NASA – Stops the Live Feed After Blogger Spots UFO?

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ufo-mothershipNASA live stream cuts out after alien UFO sighting, claims blogger

UFO watchers are looking for anyone who might have been tracking NASA’s live feed of the International Space Station on Jan. 6. 

According to, veteran UFO hunter Toby Lundh spotted what he determined was an unidentified flying object just outside the space station as he was monitoring the live feed on his laptop.

In a text-message conversation with Blake at, Lundh said he was sending a couple screen shots he took from the live feed before it was interrupted after 10 to 15 seconds.

According to Lundh’s text messages, he has found through persistent viewing that there are “always some UFOs showing up.” Likewise, he said, NASA always cuts the feed when a UFO gets close to the station.

I will be speaking this weekend at the Southern California Strategic Conference alongside, Bob Cornuke and Dan Stolebarger. 

My presentation on Saturday morning will be a UFO update.  I will pose this question to the audience. What is the one event that could change everyone’s paradigm on this planet almost instantaneously?

Take a good look at the picture above.  It shows a large disc—a UFO—hovering above a neighborhood just like yours!  What will happen when, not if, the so-called extraterrestrial presence is finally revealed?  It will change everyone’s paradigm in an instant.

Jim Cunningham uses the Bible phrase: The Strong Delusion, as his web address.

We find this in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, 

I have come to call this event The Coming Great Deception.  Think about it, when the governments of the world finally admit the so-called extra terrestrial presence,the religions of the world will come crashing down and many Christians will fall away from the faith.  I believe the Bible predicts this falling away and I would also posit we are poised at the threshold of seeing it happen.

Will the church be here when “they” show up?  We can debate it endlessly, but the fact remains we are seeing more sightings than ever before and I find this alarming.

cutting the implantIn closing todays post.  There are skeptics who tell us all of this a bunch of hooey.  Then there are the folks in the trenches getting real evidence like we show in Watchers 7 & 8.  People are being abducted and implanted.  These implants can travel in the human body.  They create a magnetic field and show up on X-rays and Cat-scans.  They appear on Ultrasound machines.  All of this we have demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt in W 7 & 8.  Something is going on and a modicum of research will show that the phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away.

The pic on the left was taken in the operating theater when we removed Bill’s implant.  We had the metal tested at SEAL Labs and it was composed of meteor-like metal.  It gave off a reading of 8.0 mille-gaus, and put out a radio frequency of 335 Giga hertz when it was still in Bills leg.  After we removed it, the implant went “off-line,” for lack of a better term.  Bill testified that this implant had been in his leg for 40 years the implantand that he had been abducted when he was 5 years of age.

Here is what the implant looked like after we removed it.

Something is going on.  NASA knows and most of the government of the world know too.  The churches however, for the most part, are silent.  I applaud Rock Church Riverside, for having the gumption to hold the conference this weekend!  Bravo!



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January 16 & 17 – Prophecy Conference California – with – Bob Cornuke – L. A. Marzulli – Dan Stolebarger. Church of the Rock – Riverside California!


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73 thoughts on “NASA – Stops the Live Feed After Blogger Spots UFO?

  1. Can someone please explain this to me? I’m I understanding correctly that aliens are being explained as demonic manifestations? I can understand how that could be true, but what I don’t understand is how spiritual beings can create and use material things like spacecrafts and chips. I appreciate your help.

    • Whilst you are waiting for an answer..

      Would we not assume that spiritual being have phsical bodies
      as well, at least in one of many examples; the Angels that entered Sodom,
      did they not have phisical bodies.

      Anyway I guess I am the least of whom that could answer this question. Perhaps
      the Nibiru brothers can assist they appear to have a special communications
      channel. 🙂

    • @ other dimensional events in The Bible

      a. showing crossing dimensions
      b. or multidimensional entities (that hear and see in the spirit / heavenly dimensions)
      c. prayer as an example that we are multidimensional beings (body, soul, spirit)
      d. Paul points to natural body and spiritual body

      – Adam & Eve … walked with God … heard him in Eden
      – Gen. 6, Enoch, etc. (well covered in this group)
      – Angel staged to block entrance to Eden
      – Abraham hosting The Lord
      – Lot and angelic visit … stranger sex with angels re: sodomites
      – Moses’ encounter re: Burning Bush
      (fast foward past exodus events)
      – Samuel’s Ghost re: Saul (The Bible says Samuel, not a demon)
      – Elijah caught up in fiery chariots
      – Elijah with priest of Baal … fire from heaven
      – Elisha has his sidekicks eyes open to angelic host encamped
      (fast forward past David and Solomon)
      – Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah … visions or heavens open
      – Daniel’s discourse with angel delayed
      (fast forward past Christ’s supernatural interactions)
      – Peter’s angel interactions (jail opens, etc.)
      – Paul’s …. whether in the body or out explanation
      – John caught up to Heaven re: The Revelation

      Prophecy of course gives us the events of the end times — not in the least when Christ rolls back the skies (returning as He left … on clouds … white horse)

      Basic pointers. I’m guessing that we can likewise point to hyper-dimensional creatures in the Old and New Testament of the Bible. Perhaps then, demons (vice angels) are more confined to dwell in a “hell dimension,” but have some impact in the natural … as formerly multi-dimensional hybrids when they had physical bodies. Their impact may be more pronounced on those humans that have “slipped” (backslid) into that dimension, due to wickedness, rituals, drugs, and other “3rd eye opened” events.

      I’m guessing that those who see or experience niburu, hollow earth, BEKs, cryptids, UFOs, paranormal, etc. are more “present” than the greater majority in the darker dimensions. Family curses, soul ties, etc. In those unsaved or in the process of being delivered, infestations of demons may make them more tuned in to the hellish than the heavenly.

      We’re given Philippians 4 for good reasons. MSM (media) largely works the opposite direction (tens of thousands of hours of programming).

      my 2 cents
      (sorry, no edits, back to work)

    • Further Evidence by L.A. and The Supernatural Worldview by Cris Putman both go into these topics extensively.

    • We do know that spiritual beings can manipulate already existing matter into usable tangible forms for their purposes. These things are very powerful beings. This is what is happening with the blood that these UFO piloting beings are sucking out of cattle and livestock. I’ve heard it said before that they are using these bodily fluids to be able to manifest themselves in certain ways… or something like that. Of course, now they have begun to move on to human beings as well as L.A. pointed out in part 1 of the Watchers series. It’s no big thing for demonic entities to be able to do this with certain materials in order to fashion themselves physical craft. It is said that this is where we got alot of our modern inventions from.

    • Thing is, we have no clue what ‘spiritual’ might actually entail. We have a limited, 3-D understanding of physics. Who’s to say what the definition of “God is Spirit” will actually entail, when let out of this teeny corner of creation in our perfected bodies and understanding?

    • Thanks to everyone. Obviously, we are physical and spiritual. I certainly agree that the Bible reveals spirit beings, i.e., angels, in a physical state. No problem there. Demon possession of physical beings, no problem with that Manipulation of material things, got that, too. Mass hypnosis so that lots of people see the same thing that’s not really there. Yep. Of course, you’re right, that we have no idea of all of the things that go on in the spiritual realm. I am just having trouble getting a grip on how they could create a space craft, etc. I’ll check that resource out, Rose.

  2. Sometimes I think marzulli focuses to much on the UFO idea..could happen but may not…it could be a distraction in itself possibly? What do you think?


    Sent from HTC EVO 4G

    • I believe you are correct in your assessment. The Bible needs to be read and understood. The great falling away referred to is apostasy. Apostasy results from a lack of knowledge of the Bible.

      I do not believe Bible believing Christians should be looking for flying saucers, spacemen, implants, cattle mutilations, mystery planets or other stimulating novelties.

      It’s a nice distraction and keeps us away from the Bible; which is where our attention should be.
      Demons and Satan have had all of 6,000 years of deception going for them. Mr. Marzulli and others are now going to state for all interested parties that they are suddenly on to them? I don’t think so.

      Christians be encouraged to stay with the Bible and learn the truth from its pages.

      I understand that there are weird things going on. I realize we live in a time close to the Lord’s return. Mr. Marzulli is certainly correct about that. I agree with his position on Israel and Genisis 6.

      The Lord’s return is soon and will take place when the Body of Christ receives the last believing soul on earth. His Body will be then be complete and will be removed from the earth.

      Then God will once again be working with His people Israel through the period known as the Great Tribulation..

    • i think the reason that he is focused on this stuff is because that is what he is focused on (gosh!). imagine walking into a toothpaste factory and telling the toothpaste cap screwer-onner that he is too focused on the caps and should focus more on the essence of the thing – the toothpaste #BodyParts

      according to that reasoning everyone should stop doing what they are doing and worship jesus christ 24 hours per day #everything forgodlinessANDlife

      the abundant allusion in the bible to world events and worldview is ample invite for us to study everything we might want to about a real, creator jesus and not a disconnected, religious jesus #WithoutKnowledgeMyPeoplePerish there is so much to reclaim about so many aspects of this creation that we will only touch the tip of it. but we ABSOLUTELY WILL speak of it so that He is totally vindicated when He acts.

      as that converted orthodox rabbi mentioned, kinda like paul’s opaque glass and bodyparts, we are fitting together many pieces of a puzzle. we know who the centre piece is, but there are many other pieces #1Jn2:27 the statements made by biblical saints like Stephen, Peter, Mary etc show very well-informed knowledge of relevant world events. and Daniel went to the heart of the major world events for centuries to come. and its all good! #MatterSearchingGloryOfKings

      – now in a country in which more people believe in aliens than in jesus, and that they will need a convincing argument to change their belief, your position could very well be seen as lacking understanding, compassion and basic connectedness 😦

    • There is NO way he is TOO FOCUSED on this. Here is the way I see it. It MUST be dealt with and especially since it’s fallen angel tech and it’s going to com up in the final deception somehow. It doesn’t matter what the scenario but it IS going to happen. Why else would they go and spend all this time and effort to make hybrids and all the increasing UFO light shows and the fact that LA has the GUTS (and I am not saying YOU DON’T but many don’t) to go out and say it again and again to reach the masses says volumes. It’s not that he is overfocused but he DOES HAVE TO REACH EVERYONE and you never know from one minute to the next who is listening and who should and will WAKE UP from the F it all pill America took in the 90s (yeah Robin Williams summed that issue up in a really funny stand up in England and he was right) but no one came out of their coma until about 4 years ago and even then it was like the movie Awakenings where it was just a tad at a time. Jesus warns he will vomit us out of his mouth if we are lukewarm. How can you be hot if you are ASLEEP or coma-ish. You can’t and I don’t want one person to perish nor did Jesus (Yeshua) and he warned us about this time in history. Either stay asleep and submit to the master government or wake up and submit and repent to our master The Most High God and the Lord Yeshua and our wonderful Holy Spirit. Sorry now I am lecturing. Just the point is the squeeky wheel WINS SO LA KEEP ON BEING “TOO FOCUSED”

    • Possibly. I think there is some merit to L.A. focusing on the Alien/UFO aspect because if we as Christians do not then some other religion will and as a result, we should have answers based upon what the Bible says.

      The popular idea I think is crazy, however, is this push for government disclosure. If the government were to disclose I think it would be very anti-climatic and just lead to more questions which the government does not want. I have a suspicion that the government has concluded a while ago that ETs don’t exist and that all life originates from Earth. This was different prior the 1980s where the government was still searching and making conclusions on ETs but the majority of the public still denied ET existence. This, of course, has changed dramatically since the 1970-80s as a good percentage of the population now believes in ETs. Nazi propagandist Paul Joseph Goebbels ruined the ET phenomenon politically by telling the Allied powers that they were in contact with ETs and that the ETs recognized the 3rd Reich as the only legitimate government on planet Earth. Of course, the Allied powers believed this due to Germany’s high technology, so we have to assume our government has spend tons of hours and resources into finding out the truth about ETs and also use aliens as propaganda themselves. As long as the majority of the population believes in ETs, the government can use that to cover up war time incidences such as the Battle of Los Angeles in 1942 and the Roswell incident in 1947(Yes, this was a war time incident because the USA and Japan were still legally at war until the Treaty of San Francisco in 1952). As long as the government has something to hide there, disclosure isn’t coming. This does not mean, however, that extra-dimensionals(e.g. fallen ones) don’t exist as L.A. has covered many times and I think it should be covered. Perhaps the UFO phenomenon is overplayed a bit. The majority could just be military craft, but we can’t rule out anything Satan may be doing also. This world we live in is never black and white but then again Satan is the principality of the air and the master of confusion.

    • Again I totally agree with the message LA is spreading and HAS to over and over due to the folks that haven’t heard it in the first place and those that are going to continue the skepticism and believing that they are aliens. I can tell you from EXPERIENCE they are NOT aliens. They do not acknowledge our God and say that if you try to rebuke them and get out of an abduction situation. Unless you have the exact way to get away you aren’t going to. Further, have you noticed that the majority of abductees ARE NOT WALKING CHRISTIANS. At least the ones I have met and talked to. Thank God, the MOST HIGH GOD, that people like LA are passing this knowledge around because Jesus was VERY SPECIFIC about the return being LIKE THE DAYS OF NOAH AND what did make the days of Noah different enough to delineate.OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING WAS DIFFERENT. SOMETHING CAUSED THE MOST HIGH GOD TO WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT TWICE WIPED OUT THE PLANET except for Noah and his family. The Most High God is NOT vicious but he would seem that way and has seemed that way at Sodom, during the flood, etc. There was NO Zero ZIP grace for the giants. And how do you explain 1/2 DNA. you cannot. But if LA and others did not keep pushing and explaining then more would be LOST to God and salvation is the POINT. However, the “end times” as written again there is NO Grace in certain areas and trans-humanism is a HUGE field right now. No one even talks about the possibility of hideous plagues caused by crossing animals and human DNA. This is going to open a gate that is going to wipe us all out anyway if it isn’t stopped. There are no rules on this hybridization. Almost none. If we don’t kill off ourselves with nuclear weapons we will do it by hybrids. That doesn’t even include changing DNA that way or by fusing us with robotics. No one knows where all this is going to go. NO one just God. I think he has warned us but we don’t have the eyes to see or the ears to hear. We need to wake up. We need to see further and see the consequences. It’s a huge field and it’s going to wipe us out. The only way it wouldn’t is if God in his mercy puts a stop to it. That is what I think is going to happen. God will stop it. He can’t breathe life into a robotic life-form. I know there are better examples but at the moment my mind went blank sorry. I love all of humanity and I so want them all to be saved. I know it’s not going to happen. The thing that scares me is that how would someone know they were having intimate relations even if married with a form of nephalim offspring that is more refined since Satan has had a lot of time to work on this. Then your child is doomed to hell. That is where and why God has to step in and the pain a parent would feel I cannot imagine. Pray that he does intervene soon and pray for more LA’s to spread the word and Tom Horn’s etc. We would not be able to tell anymore since the DNA refinement has been in a working form for over 2000 years. That is a horrifying thought. Sorry didn’t mean to lecture just meant to bring up topics to think about.

    • @ TxTea: re: “I think Marzulli focuses too much on the UFO idea.”

      LA’s focus is where the Lord will lead him. If enough or not enough focus is spent is LA’s personal opinion and totally his blog to spend time sharing his information, free of charge, so anyone who wishes to read and learn from his research may do so.

      Personally, had he not spent his time and research, I wouldn’t have learned about the level of the UFO phenomena and it’s direct link to biblical history and ongoing future re: time/space.

      You’re free to come and go but to disqualify LA’s point of view is not very Christian and it disparages you as a person who doesn’t “get it.” Stick around, listen and learn.

  3. “”

    Can you solve some of the world’s biggest UFO mysteries? Rare microfilms of alien sightings are now available online for free

    The files relate to USAF investigations into UFO from 1947-1969
    They were conducted under ‘Project Blue Book’ which ended in 1970
    More than 700 cases remain unsolved, accounting for 5.5% of the files

  4. Interesting story. In the following video, you’ll hear a most fascinating two interviews. The first one is an interview with Dawn Hull. Miss Hull is an infrared photographer and a Planet X researcher. She lives in the state of Washington and she witnessed a massive amount of UFOs coming out of the sun. There were so many that it looked like cottonwood seeds flying through the air. She verified that it was not cottonwood seeds flying through the air, but indeed an armada of UFOs. It was all localized around the sun. Upon enlargment of one of her photos, it looked like fleets of UFO craft coming from the sun. She captured in one of her photos what to her appears to be a giant, green looking mothership. That is the conclusion she comes to. She also captured what looks to be two of the multiple moons of Planet X. During this interview, the electronics of the interviewers laptop were targeted, her recording was scrambled and her cell phone was wiped out. 50 percent of the interview was wiped out, but the other 50 percent was recovered.

    The second guest was trained in Navigating while in the United States armed forces. He studied magnetic forces and fields and worked as an investigator for United States senator Jim Davis of North Carolina. They both have endured harrassment from the powers that be for the study of the return of the Planet X Nibiru system.

    And yet another NASA scientists dies. Hey Kirk, I noticed you posted this on yesterday’s blog. I had just watched the same video last night and was going to post it but had to do something else.

    I think the great deception is almost here and ready to strike the earth as a thunderous judgment from God and that the inhabitants thereof will indeed be seeing this mothership and perhaps a whole Armada of UFOs and they will be the demonic forces unleashed from the bottomless pit coming directly and straight from Planet X… or some scenario similiar. Many of us who are spiritually aware of what is going on have no problem with believing that the ancient myths of the various Gods of civilizations and empires past are rooted in fact. That fact being that they were demonic manifestations masquerading to these various peoples as “gods”. In my opinion, it’s the same thing with the so-called “Annunaki” of Planet X, or the Planet of the crossing. The myth is rooted in an astounding fact. These so-called Annunaki are really the Nephilim or demonic hoardes that are going to be unleashed upon earth somehow when Nibiru passes through. This will be a horrible judgment from God upon a desperately wicked and unbelieving world.

    • This is yet another amazing video showing footage of the sun going down behind the horizon below the mountains, but then you see another light decend from behind the heavy chemtrailing clouds and decend in the same direction that the sun previously did. The two lights of the sun and second sun then merge together as they go out of sight.

      PLANET X SHOWS ITSELF WITH THE BLUE KACHINA (described by the ancient Hopi)

    • Corey …. good stuff my friend. I recall seeing that INTERVIEW video just about two weeks ago. But somehow I lost it and couldn’t
      recall how i found it, yet i wanted to post it here for all to consider. Very glad you saw it too and posted it. Definite keeper. 😉

      The other videos definitely show a “glow” that is NOT the normal sun’s glow!

      Also, glad you saw that video about the Nasa Scientist too! Bummer that soooo many have been killed.

      So very many have been Breitbart-ed in the last few years.

      Should be a “clue” for the ‘slow-to-be-informed’ that something is being covered up…..BIG TIME !!

  5. “”

    Extremist cleric to lead White House protest calling for Muslims to ‘rise up and establish Islamic state in America’

    ^^ Over/under on him getting a dinner invite at the White House?

    When do people finally have enough of this?

    • I’m beginning to wonder if this whole “Islamic state” thing is bs. The leader of ISIS is a Zionist Jew (Mossad-trained), and the spokesman for Al Qaeda is an American Jew whose paternal grandfather was on the board of directors of the Anti Defamation League. (Adam Perlman aka Adam Gadahn and his grandfather Carl Perlman)

      Both ISIS and Al Qaeda were created by western intelligence agencies (CIA/Mossad) as attack dogs for nations that refuse to follow the globalist agenda. Of course their leaders and those who sympathize would be invited to the White House – they’re family!

      The whole thing is a sham to use terror to coerce and intimidate the people of the world to fall into line – just like the brown shirts in the 1930s.

    • I would also add to this that it appears that this “Allah”, or curse as the bible calls it, has a direct and immediate connection to the passing of Planet X and the terrible judgment it will unleash upon the earth. This direct connection that the spread of this curse, or Allah, has to Planet X can be seen in Isaiah 24, “The earth mourns and fades away, The world languishes and fades away; The haughty people of the earth languish. The earth is also defiled under it’s inhabitants, because they have transgressed the laws, Changed the ordinance, {Broken the everlasting covenant}… (the reason for the spread of this curse called Allah). {Therefore the curse has devoured the earth}, and those who dwell in it are desolate. Therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.” It then goes on to describe the effects that Nibiru will have on the earth as a result of the spreading of this curse. The curse spreads as a result of the rejection of the covenant of salvation through Christ. “For the windows from on high are open (an allusion to the demonic hoards and/or a massive spill of rain or hail?), and the foundations of the earth are shaken (a reported effect of Nibiru passing through), The earth is violently broken, The earth is {split open}, The earth is {shaken exceedingly} (notice not just shaken, but exceedingly so), The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard (not just a normal large earthquake folks… again, Planet X, And shall totter like a hut: It’s transgression shall be heavy upon it, And it will fall and not rise again.

      How stunning is it that we see Nibiru coming with masses of UFOs including a reported mothership with it (according to the Dawn Hull interview above and what she thinks she witnessed, and all the while the Allah, or curse, is now beginning to devour the earth. The connection is made right there in Isaiah 24 from the pages of biblical scripture itself.

      Stunning indeed.

    • I too believe that ISIS and the whole of Islam is being created and funded by these Lucifer worshipping Illuminati globalists, and with the passage of planet x, God seems to address them also in Isaiah 24:4, “The haughty people of the earth languish”. I’m kinda thinking that perhaps these “haughty people” being referrenced are the globalists creating this curse and constructing this New World Order mess. I also do believe that they indeed are a segment of the Kabbalistic or Lucifer worshipping Jews because of what Revelation 18:4 states: “And I heard another voice from Heaven saying, Come out of her, {my people}, lest you {share in her sins}… meaning they are partaking of her sins… and lest you receive of her plagues”.

      This segment of Lucifer worshipping Jews also seem to be referrenced by God directly in Obadiah 4, “Though you exalt yourself as high as the eagle, {and though you set your nest among the stars}, from there I will bring you down,” says the Lord. Further, in verse 2, it specifically says that they will be greatly despised among the nations and made small among the nations. Revelation 18:4 and Obadiah 4 taken together seems to paint a picture of a small segment of Jews that are controlling the formation of this New World Order under the leadership of Satan and demonic hoards. Who can disagree with the fact that we now see worldwide hatred of these globalists (and a growing awareness of them here in the United States) as verse 2 of Obadiah states. I guess then it would be no surprise that there is also a demonic hatred of Jews worldwide because people see the havoc that these globalists are causing who do happen to be Jews in certain positions of power to make it happen. This statement is not intended to be an anti-Jewish or anti Israel statement of course, but to shed some light on the true perpetrators. It only makes sense that Satan would use a large segment of the Jews to propogate this New World Order in rebellion against God because the Jews are the people that God put his finger on to spread and propogate the gospel to the nations of the world. This would be like Satan’s finger in the eye of God I guess you could say. But it’s God himself who is pointing his finger to a segment of the Jews as the perpetrators of what we see happening with the spread of Islam, or the curse, and the judgment of Planet X and it’s approaching Armada of UFOs and mothership stands right in the middle of it according to Isaiah 24.

    • 1. corey mate Obadiah was written to the Edomites descendants of Esau.

      2. i think we are tending to ascribe the fingerprints of the ruler of this world to a group of reptilian/jewish/jesuit/large-headed/masonic/kabbalist/anglo/bolshevik/ivy league alumni who have left not one shred of a sign of the links yet have orchestrated every aspect of history from their 33rd floor Manhattan offices ever since the Tower of Babel. and as a result we are reducing the importance of our fight against sin, spiritual forces and wrong thinking to a FOREGONE political conclusion that is out of our hands. ISIS is so Ishmael and Psalm 83 its not even funny.

      3. being willing to echo the most infamous antisemitic document in history, esp at this point in Jacob’s angst, is a special kind of special.

      4. come out of yer foxholes guys. i walk amongst you. your battle is not against flesh and blood but against the heavenly powers… it is a spiritual battle revealed in the natural. lets keep the order right. alex jones IN = alex jones OUT.

      i gotta take a break for a while. its been a great privilege and a huge asset frequenting this blog.

    • Charles… Regardless of whatever Obadiah 4 is speaking of, one cannot get around Revelation 18:4. As far as point number 3 goes, I wasn’t echoing any “antisemitic” document of history. I’m merely going off what the plain sense of Revelation 18:4 is speaking of.

    • LizP… Just listened to that interview. Very powerful. J.R. made many powerful statements to back up the fact of Revelation 18:4 with all the evidence. Jews (more specifically of the Danite tribe) figure very prominently into the Freemasons and the creation of the New World Order. Barack Obama is indeed the perfect candidate not only to being the man to bring Islam to status during the tribulation period, but also being of the tribe of Dan himself as fulfilling the role of Antichrist. Thanks for posting that most fascinating interview. I have that issue of “Prophecy In The News” magazine in my collection from when Obama was elected.

      Another note to Charles… I would just say that I’m sure you are aware that the ruler of this world (Satan) does use physical human agents on earth that he works through as per your statement in your point #2. Further, you are correct in saying that “ISIS is so Ishmael and psalm 83 it isn’t funny”. The larger point that myself and I think Rose was getting at (without trying to put words in her mouth) is that ISIS, al quaeda and the global problem of Islam is being funded and was created and is controlled by the shadow government, or Illuminati, which is largely a superpowerful Jewish organization or shadow group if you will. As J.R. himself points out, Jewishness of the Danite tribe figure very heavily into the freemasons. And this is what God himself is pointing out in Revelation 18:4. The information that J.R. points out goes far in connecting Obadiah 4 as well.

      And you are indeed correct also in saying that the battle is a spiritual one and not a natural one. BUT, you cannot get around the fact that those same spiritual forces that we are at battle with are indeed using a certain group on earth as their agents to fulfill Satan’s evil plan. Again, this is not a “Jew bashing” statement. I know you didn’t specifically say that, but you are getting rather close in your point # 3. My point here today is not to “hate on the Jews”, but to merely shed light on the human agents that Satan is using, ones of a specific tribe it would seem, so that the riddle of who is at the top of the earthly pyramid can be solved. And God has already revealed it for us in Revelation 18:4.

    • Yes, guilty as charged, I’m definitely the guy tossin’ the chiquito…
      – not my fav breed in any mix

      For that sir, you get “Black Mirror…”
      – which you esp. will likely find apertif and apropo


    • Nome, before I left to the far dungeons of Minas Gerais for x-mas, I had just finish watching season 1 & 2 of black mirror + the Christmas special
      not excluding the Dr. Who Christmas special that I watched on the 26th.
      Quite a bizarre interesting series, the twilight zone of the 21st century.

      Vis a Vis, Black Mirror Christmas special X Dr. Who Christmas special – Lifetime Optical restraining order vs. Dream Crabs (infestation in progress here perhaps?)
      What a mix!

    • ju-no off course crab claw tropes sideways slide back to kni-ghts of kni-bur…


      …’at dream meme’s a cancer

    • According to the channel that put out this video if you read in the comments section, this capture was taken from a video on 6/8/2014 enhanced and regurgitated in this video.
      The original video owners agree that this was a reproduction of their video as can be read in their comment section. I will add below in which from the 3:30 mark they show various fainter captures of said craft.

      There is nothing new under the sun.

  6. Things are really revving up!! Strange “booms” are being heard and felt all across the US.


    Question: How does one know if he/she has been implanted with one of those things? If someone suspects they have been implanted, what is the best course of action to identify and remove them?
    I am thinking that if John Q. Public walks into a hospital and tells the attending physician that he was implanted by fallen demonic inter-dimensional beings…well you can imagine then that the white coats would be called in.
    I am not joking here. This is serious. Who would one contact if he/she thinks they may be implanted. I know someone who asked these questions. I told that person about Dr. Roger Leir, but he has since passed away. Where would someone go for help if they believe they may have been implanted?

    • My best advice would be to go to the hospital anyway and tell them a story of how long ago they accidently got something jammed into their skin and that they need an x ray to have it shown and removed. I would imagine they don’t really have to say anything other than that, knowing that if they did, they would be hauled away to the nearest mental institution. Once they dive in there and see the object, they would just go ahead and remove it. They couldn’t just leave it in there because they don’t know what it is. If they see it acting like it has a mind of it’s own, they still couldn’t haul the patient away to the loony bin because he still hasn’t said anything “unusual”. Lol.

    • Concerning the boom noises, I’m not sure what to think with that one. I almost want to say that it is the elite continuing to build their underground cities to escape what they know is approaching regarding Nibiru. I’ve seen some pretty interesting video and interview material concerning the amazing rock cutting technology they possess. It can cut through rock and anything else like butter. But, then again, it could be related to the effects that the incoming Planet X/Nibiru system is having on the earth itself as it stretches and pulls at the earth. Likely, it is one or the other. And both have to do with the Nibiru system.

    • Count von Count

      Today`s Total
      Planet X: mentioned 12 times
      Nibiru: mentioned 15 times
      Running total: 26
      0.10 Cents x 26 = Your commision is: $2.60 cents

      The Galactic Federation of planets thanks you.

    • Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X Nibiru Planet x Planet x Nibiru Nibiru Planet X

    • Jay,

      the strange booms have been heard all over the world since about 2011 with varying segments of higher number of events.
      Lots on the NET about it….youtube it….you can check out tons of them! Gary Stearman covered this too on a show a while back.

    • AZ……I have a continually growing list of names for Planet X … Nibiru ….. names that have been used in past history from various cultures,
      so can I use those names for Planet X too ….. kinda like … “BONUS points” ?!?!

      Right now my count of specific names in addition to Planet x and Nibiru is about 35 if i counted properly.

    • I’ve been hearing about Nibiru, Planet X whatever they want to call it since some guys discovered dark star I believe in the late 80s. It might explain why our moon went nuts but we now have all these warnings about an asteroid hitting our planet on September 24th or 25th. It is very hard nowadays to tell the difference between truth and fiction as Jesus warned us.

    • And don’t worry AZ, …….i would be happy to use some of my share of the winnings so that you could buy some fresh new Skivveys!

      With all the talk of Nibiru…Planet X … and Blood Moons…..we certainly don’t need a “new MOON” from you too!!

      So I just wanna keep ya covered……..ya dig….Brazilian Water Sipper ?!?!

    • Kirt, according to the Junior woodchuck’s guide book (starfleet addition) the answer is yes
      as long as the words are accompanied by their respective mark: ® or ©

      Spread the wealth Kirt, but I bought me some new drawers today, cotton, and not polyester, they hug
      you they hold you they never let you goooooooo.

    • AZ….just a small item….it is …”K…I…R…K”……not with a “t”.

      Certainly don’t need the extra confusion around here…I do realize it may be tougher to type with dehydrated fingers that slip off the keys. 😉

    • Aaaahhhhh, …. ya already beat me to it! See there, a graduate degree could STILL be in your future, pending Planet x and all.

      BTW….that would be another point!

    • Kirk, according to the Galactic Federation website - , a species of Felines reside on the orbital dungball aka. Nibiru et al.

      Please do enjoy this complimentary demonstration of their prowess.


    • Kirk… I think you have just given me huge run for my money on the number of mentions of Planet X and Nibiru. I think we have a winner. 🙂

    • How many times must it be shouted from the rooftops? “Planet X” or “Nibiru” is a communist plot hatched by Chris Carter of “X-Files” who took the torch from Nazi Masons at the beginning of WWII who were only following orders found in Van Gogh’s paintings to eat like a Rothschild no matter where you are as you pave roads like a proud Roman while fulfilling the destiny the Illuminati called you to. After all, any Watcher with half of a half of a brainKNOWS it’s Planets Y and Z.

      I mean DUH! 💖💋👍

  7. No there is nothing new under the sun. The evil one can’t even make anything except the creepy crawly but even, in reality they all were hybridized as proven on the glyphs in Egypt. Ah the great counterfeiter. What a Schmo. Anyway what IS NEW under the sun is what is New TO US. The USA and the Christians herein better WAKE UP BECAUSE IF WE DON’T IT WILL LOOK NEWSA AND SHINY AND well then the proverbial S—— hits the fan. We still have a chance to save our country. PRAY and stay out of the chem trails. I read they are full of lithium which is used on the manic depressives and that on the east coast after they get sprayed by the trails alot of them become lethargic and sleep. We used to wear OFF in Chicago area where I grew ujp to get rid of mosquitoes, and now we need a covering in CA to protect us from chemicals making us zombies in the sense of NOT AWAKE. They sprayed up here like every day all summer. It’s insane. And we don’t even know if it’s for geoengineering or to make us docile. They say the layered look is good in CA — USE IT> Lord knows what they are actually spraying. The problem with conspiracy theories is when they all turn out to be TRUE. Got tickets yippee for the conference on Friday and they are working on getting me the tickets for Saturday. Will miss Chuck Missler but please pray for his ‘FAMILY’ OR “HIS SITUATION” because privacy is just that and we aren’t to know the whys just the get er done and PRAY. I understand Bob Cornuke is replacing Chuck. His finds are interesting archeologically. LA what’s with the guy that has a starchild skull and now some other person shows up nameless that has another one and they look of course like the skulls of the “greys” aka fallen ones. Also did you get my email from about three weeks ago to check out that site. Please read that because if it’s correct then IT, HE, the evil one has now made human looking beings and/or possessed but there isn’t the normal evidence of one possessed. thanks. That situation worries me and I amnot usually rattled anymore since my own issues with these flying things and figuring out they aren’t of this dimension but I will attest that if you think about them or watch one and think about it it WILLLLL COME CLOSER OR WORSE. NASA HAS TO STOP REDACTING. I don’t know if I trust anything NASA puts out anymore. If you can’t trust them to show you feed, how do we know there is anyone that ever went into space. I’m actually not questioning that but they undermine their own program. Just seems dumb but then military intelligence is an oymoron.

  8. OMG IT IS STILL AUTO CORRECTING THIS IS TOO FUNNY AND MAKING ME BLUSH. – OK LET ME TRY TO SPELL MY OWN NAME AGAIN. SHOULD HAVE gotten that down in the 60s in northern Illinois — now they take spelling seriously lol

  9. Jay some have had what seems like a dream and a nightmare involving an abduction but others have no recall. I know I was totally frozen when they grabbed my husband at the time in our mountain cabin,. I completely could not move nor help him. I think they’d laugh us out of hospitals or doctor offices or lock us in psyche wards. I think this is a real problem here in the US and if they at least came clean with SOME of it others could get help though I wonder if they want us to get help. If these are prototypes then taking them out mucks up the program. Six of one, half a dozen to them. To us, it’s assault and battery. An unwanted touching. Very simple definition. Not that fallen interdimensionals care but if they have to ASK permission then just threatening and/or grabbing and forcing is assault and the answer would be NO I am not sure how God deals with that though. so sorry I can’t answer that part.

  10. Considering the almost daily breach of internet security…
    – (currently generals’ private info compromised via twitter)
    – does anyone agree it’s likely a disgruntled Secret Service
    – which will return the favor re: “head’s rolling” (also frequently)


  11. The Angelic “sons of God” Mingled with Women and Produce the Nephilim Hybrids!! ……. A quick explanation.

  12. LA: Mufon has really outdone their website. Statistically they have produced reports available for analysis, etc.:

    1. eJournal: “”,

    2. MUFON Case Management System – LAST 20 SIGHTING REPORTS “”;

    3. World Map indicating reported sightings: “”

    If I find an RSS feed, will provide.


  13. Son of Hamas Exposes the Truth about Islamic Extremism! ………Short video …. well worth the listen!

  14. body parts on ice…
    – not likely organ-leggers
    – cannibal meat market?



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