Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli

MondayMonday Morning Musings with Marzulli!

Executive Amnesty –

New York has sent a warning to its schools: Expect more illegal immigrants.

The city Department of Education has told principals it plans this year to enroll 2,350 migrant children from Central America who crossed into the United States unaccompanied — with many more to come.

If there are hidden powers that want to break the United States apart, this is one sure way to do it.  Flood the country with people who have no idea of our countries history, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and culture.  Make sure they can’t speak English to further confuse things.  Then, if anyone speaks out against this so-called amnesty, call them racist!  In my opinion this executive action by O’bummer, is another deliberate attempt to create a version of America that is far different from what most of us have come to love and appreciate.

ISIL Update – Battle for Heart of Iraq Intensifies With New Push by Islamist Terrorists

Islamic State militants mounted a fresh offensive to capture the capital of Iraq’s largest province in a bid to extend its control over the majority of the country’s Sunni towns and cities.

As most of us get ready to thank our creator for the bounty he has bestowed upon many of us living in the United States—I’m sure there’s an atheists who will protest Thanksgiving day at some point.  In Iraq, ISIL—The Islamic State of Syria, Iraq and the Levant—continue there bloody campaign to set up a caliphate.  They will not being stopped by the air raids conducted by the USA and others.  At some point, when they roll into Baghdad, it will be a game changer in the region.  I’m sure Israel is monitoring the situation closely as Jerusalem is in the heart of the Levant and this is one of the goals of this radical group.

The Public Evisceration of Bill Cosby – Bill Cosby’s legacy, recast: Accusers speak in detail about sexual-assault allegations

This is nothing more than the Distraction of the week!  Several weeks ago we had the Ebola scare.  Remember that?  Oops, we’ve had two people die so far in the USA, so I guess it’s not much of a pandemic to worry about.  The media is publicly eviscerating Cosby.  Is there fire underneath all of the smoke?  Who can say.  People can accuse others of anything and that doesn’t mean it is the truth.

Israel & Iran – Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran

Netanyahu has stated at the United Nations that Iran poses an existential threat to the nation of Israel.  Apparently the world doesn’t think much of his assessment, as the Iranians are allowed to continue their march toward joining the nuke club, without a hitch.  Does anyone really believe the Iranians will not use their weapons of mass destruction should they obtain them?  Like ISIL, The Mullahs of Iran have one goal and that is to rid the area of the Jews and take Jerusalem.  Mahmoud I’m-in-a-Jihad stated, Israel is like cancer soon to be irradiated.  Why doesn’t John Kerry get it?

Weather Woes –

Record snowfall, record flooding, record drought, record heat all over the USA.  I guess it’s just business as usual.  Nothing to see here.  Please continue to track the Bill Cosby story and do not take the prophecies of the Bible literally, otherwise we will label you a terrorist.

Fukushima Update –

See, I told you so, and did so months ago.  Houston we have a problem and it’s not going away.  So much for the sushi.  TEPCO has not been honest with the public, in reporting the true condition of the reactors at the site of the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the Fukushima prefecture in Japan.  Millions of gallons of contaminated water has leaked into the Pacific ocean and now, according to the story above, has found its way to the USA.  Fukushima is Chernobyl on steroids.

The Coming Mahdi? –

This is a great video sent to me by Watchman Mike M.  Check it out.  This is a must see!



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The feedback is starting to come in!
Hi Peggy and L.A.
Received your book yesterday and all I can say is WOW!  Did not expect all the color photos. Very nicely done.
Thank you and will look forward to any new books.
The new book, On the Trail of the Nephilim, is excellent! It’s beautiful and I can’t put it down.  God bless you! keep up the good work,its helping all of us!!!



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50 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli

  1. The Coming Mahdi video was interesting, much insight into Islam. Their view on Jesus( named Eesa Ibn Maryam in the video), is opposite of the Christian view, in that he comes in support of the Mahdi after his 7 year reign. “When you see the black flags (isis?), realize that the Mahdi will be with them”???

    Speaking of the name Isis, it has been reported that Isis was the name of the favorite perfume of princess Diana. This makes me think of the Lilith/Isis/Diana/etc. connection.

    I sae this video game advertised, which made me think of this last point:

    • Azure, Kate Upton is the model for the goddess of war in this ad. I watched the Walking Dead last night, and this was one of the commercials.
      And No, I am not an adolescent boy who saw her and then clicked on the ad on youtube, Lol.

    • @ emoji for lilith…


      no doubt, PMO would cp. ishtar (& baal)

    • ⚸ emoji for lilith?

      I wonder if the black cube religion fits into all this somewhere or is it just more cosmic debris?

    • ISIS Rebel:



      Ps… my dear mum would say Kate Upton has an “outstanding personality”!

    • @ black cube religion


    • Nome, that is interesting about the Unicode. The star and crescent mention got me on Wikipedia, on which I browse endlessly the highlighted links to related topics.

      It is interesting about the crescent moon bieing associated with the moon god Sin. Later it was associated with Hecate/Artemis. Hecate’s name means to operate from afar, or the far-darter. “Darter” as in arrow. You probably noticed the arrows in the picture above.

      To go even further with this, Artemis was a nereid. Nereids were sea nymphs who accompanied Poseidon. In the new Hunger games movie, the character Katniss is named after a aquatic plant whose members include another one called arrowhead. Just thought that interesting.

      The name of the movie is Mockingjay, a hybrid bird that looking like phoenix-rising on the movie poster. The city is called Panem. Of course the greek god Pan was turned half fish.

      I have made mention of the fact that Philip Seymour Hoffman is in this movie. There has been speculation as to his death, on superbowl sunday, being some kind of sacrifice. He died from Heroin (street name “Horse”) overdose. And then we get the news that the opium poppy’s are most bountiful this year in Afghanistan.

      This year’s superbowl is in Phoenix this year.

      Here’s where I really go off course. I was thinking of the song, Eli’s Coming, by Three Dog Night. The sons of Eli meant worthless sons or sons of belial. The mitre hat of the religious elite looks somewhat like Dagon(dragon?), the fish-god. Reading about the biblical Eli being present when the Ark was lost to the philistines, then the ark was taken to a temple of Dagon. Twice, the statue of Dagon was found prostate in front of the ark.

      To my amazement, when I sat down in front of the TV, a preacher was talking about the Ark with the two cherubim who kneeled on the mercy seat, and when Mary entered the tomb, two angels knelt before Jesus. So timely a message for me. How great our Lord is. I wish I remembered the preacher’s name, i’d like to catch his whole message.

      Oh, and yes Jamie, I would only be kidding myself if I said that I was incapable of lust.

  2. ‘ Morning!!

    So much activity going on, it makes me a bit woozy trying to decide which topic to comment on because they are all compelling!

    Re: Bill Cosby

    For the record, the Bill Cosby fiasco is revealing a timely racial build up to add fuel to burning tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, who is still waiting for the Grand Jury decision to indict or not, Police Officer Darren Wilson, who has very conspicuously stayed out of camera range, except to Matt Laurel, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and other high profile networks, in secret interviews, etc.

    Re: Fukushima

    Radiation readings off the charts and getting worse. No turning back the clock and no fix available. Thousands of sea life dying, dead, or giving birth to deformed offspring.

    • Yet another fall guy. He’s a globalist and anti Israel like the rest of this government is.

      Iran got another 7 month extension. I think it’s interesting that the Hagel news came immediately after that news came out.

    • SSM….did you know that our government has contracted with private military groups to remove guns and gold from Ferguson ?!
      I have seen it stated in several places and since things continue to escalate there it does not surprise me that this was coming.

    • The best site for Fukushima updates is “”

    • 💀

      💣many inciting race riots on various sides (likely including 5th column agitators, foreign agents)

    • To add to the Chuch Hagel piece… this is one for the books:



      And dramatic cutbacks in the military machine of the United States at a time when it’s discovered that China is now building an an island in the middle of the South China Sea that can be used as a landing strip for military aircraft.

      This makes me realize what Joel Skousen once stated about the intentional weakening of America while provoking Russia/China into attacking the U.S. to start war in order to destroy the current order of things. This is a must listen:

      So all the pieces of the New World Order puzzle start to come together. The following video should wake people up to the reality that the world is indeed controlled by the Illuminati, not just America. Take note at the end of this video what the name of the new “twin towers” in China will be called next year after completion. They too will have “twin towers”. This is straight up evidence that the chinese do not really control China… the Illuminati control them too. Stunning evidence. This further confirms information I came into awhile back that modern China is under their control as well…


      All suspiciously as Planet X approaches. This fits with the reasoning perhaps.

    • From Heaven’s gate to hell’s kitchen bound in the cerebral microcosm resides Nibiru the cosmic debris of intrigue and imagination of the black cube.

      ** Warning disturbing content for those least disturbed **

    • Related to above video concerning the man behind this video

      ** Warning disturbing content for those least disturbed **

    • “”

      With the above information about China building it’s own twin towers next year and it’s suspicious name, the above headline could read “The Illuminati building large island in the South China Sea for an airfield in disputed waters”.

    • @ Kirk:

      Yes, I’m aware of gold being removed from Ferguson, under guard.

      I’ve been following the situation in Ferguson daily through the Alex Jones “boots on the ground” reporting from SSgt. Joe Biggs with reporter Jakari Jackson.

      Alex Jones interviewed veteran SSgt. Joe Biggs back in the day when Rolling Stones’ Reporter Michael Hastings was killed in an auto crash June 18, 2013. SSgt. Biggs knew Michael Hastings and immediately began to speak out that it was highly suspicious.

      Anyway, Alex Jones is enough of a professional reporter/sleuth to hire SSgt Joe Biggs for Biggs is doing a great job as a reporter and his unique credible knowledge of military ops definitely adds to the developing drama in Ferguson:

      Secret Army Guards Missouri Courthouse

      I’ve been watching live streaming by the nightly demonstrators @ “”

      Didn’t Rahm Emmanuel say something like don’t let an event go to waste? Well, that’s what’s taking place in Ferguson. It’s a powder keg waiting to explode setting off planned events across the country. I’ve got several bullet points on an upcoming article pointing in that direction plus many other radio hosts and YouTube commentators are noticing it too.

      However, what’s really sad is that many people who are demonstrating don’t see it developing beyond Ferguson because they’re too angry. They’re being used as pawns in a much bigger game of “let’s have Martial Law in America!”

    • Corey…..good stuff! Thanks Bro.

      Again, check out site: “” >>> go to “” … one page on this site,
      which is 2014-2015 Unprecedented Blood Moons ….. and read through ….and SEE the graphs….especially GRAPH 8A and 8b !!!!

      STUDY these GRAPHS closely and see that this TETRAD that we are in … is PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL !!!!

      The tetrad that we are currently in is………..UNLIKE ANY OTHER !!!!……… all of HISTORY !!!!

      Because people do NOT look at these things and HOW SPECIFIC THEY ARE IN GOD’s DESIGN…..they miss God’s SIGNALS….
      and will also miss God’s Divine Appointments………plastered all over the heavens for all to see!

    • G’Day, Azureceu!

      Sorry to type out quotes from videos…

      Disturbing content:


      – YT/LieKillers, YT/ChristianAuthority… “are GOD’s/SATAN’s official channels before His coming on the world scene”

      – “That means you are right by the real source. No one else will give you this information.”


      “the Creator of the Universe is 666 (Satan).”

      “The Bible, and all religious figures are His deception. Those who like small children expect the “Rapture” or that they will return after 7 years of Tribulation and the Great Tribulation are ridiculous, brainwashed, deceived, stupid and naive clowns.”

      “Because the Bible was created by 666 (Satan) via hands of his daemons (Illuminati) who have no consciousness, means that many things in the Bible is truth, many things twisted truth, many things double meanings, many things symbols and symbology, many things straight and pure lies.”

      “That there will come some Jesus Christ and will take some “saved ones to the air” is beyond funny straight lie, and it’s really unbelievable an adult can believe such a lie, especially after so many sins, ignorance, selfishness, egocentrism, and evil.”

      …”One of his biggest deceptions – The Bible, is your precious book. He made it. He deceived you. Completely.”

      …”But good news, There will really come Jesus Christ, described in the Bible as Jesus Christ, and also as the Antichrist.”

      “Jesus Christ and the Antichrist are one being.”

      “But in fact, it will be 666 (Satan) in a body of Jesus Christ.”

      “The God you have worshiped all your life has always been Satan.”


      Those are just some of the quotes found in introduction in first five minutes of 2hr:14mins video, [#5] Nibiru – The Real Truth about the Queen of Heavens!!!

      Azeruceu, I see what you mean by “Related to above video concerning the man behind this video”.

      [#15] “WHO IS THE LIEKILLERS CHANNEL OWNER = A113 – Liekillers” video:

      Intro (first three minutes, at least):
      “… I made previous videos, but obviously you are.. you are really not getting it what’s going on here so I decided to make video which will be much more simple, alot more shorter, and in which I will try to explain to you in as much simpler, as possible, what are these channels about. ”

      “I am creator of the universe[!] I am God[!] I have lived many lives since the Atlantis Empire because I wanted to know what it feels like to live a human being. This is my last life as a human being. I died many times. I was born many times. I lived many corners of the world. This is my last life, and soon I will become myself and I will never live as a human being anymore – so I am creator of the universe: I am God himself. But.. God is Satan. I am Satan….”

      “…ridiculous, brainwashed, deceived, stupid and naive clowns.”


      LORD, forgive me for typing up some of the words of this drongo (LieKillers).

      God bless you, Azeruceu! I see what you mean by “Related to above video concerning the man behind this video”. For about a split-second whilst viewing I thought to myself, perhaps, he had a dodgy google translator?… but I stopped thinking that after half-a-second.

      Not as funny as the cheeky kid in the mosque video [above]…

      -0/5 stars!

      God Bless!


      Ps… Liekillers willingly says he’s god, and also Satan.. offers his (alleged) initials but will not give his name. Wonder why? [not really].

    • Maybe I should have just said, ‘Strewth, Cobber… this Liekillers got a few roos loose in the top paddock!’

      Have a blessed day!

    • Pete, I have been following this Nibiru train from the day it left the station and as can be seen this end of the train is far worse than the other end of it, needless to say but this is one crazy train from one end to the other.

      On a kind of a funny note, I remember watching the Nelson Mandela’s memorial service and joking with my wife how the sign language interpreter was mocking the speakers. Since I know squat about sign language my wife said to me “how do you know he is mocking them”? And I said because he keeps making ridiculas hand movements etc. etc.

      Later come to find out:

    • Oops forgot the title: Nelson Mandela sign language interpreter “a complete fraud” – Truthloader


    • Azureceu, I’ve become friends with a group of deaf mutes (met through 8-ball team competition and free poker tournaments I’ve been occasionally playing at over the last year or two). I’m gradually learning communications re hand signs alphabet and some vocabulary from them. They told me there are only about 12 000 words re handsigns dictionary and so with that a variation on grammar. I did ask of their opinion re this Mandela funeral interpreter – they said that the same handsigns used by people’s in various nations can be a different word in other nations – they joked that this Mandela interpreter was signing in Swahili language!

      (and yes, some of us know when they are signalling one another at a poker game!).

    • Dom,

      @ “SEE the graphs….especially GRAPH 8A and 8b !!!!”

      So looking at Graph 8A “the Lord’s “Perfect” sign” what is suppose to happen Jan 5,2015?

      Is the “perfect sign” even biblical???

    • So out of the 7 times the tetrads have occurred only ONE time. ONE out of 7 signaled an UPCOMING event.

      And even with that one the event took place DURING the tetrad.

      How can we consider the tetrads to be some type of signal when they occur AFTER the event or during the event?

      we are supposed to see the sign BEFORE the event? Not after.

      If we are trying to show a correlation shouldn’t there be a correlation. I don’t call 1 out of 7 a consistent correlation, does anyone?

      The Almighty that I see in the bible is way more precise than that.

      Lindsay said there will not be any more tetrads in 21st century.

      Not correct.

      The next tetrad takes place in 17 years and there are actually 6 more tetrad’s this century.

      When four consecutive lunar eclipses are all total eclipses, the group is known as a tetrad. The following tetrads occur during this century:

      1. Tetrad: 2003 – 2004
      2. Tetrad: 2014 – 2015
      3. Tetrad: 2032 – 2033
      4. Tetrad: 2043 – 2044
      5. Tetrad: 2050 – 2051
      6. Tetrad: 2061 – 2062
      7. Tetrad: 2072 – 2073
      8. Tetrad: 2090 – 2091


      Tetrads nor some made up planet are not in the bible.

  3. @ Obama … blatant criminal (so arrest, prosecute, convict, and imprison)
    @ soldier of allah … false prophecies from the collective false prophet

    How is Obama different(?) than Saddam, Mubarak, Chavez, Q’daffy, Kim Jong IL, and that long list of rulers likewise drunk with the blood of innocents. Of course, Obama could do nothing by himself. That goes for amnesty too. Much as BHO is selectively slacking on enforcement — the loyal opposition party is selectively slacking on “checks and balances.” The “government shutdown” theatrics meant nothing last year before the Obamacare fraud. So, it’s business as usual in DC, meaning it’s all about keeping the 3 ring circus of the economy turning in circles faster and faster so the rich and famous can leach more and more.

    As regards ISIL, khorasan, etc. No matter what they say or how many black flags are displayed, I believe Daniel describes what’s actually going on, i.e. the north & south battle back and forth till 666 takes over when they’ll both come in line. The muslims are deluding themselves in self fulfilling fatalism, like suicide bombing.

    I posted a link to an article at the tail end of yesterday. That’s not to say I endorse them, though the article was well handled. Best to “search the scriptures,” “try the spirits,” and “keep that which is good.” (In particular, elsewhere on that same site, they have a “beliefs faq” — where the Holy Spirit is depersonalized as mainly “the power of God?!” I strongly disagree.)

  4. LA …. interesting video about the Coming Mahdi that you posted at the end of blog. I had not seen this one yet, thanks for sharing.

    I have been saying for a long while on this blog this year and through many videos I have posted here that the muslims “are set up”…
    to receive the deceiver……….all the way down to the destruction of Mecca and the Kaaba Stone!
    ………..[ Walid Shoebat, Joel Richardson….both do an excellent study on these things that the CHURCH had better understand. ]

    As is clear from Scripture….
    When a person rejects JESUS as THE way, THE truth, and THE life……… then any deceiver can step in and lead many to destruction!

    The muslims see everything in a “Mirror Image”….BACKWARDS…..and in direct contrast to what we see in Scripture. That is their downfall.

    John 16:2….
    “They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God.”

    This verse sounds very much like it will/does apply to muslims!!!

  5. Pithypaul, in your comment on Rev 11 yesterday, the only thing I’d like to add is that we are the temple of God- he is measuring the worshipers much like they did in Ezekiel. Leave out the ones who are in the outer court, because they don’t have fellowship with me- depart from me, I do not know you.

    It appears it is the separation, like the wheat and tares.

    • @ Corey…there’s an 83 cities list to be “hit’ on my site across the country and sure enough reports are coming in from NY, etc … highly orchestrated burning down.


  6. 🙅

    Lives do matter — elective abortion makes life cheap. Make the right choice.

  7. Soon to squelch the ferguson race riots…

    – main stream media returns to the previously scheduled shopping holiday schtick

    “…fire sale” 1/2 off on black friday bargains

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