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MondayMonday Morning Musings


L. A. Marzulli

Sydney siege live: Police negotiate with gunman after five people emerge from Lindt cafe in Martin Place

Hostages were earlier seen pressing a black flag with Arabic text against the cafe’s windows.

Don’t worry folks it can’t happen here…. Oh wait!  We have the Fort Hood Shooter, Hassan who yelled Allah Akbar as he shot and killed 13 people in cold blood.  But thanks to the wisdom or our leaders, this wasn’t an act of terrorism.  Then we have the honor killings happening in America, which has no honor in it at all but is murder, plain and simple.  This was unthinkable 30 years ago.  Then we have Dearborn Michigan….

Then we have this: More than forty Australian Muslim groups have strongly condemned the acts of gunmen who are holding an undisclosed number of people hostage at a chocolate shop and café in the country’s most populous city of Sydney.

It’s good to see some push back!  Maybe there’s hope after all? L.A.


In show of strength, Hamas stages massive military parade in Gaza,7340,L-4603331,00.html

Hamas has in recent days stepped up its attempts at psychological warfare against Israel, test firing rockets out to sea, posting leaked videos of IDF investigations – and on Sunday staging a massive military parade in the Gaza Strip to mark the 27th anniversary of its creation. 

As I stated in previous BLOGs, Israel really has only one choice and that is to destroy, HAMAS, Hezbollah and ISIL, as well as go after the Iranians nuclear program.  Like my friend Bill Salus believes, this is most likely the beginnings of the Psalm 83 war. L.A.


 Saudi Arabia’s oil war against Iran and Russia

This price plunge has been driven by Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s dominant power. While it’s true that part of Riyadh’s actions respond to the energy renaissance in North America, the greater motivation is breaking Iran’s will.

I may address this soon as I believe the real reason for this is to keep the US petrol-dollar afloat.  Russia is one of the leaders of the BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—who are calling for a new world default currency other than the dollar.  The dollar has been used as the currency for all trading of oil.  This is one of the reasons we went into Iraq.  Saddam was trading his oil for Euros rather than dollars.,9171,998512,00.html  L.A.


Iraq crisis: Kurds reclaim Jalawla after Islamic State defeat

Territorial gains by the so-called Islamic State have begun to be reversed in several places in Iraq. 

This war has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and Christians have fled the country.  I check the news several times a day to see what is happening in Iraq.  L.A.


ISIS beheads 4 young Christian children in Iraq

ISIL continues to butcher innocent people in Iraq with no end in sight.  These children were beheaded because they refused to renounce their faith in Jesus…. L.A.


 Senate approves $1.1 trillion spending bill

A small group of conservatives, led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), had tried to block debate on the bill by raising concerns with Obama’s immigration policy, forcing a marathon weekend session. The move infuriated their colleagues, particularly Republicans who complained that forcing senators to stay in session produced nothing positive for the GOP and only helped Democrats in their bid to approve a final batch of Obama’s nominees for government posts.

Proof that is doesn’t matter who we elect as the status quo continues unabated.  Please note that Ted Cruz is the only one standing up to the insanity that is the norm in Washington.  L.A.


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85 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli!

  1. Lots going on there. Praying for the situation in Syndey.

    Hamas has had a nice amount of time to re-arm so that’s going along as expected.

    The Israeli political scene is a real circus.

    “As I stated in previous BLOGs, Israel really has only one choice and that is to destroy, HAMAS, Hezbollah and ISIL, as well as go after the Iranians nuclear program. Like my friend Bill Salus believes, this is most likely the beginnings of the Psalm 83 war. L.A.”

    I agree. The wildcard here is: Does Jeremiah 49:34-39 happen as the first domino to fall or not?

    Something tells me we aren’t going to be waiting too much longer to find out.

    I hate to be cynical but:

    “It’s good to see some push back! Maybe there’s hope after all? L.A.”

    It’s talk. That’s all it is. It’s called “C-Y-A.”

    The Twitter campaign: “I’ll ride with you”

    Where were they when the Jewish groups were being attacked?

    And why aren’t the moderate Muslim groups outing the extremists in Australia? Or anywhere else for that matter?

    The Muslim community is getting nervous out there because of the attention and have now come out and denounced it.

    ^^ That’s my take on it anyways. I dare them to pleasantly shock me. Anyone taking bets?

    Scientists playing God:
    We’ve Put a Worm’s Mind in a Lego Robot’s Body

    A wheeled Lego robot may not look like a worm, but it “thinks” like one after programmers gave it the neuron connections in a C. elegans roundworm

    And it works.

    This is just what’s de-classified.

    • @ worm mind
      – see 🎮🎯 (web brain for “how to” algorithms any connected robot can use)
      – “on the web no one knows you’re a mechanical turk”
      – “on a usenet oracle”

      @ petro monies
      – see 🏧

      @ moderates pushing back
      – no panacea
      – thesis, antithesis, synthesis
      – evil, alternate evil, hybrid spawn of evil
      – mom & pop are such nice people
      -1 billion aborted babies later

  2. BREAKING NEWS: “The Associated Press ‏@AP 1m1 minute ago

    Heavily armed police storm Sydney cafe where gunman has been holding hostages.”

    It’s on.

    • It’s done. Awaiting news.

      “CNN Breaking News ‏@cnnbrk 5m5 minutes ago

      CPR being performed on at least 2 after Sydney siege, which has now ended, Australia’s ABC report”

      Etc. etc.

    • The Associated Press @AP 21s21 seconds ago
      BREAKING: Police say Sydney cafe hostage situation is over after more than 16 hours.

      CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk 3m3 minutes ago
      7 people left #SydneySiege on stretchers, 5 receiving immediate treatment, Australia’s ABC reports.

    • The man has been i.d.’d as Man Haron Monis, “a 49-year-old self-styled Islamist cleric who has faced a host of previous criminal charges.” ….why is he even out in public? o_O


  3. I think that perhaps the bigger picture of America invading Iraq and Lybia was a gospel thing. Yes, in the natural, those nations stopping the use of the dollar was the major reason, but the dollar had to stay alive for the gospel’s sake. God is not yet done spreading the gospel to all the nations of the earth. If nations were allowed to stop using the dollar, the American economy would start to go down and along with it, major ministries who are spreading the gospel to the nations of the earth. Ministries are supported by the people. Ministries cannot operate if people don’t have the money to support them. America is the major and main nation supporting and spreading the gospel across the face of the earth. Most ministries eminate from here. This is the major purpose for America’s existence, as can be seen by reading this PDF (and I am going to draw the two overlay maps out again and post it so all can see it, it’s quite amazing).


    Once God finally does let America go down, I believe that will be it. We’re outta here. As major a sign (and I believe the major sign) that all the happenings in the Middle East are regarding the soon return of Christ, we cannot forget that America does indeed figure very, very prominently into the signs because of it’s main purpose for existence. Once it’s purpose for existence starts to be destroyed and the economy that supports it’s existence collapses, that will be the major kickoff to the end time Tribulation to start. The gospel will no longer be going forth (at least not on the scale that it is now), and there will be no reason any longer for God to keep things going as they are. And the major sign that America (the spreader of the gospel message across the face of the earth) is getting ready to fade and collapse is the approaching Schemitta year approaching in September of next year. This pattern is only playing out in America. So goes America, so goes the world. So as you can see, eyeballs should be rolling to the back of people’s head right now in wonderment over this Schemitta/blood moon pattern playing out becausse it has everything to do with America repeating the patterns of ancient Israel. And that pattern is the collapse of the world’s gospel provider. Amazing how you can see the mercy of God at work in something such as the military invasion of another nation or two. It assured that the gospel provider of the world was allowed to remain intact and thus give people more time to repent and get saved before it’s too late. Perhaps it was an act of mercy and a reprieve for the world to give those last souls more time to enter the Kingdom by hearing the gosped message.

    Anyhow, just a passing thought and there’s my 3 cents.

    • The future may not be all bad, dancing has seemed to have improved as evidenced by this clip:

      sorry, I’ll go away now…

    • I wish I could agree with you Corey about the U.S. dollar, but I can’t. God instructed his people to use silver and gold in “just measures.” Our fiat, or any other fiat for that matter, is not denominated in “just measures.” And the paper gold and silver that is sold on the stock market is certainly not just measure. Especially when there is around one hundred pieces of paper claims to one ounce of gold.

      Our constitution decreed that our money was to be of silver and gold. No paper. But the system was hi-jacked. I really dislike having to use fiat, and I am not all warm and fuzzy about the all seeing eye on dollar bills. The petro dollar is no more than extortion and now other nations are calling the bluff.

      Also, so many people have no clue what is in this new spending bill such as allowing banks to trade in derivatives that are FDIC insured. That puts us on the hook again. Except there won’t be bail outs next time. There will be bail ins. I still struggle wrapping my head around what a derivative is, but I know there are over a quadrillion, a thousand trillion, of them floating around in this world. More derivatives than there is money.

      I do praise God that his will is being done in spite what we have done with his instructions. God have mercy upon us all and his will be done.

      Sorry for the rant. It was not directed toward anyone. When I came to terms to what a fiat dollar is a few years ago, it shook me to the core. A lot of people are going to find out when it’s too late. And it won’t be any fun for those of us who already know what the fiat system really is. Being around a lot of ticked off people freaking out is not fun in its own right,

      As I was typing this, I noticed a Roosevelt dime that is bent and would not go through the coin counting machine at the bank the other day. I just checked it with a magnifier and it is a 1946! Ninety-percent American silver! An era gone by. A piece of silver coinage that is still worth 1/14th of an ounce of the same old silver that God put into the ground.

      God Bless and Godspeed,

      Jimmy D.

    • my hebrew dictionary says aleph-lamed-hey , alah means swearing, oath, curse, agreement by oath, sworn covenant. Also oak. :o)

    • Hi Jimmy D… I do totally agree with you about the fiat money system. It is an unjust measure and corrupt thing that is taking place. But I would just add to my comment that America does have a duel purpose. Overall, I would say that it is to spread the gospel to the nations of the world. But I would just say that God does use the evil for good according to his plan, while in the end when the time comes, he will judge the evil. Although the system of fiat money is evil, at the same time, if God had let the dollar collapse, it would have happened before the appointed time and the gospel would have ceased going forth in short order. But the system itself and those that are wicked who control the system are all under the control of God ultimately. When the time comes, he will judge. But for now, it’s kinda like saying… Let it (the evil) ride for now for the greater good and purpose of God in the earth. That purpose is so that the gospel can go forth. Another point to consider is that if the dollar had collapsed, it would have done so before the God’s appointed Schemitta year next year. So therefore, I would say that God did not allow it to happen before the appointed time. This would obviously suggest that God didn’t let it happen, even though the system is still evil. There is an appointed time, and it wasn’t yet. I would add that God is longsuffering of evil, not willing that any perish. He will stay his hand of judgment upon the evil because of grace, which obviously would have to mean that he saves and evil system for the benefit of not only us still being here, but for those yet to come into the kingdom who are appointed to. I think over and over in history this can be seen to be the case with nations.

      That’s my rant.

      God Bless and Godspeed to you as well 🙂

    • R. Bannon: Read this. This is an article written by Gary Stearman in the August 2004 issue of Prophecy In The News Magazine. I have the hard copy in my magazine collection. I’m lucky I found it on the net. It’s called “The Curse Of The Flying Carpet”. This is most amazing. The bible speaks of a curse called “Allah” that will spread across the face of the earth in the end times according to the book of Zechariah. Indeed, it does mean curse. “It appears many times in the old testament always referring to a violated oath, malediction, imprecation or curse”. (Gary Stearman: August 2004 Prophecy In The News).


    • Jamie, it is interesting that alah also means oak. I have read that oak groves were use in the cult of Diana and St Brigit established a church of the oak. Let’s pray for the guys excavating oak island. They may actually uncover something that is cursed.

      Corey, might the September 13, super blood moon be the 6th seal and the end of the church age? Yom Kippur, ten days later, is timed exactly when the French premier said there might be some kind of disaster. This also is when the pope is visiting the U.S.

      This video is a few months old, but interesting:

    • Sorry, that’s the wrong video, I thought it was of the French premier warning of 500 days until something happened. I am not sure where I saw that video.

    • R. Bannon: I would also add that ancient Israel’s failure to keep the law resulted in this “curse” being poured out upon them as it is being done today. “Allah” is indeed a curse to them today now that they are back in the land. But this time, the curse is being poured out upon them for failing to recognize the messiah Christ (the new covenant). As ancient Israel suffered this curse, we see America beginning to suffer this curse as well, but this time, it’s going forth over the face of the earth. It is all a result of our nation turning it’s back upon God. Just as ancient Israel was raised up by God to declare his word to world, so to was America raised up in like fashion as ancient Israel. The tabernacle pattern in the PDF bares this out. As a result The same pattern is playing out with America. Islam is eating at this country from the inside out as the curse is being allowed to metastasize. If you get the chance, I would recomment the book “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies And Subversives Have Penetrated Washington” by Paul Sperry. There is also a follow-up book to that one called “Muslim Mafia”, co-authored by Paul Sperry. These books document the frightening infiltration the Muslim brotherhood has into our government and societal organizations that affect our culture and law. You made me think of those two books after reading the article you posted above.

    • Corey, wow, I just read the Gary Stearman article. That was spot on. The ephah, basket-shaped object, reminded me that something like that is used in Eleusinian mysteries in the cult of Peresphone. A kalathos is a lidded basket and a kiste is a sacred chest containing a golden serpent, an egg, a phallus, and seeds.

      My bet is that the superbowl half-time show could feature items such as these. As it is timed with the festival of Imbolc. Again, just a wild guess on my part.

      Thanks for posting, Gary mentions back in 2004, the effect on the major population centers of the world, how accurate that was.

    • R. Bannon: Wow, I didn’t know he said that. I think it’s clear to those of us who are awake know that the Illuminati and their puppets have a way of “revealing” things before they happen, even if subtlely. But him saying that being timed to Yom Kippur ten days later sure is interesting. But good point, I mean, come on! The blood moons are not only a blood moon tetrad, which is amazing in itself, but it’s a super blood moon (the last one in the tetrad! Intersecting with the Schemitta cycle! Something bad happening?! Hmmmm…. and all the evidence of planet x approaching at the same time?! Sure looks suspicious to me R. Bannon! It’s about as clear as the nose on my face at this point.

      That video you posted above is most interesting. Glad you posted it! Talk about subliminal messaging hidden in plain sight regarding Planet X!

    • Well now that you mention all of those objects, perhaps I’ll be checking out the superbowl half time show. We shall see.

    • Thanks for the book suggestion, I made note of the titles. I looked at the PDF a few days back. It was thought provoking, to say the least.

    • 500 Days Until Climate Chaos: End Time Signs & Events

      >>> collection of many clips with many segments of Paul Begley interviewing Michael. [ MUCH MORE DETAIL IN THIS. ]

    • “”

      Time to wake up.

    • …and in an ultimate display of mind boggling HYPOCRISY, …get THIS…


      “Resorting to inhumane methods and creating terror and panic in the name of the divine religion of Islam is not justifiable under any circumstances,” Iran’s official Press TV quoted a spokeswoman from the Foreign Ministry as saying Monday.

      What The ….!
      Gee… I don’t know about you, but with THEIR track record of Islamic human rights violations, I know I’m totally inspired to take many of my moral cues about how to treat other non Islamic people from Iran! Madness, utterly deluded madness…

      (STOP. …hear that? I think it’s the sound of them giggling amongst themselves at how much they are able to get away with mocking the rest of the world with their false, fabricated intentions and lies.)

  4. Re: Sydney Siege and “don’t worry folks, it can’t happen here”..

    Yes, a lot have that same mindset here in Canada, too. Many who read this blog probably know we also had an Islamic-inspired lone gunman involved in shoot-out at the Parliament Buildings on October 22nd! (…preceded by his shooting of a soldier at the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”) Many still don’t get it!

    • Yesterday, I said, “Denny’s” but it was “Luby’s”


      On October 16, 1991, 35-year-old George Pierre “Jo Jo” Hennard, an unemployed merchant mariner or able seaman who was described by others as angry and withdrawn, with a dislike of women, drove his blue 1987 Ford Ranger pickup truck through the front window of a Luby’s Cafeteria at 1705 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen. Yelling “This is what Bell County did to me! This is payback day!”, Hennard then opened fire on its patrons and staff with a Glock 17 pistol and, later, a Ruger P89. He stalked, shot, and killed 23 people, ten of them with single shots to the head,[3] and wounded another 20 before committing suicide. Approximately 140 people were in the restaurant at the time.

      - (real time reporting for Texas Open Carry)

    • Nome, yes, too many increasing incidents like this! Here are a couple of links on the incident in Canada in October:


    • Family tells TV that Brazilian held hostage in Sydney is well

      News story translation

    • G’Day, Linda_From_Toronto!

      I was actually surprised to hear one of the local news anchors (ABC), late, this evening, make reference to the Canadian Parliament incident as an attack by a “jihadist”. As soon as I became aware of the events going on in Sydney early yesterday morning (I discovered news via a headline on the Steve Quayle website) I switched on the TV and pretty much spent the whole day watching all the channels broadcasting the incident unfolding, i stepped out for the evening and continued watching again from 11pm – this “jihadist/Canada” reference was the only time I heard, all day/night, any such reference.
      I do wonder, too, if the news anchor, I mentioned in previous blog, will still have a job in the morning re his “Should we really be surprised?” comment – probably not, but then again the PM has just announced budget cuts including plans to cut a few hundred million dollars expenditure on the ABC and SBS (public) stations (radio/TV/net).

      Then there was not-so-new-anymore International Star on the World Stage, Prime Minister Tony Abbott declare at a press conference, “We do not know what his motivations are.” If Mr PM, looked closely (which I’m sure he did or was informed of, at least) at the news footage of women forced by a gunman to hold up a black flag with Arabic writing stating the popular catchphrase (for some), “There is one god etc Mo is his prophet.” he might have got a subtle hint. Then, of course, there have been throughout the day the interviews with various Muslim Community Leaders who gave there translations of this Arabic writing on the flag and said they were sacred words (and of course,the standard “this bloke was a loner, a loony, etc and this is not Islam etc etc BS BS BS”).

      I don’t think the gunman was there to order a decap err decaf coffee or ham & cheese croissant, but, at least, the PM didn’t say, “workplace violence.” Nor when it was revealed what demands the gunman had made, as he hadn’t asked for a helicopter and a Big Mac with fries to go, so you could guess it wasn’t a robbery.

      It’s JIHAD, from the RPM.

    • Good Day to you too, Pete!

      Very sorry to see what happened in Sydney, starting around 9:30 pm here last night as breaking news. Your comments are exactly right…I, too, was disgusted with Abbott’s comments “We do not know his motivations…..”! 🙄

      I’m surprised, though, the Canadian Parliament shooting wasn’t covered by the main news (?) in Australia in October. It was covered by BBC and CNN (in addition to Cdn news outlets) for several days up here and in the U.S., starting almost as it was unfolding. (Maybe the main Aussie media were too uncomfortable reporting an Islamic-inspired terrorist attack in another country?)

      But anyway, too late to push the Islamist movement back into the “Pandora’s box” now….

      God bless, stay safe, and all the best, Pete. (..and as Azureceu said, keep your head down!)

    • Is it a “requirement” for public officials and gov’t goons to be complete morons ??
      [ …..and these people question the muslim nut job’s “motivations”…huh ??………………”Houston….we are surrounded by idiots.” ]

      Now they will spend MILLIONS to give this muslim nut job a “just trial”……..right ?!?!

      Ohhh, that’s right……..he’s dead.

      Hope he likes his 72 year old virgin.

    • I accept that whilst this siege was occurring, Mr Abbott had to be tactful and careful with his words so as not to, possibly, further provoke the situation in the Martin Place district, and possibly others to act in their godless manner – Sydney has already been witness to the violent/aggressive protests by followers of that RPM (remember parents having their infants hold signs displaying ‘Behead those etc?’ (Clinton’s attributed a dodgy video to have instigated the Benghazi terrorist attacks, and violent protests worldwide) and the infamous Cronulla Riots/Brawls nearly ten years ago. However, it is time now for him to be clear, and loud, with the truth – no matter which “community” may be offended. Unfortunately, the deception of political correctness will not permit this, and, of course, it would hurt the sensitivities of these people who would seek vengeance and those who approve of their ideology. Enough already of the “this is not Islam” BS.

      I am starting to think that this incident was an exercise, an experiment. So many government security departments and all the money spent on “security.” It’s as if it was a movie script – and this Sheik Shakey, with a major list of crimes committed (allegedly) is able to walk the streets and commit this heinous act? I don’t get it at all. Just three weeks ago, and having spent tens of millions on security for the Brisbane G20 meeting, and this bloke with his severe criminal history (allegedly) can roam around and do whatever he pleases? “They”, the government, the cops, the mayor tell us not to fear, to carry on with our lives but in reality it is quite the opposite that they are… indoctrinating. Fear!! Do not live your life!! Place your faith and trust in government – NOT God!

      I’m very sad for the victims in this scenario and their families, and very sad for my country, moreso today. I’m also very angry. I don’t understand why, because it should come as no surprise, it was inevitable – as the LORD has warned us of events that are occurring, that have happened, and will happen. I don’t know why I am crying tears? AS I have not shed many for others elsewhere, and I feel very ashamed of that, and that’s not meant to suggest I don’t care about what’s happened elsewhere.

      The LORD tells us not to fear. Rejoice! Our redemption draws near! Hallelujah!

      For those of you whom have bothered to read my comments, please let me know if I am wrong or rambling and feel free to correct me. These are only my personal views – rightly or wrongly. I would appreciate your God-given wisdom.

      Here is an example of $160 million worth of “security”: APEC 2007 in Sydney. No joke. Fair dinkum.

      PS. I do not want to ride with them. Them’s is on the PALE Horse. But I will, I’ll just not go all the way with them – I just go the short run by train/bus into town, thanks – them’s are continuing on the way down.

  5. Replay for Nome – for the sake of the story of Kuurne

    Monday Morning Musings..


    Quia pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris?

    Been battling daemons this morning & have not read the news.
    Pete, keep your head down, tall fellows make good targets..
    Back to the battle…

    • Azureceu…hope all is OK now!

      Re: “…story of Kuurne”

      Some imported apple cider vinegar I have at home has almost that same spelling on it (company name)… am starting to wonder what’s in the bottle! 😮

    • Linda, if you have the premium vintage as opposed to the Manneken Pis, worst case scenario with the former is the urge to bray as opposed to the latter; urge to buy wee mannequins.
      -I’m braying 4 Uuuuu..


      Walk’n the Planck Van Gogh style

      The magnetic field along the Galactic plane

      Cosmic dust vs Cosmic dust bunnies (dust bunnies not included)

    • Roger, that, Azereceu. Shouldn’t be a problem, Cobber. I’ve probably got a bit shorter, for a while, from being hunched over trying to listen to the little people. *Bugger ’em (not the little people), mate – I’ll stand tall and keep looking up. God willing! But you are right, I seemed to have been the target for a few over the years. I won’t tell you about my weekend – very timely, LA’s Sunday Bun topic. Saved me (again). 🙂

      *Aussie vernacular not always or necessarily meaning what it originally used to mean (although still does in Tasmanian law).

    • Booger bugger – false friends?

      You can pick your nose, you can pick yer friend but you shant pick yer friends nose laddy..
      -Tasmanian poetry

      Linda, I’m better now, subjectively speaking..

    • @ magnetic dust bunnies 👯💨
      – UlUrU comes to mind


      O brother Peter…
      – Just how do the Japanese pronounce Uluru ❓
      – Ayer’s is my bet

    • Azureceu! No fear.. I shan’t.

      My brother, Nomemoleste, how art thou be? as per your question… They pronounce it.. funny, either way. 🙂

      Dear, Linda… Re the Aussie lack of broadcast on the Canada Parliament JIHADIST attack… I’m not sure, mate. I rarely watch the TV, tend to look at the world news on the internet and usually via the alternative media rather than the mainstream. I suppose it may have had extensive broadcast on the pay channel news stations such as SKY (which I think is the Aussie version of BBC/FOX/Al Jazeera etc), but as for the free-to-air it would have received some broadcast but they wouldn’t want to interrupt the cooking, home renovation, big losers, swinging batchelor-ettes, deceive the other survivors, programmes and celebrity/entertainment/gossip updates (called NEWS). Though, I’d say, the ABC which has now had a 24-hour news channel going for the past year or two, would have had more extensive coverage than the commercial channels, such as when the Sandy Hook incident happened it received great priority. (which is another suspicious incident – just watched a documentary via yt “We need to talk about Sandy Hook”, last week).

  6. Steve Q had a link about ancient alien artifacts originally discovered in Egypt by Dr Petrie’s and upon his death were moved by the Rockefeller museum. They are so unbelievable they look fake. Looks like disclosure soon.

    • Probably this:


      came from

      Note the user comments. Person never provides sources after repeated requests.

      This is a fake.

      Talk about forcing feeding the alien narrative, too!

  7. Prophecy Prelude to the 200 million?

    BEIJING – About 300 Chinese people are fighting alongside the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, a Chinese state-run newspaper said on Monday, a rare tally that is likely to fuel worry in China that militants pose a threat to security.

    China has expressed concern about the rise of Islamic State in the Middle East, nervous about the effect it could have on its Xinjiang region. But it has also shown no sign of wanting to join US efforts to use military force against the group.

    Chinese members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) are traveling to Syria via Turkey to join the Islamic State, also known as IS, the Global Times, a tabloid run by China’s ruling Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily, said.

    “According to information from various sources, including security officers from Iraq’s Kurdish region, Syria and Lebanon, around 300 Chinese extremists are fighting with IS in Iraq and Syria,” the Global Times reported.

    Chinese officials blame the ETIM for carrying out attacks in Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uighur people. But the government has been vague about how many people from China are fighting in the Middle East.

    In July, China’s envoy to the Middle East, Wu Sike, cited media reports when he said about 100 Chinese citizens, most of them from the ETIM, were in the Middle East fighting or being trained.

    China says ETIM militants are also holed up along the ungoverned Afghan-Pakistani border and want to create a separate state in Xinjiang, though many foreign experts doubt the group’s cohesiveness.

    Instead, human rights advocates argue that economic marginalization of Uighurs and curbs on their culture and religion are main causes of ethnic violence in Xinjiang that has killed hundreds of people in the past two years.

    China has criticized the Turkish government for offering shelter to Uighur refugees who have fled China through southeast Asia and said such a channel creates security risks.

    Jerusalem Post

  8. “Monis, who was granted political asylum in Australia, was on bail for a string of violent offences, including being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife.”


    Sydney siege: Who is Man Haron Monis?

  9. Roger, that, Azereceu.

    Praise and Glory to the LORD for HIS mercy.

    Sadly, two deaths, including the hostage taker, have resulted in the ending of the Sydney hostage siege which was ended just a few hours ago, upon police actions. Thank God, there were not more fatalities. Thank God, the police handled the matter with great patience.

    Sorry, friends, but this incident stinks highly suspicious to me. I cannot comprehend or understand or even believe how it is possible that this person was even on the streets and not already locked up in jail – or even deported back to his original homeland (Iran):

    [via “ “]

    (i) This individual was responsible for sending evil, offensive letters harrassing the families of Fallen Diggers (Aussie Soldiers – re Aghan conflict) – he was arrested, charged, and convicted in court, which was later appealed against in the High Court.

    (ii) He was set bail for allegedly, with his partner, murdering his ex-wife (reported in media as an ‘honour killing’) – stabbed to death and then set alight to burn.

    (iii) Whilst released ON bail for the alleged murder charges, he is alleged to have committed several rapes.

    Several references made tonight on local media by newscasters about the offender…. “String of offences”. Not one – “Several.”

    Just a couple of months ago, ASIO and Federal Police made several arrests of persons suspected of planning terrorist attacks within Australia. There was also the shooting by police of a ‘man’ whom stabbed two Victoria Police officers – the offender was fatally wounded. I cannot believe that today’s perpetrator of the hostage siege was not under surveillance by State, Federal, and/or Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), considering his recent history since arriving in Australia in 1996, and PERMITTED to be able to carry out this action today – nor do I believe he was a Lone Wolf.

    It’s BS!!

    This incident is a setup!! I do not believe this will be the end of it.

    I’m not surprised at all by this event… disappointed and angry about it, but not surprised. It’s not a new event, except for Sydney, perhaps? Thank God it didn’t become another NY911, or Bali, or Beslan or Kenya or London or Madrid or…

    I remember, watching the TV with a Christian friend, seeing the Buddhist Monks ‘bless’ Sydney (with their rituals on the Harbour outside the Opera House). We laughed as they did their ‘blessings’ upon the City of Sydney (in lead-up to 2000 Olympics), and my friend said, “They are casting curses upon our city!”

    I feel sorry for the Muslim believers. I feel sorry for ALL those persecuted by whomever. This event WILL increase tensions in the “community” here. Unfortunately, there will be ignorant, probably drunken, fools who will be uncivil to those who look “different”. Hopefully, Aussies will use their brains AND have a heart. We had the Cronulla Riots/Brawls back in 2005, already. I hope this does not lead to a Ferguson-type carry-on. Of course, I do not agree with Islam and those that say, “Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in the same god.” I pray for all – even those in my personal life who convict and condemn me.

    LORD forgive me for my anger and despair (of late) and now increased from watching the NEWS on TV, today. Rescue me, LORD! Have mercy on my country – we’ve invited, welcomed, and embraced all of the wickedness and evil into the Great South Land of the Holy Cross – ALL of them!

    I began writing this over two hours ago, upon the ending of this drama in Sydney, but had to keep re-editing as I was falling into a trap of expressing things which were angering me more.

    Forgive me, friends for waffling on. I’ve not said anything good or useful, or scriptural.

    Thank God for a brand new day.

    “My City of Sydney, I miss the warmth of you…”

    LORD have mercy! Come quickly, Father!

  10. To Kirk Dimotrovic..

    Thanks for posting the Pastor JD Farag video, yesterday. Missed a few over the last few weeks. His reciting of “If I were the Devil…” by ? (forgive me, I cannot recall his name) which were spoken fifty years ago. Awesome work! I will transcribe that story and post on the local deli’s notice board.

    I love Pastor Farag and his work. Great to watch/listen. 5/5 stars! 🙂

    • Pete, if you watch it on YouTube, you’ll see his name in the section above the comments. It was Paul Harvey. (I had never heard of Paul Harvey before….pretty good summary “If I were the Devil”.)

    • You are welcome Pete!

      I enjoy Pastor JD and his teachings and his prophecy updates are always excellent and timely. Glad you got to hear this one too.

    • Linda,

      Paul Harvey was fixture on radio during my upbringing. Very often during noon time, he’d be on the radio a short couple of minutes with a social comment.

      Or we’d catch him sporadically on an extended piece giving “The Rest of The Story.”

      So no doubt there are plenty of youtubes and mp3’s about.

      But… here’s the rest of the story…
      – Paul Harvey in the guise of the Masonic god

      Yet they say he was only Demolay and not mason, as if there’s a difference.

      Paul Harvey was not a Mason!

      Paul Harvey, as a boy was a member of Demolay. Harvey was initiated into Delta Chapter in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1936 and is a Legion of Honor recipient. Harvey was inducted into the DeMolay Hall of Fame on June 25, 1993. But he never joined a Masonic Lodge.

      For those that check the reference, be prepared to “X” out of the webpage of the annoying pop-up that’s embedded. caution-

      Gotta say… just so much fool’s gold.

    • Az…
      -daleks considered
      -methinks I know what happened to the martians

      -such nice monsters … this friendly dragon couple

    • Nomemoleste,

      I think the late William Cooper (author, Behold A Pale Horse, alleged/claimed ‘it was the who driver shot JFK’, ‘predicted’ 911, Tsoukalas aliens did it) was also a member of the Demolay mob. Unfortunately, I bought his book – he reprints the sinister and fraudulent “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” within its pages. I’ve still got it up on one of my bookshelves… so I can’t say, “and to the person…”. Fortunately, I haven’t allowed someone else to suffer reading my copy.

  11. Anyone remember the November 18 blog entitled “Is The Gulf Stream Broken?” Well, go back and read it and the comments if you didn’t read it. The Gulf Stream stalling and stopping has to do with a major prophecy fulfillment of the end times found in Job 38. Check this article out:



  12. BHO says…

    – “really they’re more than just cannon fodder to me”
    – “take for instance how I used navy seals to eliminate OBL”

  13. 12/15/2014 (8:36 pm CT)


    I received History Channel’s promo on the “Moment of Truth” showing the Viera Bros…I saw it and dismissed it. Not much to see.

    A few moments ago, I rec’d a 2nd History Channel promo on the “Moment of Truth” segment. This one is titled “Search for the Lost Giants: Interbreeding Between Ancient Humans”.

    I’ve never ever seen a 2nd promo on any of History Channels segments. This one has LA’s on-screen Nephilim theology!!! (The viewership is 11 views at the moment). Hit the view…let’s have it go viral!!

  14. Dear Gonz, (by way of LA’s blog)

    Glad you asked! Travel to the stars is ridiculous, except perhaps for angels of light.

    Any human group that would attempt such things probably has never tried to live on an oceangoing ship. Or an island for that matter. Scarcity of basics becomes acute, and is simply the result of logistics and resupply.

    In short, I think star travel is a scan, as is astronomy, etc.

    Exploring the solar system on the other hand is wonderful! There’s immense bounty within meaningful reach of our robots. Very big robots.

    I take the “The moon will turn to blood” passage very literally. It’s likely the moon, undersea, and underground will be considerably populated.

    Yes, Interstellar, Ascension, Jupiter Rising, etc. are of course all just part of the enemy’s cons.

    Thanks for the update!! (ps. What’s your read on Levenda and Streiber re: secret space ??)

    – nome

    • “scam” vice “scan” … seti notwithstanding

      Oh, and I guess that’s Jupiter Ascending… vice Rising…

      Of course the Ascension, Ascending, Ascended masters schtick got old with the Star Gate sequels … and New Agey snake oil….

      That said… yes, CERN plays into the Trumpet Judgments prophecy, whereby The Destroyer (abaddon) rises from the Bottomless Pit with the locust hoard (x-humans).

      Rev. 9:1-11

    • note to self…
      – consider “smoke arising out of the pit” (v. 9:2)
      – as AI smart dust
      – or how demons are portrayed as smoke when they possess some victim
      – or swarms … as in locusts
      – or some trans-species augmented abominable chimeric mix

    • And yes, there’s plenty for everyone in the resources of our own Solar System. Enough for exponential population growth and large families! The Great Multitude shall indeed come out of Great Tribulation!! Yeshua be Praised!!!

    • Psalm 115:16

      “The heavens are the heavens of The Lord; ….. But the EARTH ….. He has given to the sons of men.”

    • John 14:1-4

      Let not your heart be troubled…
      – ye believe in God, believe also in me.

      In my Father’s house are many mansions
      – if it were not so, I would have told you

      I go to prepare a place for you…
      – And if I go and prepare a place for you
      – I will come again, and receive you unto myself
      – that where I am, there ye may be also

      And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.

  15. I think the Monday Blog should be called “Monday Morning Mayhem with Marzulli”. It’s turning into complete mayhem out there. So many things happening. The whole world is falling apart on us.

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