WWIII Update – Jordan responds to the Burning Alive of Their Pilot.

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The current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.

L. A. Marzulli

Jordanian Pilot Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

AMMAN (Reuters) – Jordan hanged two Iraqi jihadists, one a woman, on Wednesday in response to an Islamic State video showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burnt alive in a cage by the hard-line group.


Burning another human being alive is beyond barbaric in the modern world, however I believe this heinous act, is the face of an ancient evil manifesting in modernity.

The city of Nineveh was located in Iraq.  The Old Testament Prophet Jonah was sent to Nineveh to call the inhabitants of the city to repent of their barbaric ways.  (I discussed this in The Cosmic Chess Match.) A case can be made that Nineveh “invented” the word barbaric as the city was surrounded by the severed heads of human beings placed on the end of spears… oh wait, didn’t ISIL do exactly the same thing a few months back?  They would also flay their captives alive and then hang the skin on the walls of the city.  I would posit that the spirit behind these acts of torture— which by the way are dreamed up in Hell’s kitchen—is still alive and well and whispering in the ears of those who are part of ISIL.  (There is always a supernatural component to what we see.)

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria controls territory greater than many countries and now rivals Al Qaeda as the world’s most powerful jihadist group. RELATED ARTICLE »


As I posted earlier, the war is now on the doorstep of Jordan and the response of King Abdullah, to the gruesome burning of one of his countrymen, was to immediately hang two ISIL/Al Qaeda members this morning.

A quick overview of the region tells us that the Middle East is engaged in what I would call the beginnings of WWIII.

Syria has lost well over 200,000 people in the ongoing bloody civil war there, and yet Bashar al Assad still remains in power.

Iraq has lost  thousands of people to ISIL and the citizens of both Syria and Iraq have fled to other countries—many of them to Jordan—to escape the war.

Lebanon is a Hezbollah stronghold and has over 150,000 rockets capable of hitting Israel.  HAMAS is re-arming in the south and Iran most likely has a nuclear weapon, and YEMEN is now another proxy for Iran.  This means the Iranians control both the Straight of Hormuz as well as the Gate of Tears.  Most of the worlds oil is exported through these two bodies of water.

In the middle of all of this is ISIL, in Iraq.  Their goal is to set up an Islamic Caliphate in the region.  While other Moslems are decrying ISIL’s actions, ISIL adheres to a strict interpretation of Islam, including Sharia law, and thus are in fact Islamic.


Is this latest act of barbarity similar to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, which started WWI?

Will the execution of the two prisoners by the Jordanians, in retaliation for the brutal killing of their Pilot, serve to put Jordan in the spotlight of ISIL?  Will ISIL focus all of its military endeavors to topple King Abdullah, as they have threatened to do?

In closing todays post.  The Middle East is more unstable than ever and I believe we are seeing the formation of WWIII.  ISIL is not going to stop with the slaughter of innocent people who will not accept their form or Islam and many of those killed are Christians.  ISIL believes they are doing the will of Allah, and they are fanatical about it.

The Jordanian people have rallied around their King and I would venture that this incident may make him finally go to war.  If the King defeats ISIL he would be hailed as a hero by the Iraqis.  Would he then could set up a constitutional monarchy in Iraq, as for all practical purposes Iraq is a lawless country?  As many of you know, I have kept an eye on the King to see what he’s up to as he controls the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  This latest development may in fact be just what he’s been waiting for.  In the meantime WWIII seems to be ramping up.


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