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L. A. Marzulli

I just received this wonderful Bible and I have been so impressed with it, I’m featuring it on today’s blog.  L.A.


Our Story

The Cepher Publishing Group is an assembly of believers who have come together to bring the unabridged Word of the Heavenly Father to the world in printed form. In the late 1990s, Stephen Pidgeon, the group’s founder, discovered that many books and other texts were missing from the Bible. For instance, the Bible references the Book of Jasher by name, and well as several other books which have been renamed (such as the Book of Iddo, and the Book of Nathan). In addition, the Septuagint provided an entire series of books that have formerly been included in the Bible, but aren’t anymore.

Stephen began to read not only the books designated as the Apocrypha, but also other books such as those found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Early in 2002, he began to compile his own “Bible” for personal use, which also included the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch. In 2006, Stephen and one of his Bible Study partners, Brad Huckins, were sharing information about various editions of the Bible and discussing the accuracy of these translations when they discovered a similar interest in uncovering the essential truth of the scriptures. Late in 2008, Stephen first suggested that the public domain copy of the King James Bible should be modified to minimize the archaic English. This resulted in the first digital file serving as a baseline for the scriptures in the book we now call the תא CEPHER.

There were notorious errors in the KJV, and we began to unravel some of these. First, we compared the KJV with the Tyndale Bible which preceded it, allowing us to compare and correct some of the conclusions made by the KJV editors. However, we corrected the New Testament by using the Stephanus Textus Receptus and comparing each term using Strong’s Greek Concordance and other Greek Lexicons, including several Greek Online Dictionaries and the Septuagint. Initially, we used the Hebrew Masoretic text for purposes of cyphering the underlying Hebrew, the Strong’s Hebrew Concordance and other Hebrew Lexicons; however, in the final analysis, we have made reference to over five databases for the Hebrew text (excluding the Dead Sea Scrolls). In addition, we have made comparisons across other English texts (most of which having glaring errors and omissions), and relied upon other Textus Receptus editions, the Latin Vulgate, the Codex Vaticanus, the Shem Tov Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, as well as other source material using state-of-the-art software systems for reference.

As you might imagine, we were simply stunned at what we found. First, the most important names in the Bible had not been translated, or even transliterated. Instead, the names were substituted! We found this alarming, particularly in light of scriptural references being expressed about publishing and declaring the name. This is when we elected to add the sacred name to the text, which was no easy task. We were misled by the Masoretic text and had to reach our own conclusion; however, after testing the sacred name in Israel over a period of two years, we came to conclude that the name is properly pronounced YAHUAH. Once we reached this conclusion, we decided to correctly transliterate all of the other names in the text. This resulted in 3800 name changes! Again, we were stunned at what we learned because all of the names have particular meaning; which reveals so much more!

We corrected some other glaring mistakes. For instance, every English Bible makes a huge error in the Song of Solomon concerning the gender of the speaker which, of course, completely destroys the text. In addition, virtually every English Bible makes reference to “Lucifer” as the “son of the morning.” This reference has confused many believers because the Savior is referred to as the Morning Star. Our review indicates that the name “Lucifer” is not a translation or transliteration, but a substitution, which we deemed to be unacceptable. Additionally, every Bible we have ever seen actually leaves out a word in this passage, and that word means “howling.” In the תא CEPHER, there is no confusion between Heylel; son of the howling morning and Yahusha HaMashiach; the Morning Star.

Another glaring error is the genealogy set forth in Matthew 1 is that of Miryam (Mary), it is not the genealogy of her husband Joseph! Count the generations: 14, 14, and 14 – except in every English Bible the last set has 13. This error was easily corrected, once we realized that Joseph (Yoceph) was also the name of her father.

Matthew 23:1-2 has been another continuing error, using the word “they” where the word “he” belongs. Additionally, you can look over the Greek texts for years and never find the word “gentile.” What a misleading term that has become! Paul used the Greek word “ethnos,” which means “other people”, not gentiles.

Another critical substitution has been misleading the world for centuries, and is found in Revelation 13:18. This is the number six hundred three score and six. This number is not a translation or a transliteration, but once again a substitution. This substitution is based on the theory that gematria was practiced by the Greeks (which it wasn’t) and that the numbers reflect the order of the Greek alphabet (which they don’t). The use of 666 is therefore based upon an assumption, founded on error, to render a substitution rather than a translation. In the Cepher, you will find the original source letters in Greek; χξς (pronounced chi, tsi, and stigma).

As we looked over the text, we discovered the Old Testament was incredibly out of order. For instance, Ezra and Nehemiah – books that describe the rebuilding of the second temple and the wall of Jerusalem – are typically placed before the Psalms, which were written before the first temple was constructed. Both Job and Daniel are out of place, and of course, none of it made sense once the books of the Apocrypha were incorporated. Keeping in mind that we transliterated all of the names, including the names of the books of the Bible itself, it became important to find an order that would work.

The decision was made not only to include the books of the Apocrypha (all of which were canonized at the Council of Trent and which were included in the 1611 King James Bible), but also Second Baruch (or the Apocalypse of Baruch), and 3 & 4 Esdras. In addition, we elected to incorporate 3 & 4 Maccabees and the books of Enoch and Jubilees. We believe this decision was warranted given the number of copies found at Qumran in the Dead Sea Scrolls, not to mention the history of the books as part of the canon in Ethiopic and Asyriac texts. Finally, we elected to include the Book of Jasher. We made this decision because of the number of references within the Bible itself, and even the discussion of the facts that can only be found in the Book of Jasher which were made by the Apostle Paul. When you look at the תא CEPHER, you will see the names of the books have been changed to their original Hebrew titles. For example, Enoch is Chanok, Jubilees is Yovheliym, and Jasher is Yashar. However, we have left conspicuous road maps to help you find your way throughout the תא CEPHER, as every book is also referenced in the names you might recognize even though the order may be completely new to you. Some have asked us why we call this the תא CEPHER and not a Bible. The answer is, that the Bible in its entirety is included within the תא CEPHER, but so are many other sacred scriptures which we believe are indispensable to the believer. The word cepher is Hebrew for “book”; hence, we are calling this work the Book, as compared to naming it after the pagan city of Biblos.

The New Testament has been the subject of completion as well, although we have not added any books to the 27 identified in the early fourth century as the New Testament. We, of course, no longer distinguish between new and old testaments, but segregate the scriptures much differently; separating the Torah from the Sheniy Cepheriym (second books), the Ketuviym (writings) from the Nevi’iym (Prophets), the Sheniy Heykal (second temple) from the Trei Asar (the twelve), the Besorah (Synoptic Gospels) from the Ma’aseh (Acts), and the Cepheriym Talmidiym (Disciples’ Letters) from the Cepheriym Sha’ul (Paul’s Letters) and the Cepheriym Yahuchanon (John’s Letters). We begin the writings that follow the Messiah with the Synoptic Gospels of Mattithyahu (Matthew), Marcus (Mark) and Lucas (Luke), and this is followed with the Acts of the Apostles called the Ma’aseh. Speaking of the book of Acts, unlike all other English Bibles, we have the completed text of this book, finishing with Chapter 29 (in reliance on the Suninni Manuscript and the Muratorian fragment). We follow this with the Cepheriym of Ya`aqov (James), Kephas (Peter) and Yahudah (Jude). This is then followed by the writings of Sha’ul (Paul) but in two groups: those books actually written by Sha’ul and those books which were written in his name by others; the pseudepigraphal Cepheriym of Sha’ul. Finally, we finish with the Cepheriym Yahuchanon (the writings of John), including his Besorah (gospel), his epistles, and the Book of Chizayon (Revelation).

In 2012, we made an extraordinary discovery, which was the omission of the תא (aleph tav) from virtually every English Bible. These two Hebrew letters appear over 7,000 times in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, yet they receive no interpretation in English. We found these two letters to be indispensable, and so have restored them back into the text. Initially, these were included only in the books of the Tanakh, but when we stood in the courtyard of the church which was constructed over the birth site of Yahuchanon the Immerser (John the Baptist) in Ein Karem, Israel (a suburb of Jerusalem), we discovered the תא also appear in the Hebrew New Testament.  As such, they are reincorporated over 9,000 times in the תא CEPHER.

This journey has been remarkable for us at the Cepher Publishing Group. In 2012, we were joined by other believers who sought to help us bring this project to market, including Sanford & Debbie Staab and David & Penny Castro. We have poured over the text time after time in our mission to compile the best, most complete set of sacred scripture available anywhere.

May you be blessed as you study the תא CEPHER.

Stephen Pidgeon J.D., PhD.
President & CEO
Cepher Publishing Group, LLC


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70 thoughts on “Eth Cepher!

  1. YAYYYYY! Maybe I’ll be able to put away the 20+ books I keep next to my chair – I can have them all in one volume.

    • It’s Gnostic, Rose.

      The Bible is 66/40 for darned good reasons and that’s not being a KJVO militant.

      This outfit putting this out is clearly running the Sacred Name Movement/Hebrew Roots Movement flag and people need to be very careful with this.

    • Hey Eric W. What do you you refer to the sacred name/Hebrew roots movement and to be careful? Just interested on your perspective 🙂 Thanks!

    • Kristen:

      Sacred Name:







      (HRM = Messianic counterfeit by and large. More extreme elements are Judaizers outright)

      Off the top of my head: Dr. Ken Johnson from will show you that 66/40 goes all the way back to the first century.

    • No, it’s not Gnostic. It may not all be “Scripture,” in the sense that we have all been trained to believe, but it’s not Gnostic.

    • The canon bounced up and down for about five centuries; the Book of Enoch was taken out in the fourth (as was the Book of Revelation, which was put back in about a hundred years later). HRM and Gnostic are far from synonymous.

      I don’t want to argue about this, but anyone who is serious about Bible study has these materials anyway. It will be nice to have them all in one place.

    • I’m not KJ militant, but KJ mostly, since it was written for the ear by a large group much much more fluent in Greek, Hebrew (Aramaic), and Latin than modern scholars. And “written for the ear” also means it’s more memorable. (Not that I don’t like to badger “original language” snobs that “If you can’t learn Olde English … how can you possibly learn ancient languages?” :mrgreen: Phrases and connotations always carry much more meaning in any language. “los dichos”

      That said, the Maccabees are really useful history. They were included in catholic apocrypha. For that matter, there’s a KJ version of the apocrypha. The apocrypha is clearly problematic though, as regards cannon.

      Enoch, Jasher, and such certainly have their place as study books. The Ethiopian churches still include Enoch. (Of course, I’d easily agree that 1st Enoch is likely more reliable than the other Enoch collection. The discussions between Paradox Brown, Guy Malone, Dante Fortson etc. are worth considering.)

      The way to keep safe with Bible Study — alongside being taught directly by The Holy Ghost Himself, prayer, and the testimony of Scripture about the written Word … is through multiple witnesses (2, 3, more). Comparing scripture with scripture opens the Word. Whatever is important — The Almighty repeats. The more important, the more repeated. The Armor of God is covered in many places in the Bible. Not so much is said about eunuchs. Love is certainly presented repeatedly and from many angles. So like a court case, it’s best to get the testimony of all the witnesses — and especially those that have shown direct personal relationships with The Lord — like Moses, David, Paul, and John. His character is reflected in their relationships.

      His address to each of us is the point, not only through The Bible, but through Prayer, and directly in the “still small voice” of the Holy Ghost (inward heart discussions, underlying the verbal). And I’ve heard Him speak audibly as The Creator — and all creation turns to attend and do His will when He does. There is no doubt.

    • Rose, I bet Eric meant that specifically, Acts 29 is gnostic. I hadn’t heard of it, so I went and looked it up, and it does smack of falsity and the two pillars are about as gnostic a symbol as there is.

      Its nice to have a lot of reference all in one, but I do find it alarming to put it all in one with actual scripture, because it does lend possibly problematic writings a broad lashing of entirely spurious veracity.

      Take in point my MIL: At a games night, she brought up a theological point she’d discovered. She insisted it was so, even if finding it had upset her. I wracked my brain trying to come up with where that could possibly be, and all I could find were Biblical refutations of her point. She got mad, and got up and went and got the book to show me, after much insisting it was IN there. What did she bring to the table? A book that’s currently making the rounds with all kinds of Bible ‘answers’. It listed about 5 ‘proof’ texts- every one of which was simply a fragment and unrelated even to the topic it was used to prove.

      We start combining basic research and interesting side documents into the same covers as Canon- it is going to get a whole lot more contentious and confused than it already is for a great amount of people.

      Then again, maybe that’s the real purpose.

    • Hey! I agree…I have a concern over the Cepher. I’m mostly KJV (& NKJV), and I know many have complained about not understanding it so other bibles were then created to make it easier. I also have a 100 year old major Catholic bible with apocrypha in it, much to my delight because I do reference them but stick to the NKJV. I also reference the Jewish Encyclopedia….I wouldn’t limit anyone from trying to understand points of view but I, too, would caution which books to read. I also do have a liking for the Dead Sea Scrolls.

      I am aware that there is a “movement” to “water down” the Christian bibles so if you’re going to reference material, check out the years that they were published and check out the publishing companies and their “philosophies.”

      I had a Jehovah’s Witness christian friend who goes around carrying a King James Version of the bible but when we got into a difference of opinion, I asked to see her bible and sure enough, the pages do read King James but the publishing company wasn’t from a publishing company I was familiar with and certainly not old enough–it was a watered down bible. Plus they were being taught that they were the original “King James” but when I researched the original date of the birth of the “Jehovah’s Witness” movement it certainly didn’t date back to Moses or Abraham. The Jehovah’s Witness movement took off in approximately 1872…who knew unless you check out sources:

      “The Jehovah’s Witnesses were founded by Charles Taze Russell, a former haberdasher from Philadelphia, in early 1872 in Alleghany, Pa. Russell was born on Feb. 16, 1852 in Pittsburgh, and died on Oct. 31, 1916. He was baptized a Congregationalist, and was raised in a strict Protestant family.” ('s%20witnesses%20founded)

      I can’t swear by the Cepher but I’ve seen a video where someone was already questioning it’s validity on scripture because the bible appears to change the lineage of Jesus Christ making the rest of the bible questionable.

      If someone gives me a Cepher, yes I would read it but already knowing how books are manipulated, I wouldn’t expend that much time other than double check the date and publishing company.

      My 100 year old Catholic bible weighs more than 25 lbs and really huge. I found it on eBay in an auction. I don’t leave it on the coffee table, I have it wrapped and locked in a metal drawer but will access it when necessary.

      I have the Book of Enoch which I got for free as an eBook on Amazon and it’s digital readily accessible for reference. If you’re interested in serious bible study, look around, the Lord God will definitely point you in the right direction.

      Hey, I use LA’s books as reference material! It depends on which direction you’re heading.

    • Stonedragon,

      The Gnostics (and many other cults) stole the idea of two pillars, Boaz and Jachin, from the Temple. Solomon used to sit between them while giving judgment. The occultists have taken what is good and tried to twist it to their own ends. It makes perfect sense that Paul would announce Christ between those two pillars because, “… a greater one than Solomon has come.” Pattern is prophecy, and Paul knew that.

      When you say “actual Scripture,” what do you mean? Jesus and the disciples considered what we now call 1 Enoch as scripture, quoting and referring to it. And yet, it is not in our Bibles. Why? If we look at the Ethiopians and the Greek Orthodox and the Catholics and then American evangelicals, we all have different canons. Why? Who’s right?

      We should approach this like Bereans: investigate! Not dismiss out of hand.

      I am very sorry about your MIL. That sort of encounter is always very painful and troublesome. And, I agree, there are many false texts traveling around. That is why we must know the truth.

    • You’re right Rose, we have to be Bereans. I’m not opposed to reading and researching- I’m opposed to this quote from the publisher blurb about the cepher: “to bring the unabridged Word of the Heavenly Father to the world in printed form.”

      This book is being presented as 100% the inspired word of God, instead of a Bible thats juggled around, with additions, for the sake of research or study, and it doesn’t appear to have a disclaimer or a caution about these additions. Instead, its overflowing with hubris about how correct and enlightened these folks are, and they are graciously now handing you the REAL THING. How splendid.

      Maybe the book of Enoch, for example, is Inspired. There’ve been reasons for taking it out over the years- one is the scholarly assessment that its Inspiration is in doubt. Putting it in, then claiming its fully and unequivocally God’s Word…. is scary.

    • Stone Dragon gets what I was shooting for.

      We have some Apocryphya stuff here at the house. I don’t have any problems with people looking at it.

      “Putting it in, then claiming its fully and unequivocally God’s Word…. is scary.”

      This I have very serious problems with.

    • Well, Eric, the thing to do is to dig in and see.

      Yours and StoneDragon’s primary concerns seem to be the Apocryphal stuff. Correct? I’m more concerned with the actual texts we have traditionally called “canon.” I want to read those the way they were written originally. Once I’ve read those, the Apocryphal works may make more sense. Who knows until we try?

    • I’m also concerned about the Cepher. I am no where near KJVO. I tend to use a combo of KJV, NKJV, ESV, and even NASB. That said, to me the issue with the Cepher isn’t about translation, but about the fact that those responsible for compiling and publishing this book are making some pretty massive claims. If we look at the web page promoting this very same book, we see tons of claims that this book represents a restoration of “true” scripture. It gives no caveats about inspiration of these apocryphal texts but rather states that the Cepher is a , ” unique collection of inspired books” and “the unabridged Word of the Heavenly Father”. Those are some pretty huge claims about this text. Now, I recognize that there is a valuable place for many extra-biblical texts. We can use them for historical reference etc. But I’m a firm believer that the 66 books of cannon were NOT haphazardly compiled. There were strict guidelines used including whether or not they are authoritative (“Thus sayeth the Lord”), authorship (First hand accounts via apostles etc), claims about divine inspiration, prophetic claims, and precisely how they jive with one another.

      There are good reasons why many of the apocryphal books are excluded from divinely inspired cannon. There are giant cans of worms that get opened when we take historically significant texts and slap the label of “Divinely inspired” on them. One HUGE example is 2 Maccabees. Certainly, there is incredible historical references within. However, the author never claims divine authority which is GOOD because if we accept the fullness of 2 Maccabees, we have some bigger theological fish to fry such as purgatory and prayer for the dead. There are reasons why the Catholic Bible still includes 2 Maccabees.. because it appears to endorse several of their doctrines that the rest of us would consider to be in error.

      So… do not misunderstand me. I believe that any serious student of Biblical history is enhanced by keeping some extra-biblical/apocryphal texts in their library. And while it may seem to be an issue of efficiency to have the Cepher available as it compiles all of these texts into a single tome…. it is the claims that this book now “completes” and “restores” and “fulfills” the FULLNESS of DIVINELY INSPIRED scripture that has be completely uneasy. This book seeks not to compliment, but to REPLACE your Bible. The one you probably came to Jesus reading.

      And I didn’t even touch on the sacred names issue herein. Listen, the sacred names movement is scary unto itself. I don’t care if people want to use Yeshua instead of Jesus. That’s a matter of personal preference. But when we start putting significance upon pronunciation and spelling and saying that one must use precise words for Jesus and God (still hotly debated even amongst sacred namers… Yeshua? Yehushua? Yehusha? YaHashuWa?) we start dabbling in divination and Jewish mysticism and worse. Sacred names is a concept held by practitioners of divination such as John Dee and Qabbalists and ceremonial magicians… that certain names have power and worship only “counts” if you use the proper terminology. This is not a Biblical sentiment because as believers we know that the saving power is in the blood, not the names. Yet the Cepher sets forth the concept that one is misled when not using these “sacred names”. Dangerous roads to travel, in my opinion.

    • Natalina, isn’t it the Baal Shem of Kabbalah who is “Master of the Name”? It is an area which may be dangerous, like the tarot cards, but it might be a good tool to give insight into the thoughts of occultists.

    • Nat, this volume doesn’t include 2 Maccabees – only 3 and 4. There’s no need to worry about purgatory or praying for the dead.

      And, no where does the publisher say that if someone gets a name wrong they’ll be excluded from God’s grace. It does say, however, that there have been some serious errors, substitutions and omissions in the text. If this is true, I want to know. The compilers of the canon have not always had pure motives.

    • Yep Rose I completely read that wrong. I thought it said 2 Maccabees was in the book. My error. But my point remains the same. And I actually do not disagree with you that any solid Biblical researcher should avail themselves of some of these other historical texts. My main issue is the claims that this book represents the fullness of God’s inspired works. You see? It is one thing to correct translational errors, it is another thing entirely to slap a bunch of extra books into it. For that reason… it is very dubious. Use the texts for research? Yes. Make claims that they are inspired and “the unabridged Word of the Heavenly Father to the world in printed form. “? No. That is a HUGE truth claim. Hopefully I’m communicating this correctly. It is rather nuanced, but if this book presented itself as “A compilation of early texts pertinent to Biblical and Christian research, along with a new translation of the New Testament”…. even that would make me less uneasy. I’m specifically troubled by this publishing group’s claim that these texts are inspired that that the Cepher represents scripture as it was always intended to be. That’s a huge claim. That’s not a suggestion. That’s not a “suitable for research purposes” claim or even a “this is our best guess based upon research that we’ve done.” This is a solid truth claim being made by this group that THIS is a compilation of inspired texts. That’s dubious.

    • Nat, I did some more digging and found the table of contents for the book; it does contain all four Maccabees. So, your argument is back on the table. And, I must agree that praying for the dead and purgatory are NOT scriptural.

      However, in his remarks he doesn’t say that they are. This is what he actually said: ” We believe this decision was warranted given the number of copies found at Qumran in the Dead Sea Scrolls, not to mention the history of the books as part of the canon in Ethiopic and Asyriac texts.”

      He included them because they are historical accounts, not because he thinks they are divinely inspired.

      I would agree with you, though, that in his excitement about the actual text of the canon, he doesn’t make that very important point clearly enough.

    • However, as I’ve said from the start, the Apocryphal writings are not my main concern. I want to know if what he said about the canon is true.

      Had names been changed to the point that 3800 corrections were necessary? Is “Lucifer” a substitution for the entity whose real name is Heylel, son of the howling morning?

      There are other profound implications, too. The Iroquois woman who was able to correctly pronounce the name of God and who sang an ancient song in her own language that turned out to be a Psalm. Does that mean that Hebrews came to America after the Assyrian invasion of Israel? That would explain the ancient pieces of carving in Hebrew that have turned up in the Americas.

      There is so much here – you can’t really blame the guy for being excited.

  2. I would love to have a copy of the Cepher book. I hope it will be offered in Super Giant Print as it’s a struggle for me to read regular sized type anymore.

  3. I would like to know where we can buy this Bible? What a lot of hard work this must have been, Thank you for sharing L.A.

  4. Its in 9 pt type and weighs 5 lbs. Less than hundred dollars from the publisher. I plan on getting it. Thanks LA

  5. well gee, Joel Chernoff will have to change his song, Jew and Gentile, to Jew and Other People…. I have to agree with you Eric W., tread lightly.

  6. Wow thanks for this blog. This seems to be the Bible I have been looking for years. Over the pond in the UK I would have got to hear about it, many thanks. As I am unemployed at the moment I have put my name down on their benevolence fund hopefully to receive a copy. Again many thanks for your work God Bless you Rod Hutchinson  P’s sorry to hear about your father dying. My father in law aged 88 who was also in WW2 has dementia too.

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  7. Acts of the Apostles, Missing Chapter 29 Found

    The following MSS text was found in Istanbul, Turkey within the last decades. Note it is titled Acts 29, which would be the chapter which follows the canonical Acts of the Apostles in Holy Scripture. Also not the “Amen” at the end. All of the New Testament Epistles end with this, to indicate the book is complete in itself. There are only two others which do not have the Amen added at the end. One should also note that Lake Lucerne from the air is in the shape of a cross and appears as if there is a limp body hanging upon that cross. Also that history relates that Pilate took his own life after his disgrace in Judea.

    ACTS 29:

    1- And Paul, full of the blessings of Christ, and abounding in the spirit, departed out of Rome, determining to go into Spain, for he had a long time proposed to journey thitherward, and was minded also to go from thence to Britain.

    2- For he had heard in Phoenicia that certain of the children of Israel, about the time of the Assyrian captivity, had escaped by sea to “The Isles afar off” as spoken be the Prophet [Esdra], and called by the Romans – Britain.

    3- And the Lord commanded the gospel to be preached far hence to the Gentiles [nations], and to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. [Act 9:15, 22:21]

    4- And no man hindered Paul; for he testified boldly of Jesus before the tribunes and among the people; and he took with him cetain of the brethren which abode with him at Rome, and they took shipping at Ostrium and having the winds fair, were brought safely into a haven of Spain.

    5- And much people were gathered together from the towns and villages, and the hill country; for they had heard of the conversion to the Apostles, and the many miracles which he had wrought.

    6- And Paul preached mightily in Spain, and great multitudes believed and were converted, for they perceived he was an apostle sent from God.

    7- And they departed out of Spain, and Paul and his company finding a ship in Armorica sailing unto Britain, they were therein, and passing along the south Coast, they reached a port called Raphinus. (This is the Roman name for Sandwich, in Kent. In Saxon times there was, still standing in Sandwich, and old house called the “House of the Apostles: and tradition has it that Paul was one of the Apostles).

    8- Now when it was voiced abroad that the Apostle had landed on thier coast, great multitudes of the inhabitants met him, and they treated Paul courteously and he entered in at the east gate of their city, and lodged in the house of an Hebrew and one of his own nation.

    9- And on the morrow he came and stood upon Mount Lud (Ludgate Hill and Broadway where St. Paul’s Cathedral stands in London, England) and the people thronged at the gate, and assembled in the Broadway, and he preached Christ unto them, and they believed the Word and the testimony of Jesus.

    10- And at even the Holy Ghost fell upon Paul, and he prophesied, saying, Behold in the last days the God of Peace shall dwell in the cities, and the inhabitants thereof shall be numbered: and in the seventh numbering of the people, their eyes shall be opened, and the glory of their inheritance shine forth before them. The nations shall come up to worship on the mount the testifieth of the patience and long suffering of a servant of the Lord.

    11- And in the latter days new tidings of the Gospel shall issue forth out of Jerusalem, and the hearts of the people shall rejoice, and behold, fountains shall be opened, and there shall be no more plague.

    12- In those days there shall be wars and rumours of war; and a king shall rise up, and his sword, shall be for the healing of the nations, and his peacemaking shall abide, and the glory of his kingdom a wonder among princes.

    13- And it came to pass that certain of the Druids came unto Paul privately, and showed by their rites and ceremonies they were descended from the Jews [Judahites] which escaped from bondage in the land of Egypt, and the apostle believed these things, and he gave them the kiss of peace.

    14- And Paul abode in his lodgings three months confirming in the faith and preaching Christ continually.

    15- And after these things Paul and his brethren departed from Raphinus and sailed unto Atium in Gaul.

    16- And Paul preached in the Roman garrison and among the people, exhorting all men to repent and confess their sins.

    17- And there came to him certain of the Belgae to enquire of him of the new doctrine, and of the man Jesus; And Paul opened his heart unto them and told them all things that had befallen him, howbeit, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; and they departed pondering among themselves upon the things which they had heard.

    18- And after much preaching and toil, Paul and his fellow labourers passed into Helvetia, and came to Mount Pontius Pilate, where he who condemned the Lord Jesus dashed himself down headlong, and so miserably perished.

    19- Immediately a torrent gushed out of the mountain and washed his body, broken in pieces, into a lake.

    20- And Paul stretched forth his hands upon the water, and prayed unto the Lord, saying O Lord God, give a sign unto all nations that here Pontius Pilate which condemned thine only-begotten son, plunged down headlong into the pit.

    21- And while Paul was yet speaking, behold, there came a great earthquake, and the face of the waters was changed, and the form of the lake like unto the Son of Man hanging in an agony upon the Cross.

    22- And a voice came out of heaven saying, Even Pilate hath escaped the wrath to come for he washed his hands before the multitude at the blood-shedding of the Lord Jesus

    23- When, therefore, Paul and those that were with him saw the earthquake, and heard the voice of the angel, they glorified God, they were mightily strengthened in the spirit.

    24- And they journeyed and came to Mount Julius where stood two pillars, one on the right hand and one on the left hand, erected by Caesar Augustus.

    25- And paul, filled with the Holy Ghost, stood up between the two pillars, saying, Men and brethren these stones which ye see this day shall testify of my journey hence; and verily I say, they shall remain until the outpouring of the spirit upon all nations, neither shall the way be hindered throughout all generations.

    26- And they went forth and came unto Illtricum, intending to go by Macedonia into Asia, and grace was found in all the churches, and they prospered and had peace. Amen!

    Pontius Pilate

    The best known Roman governor of Judea to later history because of his role in the accounts of Jesus’ execution. Pilate probably came from the ranks of cavalry officers [equites] from which Rome regularly drew the prefects of smaller occupied provinces like Judea.

    His appointment as prefect of Judea in the latter half of the reign of Tiberius—when the brutal Praetorian captain Sejanus was de facto ruler of Rome—is confirmed by reports in Josephus & a stone found in 1962 at Caesarea Maritima [the capitol of the Roman province of Palestine], inscribed: “[Thi]s Tiberieum [Pon]tius Pilatus, Prefect of Judea, [mad]e.”

    The Pilate described by Josephus & the Roman historian Tacitus was a strong willed, inflexible military governor who was insensitive to the religious scruples of his Jewish & Samaritan subjects & relentless in suppressing any potential disturbance. This stands in sharp contrast to the impression conveyed in the Christian gospels which, for apologetic reasons, portray him as reluctant to execute Jesus. Pilate’s decade long tenure [26-36 CE] testifies to both his relative effectiveness in maintaining order & to the aging emperor’s lack of personal attention to administrative affairs.

    The ruthless slaughter of thousands of Samaritan pilgrims by Pilate’s cavalry [ca. 36 CE], however, led to such a strong Palestinian protest that Pilate was eventually recalled to Rome. Tiberius died before his return; but the new emperor [Caligula] relieved Pilate of his command & exiled him to Gaul [Vienne-on-Rhone]. In good Roman military fashion, as one who had suffered defeat & public disgrace, he committed suicide.

    Modern experts recognise that the years 29, 30, and 31 AD were the years in which Pilate’s coins were minted. And this simultaneously indicates the timeframe for the trial and death of Jesus. These particular coins where struck in Jerusalem, the city in which the events took place. Pontius Pilate himself designed and put the coins into circulation, and conducted the trial and ordered the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.


    • Paul was humble. When did he ever make grand pronouncements about his importance? All that rot about the pillars commemorating HIS journey somewhere?

      Imagine a new believer getting this…. all-inclusive book. And then giving it to an unbelieving family member. How does a completely clueless and baffled neophyte wade their way through all this mess?

      The publisher’s letter up above doesn’t present it as handy research. It makes a load of boastful ‘we’ve corrected the egregious wrongs of the regular old Bible’ claims.

      This thing is a mess.

    • StoneDragon, you wouldn’t give this to a new believer. One gives milk to babes, not steaks. Keep the steaks for the mature who have the teeth and the digestion to handle them.

    • *I* wouldn’t give it to a new believer- but go read the add for Cepher on WND. Its being touted as if its fully legitimately the real, true, infallible cover-to-cover word of God. It needs a bit of restraint on its claims. That’s my beef with it. A new believer, a wobbly old believer- they are sucked in by such claims. Its irresponsible of all parties involved.

    • I didn’t mean you personally; I’m sorry, I should have said “one.” As in, “One should not give this to a new believer.”

      Have you watched the video? Even though I knew some of this, I still am shocked at how much our Bibles have strayed from the original Hebrew: How much has been mistranslated, changed in name, replaced and omitted.

    • Rose: How do we “know” Acts 29 is genuine?

      Point in question/answer: According to the “official” Pontius Pilot, biography…

      “Pontius Pilate’s date of birth is unknown. He is believed to have hailed from the Samnium region of central Italy. Pontius Pilate served as the prefect of Judaea from 26 to 36 A.D. He convicted Jesus of treason and declared that Jesus thought himself King of the Jews, and had Jesus crucified. Pilate died 39 A.D. The cause of his death remains a mystery. An artifact found in 1961 proved his existence.” (“”).

      I checked with the…totally blank on Pontius Pilot.

      I was checking the Antiquities of the Jews by Jewish Historian Flavius Josephus: eBook available for free here: “” No mention of Pontius Pilot’s demise that I could immediately see. Josephus was born 39 AD and Pilot’s known death is 39 AD so Josephus was around at the time of Pilot.


      or here for free…

      OpenLibrary (“”)

      Just saying…

    • I don’t, and neither do you. That is exactly the point. We don’t know, therefore we need to look into resources and not discard them.

  8. I would think that if anyone is serious about whether this is an inspired version of the Bible or not, should seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit. He Who revealed the Living Son of God to you will also be happy to reveal to you the truth of this compilation.

    Nuff said. 🙂

    • And well said. What more do believers need in these last of the last days! If I have all the knowledge in the world but have not love, do not walk in obedience to Christ, than what of it? Who has time to do this much studying anyways? (And I love to read and study)

    • Hey – Everyone needs to take a deep breath and watch the video. It’s another resource and has some good points. Remember what did people do before 1611 and the King James?

    • The resource is eclectic and filled with information that should never be indulged. God promised to preserve His Word. Where is the preservation of His Word if it keeps changing (being corrected by man) and being added to. God has stated clearly that adding to His Word will result in being severely cursed by God Himself.
      Christians can chase the rabbit of “newly discovered texts”, corrections, so-called left out words, mistranslations, etc…
      and do themselves great harm being influenced and trained by information not given by God for their spiritual health and well being.
      If God preserved His Word, ask yourself, why all the corrections?

    • It’s a miracle for the Armenian Orthodox to celebrate Christmas, in a church building, in Syria, given the events that have been going on there for a while.

      Drove my mum to the Serbian/Russian Orthodox Church just outside of Perth, this morning – lot of people attending: Ethiopians, Egyptian/Arab, Russkies, Serbs, Aussies (just some I met outside the doors – i’ve never seen it so busy there). I think she and her band of babooshkaz will hit the city afterward for a celebratory luncheon. Oh, dear. lol 🙂

      Thanks for posting, Seashoremary!

  9. I think it sounds like a great study tool. In a era of great deception that we live in it is difficult to behold anything ” new” . Daily on the internet even the most intelligent person could be drawn into being decived.
    Perhaps the real deception happened at the council of Nicee ( not sure of the spelling) when the put the books of the bible together .
    I have to say after reading the book of Enoch my life changed forever!
    I look at the world way differently. It like tied up all my loose ends I had.
    It makes our world make sense. It brought me closer to the Lord in understanding His need to go to the cross.
    Like some one said….be a Berean that can never hurt!

  10. The Walls Are Crumbling Down Around the “Official 9/11 Story” – Why?

    By Jeffrey Berwick

    Global Research, January 04, 2015
    The Daily Bell and Global Research 5 August 2014

    An absolutely monumental shift is in process that most have not recognized yet. The truth, or at least some truth, is about to be shown to the American masses about 9/11. I say American masses because everywhere I’ve gone in the world outside of the US, with few exceptions, almost everyone knows that the US government conspiracy theory on 9/11 is for people with tinfoil hats that are either completely zombified or are under mass hypnosis. Most of the rest of the world looks on the US like “The Truman Show” and can’t believe how many people in the show don’t realize it’s not real…cont…please goto link to read the full article.

  11. Well now, this certainly makes the case for all these atheists who daily claim how corrupted our Bible…oops…Book…is based on just the sheer number of times this guy says “Glaring error”.

    LA, this is exactly what the God Haters have been waiting for. And they didnt even have to court someone from their own camp to do it.

    For someone who has been a apologist for Christ and the Bible for over 30 years, this just comes as a kick in the crotch to put it bluntly. I find the way he puts forth his argument completely and purposefully devisive and meant to cause problems.

    Did anyone else notice that he never once declared they were “Led by the Holy Spirit”? You didn’t? Me either. No, instead this piece was filled with “We agreed” over and over.

    I personally find this appalling based on what I just read. I will have to do some fine-tooth comb digging just to make sure this isn’t some asinine publication from “The Onion”, because this is 100% the kind of garbage they put out to midlead, embarrass and then laugh at well meaning Christians who only want to stand for Jesus Christ.

    Yeah, the Atheist community just found exactly what they have been looking for in their attempts to make all “Bible believing” Christians look like the moronic and insipid dolts they have always said we were.

    Sorry LA, but I think you have done the Body of Christmas a huge disservice with this article and that greatly saddens me.

    Respectfully in Christ,


    • And I am speaking solely on this man’s words from this article and how he personally chose to word it, not on the finished product of what he is selling.

    • I am some what taken aback by some of the comments. Jeff – Did you watch the video? After all there have been many translations of the Bible. There are around 10 that I use frequently starting with the KJV. However it’s great to read the Greek, or the Russian orthodox version, or even the Catholic version and compare notes. One fact we should agree on is this, the name “Lord” is not Father God’s name, that is in fact a transliteration and a substitute for Yahweh. I am not a Hebrew roots guy, but I do think this one facet is certainly worthy of our consideration. I have compared a few sections to the KJV and so far other than the name of Jesus/Yashua they track. Certainly we can at least use this for a resource while keeping the KJV as our primary source. L.A.

    • LA, I am sspecifically talking about how the publisher worded this article. I am not speaking of the video or this “Book” he is selling. My beef is how he makes the Atheist’s argument for him. Now any typical God Hater can read his words and say, “See, we were correct all the time”. Here is a Bible scholar admitting the Bible is full of “Glaring errors”.

      How, as an Apologist would I not be unhappy with the wording he produced? I ask you this?

      Sincerly in Christ,


    • Yes, I can agree with that point. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, the way he worded this is a terrible disservice to any and all Christians who defend the faith. That is my main contention.

      I think he needs to completly reword his statements to be more thoughtful to the centuries of Believers who have died and defended the Bible as it has been for hundreds of years.

  12. Glad you took some much needed time off; but, it is good to have you back and bloggin!
    Good news about the Cepher!!!!!!!

  13. Thank you for all your work on all of our behalf ….. have been looking at the Cepher and wanting to get it …. thank you for saying that you found it so wonderful. Have put off getting it but think I will re-think that.

  14. I too think caution is warranted here. This reminds me of some very good teaching that Gary Stearman and J.R. Church did in some of their earlier programs concerning the divine design of the bible. There are astounding evidences that even the number of books in the bible correspond to the meanings and number of the individual Hebrew letters of the alphabet. That’s just one example. You can see a divine design, or duplication of design, between the book of John and the book of Revelation. The bible is designed around the Hebrew letters of the alphabet. Though it is very beneficial to look at those original letters and original Hebrew bible phraseology to clarify the english translation, I give pause to the addition of the book of Enoch and addition of other books to the cannon. J.R. Church and Gary Stearman brought out the evidence that parts of the book of Enoch were forged and thus not divinely inspired. I say only 1 or 2 parts. But the rest of the book of Enoch does show powerful evidence of being divinely inspired. This would be why the book of Enoch was not cannonized and taken out of the cannon. The book of Enoch is beneficial to read concerning the divinely inspired parts of the book, but parts of it are not inspired. This guy spoke of the book of Enoch as though it were all inspired and should be in the cannon. Evidence shows that all of the book is not inspired and was taken out for good purpose.

    I think we should trust that God himself has in the cannon of the bible the books he wants in there. If it’s not in there, then we should perhaps realize that God’s hand was responsible for not allowing it in there. He did promise to preserve his word. I don’t totally disagree with some of what he said in that video. We do need to look at the original Hebrew for English clarification, but it should make people take pause when the fact comes forth that parts of the book of Enoch have evidence of not being inspired but inserted later by a hoaxer or someone of that kind in that day when it was written. The video of Gary Stearman and J.R. Church discussing this can be found in a DVD series they have called “The Book of Enoch”. They make the case for it’s authenticity of being divinely inspired, but also point out that parts of the book seems to have been fabricated. So it is useful for the authentic parts, but for man to go ahead and add it to the cannon is a mistake. I think the warning John gives in the book of Revelation should be considered here. My biggest problem with this is the addition of other books, though some are mentioned in the original cannon of scripture we have now. There must be a reason why God did not allow these books in our cannon of scripture we have now. The book of Enoch is a good example of that.

    • I would also just add that these books are good for reference concerning the study of historical belief and what the flavor of culture was during that day and why people believed what they did, but I wouldn’t depend on it for spiritual nourishment as though all of the content of these extra biblical books are divinely inspired.

    • Gary Stearman and J.R. Church do a pretty good job in that DVD on the book of Enoch…I have it…good stuff.

      It might be right up there with “The Essential Calvin and Hobbes Treasury”…..which even has some pages in COLOR.
      I don’t think it is a very old book though, ……printed in 1988 i think. But it was printed in CHINA………
      …… the ink may rub off as you turn the pages and give you “The Hee-Bee-Gee-Bees”.

      I also don’t think the Apocrypha had any color or pictures…. but it was indeed very colorful to read. Makes ya use your noodle too!

  15. Centralia, PA …. is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit…this video is about an abandon town which has become a paranormal hotspot for ufo activity, monsters, etc. The video game and movie. “Silent Hill” is based on some of the store about this place.

    • Sorry for the typo…I meant stories not store. There are many many places on earth to-day that are like Centralia…other haunted places include the Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania, the Skinwalker ranch in NE Utah, and the Hudson Valley in New York…these places appear to have portals to demonic dimensions and fallen entities, and high incidences of ufo and other paranormal activity.

  16. Last verses of John (chp. 21)

    24 This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true.

    25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

    Near the end of 1st Thessalonians (chp. 5)

    16 Rejoice evermore. 17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 19 Quench not the Spirit.

    20 Despise not prophesyings.
    21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
    22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

    2 Timothy 3

    16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God
    – and is profitable
    – for doctrine
    – for reproof
    – for correction
    – for instruction in righteousness:

    17 That the man of God may be perfect
    – throughly furnished unto all good works.

    Psalm 119

    7 Genesis (Creation and Judgment)
     6 books of The Law (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)
      5 books of Faith (Joshua & Judges)
       4 books of Wisdom 
        3 books of History of Israel
         2 books of Prophecy (re: The Word of the Lord has come to you saying)
          1 Synoptic Gospels (Matthew - Mark  - Luke)
         2 book of The Word (gospel of John)
        3 books of History (Paul's letters to the churches)
       4 book of Acts of the Holy Ghost (Luke)
      5 book of Faith ... Hebrews
     6 letters (James, Peter, John, Jude)
    7 Revelation (Judgment and New Creation)

    The Word of God is hyperdimensional.

  17. The Bible quotes Enoch, and the “Founding Fathers” who edited it out used it in their Church meetings, and studies.. so… hmmm… yeah, why would I NOT look to them for divine revelation?

  18. Steve Quayle and Bob Fletcher – Nibiru Incoming! <<< Corey … you will appreciate this one too! Covers a lot of connected stuff.

  19. ~

    by Mike Jaccarino, NATIONAL ENQUIRER

    Top televangelist Joel Osteen is caught up in a financial scandal that could destroy his $50 million empire.

    New York attorney Richard Garbarini claimed he’s blowing the whistle on the 51-year-old nicknamed “The Smiling Preacher.” Garbarini – who previously helped a band win a judgment from Osteen and his Lakewood Church for stealing their music – is calling for an investigation, charging that Osteen uses his charity to promote his for-profit books.

    While the Houston-based ministry is listed as a non-profit, Garbarini said: “He’s leveraging the church as a money-making vehicle! The church pays (to air) his sermons, which are just de facto infomercials to promote his books.The Lakewood Church is a shell to funnel people to his website so he can sell his books.” Osteen’s latest title, “You Can, You Will,” was a hot holiday seller, and the Lakewood Church website prominently sells it along with Osteen’s past books, including five best sellers.

    Daniel Borochoff, head of Charity Watch, a non-profit watchdog, said Garbarini is right to red-flag Osteen’s activities, if true. “A non-profit needs to be acting in the public interest and not in the private personal business interests of Joel Osteen,” he explained. “The church should benefit from the royalties of these books when they are shouldering at least some of the cost of promoting them. If it isn’t getting something back, it oughta be. It’s too much a promotional vehicle for him.”

    While Osteen may be raising eyebrows with his marketing practices, other experts said his actions don’t violate any laws. Ex-Illinois deputy attorney general Floyd Perkins said: “Typically the person who runs the church writes the rules. My experience is that many people who participate have no idea there are no rules at all. It really becomes an ethical question rather than a legal one.”

    Osteen’s rep called Garbarini’s allegations “false and baseless,” adding: “For more than 50 years Lakewood Church has adhered to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.”

    The old snake oil sellers say:
    – “ya gotta have Jesus plus…
    – the pearl of great price and book of mormon
    – the writings of Ellen G. White
    – the watchtower tracts and magazine
    – the health and wealth videos to claim your due
    – the secrets that are only for insiders
    – the messages of other ascended masters
    – baptism by water … speaking in tongues … wafers & wine
    – etc. etc. etc.

    …and they never say, “It is enough.”

  20. I believe they are in error when they said:

    Another glaring error is the genealogy set forth in Matthew 1 is that of Miryam (Mary), it is not the genealogy of her husband Joseph! Count the generations: 14, 14, and 14 – except in every English Bible the last set has 13. This error was easily corrected, once we realized that Joseph (Yoceph) was also the name of her father.

    I had an excellent teacher and was taught Matthew 1 is the genealogy of Joseph Mary’s husband.

    Luke 3 is the genealogy of Mary. Mary did not have any brothers so Joseph became the son of (son-in-law) in Mary’s genealogy. According to Luke 3:23 Heli is Mary’s father.


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