Is The Media Controlled?

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L. A. Marzulli

We live in a country where, as Chuck Missler likes to call it, there is a carefully managed agenda.  In my opinion this clip from Conan, is proof of this and it should send a wake up call to everyone in this country. Everyone of these talking heads spouts the same exact opening line.

You don’t need us to tell you that gas prices are back on the rise?


The talking heads who deliver our news are reading from a teleprompter and in most cases. especially local news reports, they are nothing more than paid actors who read what is put in front of them.  They show up in their suits and dresses, with their hair coiffed and makeup applied and I would posit that many of them have no idea of what is really going on.  They just read the teleprompter, much like our president does…. but I digress.

When we look at this it is appalling and should create a sense of outrage in the American people.  The press, is not doing their job and instead stories like the one above are decimated in TV’s all over the country, which is in short, a managed agenda.

Most folks are gearing up for Super bowl Sunday, complete with Occultist Katy Perry, who I’m sure will serve up an illuminati spectacle which will be pumped into millions of homes.

We are in a Orwellian nightmare and our media no longer does its job.  How is it that every one of these newscasters say exactly the same by-line?  Where does the feed come from?  Who writes the copy and then, who funnels these stories off to the local stations?

I believe there is a shadow government that controls the information we receive.  Notice that the media stays clear of stories like Fukushima, and the radiation which is still leaking unabated into the Pacific ocean.  When they discuss UFOs, for the most part it’s always tongue-and-cheek.  The ongoing slaughter in Iraq and persecution of Christians is also avoided, while the gay agenda is promoted along with liberal values on most stations.

There is no gas shortage.  The price of oil has dropped because the US is punishing Russia for her participation in the BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa—who are attempting to do away with the US petrol-dollar as the worlds default currency.  Russia is the worlds second largest exporter of oil, so this is why the price has dropped.  The powers that be are hitting Russia hard.

We are the little people who get caught in the middle of these manipulations.

In closing todays post.  Our invasion into Iraq was in part due to Saddam Hussein trading his oil for Euro’s instead of petrol dollars.

This was a no-no and brought about the full force of the US military.  We left Iraq in shambles, her infrastructure—what little was there—destroyed. Thousands of civilians killed, and the aftermath created a perfect place for the likes of ISIL to take root.  Follow the money.  It’s always about oil and the petro-dollar.

Trillion dollar opium harvest in Afghanistan?  You bet!  In fact it’s a record!

All is not as it should be and this clip from Conan proves it.


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