BRICS – The Coming Collapse of the Petro-Dollar?

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De-Dollarization: Russia Ratifies $100 Billion BRICS Bank

BRICSSimply put, as Sovereign Man’s Simon Black warns, “when you see this happen, you’ll know it’s game over for the dollar…. I give it 2-3 years.”

The BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have, in my opinion, have drawn a line in the sand with the creation of this 100 Billion BRICS Bank.

I have stated here recently, that the reason gas prices are so low is that Russia is the world’s second largest exporter of oil and thus by lowering the price—artificially—the US is attempting to not only punish Russia, but shore up the teetering petrol-dollar.

I keep getting emails from different folks, linking to stories that forecast the collapse of the dollar in 2015.  With this latest move by the BRICS nations these rumors may indeed have some truth to them.

The US is Trillions of dollars in debt and the FEDS—which as most of you know has nothing to do with our Federal government but is a cadre of private bankers—continues to pump funny money into our economy.

I would posit that we might see the collapse of the dollar this year and with it will come anarchy and perhaps martial law, as if the dollar does collapse it will be much worse than what happened on BLACK Friday which set off a world-wide depression.

Combined with this is the possibility of an all out war in the Ukraine as the hostility between Russia and the Ukraine continues unabated.

In closing todays post.  I believe the main reason for our invasion of Iraq was Saddam Husain’s selling of his oil to Europe in exchange for Euro’s not dollars.  This was the real reason for the war.  It’s also the reason why gas prices are currently low.

We live in a rigged shell-game, where wars are started and fought over false pretexts.  Where our hard-earned money is taken from us every April 15th and we have little to say in how it is spent.  Now, Obama wants to control the Internet!?!  BRICS is not going away and with this move they are challenging the status quo and the sacrosanct petrol-dollar.


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