Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli!

monday-morningMonday Morning Musings with Marzulli 

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1. Jordan’s King Abdullah: Battling ISIS Is ‘Our Third World War’

We need to stand up and say what is right and what is wrong. This is no reflection of our religion. This is evil and all of us have got to make that decision,” Abdullah, who is in Washington to meet with President Barack Obama, said. “We have to stand up and say this is the line that is drawn in the sand and those that believe in right should stand on this side and those that don’t have to make a decision should stand on the other. It’s clearly a fight between good and evil. I think it’s a generational fight. As I said to President Putin, I think this is our third world war by other means.”

The King speaks!  We’ll have to see what he does in the days ahead as ISIL is not going away any time soon.  (See my earlier posts about the King of Jordan)

2. Katy Perry to Perform at Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show

The halftime show is one of the world’s most-watched musical events, and its performers typically enjoy a sudden spike in sales from the exposure. The NFL, however, doesn’t usually pay its Super Bowl artists. The league has even pitched a “pay to play” suggestion. Just don’t expect Katy to play ball with that. “I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl,” she said during an October appearance on ESPN’s “College Game Day.” 

It will be interesting to see if she does the ET song, or perhaps, I kissed a girl and liked it?  This most likely will be an in-your-face performance.  Brace for it!

3.  Syria, Iran Condemn Israeli Airstrikes

Russia on Monday demanded an explanation for Israeli airstrikes on two areas near Damascus, while the Syrian and Iranian foreign ministers called it an act of aggression that proves Israel was “in the same trench” with extremist groups fighting the Syrian government.  Israeli warplanes struck near Damascus’ international airport on Sunday, as well as outside a town close to the Lebanese border.

As I posted last week,  at some point Israel will have to cut the heads off the snakes.  The groups that surround her, Hezbollah, HAMAS and Iran and now ISIL pose a direct existential threat to her.  WWIII anyone?

4. Alarm bells toll for human civilization as world’s 12th largest mega-city to run out of water in just 60 days

The city of Sao Paulo is home to 20 million Brazilians, making it the 12th largest mega-city on a planet dominated by shortsighted humans. Shockingly, it has only 60 days of water supply remaining. The city “has about two months of guaranteed water supply remaining as it taps into the second of three emergency reserves,” reports Reuters. [1]

This is serious and combined with the record temps, record flooding, volcanic activity and earthquakes in diverse places, along with wars and rumors of wars seem to me to indicate we are in the last days.

5.  Franklin Graham: America Is Waging ‘War on Christmas’ and ‘War on Christ’ Over The ‘Hatred’ of Christian ‘Culture’

“Unfortunately, the United States in the last few decades has witnessed increased hostility toward the sacred nature of Christmas, erupting into what has become a blatant war on Christmas,” Graham wrote. “That’s because at its root and core, the war on Christmas isn’t really about Christmas — it’s about the Son of God. The war on Christmas is a war on Christ and His followers. It’s the hatred of our culture for the exclusive claims that Christ made.”

There is a culture war and we are loosing it….

6. Protests Over Eric Garner Chokehold Death Decision Sweep America; NYC Police Commissioner Says Police Feel They Are ‘Under Assault’

A second night of demonstrations over the chokehold death of unarmed black man Eric Garner swept America on Thursday, with people protesting over the grand jury decision not to indict the white police officer involved in his death. NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has meanwhile claimed that policing is “under attack” in the wake of the protests, and that police officers feel that they are “under assault.”

I’ve seen the video and was stunned by the violence of it.

7.  I will be appearing on the History Channel’s IN search of the Lost Giants!  Tuesday night!

I’ve had several emails already about the show.  We’ll all be watching to see what they do with it.


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48 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli!

  1. What a news roundup. Are you kidding me? Meanwhile let’s continue to be distracted with all the rabble rousing and race baiting here in the USA.


    Hot off the presses! Derek Gilbert interviews LA!

    • I’m kind of like that guy in the picture this morning. LOL

      “What a news roundup. Are you kidding me?”

      What I mean by this is: What a loaded roundup!

      Anyone that wants to try and sell me on “business as usual” can forget about it.

      Just so no one misconstrues that sloppy drive by post. 😉

    • “7. I will be appearing on the History Channel’s IN search of the Lost Giants! Tuesday night!

      I’ve had several emails already about the show. We’ll all be watching to see what they do with it.”

      Yes we will be. Very closely.

  2. Another headline from last week…


    • Here’s a few quickies to go along with that and round this out:

      Gary Stearman doing a fresh interview with Bill Salus


      ^^ Read this carefully. There are several layers here. This was deep in terrorist controlled territory of Pakistan. “Thousands of soldiers” were involved to take down this top Al Quaida guy. Note the “Chinese hostages:” throw away. Whatever that Malaysian airliner? Right.

      We always have that dirty nuke problem floating out there as well. This was big time.


      How comforting.


      Goes to something I say often which is: Don’t fall for this Egypt being Israel’s good buddy routine.

    • I can’t write today. “Whatever that Malaysian airliner? Right.”

      This should say “Whatever happened to that Malaysian airliner?” Right.

    • …and another recent headline:

      Adding Turkey to the “State Sponsors of Terrorism” List

      Excerpt: According to Israeli intelligence, Hamas has moved its outside-Gaza headquarters from Damascus to Istanbul; it is headed by Saleh al-Arouri, whom “Israel Hayom” calls “an infamous arch-terrorist believed to be responsible for dozens of attacks against Israelis.”


    • I’m always amazed that how on videos the opening screen occasionally has the person frozen in a Tsoukalos pose..

  3. “The city of Sao Paulo is home to 20 million Brazilians, making it the 12th largest mega-city on a planet dominated by shortsighted humans. Shockingly, it has only 60 days of water supply remaining. ”

    Every Time I flush the toilet I hear the cries of a thousand children.
    -My kingdom for a cup of water!


    As I was coming home this morning, I rounded a corner and just so happened to look up at the horizon to see the sun setting and what did I see far to the left of the sun? Congratulations! …. you all have won 50 dollars for the correct guess. Planet X! Or one of it’s accompanying suns or moons? I clearly saw the two suns in the sky yet again. This would make the third time that I have witnessed this. By far, this time was the best one of all the three of them. This time, there was no mistaking it for sun glare or sun refraction. The sun and this other light were too far apart and this other “sun” in the sky was clearly not a part of the sun whatsoever. Had nothing to do with the sun. It was clearly a seperate object unto itself. Fortunately this time, my cell phone was fully charged and it zoomed in for me. I was traveling along the road and managed to snap at least two good ones out of about 12. The rest were obscured by a house or trees that suddenly popped into my view ruining the picture. But DAG NABBIT NUBBIT NIBBIT! … I finally got it on camera for myself and it proves to me that not all the video and pictures on the internet are photoshopped. People really are taking legit photos and videos of this thing. I am now 100 percent sure of Planet X. I kinda was before because of all the other evidence such as historical record and other suspicious coverups and whistleblowers.

    It was quite stunning to suddenly see it behind the clouds. They were thin enough so it came through very clearly. From now on, I’m taking my digital camera with me. It’s amazing to me why more news websites aren’t talking about this impending disaster that we as Christians know to be the eventual fulfillment of judgments found in the book of Revelation (starting in chapter 6) and Joel prophecies. We can now see in the sky, on a regular basis, the catalyst for the much talked about worldwide judgments of the book of Revelation, and yet, not a peep from mainstream news (believe me, I’m not surprised, it’s an intentional blackout by the powers that be). It’s approaching now folks! What freakin world am I livin in here! People are walking around and talking about sports every other minute of the day while an approaching disaster can be seen now in our skies.

    While there are alot of people awake, there are more in the majority who just don’t and won’t believe despite the overwhelming evidence. I mean, come on! There are two freakin suns in our sky! HELLO! ANYBODY OUT THERE! HA! HA! HA! HA! LOL!

    Don’t mind me, I’m just having a little fun with it even though it is very serious.


    • Corey, I have fun with the topic also, but it is getting more attention. Paul Begley recently discovered the work of Gil Broussard.

    • R. Bannon… Thanks for posting! Powerful stuff! For anyone whose curiosity is beginning to peak on this subject just a bit, I would refer you to this powerful, powerful interview with Bob Fletcher. Go to his website and you can order a 2 or 3 disc DVD set about planet X from angles you haven’t heard before. Comes complete with the pictures of the massive underground tunnels now being built including whistleblowers and the whole nine yards of it. Bob is a former government guy who was on the inside if I remember his creds correctly. He knows what’s going on. I think he used to be on the inside of the Reagan administration and has some dirt. I’ve posted this here before, but here it is again if you haven’t heard it.

      Thanks again for posting R. Bannon! Blessings!

    • Corey: LA has covered Planet X plus Orbs in his Watchers series. That’s how I first became aware of the phenomenon:

      1st: Orbs vs Spacecraft
      The Watchers

      Planet X excerpt in Watchers 5:

    • Thanks Seashore… I’m definitely leaning more to the Planex X hypothesis here. Not the orb explanation most definitely. SeashoreMary, can you answer me this question? Are we now officially in the twighlight zone or is it the freaky zone? … Lol!

    • Seashore… And indeed it’s how I first became aware of it also except I remember becoming aware of it when he covered it back in Watchers 2.

    • @ Corey:

      re: “SeashoreMary, can you answer me this question? Are we now officially in the twighlight zone or is it the freaky zone?” … Lol

      I’m going to say a bit of both–it’s the twilight zone and since its twilight it’s freaky–completely out of this universe. Who would have thought back when the series the Twilight Zone would someday become a reality? Even at that time I would bypass some of the segments because it would make my skin crawl from the freaky concepts in them.

      We now also have a new “danger, danger” coming up…Asteroid Danger. Remember that meteor that struck Russia last year affecting thousands? Well this coming asteroid is 20x larger…

      “Asteroid danger!! Russia confirm Giant space rock is on collision course with Earth”

      There’s a “live” chat coming up in a few minutes to discuss this coming Asteroid identified as UR116:

      Planet Killer 2014 UR116 Live Chat

    • Moonpie, pure pandemonium! 🐻 I’ve been looking at some funny cat videos too, I must admit. This behaviour might seem odd considering the current topic, but cat videos can be addictive. You should put Gunny G. on vine and make her a movie star 🐱

    • Grumpy cat is from Morristown, Arizona. I went to this whole in the wall once, I see why the cat is grumpy! lol

    • Bolstering Azure’s idea that we all have a screw loose(They’re Coming to take me Away), Lucy is the name of the supposed light-bearer in song, the missing link ape, and the recent movie. As lucy took a third of the stars with him, Shatner serves up the best version of the lucy song.

      A little craziness can be a good outlet. lol

    • Seashore, that was an interesting video about the asteroid. There was a man named Efrain Rodriguez, a self-proclaimed prophet, who predicted an asteroid hitting near Puerto Rico this year, causing a huge tidal wave and earthquake. The year is almost over, and, thankfully, no such asteroid.

      It is interesting that the spacecraft, which was recently tested, was named Orion. This is the same name as the craft in the movie Deep Impact, the movie referenced in the video.

      A few days ago, I made mention that “Bullseye” is “Diana” in Spanish. When Orion landed, the technician was quoted as saying “bullseye”. I just thought that was timely.

      I think that, in the mythology, it was Artemis/Diana who killed Orion. The planet X theory is what is believed to haved caused the Earth’s tilt, and in turn, the seasons. Again, this is a misinterpreted point of worship for wiccans and neopagans. They worship the Persephone character as the bringer of spring.

      Related to this, the “bulls eye”, in architecture, is the oculus. Coincidently, the university of Chicago just opened up a mummy coffin, the picture showed only one eye remaining on the head mask. I read into this the possible occult symbolism.

      Actually, the whole story of the mummy just served as movie promotion for the new Night at the Museum movie. The timing of these news stories strikes me as funny. There used to be Great White shark sightings in the news just before a Jaws movie would premiered. Just my “musings” for today.

    • Linda, I noticed that Michelle has the same problem goto:


      Put the mouse pointer on her name and it is hyperlinked to: deleted

      The mystery of this all is: The Ipad for some reason puts a hyperlink in the form feild
      So my replys from the Ipad are red and the desktop are black. When I get bored I’ll see if I can fix it by simply deleting the hyperlink?

    • Azureceu, yes I’ve noticed that with a few bloggers too, on other occasions, their name is sometimes hyperlinked to ‘deleted’ then other times is in black…..yet another mystery solved ❗

  5. LA: Will watch the segment tomorrow..hoping History Channel will “allow” the biblical narrative to be told and not just the speculative secular version of the Nephilim. The rest is up to God to take His Word out into the mainstream arena for discussion.


  6. Full video referred to in my yesterday’s post of “2014 12 07 John Haller Prophecy Update “Itching Ears””

    Israel’s Future: A Conversation With Naftali Bennett, Minister of Economy

    • Azureceu, both interesting vid’s, especially the John Haller prophecy update…glad you posted another one of his again, had not heard of his ministry before. Enjoy the day, and God bless..

    • Linda, you enjoy the day too! I hadn’t heard of John Haller before too,until just recently, but I am a nut for Prophecy Updates, moreRover for biblical teaching that’s related to the bible or to say where they actually let the Word interpret the Word..
      Link to video channel:

  7. We saw a preview for Tuesdays In Search of The Lost Giants this past weekend, with you LA in it! I can’t tell you how awesome I think that is! Praying that people watching will look you up and hearts will change towards Yeshua! This is exciting!

  8. I’m from Brazil and the water problem in Sao Paulo is really sad. I remember growing up and in schools there was almost some type of pride that Brazil had one of the world’s biggest water reserves and all and here we are not even 10 years later… I read an article on a Brazilian magazine that linked the drought problem to the deforesting problem happening in the Amazon forest in order to make room for cattle and soy farms and such. It’s something that people won’t mention but Sao Paulo does have a lot of chemtrails up on the sky…

    • Fabio, that’s interesting, I’ve lived in Sampa since 1999, traveled to 14 different states and over 70 cities and I’ve yet to see one chemtrail and I’ve only once seen a contrail and I live not far from Congonhas airport.
      By chance have you seen Nibiru/Planet X in Brazil too?

    • Well technically i doesn’t even exist as told by the “conspiracy” crowd, as in commercial planes spraying toxic all over the place, there are equipments however that can do chemtrails officially for the military or research purposes. It would look like contrail,but supposedly it has some distinct characteristics. I’m not in Brazil and have no clue what’s going with nibiru.

  9. Hey L.A.,
    I could be wrong…but I have watched this show about the search for lost giants, and I think it may be a “debunking” venue. Just sayin’.

    On another topic, I watched the trailer for “Jupiter Ascending” and was sickened to my core! It hurt my heart to watch this! So many people are being groomed for the coming deception! I just want to scream at them to wake up and read the Holy Bible! The more I learn about what is come, the sadder I become. With much knowledge comes much sorrow!
    Also, has anyone seen the commercial for this kids video game called “Portal Masters?” Skylanders I believe. Shocking!

    Folk, we all need to be in serious intercessory prayer for our kids, for this whole world!
    Stay strong friends!

    God bless all!

  10. Watching live feed of the “Protesters” as they walk down I-80 in Berkley and blocking ALL the traffic. I admit, in my cynicism of their “Cause”…at least a few of them…have every intent of WANTING someone to pull a gun on them while they “Protest”. I have to say, when I saw the first few seconds on them all walking through all the cars and truck over the bridge, it looked just like the attack scene from Planet of the Apes. Very eerie looking.

    Here is the live feed in someone doesn’t have it. “”

    • Oh, and while listening to the police scanner, as I was uploading my comment, dispatch was saying a male in a car on the same bridge I was referring to has had a stroke. They have NO way to get to him because you cannot move in this mess. So tragic and stupid.

      Here is the scanner link:


  11. LA, I have been following your blog for some time now and wanted to pop in and finally say “Hello” and “Thank you” for all you do. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you at times as I am sure Satan wants to stop you at every move you make as you expose his tactics and plans. Kuddos to you sir.

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