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Politics Prophecy and the Supernatural e-news magazineThis is an article written by the Director and Producer of the Watchers series and the newly released Torah Code film.  In keeping with the Sunday Bun, I thought it would be pertinent to post it here.  It will also be featured in our Monthly E-News Magazine.

The Disintegration of Reason in the Pre-Trib World

Richard Shaw

I had to write about a disturbing trend.

I do believe in Freedom of Speech that is at the core of our Constitution. It means that unsuspecting souls can listen to haughty and arrogant people and that is okay. You can be rude, impolite, uncouth, crass and conniving and it’s all legal. It also means that simple-minded people can be enlightened by very smart people with good ideas and pure intent. I love it when that happens.

We live in a rapidly advancing technological civilization that is having unintended consequences on a global level.

We watch old movies where people seem to stay the same age generation after generation. 100 years ago, we made Stars out of people for the first time back in the silent picture days.  Actors and actresses were turned into icons — advancing into stardom in a way that mankind had never experienced before. Why? Because before all that happened, there was no film, no radio, no way of getting audio and visual information disseminated worldwide in a few days.  Now, it’s instantly available, virtually anywhere. Immediate, and expected. It’s been shot on someone’s cell phone and uploaded. Big events are seen by millions overnight.  This is a virtually new phenomena. There is no longer time for an evaluation of the facts. It is also a new development when the governments of the world are basically no longer really in charge, but huge mega corporations with billions in revenue can foster change and mandate rules that can turn entire nations into serfs.  It was revealed that 1% of the world’s population now have 99% of the world’s wealth. This also is a shocking figure with dire consequences. If it continues, the level of greed will reach a pinnacle where the people of the world will become enslaved.

With the rise of YouTube, little fiefdoms have sprung up.  Manned by individuals that should never be on TV in the first place, many are argumentative. Shouting at the camera. Know it alls. Unpleasant and strident. Guys in front of their webcams holed up in their sometimes messy bedrooms that suddenly have the power to share their poison to a larger community. Most of the time when I look at this stuff, it just looks ridiculous.  Many just want to gain YouTube subscribers at any cost, like “crazy Al’s” will do anything to build their business, ministry, or whatever. With all dignity and humility abandoned, they air their grievances about others in an open forum with the dangerous potential of thousands of world-wide viewers — using this platform to cut others down, openly disagree with their ideas and research — criticizing things of which they have no intimate knowledge or have ever attempted themselves. The more degrading and provocative, the greater number of YouTube hits they receive. Essentially, being “rewarded” for being truly obnoxious antagonists. When all they actually do is sit on their butts in front of a webcam. It’s extraordinary.

The problem with this is that many unsuspecting folks may take this information at face value instead of seeing what is really going on. Such rantings are not filled with light, but often make you feel uncomfortable, and at worst case, depressed. Some revel in hearing it, as though by cutting down someone else, justice is somehow served. Others, steeped in boyhood church dogmas that they’ve never taken apart and studied themselves, rise up and join the critique. In a way reminiscent of mob violence, corresponding comments from viewers are rife with incredibly bad English, obscenities, and insults — towards people that they don’t even know. It’s inept, unChristlike, and in short, plain ignorant. Yet, the internet is filled with this rage, and it is growing as fast as Islam.

Some that are rich, tend to try and exploit those who are doing real ministry work. Making high-sounding promises that are not kept, while formulating their own businesses by building off the work of others and calling it their own. They must not think we notice what they’re doing.

Spiritual things are usually not black and white. We can’t totally understand them but if we are humble and search with pure intent there are those times when real trues seem to come tumbling out when you least expect it. The rules are often hidden from view. The scriptures pounded and quoted in rants all over the net are often spoken out of context, often by the one who yells the loudest or has the most subscribers, or the most money.  This is not in keeping with how we’re supposed to act. In fact, it’s the total opposite. In my opinion, those who make their daily routine the criticism of others, or of others work, should be summarily ignored. A steady diet of constant ridicule is not intelligent or healthy, and makes one wonder what the true motivations of such a thing really is. We seem to be falling into an abyss of abusive and denigrating comments.

With all that is happening in the world that seems to be weirdly and strangely prophetic, we waste time arguing about the dumbest things. Were the footballs rigged by not filling them with enough air? Who could have done this?? It’s embarrassingly moronic. Yet it persists in the media and re-hashed over and over for days ad nauseam.

Many times, those that rant about others are the most unlikely participants; pastors with ministries, guys with doctorates in front of their names — people you wouldn’t expect to actually have time to use such tactics to get YouTube hits or new subscribers to their blogs. But often, these same people don’t seem to have much to talk about unless they are cutting someone else down, and that’s pretty pathetic in my opinion. At a certain point, it feels like an act of desperation, and sometimes desperate people are like the girl at school that no one wants to date and resorts to unconventional tactics.

Because there is a national lack of trust in the media, or our government, and other related factions, it tends to make us wonder if some of these people are paid disinformation operatives. We know this is going on, but we don’t know who those corps are that are promoting them, or why they would agree to do such a thing for money. But then, I’m amazed at what people will do for cash these days. Greed in a sanctuary once was the only thing that caused Jesus to take a whip and drive out the money-changers. It was the only time we ever read that he did anything other than show love to others.

I’m not talking about standing up for freedom or our rights as a citizen. I’m not arguing about making your voice heard when it could make a difference in a positive way.  I’m referring to argumentative people who thrive on making themselves look large by standing on the shoulders of others they criticize.

I’d rather be discovering something — doing an experiment in the lab, spending time with a few rabbis in Israel where they’re showing me what they’re finding in the Torah Codes, listening to those who have had miracles happen in their life — that sort of thing. To me, that’s enormous fun. We can sort out the details later.

There are secrets now being revealed, but not to those who already think they know all the answers — that miracles were for another time.  It’s even more fun when you can explore in an air of openness and non-critical attitudes — voice an opinion knowing that it won’t be immediately cut down by some arrogant dude in the room. Imagine all that could be done in such an environment?  Throw anything on the table, no matter how improbable, and there might be a new idea brewing there. Being able to share and explore anything and showing how great something could be is how Steve Jobs forever changed the computing world. I’m not saying we have to be idiots and never have a different point of view, but we can present those in a way that fosters more and even greater ideas. Encouraging others without tearing someone else down. This brings me to a discussion I had with one of the most brilliant and humble men I have ever known, professor Eliyahu Rips in Jerusalem.

The last time I spent with this genius, this mathematical wizard, the developer of the Torah Codes, I was actually able to show him a segment from WATCHERS 8.  I also brought a casting of the baby mummy skull with me to Israel and set it on his table. The night before, I was talking with him on the phone and gently relating the discoveries that L.A. and I were doing.  Gently, because I didn’t know what his reaction might be to the topic of UFOs and the possible Nephilim examples in Peru. He began an impassioned speech on the phone. His voice raised and he said something as best I can remember (I was so shocked at the time that I had to just sit an listen), “people have no idea of what is really going on in this Universe.”  He went on, and it felt that the phone had somehow become electrified and the hair stood up on my arms. I will never forget it. Of course, he was correct. He knew we were living in amazing times and believed that only the smartest people would retain an open mind and yet he knew there was also a lot of fakery going on as well.

Daily I get emails from one or two of the Torah Code researchers who are obsessed with looking for anything in the Codes about the Messiah. It’s all they talk about lately. Of course, there are people who will call them crazy. That they’re using junk science, that it is to be ignored, or that they or I am really not all that bright for believing it.  But lets consider for a moment what is really happening in the world even as I write this column:

1) King Abdullah died today, and the powers that be in Yemen stepped down. Systems in the Middle East are collapsing.

2) oil prices are at record lows, and Russia and Iran are under extreme financial and diplomatic pressure.

3) Switzerland removed the pegs from the Franc, and the Euro is losing its value.

4) The US is now over $18 trillion in debt, and the dollar could topple at any moment, regardless what the Stock Market is doing.

5) China has become the world’s most powerful economy, over the U.S.

6) Israel is surrounded by warring factions wanting to kill Jews, while the rest of the world seems to always be on the side of the Palestinians and Hamas, (a terrorist organization). Obama has displayed his propensity towards being Islamic, and Boehner invited Netanyahu to the US without even telling Obama. What is Obama’s real agenda?

7) ISIS is growing, and France doesn’t realize how intrenched their Muslim population is.

8) Fraud is in the internet and every aspect of economic funds transfers. Hackers are finding new ways to break into credit card accounts and private files. As more and more transactions are done on mobile devices or wireless means, the possibility of fraud or invasion of personal information increases.

9) the governments of the world are using every means to track, surveil and identify everyone, whether they are a known terrorist or not. Drones are getting more sophisticated, and facial recognition software is rapidly becoming more sophisticated. Now, there is software that can be used to control groups of drones, in swarms, and they will all fly as a coordinated cluster.

10) scientists are playing with the DNA of man and of plants and animals.  If not dealt with soon, we could become permanently transformed with unknown results as new generations are exposed to toxins, genetically modified foods, radioactivity, and other known and unknown chemical or virus-related illnesses.

11) Fukushima continues to quietly release tons of radioactive water per day into the Pacific Ocean. Now, they’re finding whales beaching themselves as other weird sea creatures wash up on California shores. We could lose more sea life. Scientists are becoming alarmed.

12) there is daily geo-engineering going on around the world as planes continue to spray aerosols into the atmosphere to control the weather. This has been confirmed, that nano-sized particles of aluminum, barium and boron are being sprayed in enormous volume into the atmosphere.  Then, the stock market is betting on its effects to crops and the world, and the elite make billions.

There is the scripture in Joel 2:31, “the sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood.”  Both, ironically, happens this year — two blood moons and a solar eclipse.  There is an uneasiness all over the world. One article said that the world seemed to be on the edge of a “nervous breakdown.”

I wrote some of these things to rabbi Glazerson this evening, since he is the one looking for Codes on the Messiah, as well as professor Rips and Art Levitt.

I find myself stopping just to pray about whatever that’s concerning me, whenever the moment strikes. I know something is about to happen, and yet I could be wrong. I’ve been fooled before. All I know is that I’ve never seen a time quite like this.  I find it disturbing and unsettling, and I’m sure someone will read this and say that I am a f—ing idiot, among other expletives that are now commonplace on the net.

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60 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Richard Shaw!

  1. *pumps fist in the air* Yes, yes, yes, yes!

    Several of my pet peeves were touched on here and especially the wannabes all over the Internet. Right on!

  2. Brilliant post, Richard, amazing information; first I’ve heard of the planes spraying weather-controlling chemicals into the atmosphere! We are truly blessed to have you and L. A. digging around (quite literally, in some cases) and shedding light on a lot of the incredible stuff most Christians will never hear. Keep it up, both of you! You have an ever-growing prayer network behind you.

  3. “If you’re not in the arena also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback…..If you’re in the cheap seats not putting yourself on the line and just talking about how I can do it better, I’m in no way interested in your feedback.”
    Brene Brown


    • “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King Jr.

  4. Good article Mr. Shaw. I do like YouTube. I can watch an old movie or TV show, but, yes, the comment section is awful. There is too much name-calling and filthy language. It is offensive and cowardly.

    The list of current events should be the top news stories, but rarely talked about on network newscasts.

    Even at work, I can mention these news stories, and people are unaware or don’t care. Lol, one Christian at work called me “Noah”, trying to warn people. But no judgment or condemnation from me. I am the guy who is always singing or whistling while i’m working.

    Thanks for your efforts to inform people.

    • The “whistlin’ Noah” ……. sounds like a great new Handle R. Bannon !! Whoop…Whoop !!

      Keep sharing …. cuz we got the cookie !!!

    • Kirk, I will keep sharing the good news. Btw, thanks for the Caldwell video and the Prophecy Digest video about Babylon is Fallen, that you posted a couple of days back. I saved both for reference. Yours Truly, Whistlin’ Noah.

  5. You think you’ve got problems…

    I awoke to no electricity this morning, and it did not come back on till 2:00 pm.
    A storm perhaps?

    20 million of my neighbors are running out of water extending to populations in
    3 states for a total of 80 million people. The majority of generated electricity comes
    from hydroelectric dams that are dangerously low, I just read that one dam was turned
    off due to water level.
    Perplexity seems to running the situation politically rather than seeing the seriousness
    of the situation which is bizarre, rationing is rather all ready to late and with what is being
    rationed it is rather weak.
    It is hard to tell, but unless things change in the next 6 months this could turn into a apocalyptic
    problem. No water, no electricity, unimaginable!

    • Azure, We take so many blessings for granted, like water and electricity. Again, this story should be on our nightly newscast, but what we get is football “deflate gate” or Bill Cosby or whatever nonsense that can distract us from real news.

      Prayers to you and your neighbors.

    • Azureceu, that made the headlines here a couple of days ago, but only briefly! As mentioned on a post a few weeks ago and as Race also notes, we really do take water, etc., for granted a lot of the time. The water crisis has been a long time in the making. What option do you have but to move?

      Agree with Race in prayer, too, for you and neighbouring areas. Race, yes, also prayers for the storm bearing down on the east coast of the U.S.

    • Hunker down and fire up a bowl and call it a snow day.

      Legal Marijuana Is The Fastest-Growing Industry In The U.S.: Report

      Race & Linda, thanks for the prayers, it’s without doubt a problem that only God can solve.
      Can you imagine really coming to the point of having to move to find water & electricity?
      That’s what I meant as to an apocalyptic problem..
      As for the distractions, lack of seriousness due to politicians playing politics some people
      are actually out washing their cars still.

      Its a relatively simple thing to see some reservoirs have dried up, the remaining are almost
      dried up because they are now sharing to compensate. It is not in the news so much due
      to the crisis being played down politically, so you reach the conclusion that if they are not
      nervous why should we be, certainly they have a secret that we don’t know and if they do
      why not share it? :facepalm:

    • Re: certainly they have a secret that we don’t know and if they do
      why not share it?
      – it must be a very self-benefiting secret, which, if found out would cause some major upheaval/rioting among the population to say the least…:(

  6. I wonder?

    Does anyone study the Scripture anymore?

    I don’t mean quote Scripture to prove a point. I mean “study to show themselves approved, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed” that is, one who accurately knows the word of God.

    Of the twelve items noted the lack of Biblical knowledge by believers today should have been the first and foremost listed in these prophetic later days.

    Are the Scriptures available to reprove, rebuke, and correct or is that a platitude of the past? Are Christians humble enough to be corrected by a brother or sister in the Lord? What rules our life? The Scripture or some other novelty.

    There are many rabbit trails to follow nowadays.

    Are we as Christians simply chasing shadows?

    Is winning the lost for Christ part of our plan? Are we carrying out our mandate as ambassadors for Christ to reconcile the world to Christ still valid?

    Are we making disciples for Christ? I hope we have not lost our way in our excitement for the return of the Lord in these last days.

    As far as I can tell, the mission to reach the world for Christ (given by God to us as believers) has not changed.

  7. For those that follow the Proverbs… then 1 chapter a day gives wonderful guidance on how to deal with the web, mockers, railers, etc.

    For those that follow Prophecy… the yes there’s a Pre-Trib rapture for the believers who love (care) for others (Philadelphians, spared the hour of temptation), and another for Witnesses like those killed and resurrected in Rev. 11, and another for everyone at the Last Trump. There’s an appointed to time to move from the old to the new creation.

    It may be that Christ himself removes the seals between the dimensions. 7 heavens, perhaps? 8 dimensions? As The Woman Travailing (New Jerusalem) descends from the heavens in Rev. 12 — into this dimension (into this wilderness?)

    Pick your battles. Pick your treasures.

    • Nome, the muslim belief that the Messiah would not defile himself, by walking through a muslim cemetery, led to the placement of a cemetery by the sealed, eastern or “golden” gate to Jerusalem. If the dead in Christ rise first, might the other dead also rise at this time, but their resurrected bodies not be caught up? Sort of the zombie scenario. Hence, the cemetery would be vacant. Just a crazy idea. I think that the Lord can enter the gate as he pleases.

      By the way, Bobby Jindal is showing great courage as a leader talking of faith. More power to him.

    • Then spared=remove and temptation=tribulation…have you not changed the meaning of the words. I would feel at lot better if it said remove and tribulation. Trying to understand.

    • Linda, it is refreshing to hear a politician speak from the heart. So many are afraid to offend, Jindal will, no doubt, be ridiculed for his political incorrectness.

    • Steve,

      I get that. Translations, at 2 millenia plus, leave some uncertainty. The way to reconcile such things is to recognize The Almighty’s characteristic way to present things.

      Dispensationalists aren’t wrong, just partial to their way of time phasing the events of The Revelation — Christ’s message to the Churches. Revelation chapters 2-3 are an introduction, and a framing (like a table of contents or a “you are here” map). DIspensationalists assume (always questionable) that The Revelation isn’t an integrated message. (Oh well !) Whereas Rev. 2-3 directly relate to the end times and not just the time between Christ’s first and second “advent” (physical presence in our world and dimension).

      Ok, so how to reconcile? Arrays, in a word. Categorical organization. Instead of analyzing things from an academic or theological perspective — look at how Messiah does things. Really get to know Him and His ways.

      He gives us 7 messages to 7 churches with 7 angels. His correction is perfect. Those that reject Him are broken outright. Those that receive Him are saved as a remnant. Human understanding dismisses the remnant of each church addressed — but it’s the remnant that truly respond to His correction (punishment and rewards). So there’s a remnant in the Laodicean church. Hallelu-Yah! And a remnant in each of the others. Those that will not be corrected (chastised) are false christians (balaams, jezebels, false apostles, satan’s church, etc.) Simple enough — the point is that Messiah is more than well able to correct His beloved. And those that aren’t His have their angel (protection, defenders) removed.

      So, just take each in order, realizing that it’s not a sequence but a spatial array, same as the Armor of God (must be spatially arrayed) and the Tabernacle (must be spatially arrayed). Not just phased in time and sequence, ordered in pattern with each other. (You asked. 🙂 ) Y’shua’s telling us the same things using different situations. And best I can tell that involves the very structure and nature of His Creation (The multidimensional Creations) as an expression of His love, and especially His love for us.

      So yes, churches, assemblies, in group, relative to each other. Not merely sequential “replacing?!” each other like a reverse evolution. The key is that Y’shua reveals more of Himself in relation to us collectively as His bride and jewels. His work. His beloved without spot or wrinkle. Yielded to the Holy Ghost. Yielded to His lead. Like a dance … which sends me directly into the heavenlies and takes my breath. To be part of such unfolding intensity of His Presence eclipses manifold eternities. I want to hide my eyes for the glory of what He’s bringing. Words fail and tears flow.

      Nonetheless. You asked. How can we know that one word means another? “spared=remove and temptation=tribulation…have you not changed the meaning of the words”


      Rev. 3:7-13

      And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write;
      – These things saith he that is holy
      – he that is true
      – he that hath the key of David {ask housekeeping, or maintenance, who has the keys}
      – he that openeth and no man shutteth
      – and shutteth and no man openeth {ask the janitor, the least esteemed, even despised}

      I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door
      – and no man can shut it for thou hast a little strength
      – and hast kept my word and hast not denied my name
      – Behold I will make them of the synagogue of Satan
      – which say they are Jews and are not but do lie…
      – behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet
      – and to know that I have loved thee.

      Because thou hast kept the word of my patience
      – I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation {spared … tribulation}
      – which shall come upon all the world {in the end time, whether corporate or personal}
      – to try them that dwell upon the earth {who are transfixed by the worldly}

      Behold, I come quickly hold that fast which thou hast
      – that no man take thy crown
      – Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God
      – and he shall go no more out
      – and I will write upon him the name of my God
      – and the name of the city of my God which is new Jerusalem
      – which cometh down out of heaven from my God {cp. Rev. 12}
      – and I will write upon him my new name.

      He that hath an ear let him hear…
      – what the Spirit saith unto the churches {CHURCHES = through generations}

      I can go more into the pattern of these things if you want?

      There’s a purpose to tribulation and the trying of our faith
      — as from the start witness Job.

      sorry… no edits tonight

    • Race,

      Yes, Christ doesn’t waste time on muslim notions, (or worldly politics).

      Yes, He does enter through the eastern gate.

      And more apparently, terraforming waterways from the Mt of Olives outward to the Mediterranean.

      Bringing the flow of waters and life to the Dead Sea.

      I think even Larkin got that right.


      And Hoggard is correct. “Not one stone shall stand on another from Herod’s temple.”

    • As for bodily resurrection before the reuniting with spiritual bodies….
      – the bodies of the saints may be similar as regards the resurrections at His crucifixion/resurrection
      – the Valley of Dry Bones would be quite dramatic to be conscious in the flesh while be reassembled
      (talk about bride abuse)

      “Dem bones, dem bones … Hear The Word of The Lord!”

      i.e. “the dead” meaning physical bodies resurrect first and then are reunited with their(our) spiritual bodies in the air.

      Paul gives us that we each have a natural body and a spiritual (supernatural) body. Amen.

    • Zechariah 14:4-9

      And his feet shall stand in that day…
      – upon the mount of Olives
      – which is before Jerusalem on the east
      – and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof
      – toward the east and toward the west
      – and there shall be a very great valley
      – and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north
      – and half of it toward the south

      And ye shall flee to the valley of the mountains…
      – for the valley of the mountains shall reach unto Azal
      – yea ye shall flee like as ye fled from before the earthquake
      – in the days of Uzziah king of Judah
      – and the LORD my God shall come and all the saints with thee

      And it shall come to pass in that day…
      – that the light shall not be clear nor dark
      – But it shall be one day which shall be known to the LORD
      – not day nor night but it shall come to pass
      – that at evening time it shall be light

      And it shall be in that day…
      – that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem
      – half of them toward the former sea
      – and half of them toward the hinder sea

      – in summer and in winter shall it be

      And the LORD shall be king over all the earth
      – in that day shall there be one LORD
      – and his name one

  8. Frankly, we live in an age where nobody needs any credentials to spout off! I’m not trying to be rude but…who is Richard Shaw (besides producer of the Watcher series and the Torah Code DVDs)? Who are ANY of the people posting on this blog? Why should we listen to them? Just because they’ve dreamed up a clever moniker? Or because their recent history appears clean?
    When the antichrist comes on the scene, he’ll have it so easy. Why? Because nobody’s history matters anymore. What you say “today” is what counts. Yesterday is so “yesterday.”
    Ya’ know what I mean???

    • Pithypaul, though we are somewhat like-minded commenters on this blog, we find many in the world, even Christians, have no idea of the Nephilim or any of the topics that are covered here.

      I myself have wondered aloud about seeing the numbers 2 and 22 quite often. I sometimes draw a conclusion, but I have to admit I am not sure. But we all have a sense that these are biblical times in which we live. There seems to be an urgency to get the Word out.

      I wish more people knew their history, either biblical or American. Living today needs this perspective, a survey showed that people don’t even know what Martin Luther King Jr. was famous for.

      Mr. Shaw’s work seems credible and empowering to the resistance of the AC. Let’s pray to not be deceived.

    • I submit that….we should have a biography posted somewhere. All of us who post on this blog. (LA we know from his books.)
      Just today I read an article about one of the original founders of the christian band Newsboys proclaiming he’s an atheist now. Turns out he was faking it for years. He said only one out of 10 christian bands were truly believers.
      The motives of people are (or should be) in question. Are we doing this for money? Fame? Prestige?
      It’s easy to learn christianese. Anybody can rant.

      By the way, if anyone wants to know who I am….I reveal my heart at where I muse on things spiritual.

    • Pithy my bio would be soo boring. I do post a lot of events about myself. Probably too many.

      My college years on the other hand, lol not boring but uninspiration to be sure.

    • Azure, lol, so you are Kate Upton, the goddess of war in the commercial? Isis/Lilith/Hecate/Brigid/Diana/Artemis/ et al. Ha, I should have known. I’m still gonna pray for your drought to end.

    • 😮 Race, I’m not her! Btw, I noticed she likes horses.
      One horse looks to the other horse and says why the long face?

      💡 Hmm maybe we deserve this draught? They built the 3rd temple
      not farther than a few miles from me + Benny and the Hinn is in town,
      or would that be Benny and the Jinn are in town?

      Ack! Whatever the case may the Lords will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

    • pithypaul , you are speaking about George Perdikis a VERY early member of the band. He quit the “Newsboys” in 1990, 25 years ago, a quarter of a century ago… In fact, he quit the band before their first album was ever released. He renounced Christianity in 2007….he is just one of twelve “former” Newsboys band members. He never experienced the bands rise to fame. He left the group long before the band’s music became a staple at young evangelical praise and worship events. In other words, he’s a nobody, but wants to be somebody…..
      I feel this guy has other issues he is dealing with , either, he was not truly saved in the first place, or perhaps he had been burned by legalism and by church failures and became disillusioned, or simply he choose sin over obedience…
      The good news is, God uses broken vessels (I am not just a spokesperson for that claim, I’m a client) I’m sure there are many that got saved through such charlatans as Jim Bakker , Jimmy Swaggart, Robert Tilton , Mike Murdock , Peter Popoff and other name-it-and-claim it teachers. If God can use a donkey to get his message across to an apostate like Balaam, then he can use someone like Perdikis regardless of how he feels about God now.
      I have always known contemporary Christian music is a hotbed of double-mindedness and hypocrisy. I used to work with some of these musicians a while ago, and found some to be greedy, self-absorbed and hardly Christ like off stage. It soured me on Christian music for a while but there were other bands that would charge $10 per seat when they appear live, and have been a really great witness. Unfortunately the lure of fame and money and yes, even Christian “fangirls”, can make the strongest man weak and cause him to falter. That is why accountability is SO needed in this type of ministry. That is why pastors need accountability as well. No one is safe from the attacks of the Father of Lies. The Christian body together, studying God’s word and praying is the Christian body strong…..
      I am going to pray for George Perdikis . To me it is so sad that many artists and bands don’t truly live a Christian lifestyle. I would pray that, the ones that do engage in sinful lifestyles, that their hearts be convicted, and they turn away and repent of their sins.
      I was a musician (in another life = before I was married) and have been in many bands in my early years….middle school through college, I’ve seen a number of my bandmates struggle with issues, even as I have. The point is that they didn’t justify them. They fought the fight to overcome and to live a Christian lifestyle. They didn’t give in and say “Well, this is just the way it is.” Just because one struggles with alcohol, or drugs, or pornography, doesn’t mean they’re not a Christian. They need help and support. But I also don’t think that if they do have major problems such as those that they should be ministering.
      Unfortunately, what many of these artists are is entertainers, and perhaps we should see them as such. And though their music and lyrics hold a lot of truth in them, their hearts are not with God. Even though George has fallen, it doesn’t change how much impact their music has had. I still enjoy some of their music and their music does minister to me from time to time.

    • Hi PithyPaul. To please you, since nobody should have the right to say anything and you complain so many times about anyone saying anything. Here is my last comment.

      God Bless!


    • Pete, thou shalt not leavest lest thy first bringth us a shrubbery, a bio and
      performth the fullmonty.
      -Thank you for your cooperation

    • Pete, a vote has been taken and you have been outvoted. Take heed to Matt, Kirk and Azureceu!

      Azureceu, glad to see you still have power (..electricity)! Praying it will continue. Weather here has been bitterly cold for a while, but will soon pack my summer gear for heading to the south Thursday for a few weeks of sunshine and beach. Looks like the weather will be OK for the drive (hopefully).

  9. All this in these times,,,,yet God is in control 🙂
    we are a selfish self seeking society screaming ” my rights” just as He predicted we would be.
    It says peoples love will wax cold…and I believe many are numb and unfeeling., especially towards others and their pain and hardship.
    Many saying who cares as long as it is not me!
    Live today for Him the best you can lining your self up with His word,
    We are sooooo close
    Someone asked who we are:
    Who am I ?
    A daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
    I am your sister in Christ

    • Amen! Daughter of The King.

      As for me, I have a corner on “numb and unfeeling.”
      And I no longer have guilt or condemnation about that.

      That part’s out of whack. That’s ok.

      I’ve inherited: stiff necked, hard hearted, hard headed, hard assed, idol worshipping genes.

      Lord have mercy on my forebearers!

    • quote:

      I am a worm and no man…
      – a reproach of men
      – and despised of the people

      All they that see me laugh me to scorn…
      – they shoot out the lip
      – they shake the head saying

      He trusted on the LORD
      – that he would deliver him
      – let him deliver him

      …seeing he delighted in him

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  11. Matt,
    Your video you posted yesterday was an encouragement to me today, thank you! They were painting the skies so much this morning and I was feeling mad and discouraged and prayed when? For how much longer? Well He who made all these things has everything in control.

  12. There are no coincidences…
    – more like testing perimeter defenses
    – but who would know that among BHO’s sanitized security

    reminds me of flying kites made out of translucent plastic…
    – from dad’s dry cleaned shirts
    – just a string chasin’ a tail
    – lo tech stealth

    Murphy’s corollaries…
    – for every high tech countermeasure
    – there’s a lo tech measure
    – to bollux it all up

  13. Glad you liked it Mrs. M …lots of chem trails here as well, it’s so bad some days it’s as if the pilots are playing tic tac toe in the sky.

    Today’s blog would have been a great subject to touch on during your Coast to Coast appearance last Monday Richard ….which by the way was a great show. Unfortunately, before you were on the air I had to endure an hour of Noory talking about carnivora , turmeric, and his exercise routine. And of course nothing is more fascinating than hearing George Noory talking expansively about his exercise regimen. That, my friends, is why radio was invented.

  14. Blizzard of 2015 Alert! National Grid Is Intentionally Cutting Power to Communities <<< We're still surrounded by idiots!

  15. Richard, your words are those of a man with an observant yet praying heart.

    After reading over the long litany of problems facing this Internet age, I think this old saying sums it up quite well:
    “Hurting people hurt other people”.

    From all that you listed above and from which most of us that post here have experienced first hand, methinks the human soul of man longs to be comforted. Sadly, what the overwhelming majority don’t recognize is that it is Christ Jesus who has been there all along nudging them to consider Who He is.

    And until these hurting souls find that perfect spiritual salve, they will continue to hurt others.

  16. Meanwhile back at the ranch…
    – apart from our personal and corporate soap operas
    – the worm continues to turn

    BHO backs “No Bibi” Campaign

    (see summary and links provided)

    Glick: “No, he’s not getting involved at all. He’s just sending his 2012 field campaign manager to Israel to run a campaign to defeat Netanyahu. That’s all. No interference whatsoever.”

  17. World news reports on today’s observance…

    Holocaust Remembrance Day


    Please also consider the ongoing daily holocaust…
    – of parents slaughtering and torching their own children

    • Make that…

      Parents and Parties that exterminate their own offspring
      — won’t hesitate to terminate you and your family.

      …70 years ago in the concentration camps and all the killing fields, pogroms, and purges since prove it.

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