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Jordan masses ‘thousands’ of troops on Iraqi border to counter ISIL


Jordan assembled thousands of troops on its eastern border as it steps up its operations against Islamic State, two Jordanian government officials to NBC News on Tuesday.  The deployment is meant to prevent Islamic State from penetrating into Jordan and to demonstrate Amman’s resolve, the officials said.


Jordan Moves ‘Thousands’ of Troops to Iraq Border: Jordanian Sources

AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan has deployed “thousands” of troops at its border with Iraq as it ramps up a campaign against ISIS militants who set a pilot ablaze, two Jordanian government officials told NBC News on Tuesday.


As many of you know who visit this BLOG, I have kept an eye on the King of Jordan, since the onset of the US invasion of Iraq.  King Abdullah is a player in the region and with the recent horrific burning of a Jordanian pilot by ISIL, the King has declared war!  Several months ago—back in December—I wrote a piece about the King warning that at some point he was going to have to take a stand or watch his country overrun by ISIL and then lose his domain.  It appears the King is on the move and with this latest massing of troops along Jordan and Iraq’s, common border, the question in my mind is will Abdullah initiate a ground war against ISIL?

Here’s what important to remember.

1.  King Abdullah is a Hashemite King.  The Hashemite kings trace their lineage back to Mohammed, so Abdullah has great sway in both branches of Islam, Sunni as well as Shia.

2.  The  King’s mother was European.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Muna_al-Hussein

3.  Abdullah was educated in the west and holds a command of the English language.  http://biography.yourdictionary.com/abdullah-ii

4.  The King  controls the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Virtually all decisions regarded the Temple Mount are run by him.

5.  King Abdullah was a Major General in charge of Jordanian special forces.  http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/02/04/reports-jordanian-king-personally-flying-sorties-against-isis/

6.  The US is considering aid to Jordan to help in the fight to wipe out ISIL.  http://video.foxnews.com/v/4037978201001/path-forward-for-us-in-helping-jordan-fight-against-isis/?#sp=show-clips

Will the King take the war against ISIL with an advance into Iraq?  It’s the only way to really wipe ISIL out, as Airstrikes alone, while affective to a point, will not destroy the terrorist organization.

Let’s speculate for a moment and project the scenario of a ground invasion by Jordan against ISIL.  If the King is successful in wiping out ISIL, he will be hailed as a hero by the Iraqi people.  His picture would be on numerous magazines and he would most likely receive the Nobel peace prize and countless praise and adulation by a grateful world.  Would he then offer to set up a constitutional monarchy in Iraq, as he did when the Iraqi’s were drawing up their constitution, shortly after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein?  Where would he build his capital?  Would he opt for restoring the ancient city of Babylon, instead of Baghdad, using the vast wealth from Iraq’s oil?

If he became King of Iraq, would he then allow the Palestinians to take control of Jordan as their autonomous country, thus solving the 60-year-old middle east conundrum regarding the Israeli/Palestinian issue?

Finally, because he controls the Temple Mount would he then allow the Jews to construct the third temple by erecting a wall separating it from the Dome of the Rock?

In closing todays post.  Who among us predicted the rise of the Arab spring?  Who would have imagined Syrian president Bashar Al Assad holding on to the reigns of power this long?  How about the sudden rise of ISIL, who saw that coming?  The King is certainly someone to watch, as he is a player in the region.  As to his place in Biblical eschatology, we will have to see what he does in regard to the Temple Mount, which he controls.  In the meantime the King is on the move….


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