Judge Napolitano – This is Why I lost it on Last Nights Acceleration Radio – Bully for Rand Paul!

5-Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired at Fox News


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The legislation would allow Obama to make trade deals that Congress could either support or reject but not change. Previous presidents have had similar authority, and administration officials argue that Japan and other Pacific-region countries in a current round of 12-nation trade talks will be unwilling to present bottom-line offers if they know lawmakers can seek more concessions.

Take a good look at the picture to the left.  It says it all.  Nothing ever changes.  It’s Harry Read with a face-mask on.  It’s the same-ole- same ole and it doesn’t matter who you vote for or who controls the House and Senate.  It’s all a bunch of horse-pucky…. period!

Rand Paul stood up in the Senate and Filibustered for more than 10  hours.  He was calling for a closer look at the Patriot Act.  He was challenging the Washington Weasels!  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/22/opinion/rand-pauls-timely-takedown-of-the-patriot-act.html?_r=0

“I will not let the Patriot Act, the most unpatriotic of acts, go unchallenged,” Mr. Paul declared. He conceded he might not have the votes to prevail, but said he would keep reminding the public of abuses like the government’s secret phone-data sweeps of American households that were finally declared illegal this month in federal court.

The Government has been collecting our phone calls, text messages and emails, all in the name of National Security.  As Paul declared, we’re not any safer because of it!

Then we have the glaring, tell-all ideological differences between Jeb Bush and Rand Paul.  Jeb declares that the Patriot Act is a good thing!


Someone is right and someone is drastically wrong.  As for me and my house, I’ll throw my hat in the ring with Rand Paul.

Napolitano quotes Thomas Jefferson when he states:   A government is best that governs least.

I agree wholeheartedly, but now we have this bloated Federal Government which gobbles up TRILLIONS of dollars a year, has spread war throughout the world—think Afghanistan and Iraq here—and searches its citizens at airports, to make us “safer.”

Never mind that we are still allowing people from known terrorists states to immigrate to this county.  Double standard?

In closing todays post.  I love our country.  I believe that next to the Bible the Constitution may be the greatest document ever written.  I am a patriot.  I think Rand Paul has shown what he’s made of.  He stood up for our liberty.  He declared what many of the other senators know but are afraid to say it, that the Patriot Act is not patriotic but is an onerous law which intrudes upon the liberty of all Americans.


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