The Coming Great Deception – Update!

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The Present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.  L.A. Marzulli


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Someone recently commented on the Blog that I spend too much time talking about UFOs.  Perhaps the admonition of Paul would be applicable here when he states: Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders.  

A little later in the same chapter he states: God sends them strong delusion so that they will believe the lie.  2 Thessalonians 2:11

This video above is certainly worthy of our attention and while it’s not a mile-wide craft appearing above the White House, it does show us that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away.

Is this a bird?  Perhaps some high-altitude swamp gas?  An errant weather balloon?  The planet Venus on a drinking binge?

Look at the impossible maneuver the craft makes.  This type of movement is classic in UFO encounters.  These craft have the ability to make right angle turns. Some researchers believe they have the ability to bend time and space.

When Travis Walton was abducted upon his return he thought he had been missing for a few hours.  In reality he was gone for days.  Here is a quote from his site.

“I looked at the vague but reassuring forms of the doctors around me. Abruptly my vision cleared. The sudden horror of what I saw rocked me as I realized I was definitely not in a hospital. I was looking square into the face of a horrible creature . . . with huge, luminous brown eyes the size of quarters! I looked frantically around me. There were three of them! Hysteria overcame me instantly.”  — Travis Walton

cutting the implantIn our Watchers series we show that the abduction phenomena is real and that the implants that are put in to a person against their will are real as well.  Something is certainly going on and we can either pay attention to it or continue to live with our heads in the sand.

head-in-the-sandThe Christian church believes in supernatural events, the Virgin birth, talking donkeys, two gold coins coming from the mouths of a fish the Red Sea parting, Jesus walking on water, rising from the dead, healing the lepers.  Yet when we see signs in the heavens, like the one above, we somehow choose to ignore it.

In closing todays post. I would posit that UFOs are the coming great deception and when they finally appear and stay put in one location on this planet, or several locations at once, it will be the ultimate game-changer.  Something is coming, and in my opinion it’s not good.

Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian defense minister informs us: that UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.
On a different note, it will be interesting to see if Katy Perry chooses to sing her ET song at this years super bowl.  Folks we are surrounded by supernatural events that are manifesting.  We do ourselves a great disservice to choose to ignore what is going on.  Watch the video at your own discretion and then tell me we should sit silently and let this pass without warning of what is to come?  Trust me your children know the lyrics by heart.



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95 thoughts on “The Coming Great Deception – Update!

  1. LA is disclosing this because our pastor’s are failing in this regard. I’m glad he is getting this much exposure because it needs to be understood.

    • Amen and LA has my and my family’s enthusiastic support to continue doing so. 🙂

      That video is stunning.

      I fired it up before reading anything here and my eyes immediately picked that off immediately with no effort.

    • And we are the body of Christ, so we all have our skill sets. If we knew all we’d walk around with our head held high in mitres claiming we are in the place of Christ. And we don’t want to be that guy.

    • I always say this: When someone has their head in the sand…their butt is always right up in the air ripe for a kickin’.


      I don’t want to be in that position, either.

    • Eric, don’t sell yourself short, you’ld make for a wonderful candle holder from a modern art perspective. 😛

  2. I just finished watching the Torah Codes documentary last night. Excellent! I’ll be digesting it for a little while and attempt to write a review for it.

    My only “complaint” is: When I got to the end of it I was just getting warmed up and then it was over! 😉

    My immediate takeaway was: “Tip of a much larger iceberg potentially.”

    I know it’s easier said than done but I am hoping a “Further Evidence” style companion book can be whipped up to go along with this at some point down the road for all the obvious benefits that allows for.

    • “”
      Israeli Official: Hezbollah Will Invade Israel In Next Middle East War

      In other words: The next time this thing goes hot it’s probably going to be Psalm 83 because we have been seeing and hearing this chatter from all the usual suspects and then of course we can’t forget ISIS. Hamas should be finished re-arming pretty soon.

    • Eric W…

      I do think that the “next time” for a Middle east War ….. will be the “last time” for many muslims to breathe their last breath.

      Spring and Summer are on the horizon………The Time when Kings go out …….TO WAR !!!

    • @ 150K rockets…
      – are good for nothin’
      – “say it again !”
      – good for nuthin but war

      @ my guess…
      – they’ll put wmd’s on them
      – of a kind that even if “iron domed”
      – still make a nasty / deadly mess
      – self deluded jihadis might do so thinking
      – “if we can’t, none can have a homeland”

      @ then what…
      even just 1 wmd
      – is cause for retaliation in kind
      – but a larger principal applies
      – what one sows, they reap
      – likely with increase

      …like with abortion
      – by the 100’s of millions

      even going back in time
      – if you believe in such things
      – or to alternate dimensions
      – could still not escape
      True Justice

  3. Hot off the wires:


    Mystery UFO spotted near International Space Station

    Probably needs more vetting but see what you get from it.

    • Corey, if you get a chance, wondered what you thought of this utuber’s video. It’s a Bible code video, the person who posted is also looking at this September as being important. In another of her videos, she claimed that the Lord told her that, a year from the release of the Left Behind movie, the event would actually take place. No debates about that last claim, just wondered what you thought of the bible code video.

  4. Hey! I’m not a Katy Perry fan but seeing her musical talent being twisted is … well, it’s…?

    I believe we should explore our gift of creativity, but if we cross the “line” and step directly into the path of spiritual and ultimately our own destruction, we have no one to blame other than ourselves.

    Be it…we have only one solution…Jesus Christ, who paid the ultimate price with His life so that we can live. I would only encourage to pray over Katy Perry…God can use her in spite of herself!

    • Perry’s father, an evangelist calls her a devil child. She’s on record as saying that after an un successful try at a career as a Christian music artist that she sold her soul to the devil. She has rejected Yeshua for the fallen cherub.

    • Who’s Katy Perry?? I know Gaylord Perry, Luke Perry, Matthew Perry
      William “Refrigerator” Perry, Steve Perry…. but Katy Perry, never heard of her.

  5. Check out this 1992 song that points to the scripture that says “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places….and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven”.

  6. The Church is busy,,,planning socials and making them selves feel good about their week. I am not against the church…..but like you say,,,head in the sand.
    They are so afraid of deception, nothing new,,,and I get it,,,,but in trying to preserve the old,,,they are not seeing what is happening.

    I am not into UFO’s and Torrah codes,,,I don,t discount them either.
    There is too much covering up by governments for there not to be something.
    I do find it odd that no one ever gets a clear video or photo of the actual crafts or real photos of the aliens, or( fallen angels who have made a body). I don,t discount this as they are demonic and have a motive to not be seen. They come with lying wonders……says God.

    We are starting the slow crumbling here in Canada of the recession we have tried to climb out of. Just yesterday and today we have news reports of businesses folding, like 4 in one day and big bussinesses,,,some from low oil prices ( Alberta oil) some from other things. Its like a senerio from the last financial fall out,,,,,its coming again like a snowball picking up speed down a mountain. I believe the oil cartel has an interest in taking out Russia, and Canada and the USA financially.
    When oil prices dip below normal prices,,banks get nervous, when banks get nervous that open line of credit is going to sky rocket.
    When you can’t afford the interest with the principal payment people go bankrupt,
    When too many can’t pay,,,you get the banks failing again.
    Hope I am wrong,,,but given the signs of the times we live in…..I wouldn’t discount anything!

    • I think riding on UFO’s is kinda cool… traffic jams usually(except around the sun)…..but you do have to have a lot of hair spray….
      …….because those extreme right turns will really mess up your hair-do FAST !!!

  7. Heaven (and heavens) and hell have been revealed to us — massively, repeatedly, again and again and again in the Bible and many cases personally. In non-Bible language — that’s other dimensions — OVERLAPPING. Christ makes the point specifically about the Kingdom of Heaven.

    We know more…
    – Those that are not saved are damned already. They’re alreadly dwelling in hell though also dwelling in this worldly dimension. Some may be more in hell than others. So much that they experience hell physically and not just spiritually.
    – Those saved by Christ are already experiencing Heaven. More and more physically. Holy angels and heavenly creatures manifest and interact with us. Not just in visions and dreams and prayers — but in miracles — and in power. The spiritually dead, (blind and deaf), don’t sense such or discount what they experience of heaven and those dwelling in the heavenlies. Faith is no more faith when other dimensional reality becomes fact. But we need to be cautious of cons, (lying signs and wonders, also those that say, in the Name of the Lord we’ve done this or that miraculously). Let the Holy Ghost confirm, with the backing of The Word.

    Science is just starting to investigate other dimensions. The Witnesses in The Bible have been dealing with them all along. Many who’ve escaped the demonic, occult, and darkness likewise.

    So, yeah, I get that many “so called christians” are blind, deaf, and dumb (spiritual lepers) as regards Heaven and HELL (other dimensions and encounters with them and their denizens). But I don’t think they’re really saved or really Christian. Anyone that interacts with God (The Father/The Son/Holy Ghost … The Creator … The Almighty) already experiences the fact of relationship with God — and being loved, cared for, corrected, and all that goes with living in His family.) Faith has become fact. It’s become much more intense for me.

    The hard hearted, hard headed, hard assed, stiff necked, false or even back slidden christians need to ask themselves if they’re really saved, or just guessing. I think they’re deluded and either goats or wolves. They’ve likely never been saved or just believe is some false christ or false god or gods.

    As for crossing dimensions, gates, portals, dimensions thinning, higher dimensional entities or craft shadowed in the lower dimensions…. yep, that’s what the math, science, and The Bible along with experience is showing us. I’ve got no problem recognizing that ET’s and UFOs are likely also from this solar system. I’m skeptical about interaction with distant star systems for physical entities. For angels of light and similar — I’ve no doubt they can make such transits in lightspeeds. I’m skeptical of wormholes, blackholes, dark matter, etc. since they just guesses with little real support. Interdimensional transits from the locally overlapping dimensions is far, far, far more obvious.

    Without getting into the fact of LA, or Russ Dizdar, or myself having background experiences which made us more sensitive to hell (hellish dimension) … and likely the same for Kirk and Corey … and FaithfulElect… our Good Lord and Savior turns curses to blessings. I’m not troubled by that awareness but can expose them. Natalina likely will say much the same.

    Let those those that have dwelled more in the heavenlies likewise testify. Such as LA re: his rapture, sin nature gone, white horse experiences. There’s compensation. What we’ve been robbed of (robbed ourselves of) has been restored.

    I’m telling ya — the doubters gonna doubt. But they don’t do 1st Corinthians 13. Tell me what love does re: belief…. Check things out. For those that are coming out of damnation, newly saved, Ignore them “blockhaids” like the skeptics or cults or mega-religious. You need the Holy Ghost, the Word, and prayer — and to keep your focus on Christ as First Love. Love God First. Everything else falls in place. Abba teaches His children very well. And He corrects them likewise, no worries. The overcomers in the churches of Revelation 2-3 are His. The balaams, jezebels, false apostles, synogue of satan, false jews, etc. — are not. He is more that well able to winnow the wheat from the tares. A little adversity usually does the job quite nicely. (Notwithstanding, don’t confuse satan’s sifting like he tried with Peter)

    And sorry… this is why I keep things terse. Keep fishin’ LA! Use all those ugly bait worms — that the false christians (aka religious) are so disgusted by. Wherein you were called, that’s where to serve. Amen.

    • Well said; And I point to the Bible as Truth. Those who are skeptics will one way or the other find the truth and see the Lord. If not now, definitely later and all tongues shall confess. My background is apparently a bit like yours but that makes me aware of the “something is not right with this picture” knowledge and I thank God for that. It is the gift of discernment that comes with walking on the tightrope. If you have never treaded on the edge you won’t you are near it. I don’t wish it on anyone but you CAN learn from it and God can save you from it.

  8. When the Aliens/demons make contact, maybe we can send John Kerry and James Taylor to sing “you’ve got a friend”, like they did in France, to soothe the hard feelings?

    Wonder why we didn’t send Jerry Lewis to France? They used to love him there. “Hey lady”…

    • Victoria, yes, John Kerry and James Taylor went to France and Mr. Taylor sang that song. That qualifies as diplomacy these days.

      Speaking of the pope, apparently he is in favor of curtailing free speech. He said that religious beliefs shouldn’t be criticized. But, awhile back didn’t he say that a person shouldn’t have a personal relationship with the Lord? Does not this insult most Christians?

      His people often clarify his remarks. In effect, the old school followers can stick with their cognitive dissonance and claim that he was taken out of context, while the progressives can think that they finally have their guy in charge. Speaking out of both sides of one’s mouth gives everyone what they want to hear.

    • What is with the entertainment biz? I cannot believe all the Illuminati symbolism everywhere and I know we are going to see it but it’s so widespread it’s phenomenal as well as crazy.

    • Hey Race … @ pope a dope’s // papa doc’s // “don’t touch my junk bro”

      – The nice thing about free speech is that we get a heads up from those that hate us.

    • I had one of those days where I saw the number 2 and 22 quite often. It was an item’s price at the store, the bull’s game had a score of 22-22 with 22 seconds left in the 1st period, the movie National Treasure was on television and it was mentioned that the clock tower of Independence Hall, on the back of the $100 bill, has a time of 2:22.

      All coincidences, which I like to point out. Also on this blog, I sometimes raise awareness to strange events like the pagan nature of pop culture, e.g. the superbowl halftime show.

      Today I critiqued the Pope and John Kerry in comments above. I always keep in mind the possibility that I may be way off base on my assessments.

      But, Heaven forbid, anyone, ever, take ideas or conjecture, and act out foolishly against a political, religious, pop culture figure, or anyone else. Praying for folks is what’s needed.

      I feel the comment section got a little strange today. I think that I may be a little spooked by the French incidents, the Ohio jihadist, cops being shot at, etc. Lol, my two cents.

      Christ’s Peace and Love to all

  9. Right on LA! I’m glad you decided to respond.

    If it wasn’t for LA being on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, I would have been beyond confused about my faith at this point. I have to admit. I was struggling to understand UFOs and how they fit in with the Word. I was questioning my faith at the time because of it. Reading in the Bible about giants and fallen angles who had relations with women. Just not understanding why I had never heard ANY pastor or Christian believer talk about this. Then BOOM! LA was on It’s Supernatural and BAM! I moved and found a church where He was going to speak. GOD heard my confusion. I am beyond thankful for LA listening to the Almighty God’s call.

    Keeping you and your family in prayer.

    • The Bible states rhat if it were possible, even the Elite would be deceived. I can totally understand that had this information not come forth we all would be wondering about various things. It just so happens that the Holy Spirit revealed the nature of the UFOs many years ago to me that they were inter-dimensional bu I had no further information to dig into. LAs information is the bridge to the rest of it. I just posted the worst abuse of evil I have put together to date.t It’s only one scenario but I believe it’s going to pay into the whole.

  10. No and I am sorry that I am in a hurry to leave for the conference. It is a number of issues — the number of fake Jesus’s coming out and one of course being intergalactic in nature to bring us to a higher plane allegedly and the other was where you can go to on youtube to find the adoption program for “your kids” that they used the sperm and eggs to make hybrid children that now want to come Live with you. Demonic beings need permission to come into your car or home and therefore using the “kid” issue is going to mess up a lot of folks and cause more demonic problems and they look according to these people beautiful with God Like faces – isn’t that Lucifer’s plan to make man in HIS image. If you thought you had a “kid” out there and didn’t know the scriptures you might take them in to help them learn Earth ways. It’s a really devious way to get the demonic into our homes. I tried to use the names so it can be looked up and vetted on your own but I apologize for it being long. I am a lawyer and we do that long sentence thing. My apologies.

    • Sometimes there is or seems to be a lot of information but it also shows how much deception is out there and I would bet it’s all going to come together in some devious plan. Obviously the agenda IS HUGE.

    • I just noticed it copied sections from the saved item; i don’t know how to fix it but part of my post was doubled.

  11. 😮 Makes Peter’s epistles small in comparison.

    Skimmed through it, looked as if you are talking about the Galactic Federation, Nibiruans, Zetatalk, Raëlians, channelers………………………

    Makes me wonder how many illuminati can fit into a fiber optic cable.

  12. NO WAY! Yep has to be swamp gas or a weather balloon. You know the drill. Nothing will show soon when a certain government agency erases –sorry redacts and denies– it. It reminds me of the game from Nintendo 64 called Breakout. Yeah my age is showing, but nevertheless that is insane. I just saw the weirdest and disturbing youtube videos that has to do with the coming great deception but also is disturbing and heartbreaking from a human perspective. We all posit what the actual deception is going to be. Obviously it’s going to have to do with UFO and alien technology but this is worse. First I saw a correlation in the book of Ezekial 38 and Revelation where it is mentioned that even the men of renown (now we know are the Nephelim or offspring) and the might men of old will scream in fear and tremble at the end of the age and aka hence “In the days of Noah…. and I don’t know why I never saw it previous y but it caught my attention which fives credence to LA’s research. (just showing for your research and your study);strange galactic website. Their claim of course is PEACE PEACE AND USHER IN LIGHT AND MOVING THE HUMAN RACE TO THE NEXT SPIRITUAL LEVEL…….as they all do. IT GETS WORSE AND EVEN MORALLY MORE DEBASE, DECEPTIVE AND CRUEL TO THE HUMAN RACE.

    Next we have the two Jesus’s walking around and of course one is galactic and oddly one has the name Ray-El. (with alleged bible / torah codes to boot) Now most angelic host names end in EL so I would posit these are again fallen. The other one claims to be Plaedian or Arcturian and are here to usher in the new age of Aquarius the fifth dimension and are alien to help us transition — just as weird as the video. And Part of the great coming deception. You tube has it listed as The Arcrurians: Use of Your God-Given Power….. but they have a really odd website touting the virtues of star seeding and PEACE PEACE PEACE to usher in a higher level of spirituality using the star children blah blah.

    There are now ambassadors to help those that have star seeded children meet them and offer to bring them into your home and to help you not be AFRAID of their powers. A lot stems out of tee vortex in So dona AZ but here is the worst part. They allegedly help you visit your star seeded kids. One they have access to this multidimensional realm and can “help” you connect with your “kids” but the “kids” WON’T APPROACH YOU UNTIL YOU GIVE PERMISSION — AN APPARENT LUCIFERIAN RULE THAT YOU HAVE TO GIVE PERMISSION LIKE THE BLACK EYE’D KIDS but guises in the lie of we don’t want to scare you. Then you can BRING THE KIDS TO YOUR REALM TO LOVE THEM ETC.possibility but the other part is evil but playing nice nt to mention;parents will have a hard time turning them over to hell. Recall there is no mercy or grace for the fallen ones even if they are mixed with human genomes. There is a leader that helps connect you to your “kids” and if they stole your seed then half human is at the demolishing stage just like the Nephalim were. However they can be contacted, make you feel indebted to these “kids”. but the deception is they are evil aka because they are hybrids and with that union comes all kinds of moral/soul issues especially if one-half their DNA is from fallen angel or they are inhabited by the demonic and these bodies become their vessels. Either way it’s NOT pretty and the implications are terrifying since they now have these “kids” that you can see, visit and eventually BRING INTO YOUR HOME WHEN Y O U ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THAT and they ave described as “at least they aren’t scary like the grays…… they have the most BEAUTIFUL, GOD-LIKE FACES” and when you get over the inter-dimensional travel and just being scared they said (the parents) they allowed them to approach and hugged and it was great, just great.

    I am sorry this is long but this is absolutely tragic for mankind and the biggest lie I have ever come across and MISUSE OF THE FUNDAMENTAL parenting gene we seem to have. I am not talking about the folks that volunteered to do this because there are many who did not who may soon be presented with an “opportunity” to meet their hybrid child. If it were you and you were not a Christian, would you want to meet them. Secondly, as a Christian you might want to try to have them accept our Lord Jesus Christ but it is my guess it’s a wipe out the planet situation like other Nephalim incursions. So if you got involved, you open portals and that means there would be a lot of work to do to get rid of/rebuke them and that might include a little person who looks like you who they STOLE genetically. No matter which way you look at it, the entire thing is the most diabolical, manipulative, cruel use of our (human) genetics. This has got to be stopped. There isn’t a “Mom” that wouldn’t look back like Lot’s wife did, in this situation if they were LIVING WITH YOU and these people are arranging contact and for them to come and learn more about Earth by staying with their birth parent. I am blown away by the manipulative power of the evil one and the creativity that is so blatantly misused and purposefully designed to hurt others and stealthily build his own army right here under our noses in plain sight as modernity’s answer to “foreign exchange students”. How dastardly.

    Well food for thought and I have to go get ready for the conference tonight. Have a good one all of you and may God bless you, comfort you and protect you. I think this is fixed now.

    • It’s the Blog Nazis. They always do that after your 31st post of the day. No fraud here. Just the affex of planet x on those it deems verbose.

      gonna miss ya.💔

  13. I’m hoping he will be at the conference tonight. I have to leave soon and will be interested in what he has to say tonight and tomorrow.

  14. Well if it is in regard to my post, I had saved it to notepad and when I tried to cut and paste it well it doubled. So, the reason I reposted it was to not waste people’s time. And I do apologize for what happened. I am not the most technologically adept person so I just learned how to go backwards and i could have fixed it I think, but I did not realize that at the time. I also find it not so funny that people write jokes about UFO’s when this is a rather serious topic for the Christian community. There are so many UFO sightings now that it’s over the top. I also don’t know what Katy Perry has to do with this subject but I am not here to be a moderator of people’s comments. Though I may stop dealing at all with the blog since it seems at times to take a turn out of the topic range. It’s not anything to do with LA since I totally respect the man and the work. My only comment was to say that in some ways the COMING great deception topic UPDATE is here. If there are folks that look totally human than we are further along than first thought in the deception. I think Lucifer is going to use a number of different scenarios within which to attack everyone and to deceive which is obviously his game.

    • It’s probably related. The military doesn’t just show up and those are HUGE orbs in comparison to the others I have seen. They are getting even more bold…….crazy. Yeah lets see the military not catch them some more lol.

  15. I think i am going to unsubscribe to the blog altogether. I don’t like cryptic remarks like ” I will leave it to your discernment” since I am not a mind reader and I did ask out of concern.

  16. unsubscribing; i think that sniping in blogs means that the blog has become something that does not edify Christ. I wish you all the blessings of Christ Jesus and hope that somewhere patience and love can be shown to one another rather than arguing among brothers and sisters in Christ is something the Bible says to stay away from.

  17. Thanks Canada for pointing out to me that I should find a place that isn’t oh poor LA…. I think he’s a grown up and can fend for himself. You make him seem like a child

  18. decided not to go to the conference due to comments like linda from canada threw out there. It makes me feel that oh poor la can fend for himself and obviously the UPDATE issue isn’t an update at all it’s just blog chatter and it makes me wonder about how old and how mature in Christ some are. No offense truly but the comment gee riding on a UFO wold be fun basically is not
    Christlike nor Christian in nature…… and I hope it was a joke. I never blog for reasons such as the cryptic remarks or LA will be (I pray) much better for her little private note of condolence. This is why NO ONE should blog. If you state an opinion or make a mistake there is always someone that cannot help but berate others and I hope I can forgive as Jesus asks us to forgive because those remarks offend and we are to stay unoffended in our walk. Remarks that are cruel, cryptic and meant to wound do cause wounds in our soul not spirit but recall that we will have to answer for every single word we speak — I don’ t want to have to answer for something mean. But maybe the rest of you can discern and read minds, I cannot. I am sorry I subscribed and even commented because obviously anything other than jokes in some manner are too much for our “typical” Church at this time and no one seems ready to see the bigger picture. It’s not going to be just ONE scenario of attack by the enemy. Maybe it’s a joke to some of you but it isn’t’ to me and I choose to dig deeper and find the many ways we are going to be attacked and not just let others tell me how. We have a duty to dig and find out not just let others tell us. Study and search to find yourselves approved. I just see people following the masses and that’s another reason we are under judgment in the US. We have earned it. If LA is interested in anything I have found he can contact me via email. But I would NOT INSULT the man by saying oh poor LA. This is his blog and I am sure he expected a llot of things to happen in it. He is also a learned man and scholar so I doubt he needs his hand held unless Linda/Canada has a little crush going on. Be real; he is a married man with a LIFE and has earned that life through hard work and spiritual journey. Maybe she can discern the rest. I am not going to judge nor attack her, other than to say that cryptic remarks like that are childish. End I have to go and pray and decide if I care about this conference because I am running out of time. God Bless you all truly and bless your spiritual growth since we all need it.

  19. Well to be compared to the apostle Paul’s writing great but in actuality you insulted one of Christ’s apostles. wow gutsy

  20. Thanks guys for being cool. I am just going to unsubscribe now. It’s been real it’s been fun but it hasn’t been real fun. Need to pass this along to friends to unsubscribe because you guys are kinda mean in reality.

  21. There are many ufo contactees and abductees, and ufo cult leaders who claim they are encountering some being who they think is Jesus or an angel but is not.

    Recently, I received a newsletter from a ufo research organization claiming Jesus was the special guest of group
    of human looking ET’s called the Council of Twelve. The leader of this group of angelic ET’s calls himself, Valiant Thor. There is a new film project based on the book, “Stranger at the Pentagon” by the late Rev. Frank Stranges. Valiant Thor’s teaching is new age, and is clearly another gospel …and although Val claims to be unfallen and an uncreated being (like an angel), he clearly is not an angel of God..but the film producer Craig Campobasso and others who have had personal encounters with Valiant believe he is an angel. The Bible clearly warns that fallen angels and spirits can preach another gospel and masquerade as another Jesus.


    [18] Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
    [22] Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.


    [3] And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    Antichrist – a person or spirit who opposes Christ and is a substitute for Christ..

    • Sorry, for the typo.. it should be…”Valiant Thor is a created being not uncreated being.” Dr. Frank Stranges says Valiant has no navel or finger prints, is highly telepathic and able to materialize and dematerialize his body to travel from one place to another…UFO historians Richard Dolan and British researcher Timothy Good are confirming the existence of these human looking telepathic alleged ET’s. Timothy Good has has 3 personal encounters with these human looking beings who had striking features and were telepathic.


      23] Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
      [24] For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
      [25] Behold, I have told you before.
      [26] Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

  22. Last week, NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity was approaching the flat rock outcrop called “Pahrump Hills”, which is a section of the mountain’s basal geological unit, called the Murray formation. The rover spotted a few strange looking and interesting features in this area. Once again NASA tried to cut the live feed footage but not until the signal” was recorded by a Canadian UFO enthusiast, Alex White. What is seen on the footage is amazing and very unnerving. This creature caught on the live feed footage obviously did not want to be recorded or photographed and seemed, irritated and upset by the Curiosity’s presence. Many UFO as well as linguistics experts are currently working on deciphering what is considered an ancient language from Nibiru, a nonexistent planet….what message or information the creature was trying to convey is not yet known.

  23. The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John in HD (2003) – possibly one of the most accurate film portrayals of Jesus (his teaching and miracles) as revealed in the Gospel of John. It is good to be reminded of the basic tenants of our faith. Every time I have watched this film I have been blessed and inspired. I am sure you will be as well.

  24. @ noise filters … detractors … trolls

    – as aspie, my body reacts to overstimulation as an attack
    – I filter by masking, stemming, reclusion, etc.
    – When I can’t filter … my body goes into fight or flight … and andrenalin overload
    – I suspect “motor mouth”(ing) is a response to overload, like stemming

    @ V. … note type of responses
    – avoidance re conference
    – filter re leave blog
    – stemming / verbal barrage
    – paranoia toward an “implied” threat

    My point is that PTSD, homeless vets, spectrum “disorders,” abductee reactions, and those that have had spiritual gates opened…. like 3rd eye experiences — that can’t filter out overloads

    • (…continuing) make it just “can’t filter out overloads”

      So, they use coping tactics hopefully short of melt down or attack.

      The attacks on Linda were unwarranted. Especially considering that she was likely responding to LA’s situation and not V’s.

      It’s also typical for “those with no clear personal boundaries” to react via 3rd parties … in this case to another conversation misperceived as self directed.

    • It all answers my question: Why think outside of the box?
      Answer: Because there is simply not enough Oxygen in the box
      for everyone.

      Wagon train forward ho..

    • @ outside the box … kitty litter

      – cp. C. Hebdo vile disgusting mockers
      – which radical imams can’t ignore
      – so they fatwa to attempt to filter the smell


    – net effect — broken blog
    – symptom — time / sequence distortions
    – please put on personal protective equipment
    – before entering the lifeboats

  26. @ Chulé

    After considerable consideration, would it have
    not be far better that we ALL had gone to the conference?

  27. @ planets larger than earth just outside our solar system
    – not to encourage Corey and Kirk who need to make a knights of kniburu blog
    – Dake on “Planet Heaven”

    There is evidence of at least two planets larger than Earth lurking in our solar system beyond Pluto, a new analysis of “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” reveals.

    After studying 13 of these “extreme trans-Neptunian objects,” or ETNOs, the obits of these objects are different from a theory that predicts the orbits.

    “The exact number is uncertain, given that the data that we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system,” Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, scientist at the UCM and co-author of the study, said in a statement Friday.

    • @ Dake on Planet Heaven

      Dake: God has a body and lives on Heaven, a physical planet. “The Bible declares that God has a body, shape, image, likeness, bodily parts, a personal soul and spirit, and all other things that constitute a being or a person with a body, soul, and spirit…. Heaven itself is a material planet having cities, mansions, furniture, inhabitants, living conditions, etc.” (Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible: New Testament, 280; cf. Old Testament, 622)

      As for the other suspected planet…
      – hell?

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