Do What Thou Will?

Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

Do what thou will.

This is the essence of what Alister Crowley espoused.  He was a renowned Satanist and called himself, The Beast.  It can be summed up thusly: not the Father’s will—the one who created me—but my will, what I ever I desire, that I will do.  Here are the 5 “I-wills” that we read about in Isaiah.  It is the Fallen Cherub who is making these statements.

  1. Satan’s five i wills:
    1. “I will ascend into Heaven.”This is the third Heaven,theThroneRoom.I’lltakeGod’s place.
    2. “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.” “I will rule angels.” Job 38:7, Jude 13, Rev. 12:3, 4.
    3. “I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north.” This is Earth as a place. Psalm 48:2 “I will rule mankind.”
    4. “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.” “I’ll be supreme.” He wills to displace God as the Sovereign of the universe.
    5. “I will be like the Most High.” I’ll be like God. This is power lust.

This is at the heart of the rebellion that took place perhaps eons ago… we don’t really know when.  The entire universe, the one we see and perhaps the others that are hidden from us, reeled from this open departure/rebellion from the divine order.  As Gary Stearman likes to put it, There were now two wills in the universe. 

Contrast this with Yeshua/Jesus, who when in the Garden of Gethsemane and knowing what would soon befall him asked, that this “cup” be taken from Him—and who in their right mind wouldn’t want to bail out on a crucifixion!—then He utters perhaps the most important words in all of history: Nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.  He yielded His will to the will of the Father.

This surrendering of the will, this deliberate choice of either doing what we want to do, or waiting on a power greater than ourselves to show us what His will is, is what the entire planet is engaged in, although most people don’t realize what is taking place.  I would posit that most people are living in the camp that espouses: Do what thou will.  In other words they go about their lives and do pretty much what they please.  The other camp, those of us who are born from above and spirit filled, wait on the will of the Father.  We learn to mind the checks.  We die daily, as Paul declares.

There is also the fact that the Fallen Cherub wants to be worshipped.  We are told that at some point he will set himself in the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem and declare himself god, which of course is blasphemous.

All around us, in almost every facet of our lives, we see this open rebellion.  We see it during our Superbowl half-time show, at the Grammy’s, in the forcing of the Gay agenda in our schools, in the riots in our cities, in the slaughter of innocent Christians in far-away-places.  It is the prevailing spirit of this age, do what thou will, and it is chaotic.

In closing todays’ post.  We have a freewill choice whose kingdom we will serve, who it is we will yield ourselves too.  At some point in the future we know that every knee will bend and every head will bow when the King returns.  In the meantime we have to choose today who it is we will serve, who it is we will yield our wills too… As for me in my house we will serve the Lord!