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monday-morningMonday Morning Musings with Marzulli

Probe uncovers 50,000 ‘ghost soldiers’: Iraq PM

“There are two kinds of ‘fadhaiyin,’” one experienced officer in the security forces said, using a word which, literally translated, means “space men,” and refers to the fictitious soldiers crowding the payroll.

Ghost soldiers?  And they’re just figuring this out now?  50,000 of them?  Really?  I am reminded of an old saying from an immigrant who after landing on the shores of America stated: In my country nothing works…


Ferguson Rioters Lead Time’s ‘Person of Year’ Poll

When a grand jury decided not to charge Ofc. Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, protesters in Ferguson, Mo., torched a dozen buildings, looted stores and rioted in the streets.  Now, those same looters and rioters are up for the honor of being Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

Woe to those who call good evil and evil good.  Now we are celebrating and honoring lawlessness.  Another sign of the end times?


 Pope in ‘silent adoration’ in Istanbul Blue Mosque 

At the Blue Mosque, one of the greatest masterpieces of Ottoman architecture, the Pope turned east towards Mecca, clasped his hands and paused for two minutes as the Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Rahmi Yaran, performed a Muslim prayer.

Is this the start of the One World Religious system the Bible warns us will be ruled by the A.C. and the False Prophet in the last days?


UFO Sightings: Remarkable Eyewitness Reports #11 – Nov 30, 2014

Then my girlfriend said, “I have a creepy feeling. We should speed up. Whatever that is, I have never seen anything do that before.” So, I sped up, and as I did so, the object began to move again and was heading in OUR direction.

Rebuke first ask questions later….. L.A. Marzulli 2009


Finns quit church after gay marriage approval

Nearly 8,000 people in Finland have resigned from the Lutheran Church in protest against the parliament’s approval of a new law allowing same-sex marriages and against the archbishop’s support for the move.

The Finns get it, why doesn’t the Presbyterian Church USA?


Israel’s new IDF chiefs must take next prospective war with Hizballah onto enemy ground’s-new-IDF-chiefs-must-take-next-prospective-war-with-Hizballah-onto-enemy-ground

Psalm 83 anyone?


‘One of deadliest attacks’: 50 ISIS militants reported dead in Kobani assault

At least 50 so-called Islamic State (IS) militants were reported dead in an intense day of clashes and US-led airstrikes in the Syrian border town of Kobani, a monitoring group has said.

Wars and rumors of wars….



Get a FREE Calendar with any purchase!

I realize this is Black Friday and many folks will brave the insanity of the malls or trample each other to get a $10 dollar toaster.  I also understand that some folks who come here do not celebrate Christmas or exchange gifts, so this is not for you.

For those of you who do exchange gifts may I suggest you check out our books and DVDs as all of them point to Yashua/Jesus and present a Biblical world-view.  Our products get people talking which is why there are Watchers parties popping up all over the place.  The Cosmic Chess Match  is now being used as  mid-week Bible study tool, in some churches!  Who woulda thunk!

Recently someone sent me a post that was on Facebook saying that our newly created calendars have nothing to do with the great commission.  Respectfully, I disagree and here’s why.

The Calendars are designed to start a conversation.  They show pictures of places like Sacsayjuaman, a place where huge megalithic stones, with polygonal joints, fit perfectly together.  I have come to call this Nephilim architecture.  How did the ancients create this megalithic structure?  Archaeologist are baffled by the structure and have no idea how it was made!

There are pictures in the Calendar of Richard Shaw, the director of the Watchers Series and myself,  in the Lab with late Dr. Roger Leir, examining an implant.  It was removed by someone who had been abducted when he was five years the implantold and remained in him for 40 years until we removed it.  What we experienced in the operating theater still has people talking, as there were powers present who did not want this implant removed.  All of our testing equipment could not find it, yet only a few weeks earlier we were easily able to locate it.  Was it being “cloaked” by a nefarious power?  One prayer changed the atmosphere and suddenly the implant appeared on the Ultrasound monitor.  The implant is real physical evidence that something is going on.  Think that will get people talking?

Then we have the unwrapped baby mummy skull from Sr. Juan’s Paracas History museum.  Is the elongated head genetic or the result of cradle head-boarding.  The controversy started on or before 1842.  In On the Rivero Peruvian Antiquities fetus figure-2Trail II, I show an artist drawing of a fetus with an elongated skull that was taken from a woman who was pregnant and died.  She was then mummified so when the archaeologist found the pregnant mummy they removed the fetus and to their astonishment it had an elongated skull. (Thanks to B. Foerster)

Is the elongated head the result of genetic manipulation by an unknown agency—think fallen angels here—we think so.  This ties in with Jesus’ warning that it will be like the days of Noah when he returns.

We have two seemingly disparate events, the implant removed from someone who was abducted and the elongated skull found in a pregnant mummy.  Is there a correlation between the two?  I think so and this is why this information can open doors to conversations that folks could never dream of having.  I posit that it all points back to the Biblical narrative as being true.

On the Trail of the Nephilim 2My photograph of the giant skeleton found on Catalina Island was a ground breaker of a discovery and it is also in On the Trail of the Nephilim II.  I conducted a triple blind study examining the photograph and all researchers put it at just under nine feet!  This is extraordinary!  I will be appearing on the History Channel’s new show, In search of the Lost Giants.  They interviewed me about my discovery on Catalina.  I believe this is real evidence that points back to the theory that the Nephilim tribes fled from the conquest of the Promised Land, almost 3500 years ago and some of the Nephilim tribes made their way to the Americas.

#20 - Large Skeleton with Ralph Glidden


In closing todays post.

All the products we sell on the web site are designed in some way to introduce the reader, or in the case of our Watchers Series, the viewer, to the Biblical narrative.  Some books like The Cosmic Chessmatch make it very clear about Jesus being the way to salvation.  Other products like some of our Watchers series are more subtle and are designed to pique the viewers interest in finding out more.
Cosmic-front-coverFrom the Nephilim Trilogy which made the CBA best sellers list, to the latest book On the Trail of the Nephilim II, to all eight of our Watchers Series, every one of our products are created from a Biblical world-view perspective and promote the Biblical narrative.

We’re offering a free calendar when you buy anything from our store.  It’s our way of saying thanks to you for your support.










55 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli

    • Yea indeed Rose, and we might be thankful they took all the “Useful” goods from the stores before the tragically caught fire and burned to the ground. Odd how these things work for the Ferguson riot folks isn’t it? Well it least the good Persons of The Year will have early gifts of Malt Liquor, tires and such to exchange at Christmas as we know they wouldn’t think of keeping one rescued pre-fire item to themselves. Thats just the way good Ferguson People Of The Year are you know.

  1. DENVER… WE HAVE A PROBLEM (sound of static coming through the radio suddenly)

    So I walked outside Saturday morning and spotted something in the sky … yep… you guessed it. Of course, there were heavy chemtrails concealing it (or attempting to do so). It was heavy enough so that there could have been plausible deniability, even in my own mind. I managed to capture it on my cell phone camera for about a minute and a half before my battery went completely dead. I tried focusing in on it but for some reason the zoom wouldn’t zoom for me. But what I did get you can still tell there is something strange going on there. I then immediately sent the video to my less than enthusiastic wife (what was I thinking?) I’m quite certain that there was no “lens flare” on my eyeballs. The chemtrails were heavily concealing the sun so that all you could see was the outline of the sun itself (you know what I’m talking about – when it’s behind the clouds and not giving light but still can see the circular shape and substance of it). But, what is that glowing thing above the hidden sun giving off light as though it were the sun?… I asked myself in puzzlement. My mind already knew before I asked myself the question. Or was it the other way around? Was the hidden circular object behind the thick, heavy chemtrails Nibiru or one of Nibiru’s moons or suns or whatever? And perhaps the glow was the sun? One thing is for sure, in a normal time and world, both those objects should not have been there. I was quite stunned as I stood gazing in disbelief. Then came the doubt, of course. I then began to reason and rationalize in my head. It can’t be. It can’t be. The glow is just the light refraction from the hidden sun behind the chemtrails shining on the chemtrails itself. Honestly, this is a very real possibility. I did get caught up in the moment of what I was possibly looking at. It looked very dramatic with the information of Nibiru in my head, and indeed, it really was.

    Those D*** chemtrails! But then again, the chemtrails are what makes it all the more suspicious. As I got home, the sun was a little higher in the sky and the two objects seemed to converge and disappear… perhaps more evidence that lines up with the fact that Nibiru is approaching from in behind the sun. Is this what I saw? I don’t know, the jury of my mind is still out. It’s amazing that when you see this kind of thing for yourself, your mind will start to rationalize when it comes knocking on your door and not just on a home video of someone else.

    This would be the second time I’ve seen something suspicious relating to the still somewhat taboo subject of Planet X. The first time was a little less certain, but suspicious enough to consider it. This time, it was a little more certain than the first time, but still possibly has the “light refraction” explanation.

    But there is something in me that says no, you’ve seen this phenomenon for yourself now. You know it’s real.

    I am assuming I can share this today on this particular blog without being guilty of talking of something off topic since it’s Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli where it’s kinda open… kinda sorta.

    Just Musing.

    • L◑◐ky here..
      Door #1 200mg Thioridazine 4x a day
      Door #2 Mystery Babylon Radio Jammer
      Door #3 -

    • “Rebuke first ask questions later” certainly appropriate here.
      Q. Are “they” following you?
      1. Plead the Blood of the lamb over you daily,
      2. Run in opposite direction, while praying to God for courage,
      3. Buy a better recording device with longer battery charge,
      4. Make sure device is infrared,
      5. Thank the Lord for His angels guarding you daily and,
      6. While you are curious re “them” don’t “invite” them in for a confrontation!
      Take care. Ask God in prayer what He should have you do in the future…

    • Back in the old days there was only one solution


      re: 6. “While you are curious re “them” don’t “invite” them in for a confrontation!”

    • Seashore… Definitely wasn’t the “UFO” type scenario. I had the “two suns in the sky” type scenario in mind. It definitely wasn’t that I’m sure. It was very curious to me that chemtrails were thick and heavy in the general area of where I saw it. There are many home videos that people take of the same thing. I saw one just the other day that was very recent of a couple filming severe chemtrailing going on while noticing what they were trying to hide. It was very clearly other objects in view and not UFOs. I wish I would have written down the name of the video I saw. I can’t find it now.

    • @ Corey: I’ve seen videos showing UFO’s hiding behind chemtrail clouds and orbs flowing in and out. I thought that’s what you meant. As for the two suns, yes, the second sun is Planet X, Nibiru, etc… I believe that these alien ships can “follow” someone. I believe their technology is so advanced, that likely they can scan down to a dime or smaller. I’ve had people state that “they” got followed as though “they” can read their minds.

    • G’Day, Corey, and friends.

      Ccrow777’s (video of Nov.11), Chemtrails in sky and holographic wave across moon:

  2. Person(s) of the Year Awards? I nominate these two sisters who found the gumption to stand up for themselves in the face of being harassed and assaulted in a public bus:

    I know firsthand the belt is good whopper if need be!


    • Mary, sad but true!

      Your nomination may not get very far, though…seeing who Time editors nominated the past few years:
      2013 – Pope Francis; 2012 – Pres BHO; 2011 – Tunisian protester who set himself on fire and started the “Arab Spring”… I didn’t want to look past that..

  3. Reading that Hippocrates said that one use of Heroin is to purge, it made me think of Ferguson and a movie called the Purge in which all heck breaks loose at night.

    Enter Ferguson into my thoughts and the festival of Saturnalia in ancient Rome. Saturnalia was a festival where things were turned upside-down and havoc ensued. Good is evil and evil is good. Many of the images from Ferguson included the Season’s Greetings sign over the road by the police station.

    The “burn it down” mantra brings to mind this out-of-the-ashes-the-Phoenix-will-rise logic.

    Concerning the opium poppy connection, the greek gods Hypnos, Nyx, and Thanatos(Sleep, Night, and Death) all wore poppies. More importantly is that the poppy goddess Demeter is represented as holding up her hands as the Ferguson protesters like to display.

    Here is one pic. It is also interesting that The NFL rams, a possible superbowl contender, in their introductions before Sunday’s game, used the Ferguson gesture to show solidarity. One can also google,”poppy goddess”.

    The Superbowl, on Feb. 1, is in Phoenix this year, again on the festival of Imbolic, a fire festival in honor of the Brigid/Hecate/Isis/Persephone(daughter of Demeter). A fire festival-superbowl in Phoenix? More on that subject some other time.

    My line of thinking is linking the pagan gods with the demonic or fallen angels. Our Lord conquers all, so it is a joyful time, especially when hearing Christmas songs mixed in with the generic holiday songs on the radio.

    • re: “it made me think of Ferguson and a movie called the Purge in which all heck breaks loose at night.”

      Night at the (Ferguson) Museum?

    • Rose, I have been reading Mark Flynn’s Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth. I am just amazed that the topics that he touches on are ones that I have been researching on my own. He seems to equate the phoenix more with satan, which is probably more accurate.

      I stumbled on the poppy goddess pic around veterans day or poppy day in Great Britain. The name heroin is based on the name Hero. Though production is mostly Afghanistan, much is also cultivated in Mexico. So much of this stuff is in the news, as LA often provides links to.

      I have been researching the heroin topic since the last superbowl and the heroin over-dose death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

      I have been skipping around in Mark’s book, I need to find the time for a good reading session with it.

      Unrelated, On the suspicious observers youtube channel, most a channel about sun activity and how it relates to the weather, he states that an upcoming alignment of the dwarf planet Ceres, Mercury and the earth may cause an uptick in earthquakes. That seems a bit far-fetched, even for me, but everything seems to be related, it’s unfortunate that my brain only has the candle-power to scratch the surface.

    • For me it was elementary my dear Race, the statues were holding their hands up, therefore they were being robbed and apparently as the sun rose and a dawning of a new day in Ferguson was born they were frozen in their current position as we now witness. The statue to the right has its a head cut off, apparently the heist was orchestrated by ISIS who were cleverly disguised as Free Palestine protesters on a mission to retrieve the missing 3rd member-thumb-drive of Osiris.

    • Thats interesting. There are the twin towers being built in China next year. They will be called “The Phoenix” towers. I was in Barnes n Noble bookstore earlier looking at a picture book of tall buildings and towers as I have an interest in architecture. I noticed that all the buildings being built in china are being built by American architects and designers. You can say that America (the Phoenix) is building China both physically and financially. The forthcoming Phoenix towers are a good sign that China is not being run by the Chinese. The same occultism is showing itself in China. Sounds like an interesting book. Gonna get me a copy. Any thoughts on the phoenix towers?

    • The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians

      Chapter XXV.—The phoenix an emblem of our resurrection.
      Let us consider that wonderful sign [of the resurrection] which takes place in Eastern
      lands, that is, in Arabia and the countries round about. There is a certain bird which is called
      a phoenix. This is the only one of its kind, and lives five hundred years. And when the time
      of its dissolution draws near that it must die, it builds itself a nest of frankincense, and myrrh,
      and other spices, into which, when the time is fulfilled, it enters and dies. But as the flesh
      decays a certain kind of worm is produced, which, being nourished by the juices of the dead
      bird, brings forth feathers. Then, when it has acquired strength, it takes up that nest in which
      are the bones of its parent, and bearing these it passes from the land of Arabia into Egypt,
      to the city called Heliopolis. And, in open day, flying in the sight of all men, it places them
      on the altar of the sun, and having done this, hastens back to its former abode. The priests
      then inspect the registers of the dates, and find that it has returned exactly as the five hundredth
      year was completed.103

      103 This fable respecting the phoenix is mentioned by Herodotus (ii. 73) and by Pliny (Nat. Hist., x. 2.) and
      is used as above by Tertullian (De Resurr., §13) and by others of the Fathers.

      Source: -

    • Corey, thanks for the tip on the phoenix towers, something to read about. Mark Flynn has a chapter in his book about towers, i think i’ll read that next.

      Azureceu, that is an interesting epistle, it sounds similar to the roman poet Ovid’s description of the phoenix. There is so much information on the net, I could spend all day just browsing.

    • Azureceu! You haven’t told me if you’ve had any Raelian sightings at the temple yet! (..thinking the ones here may have influenced Ghomeshi…will he be up for nomination for a “People of the Year” award I wonder ❓ )

    • Linda, no sightings at all, its relatively quite I suspect it must be Raëlian mating season, hence Ghomeshi`s problems, lack of restraint and the overuse of restraints in the frenzy of achieving a higher vibration to ascension.
      I don`t believe he will get the “People of the Year” award, maybe the “man of the hour” or “Poutine on the Ritz” award?

    • LOL! You may be right, Azureceu….:)..don’t know what to say..except… maybe I’ll watch more of the Mark Heiser video this evening. (You may already know, too, that PMO has posted ‘Adam 2.0’)

    • Linda it’s Michael, Dr. Michael Heiser, Mark is the sound a Dingo makes (as opposed to Bark) that has Marmite stuck to the roof of its mouth. 😉
      Thanks, I did listen to Adam 2.0 this evening..
      Multiplied Blessings..

    • Azureceu thanks for correcting me on that! ( sure it’s not the sound a Ghomeshi makes when he has poutine stuck to the roof of his mouth? 😉 ) Multiplied blessings back to you, too…and back to Dr. Michael Heiser’s vid.

  4. Hi L.A. I want to tell you I am a big fan of your work. I have had an interest in the UFO phenomenon for some time now and have in more recent times been extremely interested in bible prophesy and how it relates to our times. I feel the information you have given on all your areas of expertise have been based extremely well done and based on your education, experience, and makes very good logical sense. I actually grew up in Thousand Oaks area and had met Dr. Lier and had seen him at some of the Mufon groups I had attended in the area. Ironically my folks were patients of his for his podiatry work as well. Anyways I have seen strange things that I have not been able to explain as far as the UFO phenomenon and I believe it is real. As of the last 15 years my interest for my career has been in photography and video and I run an event portrait business as my work. I recently had followed the lead from another videographer on how to capture ufo activity during the day and had captured hundreds of orb type of objects using my Nikon DSLR. I will post it for you to see and maybe you could tell me your opinion on it. I would love to devote more time to capturing more of this type of phenomenon. If you are ever working anywhere close to Ventura County area I would love to tag along with you maybe even apprentice as a videographer/photographer for you on any projects you might have in the area. Again I am a huge fan of what you do and I believe we need more people like yourself to get the truth out! I am jewish but I find much of your studies on Yeshua/Jesus very interesting as well. You have kind of changed my mind a little on that matter. Also whats your thought on the Spirit Science channel? I have watched it a bit and it seems to relate a little on how science fits with spirituality a little. The guy who creates the content for it seems to have some really interesting takes on how the mystical parts of religion fit with some of the sciences I hope you get a chance to watch some of his episodes on his youtube channel so you maybe can elaborate your thoughts on it at a later time.

    • Nice job on the video….was very obvious and the lights were easily visible! Thanks for your efforts.

  5. Re: “Pope in silent adoration..” and “..A.C. and the False Prophet in the last days?”

    Harbinger of A.C.’s 666 in Russia?

    – Russia to consider bill calling for mandatory biometric registration (fingerprinting and DNA profiling) of all citizens, and possibly visitors. Claim it will “benefit law enforcement and the greater society”.

    • It is so amazing, these times we live in. There are actually two r.c. popes alive, one was critical of Islam and this one bows to it.

    • @ bio singularity…

      – via the pantheon of ceres, persephone, and illumina
      – your genome + your family’s genome + your family tree genetics
      – (bring out your dead) all online (via google godz)
      – and tied real time to you biochemically
      – via your smartphone’s sensors (or else)
      – to eliminate hospitals, doctors, insurance
      – and democratize medicine (promises, promises)


      Is that a bio-lab you have in your pocket…
      – or a mouse ….. 😽

  6. Russian citizens will loose even more of their rights ,,,feel sorry for the people there

    Meanwhile as the world is slowing taking away every citizens rights,,,,Canadians are being singled out for not getting the “flu shot” , if you don,t get a flu shot,,,,you have to wear a mask……nurses are being singled out having to wear a mask all day at work…….( last year we were treated like the plague for being honest about not getting it) doctors here have been arrogant belittling and down right rude if you did not get a flu shot…….
    Which begs the question,,,why? If they all got a flu shot….why are they so worried? What next….they will force us to get it,,,,or you loose your job? Not be able to be in public?
    Getting a few colds and flu,s make your immune system strong,,,its like exercise for it
    I am sure they will find a way to mark us,,,as having got it or not,,,,,,our rights are ever so quickly being taken away from us,,,
    But what else did I expect,,,,,its the last days:)

    • @ patriarch to pontif last saturnday…


      pretensions as follows:

      …we welcome You and Your honorable entourage to this sacred place, the hierarchal See of the historical and martyric Church charged by divine providence with a profoundly responsible ministry as being he First-Throne among the local most holy Orthodox Churches

      ….because You have deemed it proper to direct Your steps from the Old Rome to the New Rome, symbolically bridging West and East through this movement, while translating the love of the Chief Apostle to his brother, the First-Called Apostle.

      This sacred space, where in the midst of diverse historical challenges Ecumenical Patriarchs have for centuries celebrated and celebrate the holy Mystery of the Divine Eucharist….

      May these holy Fathers, on whose teaching our common faith of the first millennium was founded, intercede for us to the Lord so that we may rediscover the full union of our Churches….

      pope / papa = 💩

    • religions with all their trappings can’t save anyone…
      – not even so called christian religion nor any sect
      – and certainly not judaism, islam, pagan, or occult versions
      – neither secular observances (such as in popular holidays)
      – nor hybrid forms with fantasies about singularities, evolution, or utopias


      James 1:26-27

      If any man among you seem to be religious…
      – and bridles not his tongue but deceives his own heart
      – this man’s religion is vain.

      Pure religion and undefiled…
      – before God and the Father is this
      – to visit the fatherless and widows(*) in their affliction
      – and to keep oneself unspotted from the world

      * cp. the letters to Timothy

    • Are we all ready to stand like this?
      We are promised that we WILL go to be with our Lord in the air, but we probably WILL be required to face these kinds of persecutions first before then…

    • One of the best singer-songwriters ….. EVER !!!!!

      Great message of our Blessed Hope !!!

      Thanks for sharing!

  7. @ fortifying the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO)…

    – US House passes EMP bill
    – “This legislation will increase the office’s ability to work with federal, state and local entities to provide nuclear and radiological detection resources.”

    As if electric grid disruptions weren’t obvious.

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