EMP – Is This What the Iranians Want to Do?

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L. A. Marzulli

We’ve spoken about this before and here it is again, this time on the FOX News Network. Peter Vincent Pry is being interviewed and stated that for 50 years our government has known about the dangers of an EMP, but essentially have done nothing to prepare, except move resources back into Cheyenne Mountain, which is an underground facility.

Pry further states it only cost around 10 to 20 Billion to protect us!  Think about it, we give billions of dollars in aid every year and yet leave the American people unprotected.

As I’ve sated before on the blog, one EMP—Electro-magnetic-pulse weapon—could take out most of our electrical grid, thereby rendering the country without power.  Think about it, one EMP puts us back into pre-industrial-revolution times.  In other words nothing that we have in modernity works.  Our cars, refrigerators, watches, microwaves, air conditioners, in short nothing that is electric will work.

Perhaps the most sobering part of this scenario is this, the power doesn’t come back on again in 24 hours.  Most likely it would take months to fix the grid.

The outcome of such a catastrophic event would result in millions of people dying.  There would also be riots, anarchy and lawlessness would spread, as the criminal element, which is always present, would seize the opportunity.

Martial law would be declared, but without an internal communication system, it most likely would be ineffective.

The trucks that carry our food would be stopped in their tracks.  The shelves at the markets would be stripped bare in a matter of hours.  Medicine that needs to be refrigerated would perish.  Hospitals would cease to function.

The bottom line is that an EMP would essentially collapse the country.

With Iran yelling death to America every Friday in Tehran, is it too much to think that if they get the bomb they will use it as an EMP and essentially wipe out The Great Satan. 

In closing todays post.  The government could spend the money to protect the people from an EMP and this begs the question why haven’t they done this?  Do we really believe the Iranians won’t use this option—EMP—once they have it?

This is why I always harp on folks storing up food, water and a way to keep warm in the winter.  Wood stoves can heat an entire house and can also be used to cook food.  Building a root cellar can keep foods for months.  Having water stockpiled, or a source of water is essential.  It’s not a lack of faith to stockpile food and water and prepare for an emergency as the alternative is to rely on the government.