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Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural

Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural


Tonights Topics: Do your homework!

1.  ISIL Update: From the BLOG.

2.  Katy Perry Half Time Evaluation: From the Blog

3.  Three Generations of Imbeciles Are Enough! Vote for Jeb!  NOT!!!!

4.  Distraction of the week – Bruce Jenner!


6. TBN – Rotten in Denmark?  Is this a trend?  Are other ministries doing exactly the same thing?  Why did South West Radio church do three shows, in studio, with L. A. Marzulli and yet refuse to air them?  Censoring the truth? Follow the money….

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There is a code in the TORAH, the first five books of the Old Testament. The Code is real and mathematically provable. Incredibly, the Code seems to have information about what is happening today. Names, places and events are all encoded. The TORAH is not a crystal ball but new clues seem to indicate that it was meant for our generation to discover its secrets.


L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule 2015

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January 16 & 17 – Prophecy Conference California – with Chuck Missler & Bob Cornuke! Details soon! Church of the Rock – Riverside California!

March 12-15: Lion Heart Ministries in Knoxville Tennessee.

JUST ADDED!  March 26 -29: Calvary Chapel Kennebec Maine!

April 16 – 19 Northeast Prophecy Summit –

April 24-26: Memphis Tennessee.


May 15 – 17: Tennessee – Details pending 

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at

L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views. Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.

25 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio!

  1. Lets add in Putin and his interesting New comments, also Iran putting a hit out on Bibi’s children and George Soros and his son pushing the North American passport idea. Ech. Time to go hide up in the mountains for a day away from the rest if the world and pretend everything is normal. Lol. Oh wait, this is the new normal! 0_0. Oh Yeshuah, do I hear you calling our names? Please oh please oh please oh please. Be blessed everybody!!!! And PRAY like our world depends on it because it does

    • Ally, I’m ok with a North America Passport, but not a North American Union.

      Obama and the rest are trying to keep the status quo of a permanently undocumented slave caste. Decriminalized illegal visitation like decriminalized drug use (addiction) is all about making slaves — with no voices, no faces, and no identity. So they can’t complain when they get no worker’s benefits, or below minimum wage pay, working even children, in sex trades, and horrible working conditions, living in slums and colonias, transporting contraband through the underground railroad and the black market economy.

      Every North American resident needs to be able to share their credit history, work history, educational background, health records, birth records, marriage records, residential information, and such to get routine services needed for reasonable and neighborly living. It doesn’t matter to me if they travel — like with a passport. And instead of being forced to cycle through a series of false identies, I’d rather they all had access to valid ID. And definitely not be just labeled with a big yellow star, or red “A,” branded with a serial number, or forced to use the 666 mark for work, buy, or sell.

      That said, I think George Soros is full of demons and deviltry. So I’m suspicious that there’s more to the scheme — that likely takes everyone closer to the beast system and 666 mark. If Soros were truly interested in making some difference for the poor or strangers — then he would provide the funds to clear out the huge number of colonias in Hidalgo County Texas — as part of efforts to promote whatever he intends for trans-border travel. No doubt more aimed at NAFTA and making the globals richer than caring for those enslaved.

    • ISIS
      VIDA, one of nine programs from across the nation, was selected in 2011 as a key partner for the nationwide Innovative Strategies for Increasing Self Sufficiency (ISIS) evaluation project. ISIS is providing a rigorous evaluation of next-generation strategies for increasing the economic self-sufficiency of low-income individuals and families. The project is evaluating nine innovative workforce training approaches aimed at increasing access and completion of post secondary career pathways across the US. The ISIS grant was awarded to Abt & Associates, a leader in research based in Maryland and is fully funded by the U.S. Health and Human Services Planning, Research and Evaluation Office of the Administration for Children and Families.

      VIDA was chosen because our innovative and comprehensive strategies have resulted in high graduation rates and in helping disadvantaged adults access college-level training. ISIS is particularly interested in VIDA because the program holds great promise for impacting policy makers and funders. An ISIS test of VIDA will contribute to understanding the extent to which providing strong educational, personal, and financial supports helps motivated low-income individuals attain high-wage jobs and supply skilled workers in areas of the economy with skill shortages. In addition, our sister organizations in Tucson, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, and Louisiana have similarly high success rates and share the program delivery model used at VIDA. Policy makers and practitioners have grown increasingly interested in these efforts, and as such, VIDA’s participation in this project will provide highly credible findings which may be applied to other organizations and those interested in further replicating the model.

      An exciting aspect of the ISIS evaluation is that national & local funders are stepping up and investing in the expansion of VIDA’s program model in the Rio Grande Valley.

      Open Society Foundations
      The Open Society Foundations (OSF) was the first funder to invest in the 250 participants who we are enrolling in VIDA and the ISIS Project. Their very generous grant over the next two years was made through Abt Associates, the coordinator of ISIS. OSF works to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. To achieve this mission, OSF seeks to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights. On a local level, the OSF implements a range of initiatives to advance justice, education, public health, and independent media. OSF places a high priority on protecting and improving the lives of people in marginalized communities.
      Investor and philanthropist George Soros established the Open Society Foundations, starting in 1984, to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people. OSF activities have grown to encompass the United States and more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

  2. The Drudge Report has a Seahawk photo which reminds me of the eye of horus. Below that is a story of fire alarms that are being pulled at the Patriot hotel.

    Ironic considering that the Superbowl is in Phoenix. And it marks the start of the pagan/wiccan fire festival of imbolc.

    I think that “February” means purification. I may be wrong on that.

    Fodder for thought.

  3. You guys know I believe in the truth of God of Genesis and Christ who was crucified and rose from the dead, to save us. But he’s never been there for me once. Yet, PithyPaul can say why do any of you people make any comment? Well, he’s right. I pray all day and all night hoping to have for once in my life a life, instead of being there for others and only getting shit for it. My LORD, i love you and believe you are the truth.. but you’ve never been there for me. And now I’m in worse shit than ever. And it’s hard to compare because it has always been shit. He answers other peoples prayers.. but never mine. I’m tired of being hurt all the time. I’ve hung in there and copped so much crap and always said, the God of Genesis is the truth, AND CHRIS is. BUT he never there for me.

    Then I read every so often low comments by PithyPaul with his perfection like his shit don’t stink – hey, buddy, PithyPaul or whatever you name is.. I come here because for a while I felt like I was not alone for one in my life, I loved to read peoples comments.. whether they right or wrong.. but a-hole I had family here, i had people who acknowledged me that I was alive.. so god damn sorry it hurt you that somebody other than LA made a comment on life experience. Thanks, buddy. And put on some clothes.

    Anyway, I;ve been in a desperate situation and living on thin air for years.. and tonight, GOD didn’t disappoint me… cause he’s never done anything good for me so that I could just have good – I been wasting my time on doing everything by his way in public – for more pain. nothing but endless despair and bitterniss. And God tricked me again tonight.

    He is the TRUTH and WAY and LIFE – but HE NEVER been there for me, especially when I needed him, and I’ve needed him all my life. And he’s never been there once. SO I GUESS I DAMNED SINCE I WAS A BABY – ’cause my whole life has been shit. and never ends to be shit. GIVES ME NO CHANCE FOR GOOD OR HOPE.

    And pricks like PITHYPAUL SAY YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SHARE THE WORD or you life experience or knowledge or trivia or imperfection. Thanks for the curses PITHY. YOu’re shit don’t stink, does it, mate? Put some clothes on ya creep!

    • Once you’ve hit bottom there is nowhere but up baby.
      You are loved.
      Don’t let this world hold you in despair for too long, mate.
      See it for what it is and arise and put on your armor!

    • Pete, I am sorry to hear that there is some bitterness being spread. I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts. I must have missed it, a bad back-and-forth between you and Pithypaul?

      Don’t let it get you down. Christ is our redeemer, but to understand the grand plan is beyond our comprehension.

      The “other” guy wants you to doubt. I hope you have good support in your area to talk about these things.

      Your brother in Christ,
      John T.

    • Pete,

      I sometimes comment on things here, but mainly, like you I read through others comments during the day trying to glean any information or encouragement from it. All I can say to you is please try to hang in there. I know the feeling of not seeing my prayers answered, or at least not understanding how they are being answered. It hurts to just write this now, but I felt like I should, so here goes. My grandchildren are in foster care right now because my drug controlled daughter and her husband were foolish and lost them. This struggle with my daughter has been going on for years and my wife and I are at the end of our rope with her. Speaking of my wife she has left me not once, but twice, but each time I forgave her and allowed her to come back home, but sometimes I wonder why. I could go on and on with this, my best friend who is also a Christian has been afflicted with an illness which has placed him on disability and hardly able to function, day-by-day.

      So I am just saying, my thoughts and prayers are with you, not saying that my prayers will make any difference whatsoever, but I know the more people I have praying for me the better. So please take comfort in that, we are so close now to the finish line, we just need to keep our eyes on HIM.

    • Pete…..

      i would encourage you to read the book of 1 Peter ….OUT LOUD….TO YOURSELF….so that you HEAR what it says … to YOU.

      I believe you will hear The Holy Spirit speaking to you through His Word……and 1 Peter will address much you are dealing with now
      and help you to better see things from God’s perspective.

      God has NOT forsaken you. God is FOR you, …not against you. We all deal with “stuff”….you are NOT alone in that!!

      Keep your eyes FOCUSED on JESUS….He is the Author and the Finisher of your faith. Don’t EVER QUIT…Keep Pressing On !!!

      See also the following Scriptures Pete, …YOU MUST RENEW YOUR MIND!!!! ….AND BE TRANSFORMED BY THE WORD of GOD !!!!

      Romans 12:1-2
      Romans 8:18-39
      1 Corinthians 1:4-9
      2 Corinthians 4:7-18
      Ephesians 1:3-14, and 18-23….and 2:1-10….and 3:1-21….4:17-24….6:10-20
      Philippians 1:6….and 2:1-11….and 3:8-14, 20-21….and 4:4-9
      Colossians 1:9-23….and 2:13-15….and 3:1-4, 12-17, 23-24

      Pete !!! ……….”Fight the Good Fight of Faith………Take Hold of The Eternal Life to which you were called” !!!!

    • No “back-and-forth” between he and me.
      He wants me to put some clothes on, that’s all.
      I guess he’d be offended if he saw Jesus hanging naked on the Cross?

    • Peter, my brother,

      The situation with PP is pretty obvious. Let’s use him (and perhaps abuse him a bit) as an example.

      Bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness… are dangerous. It’s like not having the Helm of Salvation. So no doubt it’s easier to forgive PP than someone we know that’s abandoned or abused us. So PP just serves to highlight the troubles you’re in. PP isn’t the point here… he just gets to be a test instrument for now.

      The problem with not forgiving God — is that whatever He does is right, loving, just, etc. So when we think we have a case against Him, it’s something going on with us, not Him. My complaint in my 20’s was that since He wasn’t here for us like everyone else, then I’d go do my own thing too. So I got a tour of the downward spiral into darkness … but try as I might He’d always only let me get so far down in the filth before snatching me out of it.

      So there is a difference… I’ve always been aware of His presence on some level. Even looking into everything else but Him. Eventually of course, I found that He is here just like everyone else — by way of the Holy Ghost — in those who are His. You’ve made your complaint to Him. Not unlike Job. I won’t get in between the two of you. (For those distracted … this is about Christ, not PP).

      Let’s go back to local situations. Since the bitterness may be more about someone else in your personal life. Even just some “ideal girl friend or bride.” What do you see as the ideal? A soul mate to share burdens with? I’m checking to see that you haven’t built up an expectation that could eclipse your relationship with Christ.

      I could be way wrong. You may be going through losses or disillusionment as the extended result of the Perth fires on the folks around you that you’d hoped provided some opportunity or relationship. So set me straight. It would help to know what your reasonable hours are … since you tend to comment in the blog in the wee hours of the night for central US. Most folks don’t know that your skype is listed by pressing your gravatar (icon like image over to the right of the comments). Most on this side of the globe of course have day work and have a tough time being available on an Ozzy schedule.

      As for the rest … Mr. BlueSky is right. You may need stronger armor in an area — when heavier attacks come. Armor doesn’t mean not getting hit, nor bruised, like taking a slug in kevlar. So please assure us that you’re doing the Rebuke First Ask Questions Later.

      My bet is expectation thing, of having friends, esp. girlfriend, wife, family, much as your own family developed where you’ve had a long and mutually supportive relationship with your mother, even as friends. What are your expectations of family compared to hers?

      If you find any hand you’re dealt difficult to lay on the table with Y’shua, then approach Him through the Holy Ghost. Much better that way than trying to get a response from Him through us. Which reminds me of Job and Elihu. Rick may be filling those shoes just now?

      Oh, just to cover all the bases…
      – watch out for them possums
      -cain’t never tell who they’re hanging around with

  4. Pete… I can honestly say that I have a bitter situation going on in my life right now that has been in my life ever since I can remember. It’s something that is very, very painful and hard to deal with. But at the same time, I do have this huge sense that God is there with me walking me through it. Alot of times, God gives us thorns in the flesh that he chooses not to take away… whether they be physical thorns or otherwise. It’s for his own purposes and for our ultimate good. It’s very difficult for me to even say that, but deep down, I know it’s true. He could be using you in a way that you are not aware of or don’t get the full scope of in our limited human understanding of things. My computer hasn’t been working for the last few days, or week or two, but I turned it on today and mysteriously, it’s working. Who knows, perhaps it was for me to address your comment. I don’t know. I can’t explain my computer mysteriously working again. Perhaps it’s a sign for me and you both that God is not forsaking us nor is he trying to make our lives difficult just because he doesn’t care to do otherwise. The difficulty that you and I both are going through reminds me of one of the four cups in scripture that Jesus spoke of. One of those cups is the cup of bitterness that we as Christians have to partake in drinking of for God’s own purposes and for our ultimate good. Each cup of bitterness is crafted by God’s hand to suit us personally. He is in the middle of conforming us to his image through bitterness and the like. I could say more but have to go now off to work. There is a message by Perry Stone that you should google that speaks of this concerning the cup of bitterness. I think it may be in the Rapture Revelation series. I’m sure there are others you could go to, but the point I make here today is that you’re definitely not alone. I’m undergoing the same thing. I think there are alot of people who are… particularly Christians.

    Hope that helped. I could say more, but gotta go. Perhaps we could talk more when I get the chance if you would like. Hope this message helps not only you, but also others who suffer. Remember, it’s the potter and the clay scenario. It’s often quite bitter and painful. I know, I’m there.

    Blessing to you Pete.

    • I think this may be the message I was talking about, not sure, but I think so. I’m not a big fan of the yelling and screaming he does sometime, but there it is. But scripture is abundant for the things we often go through that are very painful… and can be lifelong. The more suffering you endure here and the proper reaction we have to it, the greater our reward is going to be in Heaven. I always keep that one in mind.

    • Corey……DITTO on my response to Pete….it’s for you too!

      Also: i have listened to the 4 Cups Teaching by Perry Stone several times in the past…..Great teaching !!!!
      Perry Stone brings out a lot of NUGGETS that most of us just totally miss!

      Good quote from your post above …with my added EMPHASIS:
      “The more suffering you endure here …AND THE PROPER REACTION WE HAVE TO IT, …the greater our reward is going to be in Heaven.”

    • Pete,
      God loves you so much even tho you can’t see His hand on your life now. He called you and you answered. It will get better when it gets better. Endure it all knowing how your His.
      I been there myself and struggling greatly now. God loves you brother, fair dinkum!

    • Which then takes us back to the NSA, Utah data center, mormons in cyber security, old guard nazis infiltrations, ties to google pervasive intelligence, AI, kurzweil, and Gates, Musk, Hawking …. warnings about AI … image of the beasts, 10 horns with one mind, people longing to die but death fleeing, and matrix realities.

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