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THE WATCHERS:  UFOs Are Real, Burgeoning and Not Going Away
TRT: 52 minutes
The saga begins with an overview of the UFO phenomena as L.A. Marzulli
briefly outlines the evidence. Sightings, orbs, cattle mutilations, and
ancient text references. The film concludes with the first ground-breaking
interview with Dr. Roger Leir about his research into alien implant
WATCHERS 2:  Signs in the Heavens and the Earth
TRT: 58 minutes
What is happening with the sun and the moon? Why are birds dropping out of the sky? What is
causing newly formed giant sinkholes and larger and more frequent earthquakes? WATCHERS 2
delves into the Fukushima disaster and the nuclear aftermath.  Then, we examine the UFO that
was reportedly seen over the Temple Mount.  Was it a hoax?
WATCHERS 3:  Fingerprints of the Supernatural
TRT: 70 minutes
Why is NASA altering its images from space, making it difficult for citizens to know what is going
on around the sun?  Is there any proof of Planet X?  Are the Torah Codes real or are they the result
of computer manipulation? Then, we interview two of the world experts on the Shroud of Turin. This
enigmatic piece of cloth with an image that defies physics — it is genuine or a fake? An “Event
Horizon?” Was scientific data skewed for a million pound reward to disprove that the Shroud is real?
WATCHERS 4:  On the Edge
TRT: 81 minutes
What is the meaning of the numbers 3-13-13 and 12,111?  Could the Torah Codes be the modern
Ephod? Is there a coverup on the Nephilim? Did giants actually live in North America? We watch
the Arab Spring unfold with former advisor to the Knesset, Jonathan Daniels. Also, Dr. Roger Leir
is back, and Dr. Jeffrey Long discusses NDEs. Howard Storm describes his own experience.
WATCHERS 5:  Let Me In
TRT: 91 minutes
Dr. Leir updates us on his amazing research on alien implants. We examine a real one with Steve
Colbern using an Electron Microscope. David Brennan explains the “Israel Omen.” Gary Stearman
relates his UFO experience. Dan Gordon (IDF) describes the events in the Middle East. Special
effects guru, Bob Williams, examines a dubious “alien” video.  Scientist Dr. Brooks Agnew
defines HAARP. Chris Blake explains the Spear of Destiny, and we investigate the Black Eyed
Children with researcher / author David Weatherly. Warning: this part is not for the faint of heart.
WATCHERS 6:  The Secret Cosmic War
TRT: 78 minutes
The WATCHERS team goes to Peru to investigate the evidence that a race of giants once roamed
the earth. We investigate the megalithic structures there that were built thousands of years ago by
an unknown race. And, WATCHERS finds the largest skulls in the world and compares features,
cranial volumes, and other physical attributes including mummified hair samples. Were they hybrids?
WATCHERS 7:  Physical Evidence
TRT: 82 minutes
In this award-winning film, we interview Mexico’s most repected UFO researcher, Jaime Maussan,
whose UFO videos are the best in the world. Dr. Leir takes us into X-Ray where we examine “Bill,”
who believes he has an alien implant. Tests are conducted, necessary to determine whether this is
the real thing. Dr. David Jacobs reveals his decades of research on abductions. Stephen Bassett
probes into why the U.S. hides the truth while spearheading the Citizens for Disclosure movement.
WATCHERS 8:  Cloak of Secrecy
TRT: 89 minutes
We continue with “Bill’s” implant and go into surgery with Dr. Roger Leir, his 17th and last implant
removal surgery.  During the procedure, the implant disappears from all test devices. Is there a
spiritual / techno connection with what is going on? We go back to Peru to unwrap a baby mummy
skull, only to find something incredible. Capt. Robert Salas shares his personal stories, along with
Chase Kloeztke who saw an alien gray.