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L. A. Marzulli

Almost 2000 years ago a man walked the earth who was unlike any other man before or since.  Everywhere He went He brought goodness, healing, love, acceptance, and in short the Kingdom of Heaven.  Guess what?  He had no PR firm, no agent, no crafted TV ad, no witty 30 second sound-bite, no handlers, writers or staff of people advising Him.

In short, He went from town to town and brought the kingdom of God to people who were broken, desperate, and in need of healing; and when He came to a town people were healed and delivered of sickness, disease, and demon possession. They got a glimpse of what the world should be, what it should look like, what it will one day become when He returns again.

I am speaking of course, of Yashua/Jesus.

Think about it for a moment.  He had nothing going for  Him.  He surrounded Himself with fishermen and two brothers who went by the name Son’s of Thunder, which sounds more like a biker gang than disciples that the savior of mankind would associate himself with.

He ate with tax collectors and prostitutes.  He talked to people who society shunned.  In short he went to the lost, the lepers, the outcast, the downtrodden.

As John tells us, He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.  John 1:10

He wrote nothing on paper.  Did not marry and leave a legacy.  He didn’t try to start a movement.  He came to crush the head of the serpent, and win the Cosmic chess Match between the Fallen One and the Most High God.

He accomplished this when he offered Himself, once for all men, when he was crucified by the Romans.  The Fallen One i.e. Satan, had no idea of what the cross was.  He didn’t understand it and he whispered into the minds of men, the pharisees, and the Jewish people, goading them on and they would cry, His blood be upon us and our children.  No one got it.  Not Mary His mother, nor the disciples and certainly not the children of Israel who cried out, crucify Him.

His last words, as He agonized were, It is finished.  

Then we read He descended into the lower parts of the earth and set the captives free.  By His death all of mankind has a way back to Father God, as His death destroyed the works of the devil and atoned for the sins of all mankind for you and for me.

Then, on the third day he rose from the tomb and word of this spread amongst the people.  He met with His disciples and told them to wait in Jerusalem for the power of the Spirit of the Living God would come upon them.  At Pentecost, the Spirit descended on those in the upper room in the form of something like a dove and at that moment everything changed.  The disciples changed, the women who were in the room changed.  The building shook and Peter delivered his first message and three thousand people believed on Him who was sent, Jesus.  This was the birth of the church.  It started supernaturally, not by some fancy sales pitch or the promise of wealth, riches and prosperity.  People were born again by the Spirit of the Living God.

Guess what?  This is available to those who seek it today.  The world is full of false christ’s and it is sometimes hard to find the real Jesus.  He’s not in the cathedral or the church building.  He’s certainly not begging for money on TV.  He’s not promising to pay your mortgage.

He is a breath away and when we ask Him into our hearts, to forgive us of all the nasty stuff we have thought and done, He will do it.  He will send His spirit to us and peace will come like a river.  Peace that the world does not understand and can never know.  He is the Prince of Peace.  Do you know Him?  He’s only a prayer away….

No God, no peace.

Know God, know peace….











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    • This life

      I was born not knowing where I came from or why was I here or my purpose and to where would I go.

      †Jesus Christ of Nazareth† Paid for in righteous blood.

      The life to come

      In the life to come I will be born knowing where I came from, why I am there and what my purpose is and where I will stay forever more.

  1. Luke 4 / Isa. 61        Eph. 6 / Isa. 59        Worthy is the Lamb
    preach good news 📣     helm of salvation       glory
    restore sight 👓        word of God             riches
    heal broken hearts 💔   boots of peace          power
    deliver captives 🔓     belt of truth           wisdom
    liberate the abused 🔑  shield of faith         strength
    acceptable year 💁      vest of right           blessing           
    day of vengeance 🔪     cloak of zeal           honor
    Mark 16                 Eph. 4 / 1st Timothy
    preach the gospel       evangels                tell all The Son of God Saves
    believe and baptize     prophets                follow God's Word (study, apply)
    overcome poisons        pastors                 provide (communion, fellowship)
    cast out devils         teachers                continue in doctrine (practice)
    speak new tongues       apostles                go do missions (prayer, praise)
    deal with serpents      deacons                 care for (orphans, true widows)
    lay hands on sick       elders                  direct with Christ by council
  2. Very interesting that at the giving of the Law to Moses at Mt Sinai (which was at Pentecost), …. and while Moses was still on The Mountain, ….
    ……… the people built a gold calf, which soon after resulted in the death of 3,000 men.

    Fast forward to another Pentecost in the future (Acts 2) …. which was the Birth of The Church …. the result was 3,000 men getting saved.

    The LAW brought forth death, but The Giving of The Holy Spirit brought forth life. The letter kills, but The Spirit gives life.

    Kinda wild how the same number of people (3,000) were mentioned in both places of Scripture!

    • Kirk: Yes…you have a sharp eye for capturing the comparison. I’ve included the scriptures for others to see. Thanks for sharing.

      “And the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses: and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men.” (Exodus 32:28)
      “Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.” (Acts 2:41)

    • And approximately 3000 people died on the morning of the twin towers attack in New York September 11, 2001 (2,996 to be exact). I think that is the official number, but I think a few may have gone unaccounted for in the official number in that tragedy… which may put the actual number at 3000. A coincidence? Who knows. Just an interesting factoid.

    • Acts 13:39 And by him all that believe are justified (freed) from all things, from which you could not be justified(freed) through the Law of Moses

    • Kirt – I understand your position but as I constantly admonish everyone who comes here. Please stick to the topic at hand. If you want to pontificate about the Law, or Hebrew roots, why not create your own blog. It is off topic at this juncture as I have been reporting on ISIL and what is about to happen in the Middle East, which, in my opinion is WWIII. L.A.

    • As Joseph took a gentile bride and later revealed himself to his brothers, so the Lord will take the church as a bride and later reveal Himself to the Jewish people. That doesn’t seem like a relevant statement, but bacon on your cheeseburger doesn’t mean you deny that Jesus is the Messiah.

      Kirt your zeal for the Torah is commendable, much insight can be gained by it’s study. As LA quoted the Lord, “It is Finished”, the door was opened. No need for a pontificate(bridge). Certainly no need for the Eleusinian mysteries that propagated Persephone and Mercury to make the afterlife in hades easier. Again quoting LA bun, He “set the captives free”.

      Hindus and Buddhists sacrifice animals and other items to their gods. Our Lord sacrificed Himself. Again, “It is Finished”

      It is such a joyful event. You seem to be tormenting yourself, I’m probably reading too much into it. Take Care.

    • Kirt, Kirk, Corey and everyone, I would appreciate everyone’s take on the new Exodus movie. Faithful re-telling? Lol, but don’t dish out the ticket price on my behalf.

    • R. Bannon… I’m sure God himself is hurling and heaving thunder and lighting in a bad case of horrific stomache nausia after seeing the special showing before it hit theatres. Although I haven’t seen it, I would bet my left toenail down to the quick that it makes the bible and the biblical account look goofy. I never bother to watch Hollywood’s rendition of biblical stories… although I did watch Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” on DVD because of a little arm wrenching. I thought it too missed the mark and the point. It basically presented Christ as a victim and not an intentional and willing act on the part of God to save humanity from the penalty of his/her lost position before God. But perhaps I’ll check it out when it arrives on DVD and get back to ya when I’ve had opportunity to give it an honest once over. I’m not holding my breath for any faithful biblical representation though.

    • Corey, I’ll probably wait for the DVD also. There is a theory that the lamb’s blood painted on the doorpost might have formed the letters aleph and tav. I am guessing that the movie wouldn’t portray that possibility.

      I am with you on the Gibson movie. I would have preferred more of the risen Jesus included. I really needed more of the victory represented after seeing all of the suffering.

      I notice that some above comments are missing, sorry Kirt, I wasn’t trying to start a lengthy debate.

    • R. Bannon… I have heard of that theory before. It’s quite interesting. In fact, I have an issue of Prophecy In The News magazine where Gary Stearman wrote about it appearing on the door posts when the lamb’s blood was applied. A larger point of the article he wrote was that the aleph and tav also appeared at the cross somehow… I don’t remember the details of the article – I’ll have to dig it out and read it again. As you may already know, when Christ said I am Alpha and Omega in the book Revelation, he was declaring himself to be the “aleph” and the “tav”… the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet… The beginning and the end of all things.

      But yea, I’m quite sure the movie won’t touch that one with a crane.

    • I would also add that it is said that God created the earth and all creation with the Hebrew alphabet or Hebrew language. So the “aleph” being the beginning of all things and the “tav” being the end of all things, Christ was declaring himself to be the one that was (in the beginning of creation and the creator of all things) and will be at the end of all things. So Jesus was declaring himself even at the time of the exodus with the aleph and tav written in blood on the door posts of the ancient Israelites when the death angel swept through Egypt and spared the ones who had this bloody aleph and tav on their door posts.

      Suppose the movie will bring this to light? Lol!! I’ll bet my other toe nail they don’t! Lol!!

  3. Very sad that so many “Churches” today wouldn’t even recognize JESUS or His disciples if they came to “their” church.

    Also very sad that so many “Churches” don’t even realize that The Holy Spirit was pushed out of “their” churches by “man’s traditions”.

    Hence, The Head of The Church [JESUS] …. and the POWER in and for The Church [The Holy Spirit] …. have in many parts been forgotten today.

    And rarely do we see “Buildings Shake” and “3,000 men saved” in our day!

    Yet JESUS and The Holy Spirit …. BOTH want us to KNOW THEM …… so that we can experience THE POWER of HIS RESURRECTION.

    • I had a really excellent teacher back in college days that did a phenomenal job covering much of this video ….WOW…WOW…WOW !!!

      And partly due to that…
      I always have enjoyed Mike Heiser’s very methodical dissection of The Word and really pulling out the nuggets and types and patterns!
      Plus he really stretches your thinking when it comes to Hebrew mindsets and the Jewish writers….whew….sooo deep!

      Good Stuff !!

  4. LA,

    This insider report blows the cover on the ongoing main stream media coverups of Hamas and radical Islam. The how and why of their selective reporting is attributed to a revolving door between the press and major NGOs.


    What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel
    The news tells us less about Israel than about the people writing the news, a former AP reporter says.
    Matti Friedman Nov 30 2014, The Atlantic

    The msm lie: “there is a bad guy [Israel] who doesn’t want peace and a good guy [Hamas] who does. This is the “Israel story,””
    Reported here: “[News] professionals ceased to be reliable observers and became instead an amplifier for the propaganda of one of the most intolerant and aggressive forces on earth.”


    This confusion is very much present in Israel and the Palestinian territories, where foreign activists are a notable feature of the landscape, and where international NGOs and numerous arms of the United Nations are among the most powerful players, wielding billions of dollars and employing many thousands of foreign and local employees. Their SUVs dominate sections of East Jerusalem and their expense accounts keep Ramallah afloat. They provide reporters with social circles, romantic partners, and alternative employment—a fact that is more important to reporters now than it has ever been, given the disintegration of many newspapers and the shoestring nature of their Internet successors.

    In my time in the press corps, I learned that our relationship with these groups was not journalistic. My colleagues and I did not, that is, seek to analyze or criticize them. For many foreign journalists, these were not targets but sources and friends—fellow members, in a sense, of an informal alliance. This alliance consists of activists and international staffers from the UN and the NGOs; the Western diplomatic corps, particularly in East Jerusalem; and foreign reporters. (There is also a local component, consisting of a small number of Israeli human-rights activists who are themselves largely funded by European governments, and Palestinian staffers from the Palestinian Authority, the NGOs, and the UN.) Mingling occurs at places like the lovely Oriental courtyard of the American Colony hotel in East Jerusalem, or at parties held at the British Consulate’s rooftop pool. The dominant characteristic of nearly all of these people is their transience. They arrive from somewhere, spend a while living in a peculiar subculture of expatriates, and then move on.

    In these circles, in my experience, a distaste for Israel has come to be something between an acceptable prejudice and a prerequisite for entry. I don’t mean a critical approach to Israeli policies or to the ham-fisted government currently in charge in this country, but a belief that to some extent the Jews of Israel are a symbol of the world’s ills, particularly those connected to nationalism, militarism, colonialism, and racism—an idea quickly becoming one of the central elements of the “progressive” Western zeitgeist, spreading from the European left to American college campuses and intellectuals, including journalists. In this social group, this sentiment is translated into editorial decisions made by individual reporters and editors covering Israel, and this, in turn, gives such thinking the means of mass self-replication.

  5. @ Jordan plan for Palestine … coming in days

    @ Jesuits past and present re: Jews
    -cp. popes (rome and othrodox) praying to their god with the muslims at the blue mosque

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