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I want to thank every one at the Tri State Ministry conference.  Shout outs to Pastor Stevie and Pastor Caleb.  It was great to see them again.  The worship was wonderful and congregation responsive to our messages.  Russ Dizdar’s presentation was over-the-top-amazing!  Thanks to all the folks who turned out!  

Record opium poppy cultivation has 5% of Afghan pop. using heroin

The UN says opium poppy growth in Afghanistan will rise to record levels by the end of 2014. A report by the organization says there is a 7 percent increase in land being cultivated despite the US spending over $7 billion on counter narcotics programs.

Note: This is an older post from several years ago….. Think about it.  Nothing has changed!   I will make my newer comments in RED!

We have been fighting in Afghanistan for 9 years and counting. We have lost 1000 men and women there, our blood and treasure. The war continues with no end in sight. Below, in The Other News, section, is a link to a story that shows approval of President Obama, and Congress to allocate another 60 Billion to the war effort. You may remember, during the presidential elections,  when Obama promised to get out of Afghanistan. Well, that hasn’t happened has it? The war drags on, the Karzai government is corrupt. School girls get acid thrown in their faces and the Taliban is alive and well and producing Opium. In fact, production is up! It’s boom-time for the Taliban! Afghanistan may lead the world in the production of opium, which is the basic “crop” that becomes heroin. Heroin is the drug of choice for dealers, as those who use it become addicted, and so continue to pay for more and more for the drug, to stay high. It’s a vicious cycle, and millions have succumbed to its deadly effects, while the drug lords have grown rich on the backs of others misery. The opium production and trade in Afghanistan has increased almost 10 fold since the US invasion in 2001, and much of it winds up in Russia. This begs the question who benefits from this? Where does all the money go? Why haven’t US forces wiped out the fields? (Because someone profits from it!) Why does the war continue year after year, with no end in sight? You may recall that the British went to war with China over their right to sell opium to the Chinese. They won that war – 1839 to 1842 – and the result was the addiction of millions of Chinese men and women. This led to the infamous opium dens that novelist, reporters and others wrote about and exposed. Here’s something to consider, the British, a little more than a century ago, went to war to sell opium! Let’s understand something, the nature of man has not changed and never will. The British gave little thought to the millions of people whose lives were destroyed because of their avarice. Is it any different today? Are the same people running the show? I would state that there is a Luciferian aspect to this. I know some of you will roll your collective eyes at this, but let’s strip it down and expose what lies beneath the surface. First off, as I sated earlier, billions of dollars are changing hands over this illicit trade. Billions more are being spent to prosecute a seemingly endless war. How could a nation that claims to be a Christian one, whose leaders offer prayers for its soldiers, not know about the opium trade? The chilling fact is that I believe they do, and thus, like the British before them, must at some level be compliant with it. It is sickening to me that we are so duped by politicians, on both sides of aisle who stand before us and call this a noble war, when what is really going on behind the scenes is nothing more than a giant dope deal. Whoever is on board with this, is spreading misery and depredation throughout the world. It’s time to hold our government accountable to what is happening in Afghanistan. It’s time to prosecute those who turn a blind eye to the drug trade, and others who engage in it. In closing today’s post. When 911 happened I believed, like millions of other Americans, that the Afghan war was a just one. After 9 years, I no longer hold to that position. As the Guidebook to the Supernatural, i.e. the Bible states, the mystery of lawlessness is at work. Part of that lawlessness is the enslavement of millions of people through the addiction to heroin. The enemy comes to rob, kill and destroy and he has found a good base of operations, in Afghanistan.

This was published in 2009.  As you can see for yourself by the new link at the top of the page, the Afghan Heroin trade is at an all time high.  The entire Afghan enterprise is an exercise in one giant dope deal.  It’s all about the trillions of dollars that are made each year on the opium trade.  Over the weekend I asked the folks at the Tri State Ministry conference who among them had NOT had a family member in rehab.  Out of a few hundred people there were only a few hands that were raised.  Think about it, this has become the norm in America, rehab.  Drugs pour across our southern border and this has affected almost every family in America.  We’ll see if the changes in the mid-term elections change the status quo in regard to the drug trade.  Another sign of the last days?  In my opinion, yes as if we go back 50 years ago, rehab centers were few and far between.   God help us…


Russia rebukes US over Afghan heroin glut

By Isabel Gorst in Moscow

Moscow has criticised US-led forces in Afghanistan for failing to eradicate heroin production and warned at the weekend that drug smuggling was endangering Russia’s national security.

Russia says production of heroin in Afghanistan has increased almost tenfold since the US-led invasion to oust the Taliban began in 2001.

As drug smuggling across central Asia’s porous borders has soared, Russia has emerged as the world’s biggest per capita user of heroin, consuming about 35 tonnes of the drug a year.

Viktor Ivanov, the head of Russia’s anti-narcotics agency, told reporters on Sunday: “It is a threat to national peace and security.”

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, and Barack Obama, his US counterpart, agreed to co-operate more closely to combat international drug traffic during a meeting last year.

With its regional knowledge, Russia is well placed to help the US track down Afghan drug barons and unravel heroin trafficking networks in central Asia.

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  1. “”

    The Tri State folks uploaded the entire conference right here on their Youtube channel. 🙂

    Here is Gary and Bob getting into Russia from the other day. It’s great to have them back in the saddle.

    As for today’s blog: Nothing’s changed except it’s gotten worse. I have no doubt drugs and $$$$ are one of a number of major reasons we’ve been out there.

    • Gonz was talking with Natalina about the upcoming prophecy conference. He observed that there’s so much material it’s overwhelming to process in a short time. Determining how to take action using what’s presented is a challenge. So the videos (online or DVD) and web site materials definitely help; especially, outlines and maps.

      Much thanks to Tri State !!!

  2. @ complicit with the opium trade…
    – well yes of course, as was Teddy and Delano Roosevelt
    – intentionally exterminating the chinese through addictions
    – and making fortunes which were laundered into political dynasties (FDR)
    – cp. booze, prohibition, The Kennedy’s, big pharma, and global genocides

    @ complicit with the energy trade…
    – since afghanistan is also a major source of lithium for batteries
    – which involves other political dynasties
    – and energy flows to china, japan, and the orient
    – cp. Zapata Oil….

    The dynamic is the conversion of risky “investments” and “speculations”
    – into more substantial forms of wealth
    – such as through laundering underground & illicit fortunes
    – into global corporations (cp. “giants,” super-entities)
    – they use the mid-east as a big black box

    inputs: arms + drugs + populations (grind together)
    outputs: wealth + power + longevity (for the dominators)

    The “iron man” suits of the enemy angels (and their proxies) are global corporations.

    • And that should start with impeachments…



      Jonathan Gruber: We lied about Obamacare to stupid American voters … Communities Digital News

      Charles Krauthammer Rips ‘the True Voice of Liberal Arrogance’ Over … Town Hall

      Howard Dean: Obamacare Written By “Elitists” Who “Don’t Fundamentally … Town Hall

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      The polls missed it, but we Americans seem to be overcoming our ‘stupidity’ … Canada Free Press

      Again! Obamacare architect calls Americans ‘stupid’ … WNDdotcom

      Obamacare Architect: Hey, Sorry For Cheering Opacity and Calling Voters Stupid …Town Hall

      GOP senator: ‘Stupidity’ remark ‘offensive’ … The Hill

      MIT Professor: Actually, Voters Aren’t Stupid … Bloomberg

      ACA Architect: ‘The Stupidity Of The American Voter’ Led Us To Hide … Forbes

  3. Drugs are a tool of satan and his fallen angels, they’ve been controlling mankind through drugs for thousands of years. Opiates open the pineal gland which helps the demonics gain access to the mind of man. It’s no surprise to me that in these last days before the great and terrible day of the Lord, that man would be even more enamored with the use of all kinds of drugs to the point of making them more accessible through legalization. Marijuana is not harmless and when you think or hear of the term “Gateway drug” understand that the “Gateway” is the opening to the mind of man and if satan can gain access he gains control.

  4. Great post L.A.! I was thinking how you were able to “track” the opium growth and wondered why our government wasn’t attracting the progress before allocating finances to continue “aiding” Afghanistan.

    So I just did a quick scan on YouTube for a video and found this one showing how deep America is involved in “aiding and abetting” in the opium crime:

    Obama isn’t about to stop it because he’s a part of it (so we’re Bush & Cheney)!

    • I have written about heroine, street name “horse”, and in this year-of-the-horse, the opium crop is at it’s largest. This video was posted on the truthnevertold channel on youtube. The stupor of the general populace to current events has been compared to the poppy scene from the Wizard of Oz.

  5. Same old scam…


    transcript excerpt:



    I don’t know how to answer that. It is not an interpretation. I went on a cruise, and shadowed the 1905 cruise, at that point Taft and Roosevelt are explaining to the United States through Presidential proclamations, messages, press conferences, what we’re doing in the Philippines, just like President Obama is going to explain what we’re doing in Afghanistan. They explained it in terms of racial theory. So I didn’t seek out the two term papers that President Roosevelt happened to write on race and highlight them in this book. I point out that the explanation given to the American public was based in racial theories that they were taught at Harvard and Columbia…

    I’m out in China and I stumble on the source of the wealth of FDR. I had no idea that grandpa Delano was the opium king of China. The wealth that supported Franklin Delano Roosevelt, came from drug dealing….

    Roosevelt thinks Americans came from Greece? Then I realized that it was this racial theory when I went back to Harvard and Columbia and saw political science theory of the day….

    Secrecy in government is often a very big problem.

    • Perhaps LA or Russ can summarize the connection better…


      A theory proposed by Bible scholar I.D.E. Thomas asserts that the race of the “Nephilim” (meaning Giants and/or fallen ones), mentioned in Genesis 6:4 and Numbers 13:33, closely resemble the alien race of the blond Pleiadian Nordics, reported to be eight to nine feet tall. The Nazis attempted to revive this mystical Aryan race in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Mr. Thomas believes that a hybrid offspring culminated from relations between the Nephilim and the “daughters of man” resulting in increased wickedness upon the earth; and thus evoking God’s wrath in the form of the “Great Flood”.

      note: not that I trust the source… “”

      Does Mark Flynn track such “the doctrines of demons”” that aryan blood lines and backbreeding tie to nephilim blood lines? (cp. “” Hitler’s Jurrasic Monsters re: cattle backbreeding)

    • might’ve known – canadians…


    • RU poutine me on, eh?

    • confession is good for the soul…

      @ RU poutine…
      – in canada, they say poutine is routine
      – in russia, they say ПЬutin is rottin

    • @ ~100 years after the Manchuria Cruise – did BHO just give the orient to china?

      “” (A Conspiracy of Quotes – Eugenics)
      “” (Bradley, re: Imperial Cruise)

      And are the 10 Horns divvying up their dominions?

    • Past :facepalm:
      Racial theories of the epoch

      Present 😈
      -Pecado de Bom-
      What comes around goes around..
      Ack! Canadians in São Paulo

      Rock’n the Poutang..
      “” com musica na entrada

      Future ➡
      Meanwhile at the border….

    • re: “A Conspiracy of Quotes”

      India sterilization program under fire after women’s deaths

    • Seashoremary, You’re very welcome! That was my reaction too. And I suspect the cartels are following similar patterns.

      also @ L_f_T
      – like the old cold war days
      – soviets also went bump in the night


    • Nome, I just started Mark Flynn’s The Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth. Looking over chapter titles like Mt. Hermon, and Hermes, I am struck by the fact that these are some of the subjects that I have been internet-researching on my own.

      I mentioned a few weeks back, the apparition at Fatima and a possible demonic deception. LA promptly wrote that he had already covered this subject in one of his books. I replied how great minds think alike. I can picture his eyes rolling at that comment.

      Speaking of great minds, a week or so past, you and I mentioned Hermes and Cupid’s association with valentines day. In Flynn’s book is a section about arrows, darts, and spears and their connotations.

      I went so far as to say that in the new TV show, The Flash, a spinoff of Arrow, the Hermes myth is on full display.

      I have also got to mention this. Last night on The Flash, there was a scene where the Flash ran on water. Another character told him that he was in good company with this ability. In another part of the show, he saved a window washer whose scaffolding had failed. Imagine my surprise when I read that this just happened at One World Trade Center, scaffolding broke, but no Flash to save the day. Here’s the story:

  6. Off topic, but it’s an important one on LA’s blog:
    NASA: Comet Landing The First Step For Humans To ‘Move Off This Planet’

    Can you just see it now? An armada of ufos appear, and they want to shuttle us off this planet because mankind is ruining it with endless wars, gulf oil spill, fukashima, etc.

    • a quote from the article above: “We look forward to building on Rosetta’s success exploring our solar system through our studies of near earth asteroids and NASA’s upcoming asteroid sample return mission OSIRIS-REx.”

      Why, do they every time have to come up with some occultic name on these blasted missions, telescopes, rockets, et al.

    • “” (the kid friendly version)

      “” (the pair do their own tweets)

      The lander-bot made it down ok, even if its foot-harpoons didn’t fire, nor its top thruster engage.

      @ osiris-rex … can it be more blatant?

      US based and thus english (not german nor latin) connotations…

  7. @ watching the x-humans (they’d say ‘exponential’-humans)


  8. @ behind the scenes…
    – basil & gonz enroute
    – #prophecyforum
    – #tpf2014


    …will they tweet pic the rapture

  9. re: Current talks between President O and China “coming to terms on energy agreement” w/o 2/3 U.S. Senate approval is in progress:

    “Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, includes the Treaty Clause, which empowers the President of the United States to propose and chiefly negotiate agreements between the United States and other countries, which become treaties between the United States and other countries after the advice and consent of a supermajority of the United States Senate.”

    “[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…” (source: Treaty Clause Wikpedia “”)

    “House Speaker John Boehner warned that President Barack Obama was waging a “crusade” against affordable energy after the United States and China reached agreement Wednesday on curbing greenhouse gas emissions….” (article; “”)

    So I gather the President failed to tell the Senate why he was going to China? Another broken promise to follow transparency as the President swore when he ran for office..

    I wonder what, if anything, the no action Senate will now do?

  10. I watched Searching for Giants on History channel. That’s an hour of my life I will never get back, LA was smart not to get invoiced with these clowns. This is an utter embarrassment for the history channel and an all time low for their programming. . Nothing like watching a series where grown men run around chasing their tails, grasping at rainbows….it’s a coin flip which is worse, Scratching for Bigfoot, or Searching for Giants…..I am waiting for the new series on History Channel which should be just as riveting, searching for Leprechauns,hosted by Liam Neeson

    • By the way I have seen the promos for Searching for Leprechauns and
      no matter what the History Channel wants you to believe, Peter Dinklage is not a Leprechaun

  11. Hello, friends!

    Not sure if this news has been reported by mainstream media (yet):

    Sailors attacked in Istanbul by Anti-American protesters.

    A group of activists from ultra-right Youth Union of Turkey (TGB) put sacks on the heads of American soldiers in Istanbul to protest “American imperialism” yesterday.


    God Bless!


  12. I visited Lakewood the other day and low and behold the hate group Westboro Baptist Church was there outside picketing with the most offensive signs imaginable. I’m not a big fan of the Osteen’s per say but the signs I saw which I wont mention here targeted not only Joel but his wife and family…one could argue Joel is fair game since he is in the public eye but to target his wife and kids is low even for Westbro standards. I wanted one of them to say something to me so I walked by them twice and had no takers, I was a bit disappointed, they seemed to only harass the elderly, the timed and the easily frightened.

  13. Nobody take this as some pro-Russian rant, because personaly I think Putin is a psychopath. However, when we take a step back and remove our “patriotic” blinders for a second this thing starts to reak. We can’t forget that Russia use to fight in Afghanistan long before we ever got there. And We have been there for a long time with no end in sight.

    What exactly is our mission there? And opium production has gone up, not down. Care to take a guess where the majority of the opium tunnels through on its way to Europe and beyond? Ukraine!! So, with that in mind, its not surprising that Putin rolls in tanks to “secure” the area. And our press paints a picture of this as Russian aggression and that Putin is throwing his weight around.

    Now this isn’t some benevolent act on putin’s part mind you. This is about America using drugs as like some kind of chemical weapon against our enemies to rot them from the inside with addiction and then profiting greatly from it. It also opens up channels for the flow of arms into hard to reach areas under the banner of criminal activity, while the perpetrator remains clean. This is organized crime at the highest levels.

    And although Putin can maneuver under a pretence of national security, he is pissed because America is playing dirty and winning. “Something is rotten in Denmark.”

    • Something else to consider. When ever the press and the state department start singing a similar tune quickly after an event with lots of speculation, things start to stink.

      Remember when that plane crashed in Ukraine and john Kerry was out front accussing Russia of shooting it down. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was shot down by Ukraine dissidents backed by CIA intelligence and logistical support.

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