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Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural

Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural


Tonights Topics: Do your homework!

1.  UFO Update: From the BLOG! Is this video real or a hoax?

2. Radical Isalm…. again.  Boko Haram Massacre:

3.  Earthquakes in Diverse Places:

4.  Oil Prices!  Phony Baloney:

 5. ISIL Update:

6. The Coming Psalm 83 war:

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L. A. @ DumontSouthern California Strategic Prophecy Conference

January 16 & 17 – Prophecy Conference California – with – Bob Cornuke – L. A. Marzulli – Dan Stolebarger. Church of the Rock – Riverside California!


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On the Trail of the Nephilim 1 plus On the Trail of the Nephilim 2


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About the Documentary – Torah Codes

There is a code in the TORAH, the first five books of the Old Testament. The Code is real and mathematically provable. Incredibly, the Code seems to have information about what is happening today. Names, places and events are all encoded. The TORAH is not a crystal ball but new clues seem to indicate that it was meant for our generation to discover its secrets.

Since the first introduction of computers in the 70s, a select group of rabbis and professors have been working to crack the Code. You’ll meet them and see what they’ve discovered. The Torah seems to be encoded with major world events including anything that is important to Israel. The Hamas wars — rockets and terrorist attacks. Major events. The Economy, the Twin Towers, the BP Oil disaster, Terror Attacks, 2012 — all have been encoded. Director Richard Shaw interviews the world experts on the Codes, as well as explorers like L.A. Marzulli, IDF Reserve Captain / Writer – Dan Gordon, Col. Richard Kemp CBE, and many others that know the truth of what is happening in Israel. You’ll walk on the Gaza border, see actual Hamas missiles used to kill school children. An incredible look at an ancient mystery that seems to have been locked away until our generation. But why is it being revealed now?

You’re already familiar with the award-winning work that Richard Shaw does in the WATCHERS series. In Torah Codes, End to Darkness, Richard takes you through the real issues Israel faces while working with the world experts in the Codes. They show their most important Tables on those topics — mirroring what is happening today in Israel and the most recent Codes. Also, this is the first film to prove that only the Torah can deliver results unlike any other set of texts. The film shows actual computer searches and probability results between other Hebrew “monkey” texts and the Torah. The renown Professor Eliyahu Rips tells us how he nearly ended his life to protest the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, and how he went from a prisoner of the KGB to a world-class professor of mathematics in Israel. How trained as an atheist, he later became interested in the miracles he read about in the Torah and had to somehow prove it scientifically. Hence, the work he started and built a team to discover, suddenly was opening up secrets locked away for thousands of years, and that there really was “a creator of the world.” And, not unlike something you might see in the WATCHERS series, Richard takes us to ancient Hebrew expert Nir Studnitsky, whose research seems to suggest that in the un-edited Hebrew text in the Torah, it refers to the giants, and “cities in the sky.”

In the two-disc set, the Special Features section includes a collection of the 41 Torah Code tables seen in the film that you can study and click through at your leisure. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Israel continues to be the recipient of terrorist attacks that continue to fail by some unseen force, while the Torah Codes seem to document all the details before they happen.

Torah Codes, End to Darkness. Available mid January. Order now!


L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule 2015

L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23

January 16 & 17 – Prophecy Conference California – with Chuck Missler & Bob Cornuke! Details soon! Church of the Rock – Riverside California!

March 12-15: Lion Heart Ministries in Knoxville Tennessee.

April 16 – 19 Northeast Prophecy Summit –

April 24-26: Memphis Tennessee.

May 8 – 12: Upstate New York – Details SOON!

May 15 – 17: Tennessee – Details pending 

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views. Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.

38 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio!

  1. Where is everyone?

    A friend worked for Exxon in Nigeria. They pulled out a couple of years ago, knowing that these terrorists were gaining a foothold. The Boko Haram(the name reminds me of a 60’s group) story is such a tragedy. Where is the outrage?

    Now I read that Duke will be playing the Muslim call to prayer on Fridays. Well, I guess they are called the blue devils. And some publisher won’t print stories about pigs as not to offend Muslims? No more Piglet? These are such crazy times.

    • Thinking of Piglet and his friend Eeyore, aren’t donkey’s symbolic of the Holy Spirit in some ways? Donkey’s are known to protect a flock from predators, as the hand of the Spirit protects our immortal souls. Just a random thought.

    • Race, I’m with you on that, the Boko Haram and the Duke thing..
      -What`s the world coming to, I know not.

      Nome, I always wanted to see Skyline, just for the reason of people floating up
      but strangely enough I`ve always missed it and according to IMDB is was worth missing.

    • skyline last scene … the 2 protagonists have also been abducted/sucked away … they’ve been used to create x-humans … aliens that have some ghost residual recognition of each other … both look nothing ever even part human … full on monsters

    • Azureceu, hope you are doing better and the water rationing is over for you, or soon will be – in North America we take H2O for granted so often! btw..while you’re on here, did you happen to read the Jan 6 blog (including comments) on your return? Interesting one..

    • Linda, I think the water rationing WILL get worse before it gets better, it
      can rain all it wants here but the reservoir which is the size of a lake has dried up and
      others are low and the rain needs to fall as to refill what was lost over a few years.

      I saw the post on Jan. 6th, it does not surprise me much that a confrontation occurred, in fact
      I would have been surprised otherwise.

      Suffice it for me to simply say where much can be said; God knows the end from the beginning and if we follow his lamb he will guide us home and if we follow man we will more than likely fall in a few pits.

      IMHO the KJV has never let me down, I am not in need of something new or better and as myself being a translator I know the subjectiveness of translations, as for example: -
      note the divergence in this one simple translation amoung some of the best translators of the bible. Nevertheless, I find it good to compare different translations at various times, thou it can lead to some confusion also.

      To add, many good points were made on the blog discussion related to the Cepher Bible, there was enough good points
      made that it looks like something to avoid, I don’t see the benefit considering the wide selection of better material available, but hey some people think Ipads (apple products) are the best in the world whereas, ironically enough an apple played in a big role in where we are today, just ask Adam & Eve.. :þ

      Our ultimate secret weapon, so to speak is the Holy Spirit, he is our Teacher and our sole interpreter
      of God’s Word, in which I thank God greatly for.

    • Nome, wouldn’t it have better poetic justice if the had been transformed into Monkeys instead of monsters?
      -Darwin’ secretary

    • ..hoping he hasn’t frozen (see story of possums’ arrival in Canada – Toronto area esp.- last few years)
      (sorry if double-post)

    • Zoinks I meant to add this link: -
      as a translation example instead of the other.
      (Double post here too – to boot, since the first went into moderation)

      Linda, since it was Christmas didn’t anyone think of gifting you a
      new garden possum? Well Maybe for your birthday then, eh?

      Ha! In the article it says Possums originated in Brazil
      and migrated Northward, I just might be able to Fedex
      you an original possum for your b-day?

    • G’Day, all.

      Hello, Az 🙂 Skyline, also has the disturbing scenario re the aliens and their abducting people – that main (human) characters figure out, in order to survive and/or avoid being taken, that they are better off to “stay out of the light” – remain in darkness and you’re ok (the ufo/aliens project a beam of light down and if a person is caught in it, it’s not good for him/her). Typical standard, what is up is down, good is bad.

      Hi, LInda_from Toronto it’s a joke, really.. the suppliers of water now known as the Water Corporation would advertise people to be “water-wise” promoting sensible/limited use of water re low dam/supply levels – particularly during the drier months here – place restrictions re garden sprinklers, washing cars etc, limit by use on particular days of week or odd/even number houses could only use (that day). Yet, when you contact the Water Corporation to advise them that there is a burst mains out on the street releasing hundreds of galllons every minute and that they should send out their maintenance crew to fix, and having seen the their ‘community service’ announcement, the WB call centre asks, “Is it an emergency?” It’s a joke. Ironically, petrol is much cheaper than a can of sodapop or bottled water from the deli/supermarket. Not that I am suggesting or recommending the drinking of gasoline, ’cause it’s cheaper than cola.

      R.Bannon… you may be familiar with that case about the ninja lady offended by images of bacon displayed on restaurant, forcing the removal of it. ‘Strewth, might want to be careful wandering around some neighbourhoods, in case you’ve got stains, remnants of breakfast, on your t-shirt!

    • Azureceu, thanks, but the possum in the garden last spring was a live one; Fedex may not be able to send live cargo! No problem, though… near the end of January, hope to drive south again for a few weeks holidays …maybe another one will hitch a ride on the way back…..:)

    • G’Day to you too, Pete! Y

      Your Water Corporation sounds very bizarre…probably clerical staff answering those calls with a strict set of questions to ask customers, i.e., where the questions don’t allow them to do any thinking(?) A joke indeed. Hope you are doing OK, Pete, and also glad the recent fires weren’t close to where you live. 🙂

    • Linda, alrighty then no Fedex Possum for you.
      Wise decision to head to Florida to defrost
      your toes. Just remember it is best to pick up
      a possum like picking up a 6-pack, then gently
      sling the critter into the trunk.

      Commenting on the translation examples, imagine
      if you had a group of people doing a bible study
      and all were using a different translation..Mamma Mia!

      The KJV does have a lot more going for it as a standard
      bible as to what was before or what came after it.

      To put an end to the English discussion one can do what my wife do:
      My wife reads the New Jerusalem bible in Portuguese.


      Pete, thanks for the skyline info.
      P.S. Do like the Brazilians do and drink ethanol (Álcool) “Cachaça” its cheaper.

      Man: Do you drink alcohol?

      Woman: Only when I run out of a whisky.

    • Azureceu, good points all of that, and good joke, too…must be late in S.P. now, so will say G’night to you 🐻 ( even rhymes) God bless..
      Nome…hmmm.. somehow I think there’s more possum-tale to that, than truth. But an amusing bedtime yarn .. God bless

    • Funny as, Az.

      My mum tells me that her russkie friends say that I speak Russian “beautifully” (when I bother to speak Russian, to them, usually brief answering phone call, or when meet when I drop my mum off at her church). Whereas, my mum almost grimaces with my broken russkie lingo. Come to think of it, I probably grimace, too. lol

      I’ve had a great lack of practise of the russkie lingo, since I haven’t had that sort of company for a long time (except for my mum, who is fluent in it). She is constantly encouraging me to take it up again – we mainly speak English at home, and out of respect to the non-Russkie speaking people when they visit – except when mum reprimands me, so as not to embarrass me, in front of friends. I think they know I’m in trouble (they might figure from her subtle delivery and the disapproving look on her face?). Occasionally watch the Russian NTB news on TV, but they speak so fast…

      On a sad note, the methylated-spirits is popular among certain peoples, and the petrol-sniffing (to get high) has been a severe problem in some outback communities for many years, often tragic consequences.

      Yes, Linda_from Toronto, you probably right there.. that they would have a checklist of Qs to ask re problem. re that report I made to them, the customer service operator said “we’ll send somebody out next week.” though the matter was more pressing. These utilities water, power (Electricity) used to be the property of government, but with their wisdom – called rationalization – has converted these utilities/services to become privately owned companies/corps. Just like the correctional institutions (jails)are now privately run so the more people in jail the more profit for the shareholders.

      Ps.. Azereceu… would have to be pretty quick with that drop… evaporate fast with the current temps here. I’ll pass, thanks – I’ll pretend my glass of chilled water is something more… exotic. Cheers!

    • G’Day, John W! No, not seen that one before – but seen twice now! It’s wrong, but hilarious. ‘Bacon brows’ – talk about in-your-face advertising. lol How crazy that all is – suppose Subway have got proceedings against them, on the way. Personally, I’ve never tried their tucker – had a few of the fat pizzas from the shop next door, though.

  2. Couple of quick things….apparently General is sissi (yes I know I botched the spelling sorry) head of Egypt visited a church on Christmas, and is speaking out strongly against IS and is allowing all refugees, Jews, Christians, Kurds to flee to Egypt.
    Also the African nation of Cameroon is going after IS full force. They pretty much said if IS wants to jihad and die for Allah, they will gladly grant that wish.
    Couldn’t load the ufo video for some reason.
    My friend Mark has only been given a few days to live. I talked to him about Jesus very gently yesterday. It’s most likely the last time I will ever speak with him again. He is very weak. Please continue to pray for him to accept the Lord and also for a miracle. Thank you so much!

    • With a mountain of hope and a little faith plant a seed in his ear,
      whisper Jesus loves you and died for you that you might live,
      receive Jesus in your heart and be with him in paradise.

    • Thank you so much for being supportive. He and I are the last two left from our “original crew” and we really love each other a lot. Told him yesterday about Jesus. Very gently. Hope he chooses. He is very private and may not share his choice but I’m believing.

    • G’Day, Digger!

      Beautiful song, singing and music. Thanks, mate!

      And cheers for the “pale” info – was great help. I began discovering other “pale” entities.. even the concept of the “green” screen as used in films and news broadcasts footage… false images.

      God Bless!


      I’d been pretty impatient and unkind toward my mum (suddenly) the last couple of weeks – all unfair, she not deserve. The LORD as usual, comes in with his PERFECT timing: one of my sister’s picks her up yesterdat morning and takes her on a holiday away down to her place down south for a week or so. I think it’s been over a year since have such a long break from each other. Amazing with HIS timing. Thank you, LORD.

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