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“It’s not about Hispanics or South Americans,” he said on Breitbart News Saturday, citing a Breitbart Texas report that found that illegal immigrants from at least 168 countries were apprehended at the Southern border last year. “It’s not about immigration alone. It’s about national security… if children can walk across our southern border without consequences, what makes this administration think that ISIS can’t with weapons of mass destruction?”

He added that “we know that ISIS now has access weapons of mass destruction,” including “chemical weapons” and various “transportation methods.”

Q. How many Government Officials does it take to secure the southern border and how long is a reasonable time to complete the task?

It is now going on 15 years after the events of 911—check out Building 7, if you believe the “official version” of events.—and we’ve all heard this rhetoric from politicians before.  However, as usual with Washington, nothing gets done.  However, if you’re late paying your taxes the powers that be will make sure you’re penalized or perhaps your bank account will get impounded!  (It happened to me about 20 years ago.)

I’ve been harping on the vulnerability of Southern border for years and guess what, it’s the same old song and dance routine from Washington, on  both sides of the aisle.

The reason for this is simple.  Drugs.  The drug cartels need a section of the border open so they can smuggle their poison into the country.  This begs the question who profits from this?

Follow the money.  Afghanistan just had a record option harvest this year!  Congrats to all involved! Nice job fellas.  Cigars are in order!

Just like the phony price of oil, which is now below $50 per barrel, the global drug dealing is a sad reality and much of it comes into this country via our southern border.

This is why voting for Jeb Bush in the 2016 election won’t change a thing.  He’s an insider and will tow the hidden agenda of the shadow government which runs this country.  (I know, I’m really getting in to it today!)

Think about it.  Why hasn’t the southern border been secured?  We certainly have the means to do it.  We have the technology, the no-how and resources to implement this within a year…. if we wanted to.

No matter.  Most Americans don’t care any way.  It’s not bothering them as they sit back in their bark-a-loungers sipping a beer and watching Bart Simpson.

March madness is coming and before that the Super bowl.  Please make sure to stock up on plenty of sugar-filled drinks and if this causes heartburn, or Type II diabetes, don’t worry as there are drugs you can take to mend the fences…. OOPS.  There’s that word again, fences, which brings me back from this rabbit trail!

Seriously.  We need an outsider in Washington.  We need men and women who will fix the problems that face our country and not career politicians who will say anything to get elected and keep their cushy jobs.

In closing todays rambling post.  The southern border will most likely remain in the same porous state that we find it in today.  Drugs are big money.



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61 thoughts on “The Southern Border!

  1. Of course the governments know what has been going on with drugs and how they get in. They are simply allowing it.
    Jeb Bush? Ironic isn’t it.
    Did you know ? George Bush senior was in the CIA years before he was elected president ? That also is ironic.
    It seems to me the things that Nixon did and was convicted of , they now do openly for all to see,,,,they spy on everyone now. Ironic isn’t it.

    In Canada they have opened up Meth clinics,,,us tax payers get to foot the bill for their habits when they need a fix,,,also they are considering opening up alcoholics clinics,,where they can stay for free and get a fix of alcohol every hour,,,,on the back of the tax payers,,,,,,THINGS are NUTS !!
    I simply can’t wrap my head around any of these USA and Canadian leaders,,,,its like someone stole their brains ,,,,,where is any intelligence…..
    A 10 year old would have the brain capacity to know that leaving that border from Mexico open is a bad idea!
    Sorry L.A. My rant for the day!,,,, don’t ya just tire of nonsense at its finest

  2. As I read this article I couldn’t help but be reminded of Rick Joyner’s prophecy concerning demonically inspired violence in Texas as a result of our porous border. Whether Mr. Joyner’s prophecy is actually inspired or not, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that our southwestern states will become unbelievably dangerous as drug cartels, gangs, human smugglers, and other criminal elements from south of the border operate with impunity.

  3. All true.

    North American Union has been unofficial arguably for a while. Not too far from making it official.

    We haven’t had borders for a while if we’re honest about it. When Reagan and that Democratic Congress punted the ball on immigration back in around the mid 80s that was it. It’s been downhill ever since.

  4. It’s true! Jeb Bush won’t change anything. He’s as much of the problem–he, too is a drug smuggler but he does it in style–via airplanes through the Florida Everglades. Ask Gary Webb who got killed for exposing it!

    There’s currently a $45 mil bounty on Gov Perry by the drug cartel because he actually, supposedly, is trying to do something about our southern border.

    Business as usual!

    • For those who don’t know, I follow UFOs through live night Youtube watching–Darkskywatcher 74’s channel. He has an observatory recording live 24/7.

      I just received an update on a recording last night: Please understand that the incident recording isn’t real but he didn’t know it until he checked on it. But what if it had been true? Are you prepared?

      Red Dawn – China Invades Washington

      Had me going there too!

    • When I look at Rick Perry, I see a fake and a phony also towing the New World Order line. He’s another bought and paid for politician like the rest of them regardless of whether there is an R or a D after his name. He was also exposed in Alex’s film “End Game” as being a part of the plan to merge Mexico with the United States.

      If the porous border wasn’t about the danger of a nuclear weapon being smuggled through into the United States, the country is still in grave danger as our very culture and identitiy is being destroyed. Anyone ever visited or lived in Mexico? I sure haven’t, but I can tell you that the place is a dangerous pit from the bowels of Hell itself. Mexico is basically being imported to America. If I wanted to live in Mexico, I’d move there. I don’t think I need to inform anyone here of the devestating effects that the importation of the third world to America is having on our culture and society as a whole. Of course, it’s not just from Mexico, it’s also OTMs (other than Mexicans). It’s also from the third world hell holes of south American countries. Immigration, legal and illegal, needs to be stopped period. If it doesn’t happen (and it won’t), you can soon kiss this country goodbye. You may as well go live in a third world country complete with crime and all the other hellish aspects of living in a third world society. They are here and they are staying, thanks to our traitor politicians. They are not interested in our culture, they are not interested in us (for the most part, they do not like us), they couldn’t care less about our unique constitution and other aspects of our laws that were instrumental in making us what we became (the shining light of prosperity and freedom to the world). They only care about what they can suck out of us and making their own enclaves in sections of the country to take over (which is what is happening). Their are areas in this country you had better not go into as an American or you’ll find yourself in deep trouble. This is starting to happen in all areas now as Americans are being flooded with crime. I could go on, but you all get the idea.

      If a nuke or Islam doesn’t get us, culture destruction will. Of course, it’s all in the Illuminati/globalist plan.

      In the meantime, press two… cough cough… I mean one… for English to talk to a representative.


  5. Thank you for speaking the truth! I’m sure we have all just moved up one seat on the fabulous phema bus or train or whatever they got going this week. Yep, those naughty illuminates who control our govt and food supplies and chem trails and everything else are big bucks makers from drug importation and selling. It’s about the only thing Louis Farakhan and I agree on lol.
    What’s it gonna take for our nation to wake up? you gotta remember that people under 45 don’t even remember a sky without chemtrails or prayers in school or even what freedom looks like…..
    The police hardly ever obey the laws themselves nowadays. And the judges just go right along with it 😦 Jesus said lawlessness would abound.
    Now for a different subject. I have a very intellectual friend named Mark, who is a wonderful person and a strong fighter as an attorney for our constitution. Unfortunately, he has stage 4 cancer and is very ill and doesn’t know Yeshuah. Please pray hard for him if you have time. Both for healing and salvation. Thank you so much!!!!!

  6. I am convinced Obama is an absolute Muslim bent on tearing this country apart by any means possible. Class warfare, lies, dictatorial decrees, secret deals with foreign leaders, He has the most corrupt attorney general we have ever known. All but open borders, basis prosecutions on race. He is a piece of garbage that needs to be thrown out of our country not just our White House…he and his cronies will do anything and say anything to get elected. Barack Hussein promised everything to everybody in both elections. He has no problem lying and is a absolute farce of a leader…… Please allow me to make a minor contextual correction; “Obama’s teleprompter operator will type anything to get him elected, then he will do as his Chinese masters instruct.

    “Barack will say anything to get elected” …. Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s mentor of two decades).

    • Just in case have not seen,
      NASA cuts feed to U.F.O. shown on their site.

      Here it is,
      F rom Houston Chronicle.


  7. @ peeling the onion … open border

    – direct impact on me, most of my neighbors here on the border are only fluent in spanish
    – the Rio Bravo area of south Texas is made up of large families massively intermarried and spanning the border … they are the conduit
    – public officials are routinely put in prison due to cartel corruption, most recent a 16 year sheriff and his main staff
    – the apartments are full, instead of elderly residents only, the crazy grandma upstairs has taken in a family of 5 plus pets … their stomping around is an overcoming for my aspie can’t filter out impact noise ears
    – I pass an augmented guard armory going back and forth to work … they’re due for stand down … major resident military force in my locale (>1000)

    @ more layers…

    – the above ground economy is regulated with rules like non-discrimination, personnel safety, product safety, workers benefits, maternity leave, minimum wage, work week, etc.
    – the underground economy is slave labor, human trafficking, gang/crime run, etc. and supplies contraband whether sex, addictive drugs, laundered moneys, slum dwellings, sweat shops, child labor, pedophilia, arms, wmds, mercenaries, etc. etc.
    – the globals work both … (just puppets for the enemy angels … demons)

    If it’s not grossly obvious yet, the kingdoms of this world are not the kingdoms of our Lord — yet. The greater majority is just a thin veneer of self delusion. Scratch the surface and things start to stink quick … smells of sulfur & hell. So,yes, the borders are intentionally open, and likely to create a controllable power block of underground (cp. sleeper agents) as “hessians” (or swiss guard) to do the bidding/thuggery of the globals.

    Why just wear the rose colored spectacles that the US (or this world) is anything but a mix of good and evil with the good in the majority? “Oh they’re such nice folks (monsters, abominations).”

    Ezekiel 8

  8. correction to Pete from yesterday…
    – sorry my friend, I jumped horses in mid-stream

    1 sun god ... white horse ... the beast ... wolf (cp rome) not The Lamb
    2 moon god ... red horse ... the false prophet ... cp. islam inciting violence
    3 mars god ... "green" horse ... death and hell ... cp. dominant military empire
    4 mercury god ... black horse ... babylon ... cp. dominant commercial empire
    5 jupiter god ... souls under censer ... the destroyer ... cp. dominant religious empire
    6 venus god ... false leaders hiding ... the ten horns ... cp. NWO
    7 saturn god ... silence (*) ... the dragon ... cp. china's empires

    I need to put the green horse back with the enemy angel of death (aka mars, hell, etc.)

    The black horse has the scales of deceit / false balances … the economic power (babylon) in bed with everyone … and especially trying to dominate the ten horns/kings of the earth.

    It’s easy to get 3 & 4 swapped since they’re at parallel positions in the spatial arrays. Same goes for the counterfeits.

            1 altar 
            2 laver
    3 table   4 lamp
            5 censer
            6 ark 
            7 seat (throne)

    my apologies this time, mate!

    • Story Behind The Song: ‘Wildfire,’ Michael Martin Murphey


      The song came from deep down in my subconsciousness. My grandfather told me a story when I was a little boy about a legendary ghost horse that the Indians talked about. In 1936, author J. Frank Dobie identified this ghost horse story as the most prominent one in the lore of the Southwest….

      I can’t tell you that I understand what the song means, but I think it’s about getting above the hard times. I’ve had people tell me they wish they could ride that mystical horse and get away from their hard times, whatever they are. I also think a lot of it is wrapped up in my Christian upbringing. In the Biblical book of Revelations, it talks about Jesus coming back on a white horse. I came to be a Christian when I was five or six years old and I was a cowboy kid with Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, so when the preacher told me that Jesus would come back for me on a white horse, I was all wrapped up in that.

      In the ghost story, the horse is a symbol of the Savior, in the same way C.S. Lewis used animals in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ When I lived in California in the late 60s, a lot of my friends were into the culture of the day — drugs and free sex — and I felt out of place there. After ‘Wildfire’ came out and was a hit for me, I was able to move back to Texas. So not only was a song I dreamed my most famous song, it also helped me get back to my native state.

      I don’t think LA fully gets what the horses are in his vision. Comparing to my visions from heaven, in formation, in the ranks of the Greater Cloud of Witnesses… we were each arrayed in a white cloud, a robe of righteousness. I understood in revisiting that vision that we are the sheep of The Great Shepherd’s pasture. I believe the white cloud and white horses are the same. In some sense our hyper-dimensional transport … but more than that … since we (those Christ saves) shall be like Him.

      And we see Him revealed in tesseract manifestations. Sometimes the horses of His chariot / wagon / throne are distinct. Sometimes combined / collective. And we see Him revealed as The Lamb Slain, with 7 horns & 7 eyes — in hyper-real glory. The enemy are hoss’ thieves. The kingdoms are His by rights. And that includes the kingdoms of this world. The time is rapidly coming. Listen to the beat of His heart. Listen to the distant thunders.

  9. The US government is definetly involved in the drug cartels. It’s the easiest way to move large sums of money and weapons around the world without getting your hands dirty.

    It makes One wonder. I don’t think putin is a good guy, but when You know that afgan opium production is up and the largest channel into Europe of opium is through the Ukraine, You have to wonder has putin invaded Ukraine for conquest or is he trying cut off our drug money.

  10. Update on yesterday’s post on why Obama or higher ranking diplomats failed to appear at the French Unity Rally:

    1st: Some background: I read a story the U.S. government considering filing charges against former US General and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director David Petraeus. I wondered what it was that ticked off the higher ups because if they had wanted him charged they could have done it long ago but didn’t. So why are they now trying to silence him?

    Feds will prosecute David Petraeus for leaking documents to mistress

    2nd: French police chief investigating the Charlie Habdo’s attack, “suicided” last night.

    Oh really???!!

    3rd: Article from the EU Times in Russia dated 1/12/2015:

    French Police Commissioner Suicided After Attempting To Issue Murder Warrant Against President Obama

    “An absolutely stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show why all top US officials failed to join their counterparts in Paris yesterday who marched in solidarity against the Charlie Hebdo Massacre as it reveals a top French police commissioner was “suicided” within hours of his attempting to obtain a European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and other as yet unnamed American leaders.”

    “Also discovered by Police Commissioner Fredou in this small backpack, SVR analyst in this report say, were a number of “cryptic documents” and telephone numbers, one of the most important being a US cell-phone number “directly linked” to former US general and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director David Petraeus.”

    (More: “”)

    Stories never really totally disappear but we either dig deep or it just falls on my lap when I least expect it, or does it?

    This is a head twister and the mystery deepens.

  11. The leader of ISIS is a Zionist Jew

    A Mossad agent. He is the Israeli-trained ISIS leader Simon Eliot (Eliot Shimon) aka Al-Baghdadi. Charlie Hebdo tweeted a cartoon of him before the attack.

    This “Clash of Civilizations” is just as orchestrated as the rest of the false flags. President Hollande refused to back the sanctions against Russia, so the bankers sent in the jackals. And, they hope to curtail freedom of speech in Europe and the U.S. in the process.

    ISIS is a creation of the globalists and is supported and controlled by them.

    • When I was little I thought Captain Kangaroo could see me naked in front of the T.V.

      Hope you all had wonderful holidays!

    • The captain probably could nowadays! I wouldn’t doubt it… Mary, it seems the eu times is not some conspiracy source but mainstream media. Thanks for posting it. Cannot believe how much we are propogandized.

    • Mrs M, you are right, nowadays with the smart T.V.s its possible.
      My MIL has a smart T.V. I told her to make sure she is fully dressed at all times
      and has her teeth in cause Mr. O could be watching..(related to the U.S. spying on Brazil)

      Linda, did I miss any important Canadian news while I was gone? How’s the weather there
      it’s hotter than a popcorn fart here!

    • Azureceu, the past couple of days have been extra freezing cold, glad to hear your weather is…not like here! The Ghomeshi story has continued, and 3 terror suspects were recently caught. That was the main news lately. Glad you survived your MIL visit, but nice for your wife to see her Mom (often miss mine after her unexpected passing in August). Blessings…

    • Linda, thanks I did survive, the only thing that kept me going the whole time was
      that I wanted to live to tell my story :þ
      You are right, my better half enjoys her mom..moms are irreplaceable.
      MILs on the other hand are a strong deterrent against polygamy,unless you
      are a Mor(m)on.

    • Exactly Nome, over time my prayers have become very simple..
      -Give us this day our daily bread
      -let my neighbor win the lottery (in your case-related to the upper apartment)

    • Rose, as it turns out, a relative of my wife invited us to stay in a resort
      for a week after New Years, so I went from the fat into the fire being that the resort
      is built to take advantage of the Hot Springs therein plus it was hotter than hades to boot there.
      So I have two shades of sunburn. Then when I returned to São Paulo here I could not wash my clothes since they
      turned off the water because of rationing, perhaps tomorrow I can do laundry or I’ll have to go buy me some new skivvies toot sweet!

      Btw, this Hot Spring (Pousada do Rio Quente) is in the state of Goias where Charles (Gringo in Situ) resides. I mention this also for another
      reason since I ragged on a Brazilian who posted here recently saying that I have never seen Chemtrails in Brazil, well as it turns out I witnessed
      them both in Uberaba, Minas Gerais and Rio Quente, Goias during and after the holidays. So I now can no longer say that I have not seen Chemtrails in S. America!

      As to the Chemtrail Vs. Contrail matter I have no other rational way than concluding that these are Contrails due to the incomprehensible logistics
      and expense involved. I state my conclusion here just for the fact that I have given this years of thought and can not conclude otherwise, if there be
      Chemtrail spraying worldwide someone has to conclusively prove it or shut up their face IMHO and having said that because I am not feeling very conciliatory at the moment
      because I am burnt to a crisp and I am wearing smelly knickers..

    • Oh dear. . . I’m so sorry to hear you’re not in your usual fresh-as-a-daisy state. Do you have aloe vera? Very few things are more painful than when a white man turns red.

      Don’t worry about the chemtrails now. . . sufficient to the day are the chemtrails thereof. There’ll be time to clear misunderstandings and eat chemical crow.

      You do sound miserable. I’m sorry to hear it and hope that the water situation clears up soon (of course, you could do what my son does when he’s out of skivvies – turn them inside out. He learned that at college. yay).

    • Outside inside out livin la vida loca..

      Rose you are very wise, the obvious simple solution escaped me, I’ll turn them puppies inside out!

      Miserable? Ha! As I was being toasted under the sun & boiled in the waters thereof and contemplating life, the universe and everything,
      I realized in my dehydrated delirium that if I was to perish and miss the rapture that it would be altogether
      in my best interest considering: For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. Therefore, since having been asleep I will be with the Lord first (think front row seats-balcony view) and have the opportunity to watch those who are alive coming up from the earth.

    • Ha, Nome.

      Mr. Blue Sky, the Lord’s not letting you into the balcony yet. You get to stand in the peanut gallery with the rest of us; even if we have to give you a wide berth because you’re radiating.

      I hope you feel better this morning – even just a little bit.

    • Last week, while you were cavorting in the heat, it was 2 degrees F here, and we had our own laundry emergency. A pipe froze and then burst in our upstairs bathroom – it rained in my kitchen. I couldn’t use my washing machine (and it doesn’t take long for this family to back up on laundry).

      I was thinking apocalyptic thoughts, too.

      You know how after we are glorified we will no longer marry or be given in marriage? I was wondering if we will not laundry or be given in laundry. . . as I was swabbing the deck on an almost sub-zero afternoon.

    • “be given in laundry”

      -And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.”

      Looks like clorox usage will go up..

      “swabbing the deck on an almost sub-zero afternoon”

      -And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;

      Wax on – Wax off me hearty! Arrrrrrrrrrr

      Poor thing…brrrrrrrr Your story has taken the sting out out of me sunburnt linen..

    • Ha! Well, I’m glad that mess did somebody some good somewhere. All things work together for good. . .

  12. God is not mocked…

    “Payday someday” …soon enough!

  13. Another Dead NASA Scientist…………. “What Do They Know”?

    Gee wiz……..I just wonder COUGH…COUGH…COUGH !!! Corey, ……… are you kidding me ?? ……….Wwwhhhhhaaaaatttt ???

  14. “2015 Prophetic Look” 15 Points ………..some things we all must watch for…..and the list could include a whole lot more !!!!!!

  15. AIG Insurance Executive “Missing” Gone In Thin Air…….he is ..or.. was 33 YEARS OLD. Interesting. Coincidence ?? Breitbart-ed ??

  16. Reports Iran May Have 3 Nuclear Bombs……..[ remember, not only does Iran want to destroy ISRAEL, … but also Saudi Arabia !! ]

  17. ⚠

    …as always please use computer condoms when visiting russian websites.

  18. “Lizard Stressor” ~ “a zombie network of home routers” per MIT (of course)


    – for denial of service attacks, back doors, traffic monitoring, telemarketing


    …the screensaver army notwitstanding

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