Election Update – Will things Change or Remain the Same?

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L. A. Marzulli

 Last night Republicans took control of the Senate and thus now control both houses of Congress.  The big question is what happens next?  As Ron Paul pointed out in a recent interview we really  have a one party system.  http://rt.com/usa/202295-ron-paul-midterm-elections/   With that in mind does it really matter who gets elected?

The US has a lot of problems and it will be interesting to see if there is any real change when the newly elected Senators take their oath of office.  Will Congress finally close the southern border?  Bush had 8 years to do it with a Republican house and Senate during most of his watch and he failed to do so.

Will Congress audit the FED?  Most likely not and the FED will continue to print funny money which eventually will lead to our financial collapse.

How about the amnesty issue?  Obama wants to grant amnesty to millions of illegals residing in our country.  Will this change the very fabric of our nation?  Will Congress vote to stop this?

How about the endless war in Afghanistan?  Will Congress vote to bring our boys home after 13 long years?  What have we really accomplished there?  When we leave, will Afghanistan simply return to what was before, and embrace the Taliban?

Will Congress actually do something about Tort reform?  Bush promised this in his reelection campaign, and he made a big deal about it, but in the end nothing happened.

How about the onerous taxes that Americans pay?  Will Congress create a flat tax and abolish the IRS?  Who are we kidding….!

Then there’s the abortion issue, the prayer in school issue, the Common Core curriculum being forced down our throats.

How about Obamamess (Health Care)?  Will Congress try to repeal it?

Gun control?

Climate Change?

The Collapse of the Petro-Dollar?

Big challenges are facing us and what the American people need is real leadership which will help the little guy on the street and not some BIG government, socialized spending program.

Here’s what Congress should do.

1.  Create a flat tax.  Everybody pays 10% no more, no less.  Abolish the IRS and ease the onerous tax laws that are squeezing the life our of small business.

2.  Repeal Obamamess.  In doing so come up with a plan that will work to help ensure those who can’t afford health insurance.  Create a safety-net for those faced with catastrophic health issues.

3.  Close the southern border…. period.  Beef up the patrols and stop the drugs coming into the country.

4.  Audit the Federal Reserve.

5.  Create real immigration reform.

6.  Close the country to immigrants who are coming from countries that harbor terrorism.  This would include students studying here from countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

7.  Make a firm decision to support Israel.

8.  Repeal Roe v. Wade and stop partial birth abortion.

9.  Equal pay for women.

10.  Look into the scandal of Benghazi and Fast and Furious and hold those who were involved, accountable.

In closing todays post.  I would posit that America is at a crossroads.  The question is will those who sit in the halls of power act to help the American people, or will things continue pretty much the same as they are now?




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36 thoughts on “Election Update – Will things Change or Remain the Same?

  1. Largely stay the same although not having Harry Reid as majority speaker any more is pretty sweet.

    State level looks nice but that’s increasingly seeing the screws put down on it.

    The problem is simply this: The Congress has been largely irrelevant for the most part and especially since O took over. Activist judges, czars (largely put in by W), executive orders, backdoors… none of that is going to change.

    Maybe we have a softer landing or a little more time here? It was “all Republicans” at 9-11 and after that and you saw what that got us so I’m really not convinced there’s much to all this.

    Two sides of the same coin for the most part and especially at high levels of government.

  2. Meanwhile we interrupt the wall to wall bread and circuses coverage for some real news. 😉


    Jordan yanks their ambassador out of Israel over the Temple Mount… this is not going away.


    Hamas terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Nice ceasefire. Give me a break.

  3. See drudge story about bloody goatheads. What is that object in the background?

    Btw, I agree on all your points.

  4. True. Will things really change? Does America have a second government working behind the scenes where the real power wields it’s influence? If so, will it take a special type of courage to expose it, deal with it, and will Americans place their faces down in worship to the One who really can and should rule and reign in order to turn the wheels of time in favor of His will, Jesus Christ. I believe the Lord hasn’t forgotten America and its future is in His Hands.

    We’ll see…

  5. Yesterday I read an article saying the next two years are going to be bad, much like what Eric said above. When dealing with a narcissist who has lost is dangerous; the article used Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon as an example. There is no solution to our political mess; I used that example last night. The two parties are two sides of the same coin. The agenda keeps going forward.

    • Jesus’ return is the only solution to this mess. The car has left the pavement, crashed through the guardrail and is airborne. All we can do is prepare for impact.

    • The U.S. won’t survive, at least not in its current incarnation. Despite all the fancy dancin’ about these other issues, there’s no coming back from this debt.



  7. Up in smoke :mrgreen:

    Legalized marijuana spreads to two more states and D.C. Next up, California.

    Excerpt: The momentum for legalized marijuana grew Tuesday as Oregon, Alaska, and
    the District of Columbia all made possession of small amounts legal. Pro-pot forces are now targeting California.


  8. I must say I agree with Mrs. M and Kentucky Rose regarding the election results:

    ” there is no solution to our political mess”, “The two parties are two sides of the same coin. The agenda keeps going forward.” and “two wings of the same buzzard”,”there’s no coming back from this debt”.

    What this country truly needs is for the pulpits and the pew sitters in our assemblies of believers to get on fire for the true Word of God — but this is the age of the “comfortable lukewarm, naked, smiling and bankrupt church of Laodicea” — so our only hope is for the real believers to spend much time in prayer petitioning our Lord for revival or the kingdom to come AND to offer salvation by way of Jesus atoning blood to every human being we meet.

    Fellow believers let’s get to work earnestly praying and evangelizing as we look forward to the blessed hope of His return!

  9. Rev.9

    [6] And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

  10. Scripture is silent on the issue of voting…
    – not so concerning prayer
    – nor nagging, as in the parable of “the unjust judge”
    – nor likewise an “unruly tongue”
    – nor preaching
    – nor the “rod of the mouth” (as in rod and crook)

    So to all those that didn’t vote…
    no worries, complain away, don’t buy what the partisans say
    – voting in a representational republic for reps that are “supervoters”
    – is like voting for dictators that rule for life

    Prayer is much more powerful than any vote…
    – unless you pray to false gods, idols, saints, or false messiahs
    – so democratic majorities are mostly majorities of evil
    – and democracy like capitalism or liberty is no panacea, but more likely idolatry

    Don’t buy into historically unsupported delusions of a fair two party system…
    – that intends to silence non-partisans

  11. Even if the newly elected had the will and fortitued to put our country on a corrective path, is it even possible anymore? Is there enough hours in a day? Are we too far gone with the mountain of debt we are under.

    I feel like the titanic has been steam rolling towards an iceberg and now someone with some sense just grabbed the wheel. Will we hit it anyway?

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