The Huayqui Skeleton – New DNA Evidence!

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L. A. Marzulli

I took some much-needed time away from my research and blog.  I’ve been spending my time doing lot’s of projects around the house, of which the Wifey is grateful!

My Father passed away in August and my mother has been living with us so Peggy and I have not had any real-time off.

It was good to lay the plow down for a short rest.  However, I’m back and I think you’ll find this video of interest.

The picture on the left is from a lithograph from 1842 which I referred to and used in On the Trail of the Nephilim II.   This was taken from a mummified woman who was at the time of her death, and subsequent mummification, seven months pregnant.  The fetus was found with an elongated skull in the womb of the pregnant women.

Here is what the journal stated:

“We ourselves have observed the same fact [of the absence of signs of artificial pressure – IG] in many mummies of children of tender age, who, although they had cloths about them, were yet without any vestige or appearance of pressure of the cranium. More still: the same formation of the head presents itself in children yet unborn; and of this truth we have had convincing proof in the sight of a foetus, enclosed in the womb of a mummy of a pregnant woman, which we found in a cave of Huichay, two leagues from Tarma, and which is, at this moment, in our collection.

In 1842 there was deliberation from those who insisted that all the Peruvian skulls which were elongated were the result of cradle heard-boarding—a process in which the head of a new-born is bound between two boards and formed into the desired shape—but there were those who thought otherwise and thus we have their journal from 1842 which shows the fetus with an elongated skull in the womb!

Now fast forward to 2014 where a very unusual skeleton is examined. This specimen is called Huayqui and I have seen it and photographed it when we were in Peru shooting Watchers 6 – The Secret Cosmic War.

100 Wayqui #2 jpg

Here is the picture I took at Sr. Renalto’s museum, which is on the way to the sacred valley.  I was taken aback by what I saw and now DNA testing has been done on this specimen and the results are shocking.  (See the video link above.)

Does this prove this is a Nephilim skull?  No, it doesn’t.  But what it does do, is point to the validity of our hypothesis that there is an outside agency manipulating the genome.  We read in Genesis 3:  I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed (offspring) and her seed (offspring;)  

What we find in this passage is a pronunciation from the Most High God that there is going to be a seed-war between the seed of the Fallen Cherub and the seed of the woman.  When we skip over to Genesis 6, we see this manifest openly in the first incursion of the fallen host of heaven, and the results of this unholy union between the fallen angels and the women of earth is the Nephilim.  This is the beginning of the “seed-war,” and as many of you know I believe this continues into modernity with the advent the Anti-Christ, as he will be the seed of the serpent and a counterfeit of the real messiah.

The DNA evidence from the Huayqui skeleton seems to be in line with what I would expect the results to show, that the DNA is not human.

Here is an article from Ancient Origins which was sent to me by several people!  Thanks!  This report was reproduced in part in On the Trail II.

Two elongated infant skulls, which Rivero and Tschudi mention in Peruvian Antiquities were discovered and brought to England by Captain Blankley and presented to the Museum of the Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society in 1838. Dr. Bellamy provided a detailed description of these skulls in 1842, suggesting that they belonged to two infants – male and female, few months and about a year old respectively. He indicated substantial structural differences from those of “normal” infant skulls and the absence of the signs of artificial pressure, as well as their similarity to other “Titicacan” skulls in the Museum of the College of Surgeons in London. – See more at:

In closing todays post.  The facts speak for themselves and the DNA evidence from Huayqui seems to indicate the creature was a hybrid, but a hybrid from what other being?  The ancient-astronaut-theorists-crowd will point at the Huayqui DNA and tell us this is proof of the extraterrestrial visiting the planet.  I, of course differ and would posit that Huayqui may be the progeny of the fallen ones.

The bottom line is this.  We have to keep at it and nail this down and this is why I’m on the trail!

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45 thoughts on “The Huayqui Skeleton – New DNA Evidence!

  1. Welcome back! I just have to try to post with this new gizmo tablet……my laptop is in for repair and I am having some trouble adjusting LOL but……I have to share my Christmas miracle.
    I have been talking til blue in the face with my kids and grand kids for several years now and even asked L.A.’s advice a few years ago about whether Watchers would be too much for my grandsons……well, at Thanksgiving I took the plunge after one of them brought up black eyed children and we spent a long afternoon talking so for their Christmas gifts I got them each one of the DVDs. Then while I was there and opening gifts I was thrilled to get another one of my own! My grandson had paid attention and even remembered the name Marzulli!!!!! He was so excited and blurted, “That is the very newest one! I hope you haven’t seen it!”
    Welllllll, I have to confess that I lied 😦 I told him, “Open yours” and as he unwrapped his own copy of Watchers 8 I said, “Nope, I was planning to watch it with you.” Okay, okay, I had seen it and now own 3 copies LOL and now have to give away another couple to spread the word! But the one from my kiddo is always going to be my special copy! Praise God! I dunno……sorry that I fibbed but he was so excited that he was going to give me a brand new Marzulli surprise

    • Hi, Seashoremary, Eric W.

      There was a link via Steve Quayle website the other day to report about giant figures (2-2.5m height) climbing entering/exiting the Popacatepetl volcano in Mexico – witnessed by emergency rescue team members. They mentioned that these giants were able to traverse areas and climb up the mountainside in a matter of minutes where it would take them (the rescue team members) several hours. They described some of the physical features – no actual footage, except of interviews with witnesses. (via Jaime Maussan).

      (sorry, can’t find link at moment).

    • @ Pete: Hi! Yes, I saw the video a few days ago. I saw it in the Spanish Network with UFO Expert, & Host Jaime Maussen:

      The YouTube video is in Spanish with English captions–easily understood.

      Seres Extraños Muy Cerca del Volcán Popocatépetl / Strange Beings Very Near Popocatepetl Volcano

      These beings are downright creepy!

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  3. Yesterday was perihelion which is the point in the year when the earth is closest to the sun. It’s the same each year no matter what happens with any worldly calendar. The Creator arranged such cycles using the sun, moon, and stars.

    Compare to the 360 day year as described in The Revelation. It makes perfect sense. 1 day = 1 degree in the travel of the earth. 1 day has 24 hours as reckoned on the sun dials around the world. Clocks track time differently — not necessarily more regular.

    As the russians, orthodox, armenians, and coptics celebrate Christmas this week, please consider that Christ’s conception (incarnation) by the Holy Ghost may have happened on perihelion. And His birth at Tabernacles 9 months later in the fall.

    This matches well with the Gospel accounts. And it doesn’t matter how Jewish, Gregorian, Julian, or other calendars vary.

    Please celebrate Christ’s Conception! Life does matter — before and after birth. (don’t play on the enemies’ terms)

    • G’Day, Nomemoleste, and all.

      That explains why it was 44.4 degrees celsius, locally, yesterday (and no mention of this perihelion fact in the TV NEWS weather reports – would’ve clashed with the *greenhouse/global warming/climate change NEWS story reported earlier).

      (* whatever they’ve changed the label to, lately).

      God Bless!


      Merry Christmas to the Eastern Orthodox Churchies (7th Jan). (It’s a bonus to be able to celebrate Christmas a couple of times a year!)

    • Hey, LA’s back, happy new year.

      Nome, I read that on Dec, 25, 2012, a goat/sheep hybrid was born. Though most geep chimera’s are stillborn or sterile, I thought that this date was interesting. This particular one lived.

      It makes me wonder if that was the case for the Nephilim that LA mentions, most being stillborn or sterile?

      Somewhat related, I have been thinking how the upcoming Chinese New Year is the Year-of-the-Goat or Sheep, and the depiction, on some of the literature, looks like an upside-down pictograph of the Hebrew letter Samekh.

      The Samekh is the 15th letter and the 15th tarot card is apparently the devil card featuring the Baphomet, goat-headed devil.

      I don’t think that means that the devil will take be empowered because the year is ’15, but the occultists may be thinking this, just my guess.

      I did notice that on New Year’s Day, there were an inordinate amount of horror and slasher movies on TV, The Omen trilogy was on late, and TCM presented one in particular, in which Joan Crawford was an accused ax murderer who would behead her victims.

      I believe that the next day, the news had a horrific story of a man beheading his mother. Crazy stuff, to be sure.

      The Twilight Zone marathon was on the Sci Fi channel on the first day of the New Year, and included the episode in which Donna Douglas (Elly Mae Clampett) played a beauty in an upside down world, where everyone was hideous. She too wanted to be hideous to fit into society.

      I read that she died New year’s Day. I enjoyed her screen work, her saying, “This has been a filmways presentation” at the end of the Beverly Hillbillies. I vividly remember how the cast came out the door and waved during the end credits. Warmer times back then, figuratively and literally.

      May 2015 not find our hearts cold and indifferent to the Word.


    • That’s quite an interesting point Pete! About Perth @ 44.4 C / 118 F.

      With earth 3 million miles / 5 million kilometers closer at perihelion, then one would think the radiated energy exposure from the sun would be much more. It would make a very interesting calculus / physics problem to see what the difference is like. One would think the tilt of the earth was negligible in comparison! Hmmm… (psst, don’t tell Al Gore)

      With all the roos out sunbathing and the dingoes surfing… no doubt many in north america that are frozen think everyone under the Southern Cross is blessed!!

      Very merries, then to you and yours and a prosperous year to you and all on the blog, in the Proverbs sense!!

      (Time Warner is grinching with bandwidth here in south Texas. So hopin’ this gets through. Till later… )

  4. A blessed New Year everyone. A friend sent me the following link to a very informative video which reveals the dark spiritual forces behind many of the martial arts.

    The Dragon Revealed Part 1 From Darkness to Light

    Over the last 50 years, we have witnessed an explosion of Eastern philosophy and martial arts in Western culture. What has been their influence upon the last 2 generations? And where does this path we have set our feet upon lead? Does the study of Martial Arts, Tai-Chi and Yoga really lead to a more disciplined way of life, as is being promoted by the media today? Are our children being made better men and women of God through these practices, or is there something deceptive working behind the scenes? From the studio that made “Battlefield Hollywood”, “Controller” and “The Replacement gods” comes a all new documentary which seeks to give answers to these very questions.

    • Hello, Gordy.

      I trained in Wing Tsun for a few years (went along with a friend who was more interested in it and so he’d have someone to practise with). The “master” would get annoyed at trying to explain to me to call him ‘master’ not ‘mister’ – at the time I was compelled to not refer to him as master – fortunately, the mister didn’t practise his one-inch thumb punch on me!

      Blessings for a new day and the new year to you.

    • Nome…maybe if he agrees to be house-broken :mrgreen: …but my cat would love those blocks!

      I hope you got some self-assembling lego’s for Christmas, though…..Happy 2015 to you, Nome, and to one and all!

  5. Glad you got some rest LA and spent time with the Wifey …..and even working on the wifey’s “Honey-DO” List.

    Other wise you might be on the “Honey-DO-Couch” list !!! 😉

    Hope things with your momma are doing good too and that she is feeling well and meeting new friends and neighbors out in Cali.

  6. I remember the first time I saw that picture and each time I see it now it instantly reminds me of the nasty creature from the ‘Alien” movie franchise. I have always wondered where Ridley Scott got the inspiration for such a horrid creature and now think I may have an idea.

    I am glad you took some much needed and deserved time off LA. It is so hard to fight this Good Fight and not have time to let the Holy Spirit reinvigorate our whole body mind and spirit.

    You are in our prayers LA. I pray the Lord continues to watch over your work and guide your investment in exposing the great deception of Satan and his minion horde.

    • It was HR Giger that designed the alien, not Ridley Scott. The artist HR Giger is creepy in the extreme, but the inspiration/extrapolation that framed the Alien is probably the Phonima, which is a teeny, very deep deep sea creature. Giger could probably stand to have us all pray for him.

    • Happy New Year L A & everyone

      Jeff D,
      H R Giger was where Ridley Scott got the ‘ALIEN’ inspiration/creation from, but where Giger got it? Now THAT is VERY dark territory…
      Territory that I don’t doubt he’s screaming in terror amongst now since he died last year. Very, very dark and without a doubt demonic & fallen angelic influence. The elongation of the skull of the ‘ALIEN’ is very distinct and hardly surprising, yes.

      Not sure how much of this video you’ll get through, but it’ll give you a very clear idea of where GIGER was at.

      …for those who may not have picked up on it yet, …Ridley Scott, the director of ALIEN and PROMETHEUS is also the director of the current ‘biblical’ movie ‘EXODUS – Gods & Kings’.

      Don’t expect much more than a SPFX extravaganza very loosely based on the biblical account.

    • I had not heard he’d died. I try to avoid his work, but I do keep tabs on ‘art’. I shudder to think what he may have learned. I pray, at some moment before the end, he was granted the faith to believe. That nightmare becoming reality is more than I can stand to contemplate.

    • Ahhh….Stonedragon and Bruce, you are both right. I totally forgot about that. I saw Giger’s “Art” in a rather large book back in the late ’80’s. It was sickening with much of it being pornography. I also remember praying over that book before putting it back and asking the Lord to bind all evil spirits associated with it. It was truly disturbing. He was once messed up man. I hope he received Christ before he had no choice but to confess Him.

    • Hello, Bruce – TA/UCD.

      I wonder if I’d, unknowingly, invited trouble into my life because of past associations with certain peoples? In my days of youth, I would run with a bunch of punk rockers (mainly just to watch bands perform – I didn’t go for the funny haircuts and safety-pin piercings etc). My best friend (at time) took me to visit this old punk’s house where he’d pretty much wall-papered his house with the various Giger images (particularly those of what looked like deformed infants). Eventually, he’d designed an “artwork” featuring a hospital-grade infant baby mannequin and barbwire-attached it to a rusty old wheel which had cross-members within it forming a pentagram star.. this was positioned high up above doorway in main hallway. It was actually easy to miss unless you happened to look up at top of ceiling or if someone else would point it out (and there were so many other distractions on the walls as you walked along the hallway). I’m not certain if this person designed these works for sake of “art” or his own simple appreciation, or for a deeper and deliberate occult/black magic reason? I stopped going there when I finally noticed that on one of his bookshelves he kept a foetus (hospital specimen) on display (he worked as a hospital wardsman). At that time, I held a simple belief in God and Christ (compared to what I believe and know now re The Word and before I chose to get baptized as an adult aged 31) – some of the punk rocker friends would nickname me “SCG”: Solid Christian Groover. The few times I’d visited there I’d never felt comfortable, but I suppose being young and ignorant I’d go just to hang out with some people I thought were friends. Twenty years gone since I last saw any of them. Thank God.

      If I’d known then what I know now I would never have set foot into that household.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (belated) to you, Bruce. Hope you safe from the bushfires in SA.

    • PS… As you probably aware of, Ridley Scott made the first TV commercial introducing the Apple personal computer (back in 1970s). The TV advert never actually featured the PC itself, only the Apple symbol logo (at end of ad) – the rainbow-coloured apple with a bite taken out of it.

    • Hi Pete, yes I remember it. This is it from 1984, yes?

      “On January 24th Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you will see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”.
      (…you’ll have to wait another 30yrs for that. There is no internet to link you all together yet where we can desensitize and distract you all from our insidiously REAL Orwellian/NWO/Big Brother plans!)

      Your query about whether you possibly invited trouble into your life through your past experiences? Yes, possibly. It seems as though you have it all sorted since though through your refocus (and I’m assuming re-dedication/baptism) when you were 31.

      Yes, I am safe from the SA bushfires. Keep praying for everyone else affected all over the rest of the country though.

  7. well for me Gen3:15 now becomes as fundamental as Gen6! wow!

    LA we know you are following revelation in this whole story. its a spiritual story led by a spiritual man and 1Jn2:27. so go for it!

    I had a picture of a white wolf rustling in front of me and the words Russia is on the move. in researching this strange picture I came across a documentary called the white wolves, about the worlds largest group of neo-nazis, in Russia, and their connection to wider feelings of nationalism. even though many push the idea of neo-nazis on the ukraine side of the conflict, it seems there are in fact neo-nazis on both sides, and perhaps more importantly, the associated feelings of nationalism are strongly present in the russian separatist groups which instigated the annexation. in fact the very first pro-russian demonstration, in sevastopol, on 23feb2014, was bolstered by a group with ties to Putin and was called the Night Wolves.

    i am not sure how taking georgia is necessary for land access to the middle east, as russia has direct access into azerbaijan, but i guess it can’t hurt. crimea however is desired for quick access to the med.

    i’d say lets not ignore russia’s greater goals, her preference for control over growth. i have no problem likening her to a bear, or, now, a white wolf!

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