpoint exactly what happened, was not a good thing.  I didn’t have to wait long. What I felt in my spirit began to manifest as the beginning days of 2010 started with a devastating tsunami and earthquake in Haiti.   This was followed by a series of earthquakes greater than 7.0, volcanic activity that closed the airspace over Europe, fish and animal die-offs in the millions, bizarre weather patterns all over the globe, record heat waves, droughts, rainfall, flooding, and signs in the heavens as we saw strange objects near the sun.  (See WATCHERS 2:  Signs in the Heavens and Earth)

The bottom line for me is that these events are precisely what we are told to watch for in regard to the signs that will herald the Second Coming of Yeshua or Jesus.  We are told in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 that there will be:

Wars and rumors of war, earthquakes in diverse places, famines, pestilence and troublesome times.  

This prophecy is astounding because when it was written, there was no way to track any of the particulars in the list.  In other words, how would a person living in England know about an earthquake and tsunami in Japan 400 years ago?  They wouldn’t, as news traveled slowly and was disseminated by word of mouth.  Now in modernity we see events that transpire at the speed of “live.’’  We are linked in and wired together, and the markers that Jesus told us to look for are now manifesting in ways that I have never seen before.  This leads me to conclude that the shift that I felt in my spirit was a warning that humanity is in a time period that is known as the birth pains.

This is a term that is used by Jesus to warn of what is coming, and the analogy of what is to come is compared to a woman who is giving birth.

We know that when a woman is birthing a child, her labor pains at first are separated by perhaps as long a time as an hour.  As her labor increases, the duration between what is known as contractions increases until the baby is born.  I would posit that we are in the birth pains that will eventually give birth to the Tribulation period, or what is known as the Time of Jacobs Trouble.  It is a time period unlike any on earth, and as Jesus warns us in what may be the most sobering sentence in all of scripture, unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive.  

I travel and speak all over the country, and I ask people why would Jesus take the time to warn us?  He states:

That men would faint from fear from what is coming on the earth.

This, coupled with the sobering statement that unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive, seems to point to a time unlike any other.

Something has shifted, and that shift began what I believe are the birth pains.  They are not going away, and have only become more severe and complicated.  Take for instance the Fukushima earthquake of 9.1 followed by a tsunami that killed more than 25,000 people.  The Japanese government told the world that the reactors—crippled by the tsunami—were safe.  Now we find that it is not so, as the reactors are melting down, and there is a pool of cesium that is exposed to the air.

There are those who say if this pool of contaminated water reaches the Pacific Ocean, it will wipe out much of the sea life in that body of water.  There is also concern that the entire island of Japan may have to be evacuated as radiation levels are getting hotter and hotter.  What is interesting is that you will see the progression from the day of the Fukushima disaster up to the present day in 2015 and how sea life in California is dying, and no one seems to know why.  Is there a direct link to Fukushima?

As we move through the chapters of this book, we will get an overview of what I believe is the fulfillment of the prophecies that were written almost two millennia ago, and we will discover that what we are experiencing now is not business as usual but are The Days of Chaos.

This book will also serve as an update to Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural that I have previously written; so in a sense while many of these articles are seven years old, the information that is discussed will help keep us current with the ongoing fulfillment of prophecy.