Bardarbunga – Possible Game Changer?

volcano-cloud_1619580cCommentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

How a volcanic explosion could trigger the next French Revolution

The eruption of Icelandic volcano Bardarbunga could have sweeping repercussions for the whole of Europe, and has been pencilled in as an “outrageous” risk for 2015

Yet again, an Icelandic volcano threatens to fracture the political landscape of Europe, just as one did in the 18th century. 

An explosion of Bardarbunga could wreak agricultural havoc, shifting weather patterns, and leading to a doubling of grain prices. 

The economic pain inflicted on already fragile France could usher in a new political era, as voters reach a tipping point. 

As the volcano Bardarbunga has been “quietly” erupting for more than 100 days, it could now enter “a far more intense eruption phase”, said John Hardy, head of FX strategy at Saxo Bank.

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As many of you know, I have been keeping an eye on the volcano’s in Iceland.  Guess what, Bardarbunga has been erupting for months now and according to the story above, is about to enter into a new phase.

Volcano’s are unpredictable and when they erupt they can be a game changer.  This is one reason why I have harped on stockpiling food and water.  What if Yellowstone decides to blow, here in the USA?  An eruption would cause food-shortages and certainly impact the countries infrastructure.

The article states that this is an outrageous prediction.  However, I would disagree.  As the piece points out, when volcano’s erupt the ash cloud can affect the weather patterns, which then effect the growing cycle of crops, which in turn affects food prices and that can impact every person within thousands of miles of the event.

The threat is real and I believe should be taken seriously.  Is this more “business as usual,” or should we take the advice of Holly Deyo and Dare to Prepare?

In closing todays short post.  Preparing for a natural disaster is just good common sense.  Having a supply of food, water and medicine on hand in case of emergency is being a good steward of our resources.  Having a garden to produce vegetables can be a source of not only fresh produce, but can connect folks with the wonder of planting a seed and watching grow, in other words, God’s creation!



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67 thoughts on “Bardarbunga – Possible Game Changer?

  1. Also see there’s a lot of severe weather happening on both coasts (U.S. and Canada) the past few days, too, L.A.. But the good news for your state is it seems all the rain may be of some help for the drought.

    Note to Azureceu: reports up here of heavy rains and floods in Sao Paulo, too … bad in some ways, good too, in that it may help alleviate the drought…hope all is well and you are staying afloat, matey! …:)

  2. Such a powerful volcano should it fully erupt. Quite capable of massive destruction. It whispers, it hiccups, gets throaty and hoarse, all the while people stand by mesmerized by its probability capabilities. No one wants it to cough up its built up phlems and flood it’s toxic germs into the atmosphere so we stand by waiting because one day it will start hacking and cough.

    • @ Corey…ha ha ha … I was feeling “inspired.” I’m always having to think of ways to describe the same old topics to stay interested. It’s a challenge and I’m up to it!

    • As evidence mounts…

      @ giant lance….


      There is very little evidence for prestige-objects. Some of the spearheads from the Kfar Monash hoard may have been non-functional, due to their enormous size of up to 66 cm and a weight of up to 2,05 kg, and the halberds known so far may have been made for show rather than for real combat.

      @ 2 meter Antikythera device (i.e. navigation computer) related bronze spear


      The archaeologists also recovered a beautiful intact table jug, part of an ornate bed leg, and most impressive of all, a 2-meter-long bronze spear buried just beneath the surface of the sand. Too large and heavy to have been used as a weapon, it must have belonged to a giant statue, perhaps a warrior or the goddess Athena, says Foley. In 1901, four giant marble horses were discovered on the wreck by the sponge divers, so these could have formed part of a complex of statues involving a warrior in a chariot that was pulled by the four horses.

      @ Occam’s Razor…
      …weaponry used by giants — should not be dismissed

  3. Hmmmm… sure are alot of crosses and xs’ in these pictures aren’t there?

    “Then the [sign] of the son of Man will appear in Heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory (Matthew 24:30).

    • Corey, if the US is designed similar to Solomons temple, any thoughts as to the storms on each coast? Especially the west coast, any correlation to the western wall? Wondered what your thoughts were.

      The volcanoe smoke might be compared to the type-of-smoke in the election of a new pope of the NWO.

      Just my crazy thoughts. I read an article by Cris Putnam which calmed the suspicions of Christmas being a pagan holiday. I concede to his greater knowledge on the subject.

    • @ R Bannon…Corey gave me this pdf for review a few days ago which might answer your question on the similarity of Solomon’s Temple overlaid over the U.S. I thought it highly interesting but would like to see an actual “image” if possible of the overlay.

      It doesn’t mention the western wall but maybe the overlay pattern would shed some light on the possibility.

      America’s Hebraic Roots – pdf

    • The notable part of all the volcanoes going off around the world (close to 40 volcanoes now)….is that all of the outer planets have
      seen MAJOR changes in their atmospheres, storms enlarging, planets heating up, and even volcanic activity seen on them as well.

      The expansions of the planets is also a “tell-tale sign” that the cores of the planets are being effected by an incoming object in space.
      This reaction by solar bodies and planets and comets is a very well-known fact in the astronomical community because objects
      react to each other even when millions of miles apart….and recently was seen on Mars.

      We see evidence of expansion all over the earth by sinkholes, and rifts opening up…..all due to the earth E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G more and more.
      And that is a result of the magma chambers heating up and becoming more fluid-like and therefore more volcanic activity !!

      Coming from the outer planets to the inner planets….these changes have been occurring for years.

      Saturn was seen “tipping” (ie a pole shift)….. by how the rings were tilted. Jupiter’s storms have enlarged.

      Jesus said there would be SIGNS….in the SUN…MOON…and STARS(aka planets)……


    • An interesting thought R. Bannon. Gonna look into that one. I plan on drawing out another large overlay map of Moses’ Tabernacle and map of the USA. I gave away my other one. When I do, I’ll post it to my gallery photos after I take a picture of it like I did my Planet X photos. To see those you can click on my pic to the right of this comment and take a looky loo.

    • Good points there Kirk, I think tahat video that seashoremary posted a few blogs back could very well have been legit… the one that showed a massive object from behind Saturn. There were some good arguments or points for saying that it could possibly have been faked, which may be the case, but I’m not totally convinced that it was. Apparently, as you have stated, the rings are now tilted Indicating a pole shift of the planet due to an outside, massive influence. Something massive has to be causing all this. Planets don’t just suddenly start altering their positions and start experiencing dramatic increase in storm intensity for no reason. For every effect there is a cause. And there can only be one cause for such a massive occurrence for a pole shift and sincrease in storm intensity. That cause strikes to the very center of the crazy earth changes we’re seeing right now I find this freakish occurrence of dramatic volcano activity and uptick in intensity rather suspicious when suddenly we’re seeing two suns in the sky. It’s really cause and effect, and simply common sense at this point knowing what we now know about this mysterious approaching planet.

  4. Well, I’ll just say you’re in my part of the country and we are just southwest of you. Husband and I have met you several times at conferences and you were good ‘second hand’ on the giants show the other night…wish they had more of you guys on you there. Love and support you and Peggy all the way…the Christophers of Marlow OK

    • Mary, just found this, saying it’s a “…rare weather system, which only happens about once every several years, has been caused by recent rains in northern Arizona.” …Very eerie!


    • This is rare in AZ because it is usually so dry and hot, but it is common in the East and South. This same phenomenon is how the Great Smokies got their name.

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    11/08/2014 — 3 months of Amazing Volcanic Activity show “Global Surge” and World Wide Unrest
    >>> definitely would “singe” your marshmallow !!! This video is worth your time to get more informed.

    Yellowstone Volcano Eruption:Is US government working on secret evacuation plan?

    BUSTED! Yellowstone Evacuation Plans Revealed! US Has Contingency Deals With Brazil, Australia, etc.

  7. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock… Planet of the “Crossing” (and ex-ing) nears. A coincidence that all these volcanoes are now surging alive to frightening proportions?

    The U.S. has contingency deals with Australia and Brazil? Hmmmm…. I’m so shocked.


    Good Stuff Kirk.

  8. “”

    Just wanted to share a review for On the Trail part 2 that I wrote with everyone here.

    I hope it’s a blessing to everyone who reads it otherwise if nothing else I hope it offers a little entertainment at my expense. 😉

  9. Azureceu…just read your comment from yesterday about how “No man can serve two mayonnaises:…” lol…While I wholeheartedly agree, I suspect that at some point you may have to pay for that…in spite of the fact that I think I may have heard Jesus laughing. 🙂

  10. @ where are the dragons…


    …d’oh “dinosaur” is a recent word (1800’s)

    hominid ~ humanoid ~ hybrid
    dino ~ dragon

    A key enemy strategy is to redefine terms. Like redefining: marriage, gay, evolution, etc.…

    Play their game in their terms — you lose.

    ps. Same for their scales, i.e. false weights and measures, balances of deceit
    pps. esp. as regards their nonsense about spans of time
    ppps. note to self, can’t use facepalm emoji for links, else moderated

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