ISIL – Atrocities Continue Unabated

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L. A. Marzulli

Warning: This article contains images and descriptions of extreme violence.

Islamic State militants drove 600 Shia, Christian, and Yazidi male prisoners into the middle of the desert, lined them up along the edge of a ravine, and executed them at point blank range, according to a report by Human Rights Watch released Thursday. 

The inmates, taken from a local prison, were forced to count themselves as they lined up before members of the jihadist militant group opened fire on them with machine guns. 

Human Rights Watch says it spoke to nine survivors of the massacre. They told the organization they made it out alive by rolling into the ravine and pretending to be dead, or were shielded by the bodies of other prisoners who fell on top of them.

We have riots in San Francisco because the Giants won the World series.  All this over a baseball game.  Lawlessness anyone?

People in the USA are decorating their houses with ghosts and goblins and getting ready for Samhain, or Holloween.  I hate this holiday more and more each year.  Think about it, people are glorifying demons, the occult and the ring leader himself, The Fallen One.

The Ebola scare is still on, but so far only one American has died from the disease.

However the media, for the most part is hyping Ebola while remaining, in some news-outlets, silent about the massacres taking place at regular intervals in Iraq.

At the onset of WWII German storm troopers pushed east and massacres took place in many villages, as people were rounded up and shot.  I would suggest the same spirit of death has taken over the region of Iraq and Syria, and is manifesting itself in the from of ISIL.  The groups rampage continues unabated.

As I have stated several times here, I believe Baghdad will fall and when it does what happens to the oil?  Will we have gas lines again. just in time for the Holidays?

  • Iraq was the sixth largest net exporter of petroleum liquids in the world in 2012, with the majority of its oil exports going to the United States and to refineries in Asia.

Radicals Moslems who are embracing Jihad and the setting up of a Caliphate in Iraq are racing to joint the ranks of ISIL. 

The world sits by while thousands of people are being slaughtered and hundreds of thousands of people are being driven from their homes and displaced.  ISIL is targeting Christians and forcing them to either convert, leave, or die.

In closing todays post.  I’ve had several posts insisting I’m getting it wrong about Ebola, however the stats don’t lie, and in my opinion we are witnessing a classic wag-the-dog maneuver.  The place to watch is the Middle East, especially Iraq.  When Baghdad falls, as I believe it will, it will be a game changer in the region.  While the bread and circus people in the USA continue to party and soil their own “litter box” after their team wins the “big game,” there is a disaster looming in another part of the world and it will affect them at some point as ISIL continues it’s killing unabated.


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68 thoughts on “ISIL – Atrocities Continue Unabated

  1. Everything is in play. Everything is ramping up. Birth pangs across the boards. Keep watching and praying.

    Thanks for staying on top of everything, LA! 🙂

  2. Yes the ebola is bullarchy! I am not buying it. More people in Canada die of getting the regular flu each year than this ebola,,,,or more people die on our icy roads each winter than this ebola,,,,,,POPPY COCK,,,

    I have to admit,,they had me at Y-2K,,terrified,,,then again at H1N1,,,, and is was not until the Senator of an astronaut got shot by a kid sniper that I woke up and smelled the coffee. Remember the birds were all dying dropping from the sky all over the world,,,,then bam,,,that all disappears and all over every channel 24-7 is the senator got shot! But…but…birds are dropping from the sky for no reason!

    In Canada when we don’t want someone to see what we are doing we say,,,” Hey look a deer”…….wait for the person to turn away to look and then commit the crime ,like steal a french fry off a friends plate…..:)

    L.A I also hate halloween blatant evil worship, dressing up like demons, witches.
    Even went to some churches that said oh we will only dress up as bible characters.
    No thank you,,I want no part in it. Never have,,neither did my children,,and certainly not my grandchildren.
    If you tried to explain to someone that had never seen this halloween custom, they would think it sounds nuts,,,,especially in this dangerous time alone accepting candy from strangers,, going right to their door,,,,just all too unGodly for our family.
    God talk about having one foot in the world and He does not like a double minded person. You are for me or against me.

  3. Re: oil from the Middle East if Bagdad falls?

    Actually there may not be too much of a problem for U.S. or Canada. See link.


  4. First off… I was wasn’t trying to “engage” anyone in an “endless diatribe”. Commenting was what I was doing for the sake of someone who might be confused about said issue that I was supposedly “diatribing” about. You totally misunderstand the spirit in which I presented it… I even said as much. I would have thought that said subject I was “diatribing” about would be something that people are very interested in hearing… or in this case reading about. Apparently, you think the issue I was “diatribing” about is of minor, or at worse, no importance when in reality, it’s probably the most important. But that’s neither here nor there considering the ridiculous statement that I was “diatribing”. The person I “diatribed” to was to help people understand about the subject (something I thought this blog and comment section was about)… you know… helping people who may not know the Lord who have some serious questions. Pretty odd that you thought that I was trying to “engage in an endless argument”. I seriously doubt that this so-called “argument” would drive people away from your blog… it wasn’t even an attempt at an argument. It was just a … you know… comment. That’s what the comment section is for……. right?

    But in any case, have a nice day.

  5. Greetings, LA!

    LA, you published on the blog the other day ’15 Signs of the Times’ Indicating Judgement (Larry Tomczak). You can pretty much say that list applies to Australia, too.

    Comedy quiz show hosts, making mockery of little teen Aussie jihadists in Syria whom are threatening to fly their IS black flag over the Aussie Parliament House, as if it’s all a big joke. Meanwhile, the community led by the muslim community want the community to understand that IS community is not of the Islam community and invite the community to embrace Islam since they are all members of the community. Not much mention about the IS persecution of Christians (and for that matter no mention of persecution elsewhere in Middle East and Africa).

    More (they’ve been gradual mentions) media reports of federal politicians calling for gay marriage to be introduced into legislation.

    Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard cleared of corruption slush fund allegations. Of course.

    Kids smashing concrete slabs into a hamburger shopkeeper because he asked them to vacate tables for customers (families enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon by the beach). He ended up in a coma. Meanwhile, the TV community service announcement pleading for young adults not to get drunk and one-hit punch people (there’s been a few deaths and other tragic stories the last few years).

    This afternoon/early evening, as driving home, I saw there were parents escorting groups of children as they “Trick or Treat” around the neigbhourhood. I’ve just driven a friend home from the bar/restaurant he works at where they had “Halloween Night”. Some guests dressed up as dead celebrities! On for young and old. It’s weird (to see it over here), then again, some celebrate “Christmas in July.”

    * Nomemoleste linked interesting history re Halloween and the Brits instituting it into American ‘culture’ (and now Australia, in the last 15-20 years).

    That’s just some in the last week. If only it were all just a joke, but demz the times..

    God Bless!


  6. @ LA: “spirit of death” rampant in the mid-east

    – exactly!
    – I suspect that the same collective spirits re-present in each generation, tied back to the enemy angels
    – So what was behind the nazis, and anti-semitism in prior generations, is manifesting again in ISIL and globally
    – The implication is that unless it’s checked, including by reporting in the main stream, it will grow like with the nazis
    – possibly even larger and more genocidal this time

    I suspect that the US, and especially the US military, is already controlled by the spirit of death (aka god of war, or just simply “death”). We all can look ahead and see where things are headed in prophecy. Daniel 7-11 describes back and forth battles — till The antichrist takes over. With or without the US, I suspect that rip-saw will continue. I say without, since Daniel points to conflicts north and south vice east and west, (oriented on Jerusalem). At some point then, especially before a “scorched earth” devastation in warfare — it’s time to get out — or get ripped apart.

    I believe that the dominating spirits in that region include the same spirit that was behind ancient babylon, and great babylon in prophecy. The instruction to come out of babylon or suffer the plagues that are coming should be followed. It’s just a matter of when — for those that think they should remain, say for instance as salt and light. There’s no redeeming of babylon. The point is that the same spirit of babylon is on baghdad. And it’s worth considering that The Word of God says — whether of sodom or babylon — there’s a time to get out.

    To any true Christians (not addressed to christian cults or other religions). Please get out of Baghdad, Damascus, Iraq and Syria. Or you may well end up as not as martyrs, but uselessly wasted. There’s a time coming when the Martyrs who lay down their lives for the Testimony of Jesus for the love of others will indeed be called to stand in the furnace of affliction with Christ. That time though is deep in the tribulation prior to God’s wrath.

    The message to the mid-east for Christians is that it’s well past time to get out. Make your escape.

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  8. Thank you LA for helping everyone keep their focus. I listened to the show from last night and thought it was very insightful. Just going through some of the questions people have any more shows how close we are. Well anyhow, God Bless you and your ministry. Oh by the way, my son was still waiting for you to call him and let him fill you in on his and his friend’s experience there in the San Jacinto mountains a couple weeks ago. I could only touch on some of the highlights.

  9. – everytime i hear the ebola thing, it gives off that fear and panic feeling ie chaos before the new order.
    – and that nazi / spirit of death thing – rings very true as well.
    – halloween – worship worship worship.

    a friedn of mine is visiting cartagena in colombia. cartagena had one of the 3 courts of the inquisiton in spanish america. and it reminded me of a fascinating book: Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean, which describes this desperate, heroic, fascinating time. ofcourse we must remember netanyahu senior’s crowning study which reveals the inquisition to be fundamentally anti-jew rather than anti-judaism. and ofcourse cartagena traces back to biblical tyre, being phoenician for “new city”. jezebel was from tyre 🙂

    its pwoerful the number of female deity references in s.america. theres even a Cali in Colombia: And ofcourse here in Brazil the country is devoted to the Appearing Mary and offers to the world the epitome of the sensual, strong-spirited woman

    now looking at the cultural influence in s.america, there is a ruling lineage going back to Iraq itself, via Iberia. So we’re this fascinating colony of Babylon and Rome. fascinating, terrifying and sad, looking at what this means in the spirits/hearts of the people here.

    • hint:

      Ezk. 23:4

      And the names of them were Aholah the elder, and Aholibah her sister:
      – and they were mine, and they bare sons and daughters.
      – Thus were their names; Samaria is Aholah, and Jerusalem Aholibah.

    • Zech. 5:9-11

      Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven. Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah? And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base.

    • Kirt, That’s an excellent question!

      We know the borders in the US are basically wide open. The US gives political sanctuary to those that get here whose lives are threatened, but not economic sanctuary (such as to the most poor in this hemisphere from haiti). So it might be possible to identify a route (to get here) for those true Christians that want to come out of Iraq and Syria — whether to the US or some place closer. (Hopefully, warm.)

      I’m open to hosting foreign nationals where everyone is documented as a foreign national instead of left undocumented to become slaves in the black market in this tyrant empire of the almighty US of A.

      (May the USA be judged quickly for the atrocity of institutionalized slavery with the ongoing unspoken hypocrisy of supposed “liberty” {complete with statue of idolatry} along with the american dream delusion. I’m thinking of David’s choice when judgment against the people of Israel resulted due to his personal disobedience … as a swift punishment even if severe … but enough, as judged by The Almighty.)

      First step — get to a US embassy… (no, that won’t work) … get to an oil company that needs workers to get their assets out of a war zone. Not that I’d care to be funneled into the Arabian Gulf.

      Alternately, via the kurds into turkey, then europe.

      Perhaps you see other options (than the prayer closet)?

    • Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass . Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.
      Psalm 37:7-8

    • @ cease anger, forsake wrath, dwell not on evil for evil…

      Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:4-7

  10. Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . .


    “” wrote:

    UN Report: 15,000 Foreign Jihadists Have Joined ISIS

    According to UN special report, mass influx of foreign nationals from 80 countries have joined ISIS in Syria, Iraq over last two years.

    A special new report compiled by United Nations (UN) Security Council shows that more than 15,000 foreign nationals have crossed the borders into Syria and Iraq to join the ranks of the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.

    According to the report, published Thursday, there has been a mass movement of civilians from around the world in the past two years into Syria and Iraq to join ISIS’s jihad.

    Foreign nationals are entering a war zone in the Middle East to states known previously only for their oil, and not once mentioned in the context of global terrorism, according to the report.

    The authors claim that ISIS’s new recruits are citizens of 80 countries around the world.

    Although the report itself did not mention the names of the countries from which foreign fighters are coming, it has been widely published that recruits are coming mainly from countries like France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    It was also recently reported that since 2011, 500 British citizens have crossed the Syrian border and joined ISIS’s fighting.

    Earlier this week, Islamic State published a video of captured British photojournalist John Cantlie, in what appeared to be the heart of the bleeding city of Kobane.

    In the video, ISIS claimed that they are in mostly full control of the Kurdish city which the West has been trying to save.

    • weekend reports show up to 30 former gitmo prisoners now fighting with ISIS


    • @ LA: “hating halloween more each year”

      Great list Michelle!

      Let me summarize: The Almighty says don’t do idols. John reinterates yet again (by inspiration) — “don’t do idols.”

      Since we’re told not to do idols (which are nothing of themselves)
      – how much more we should abhor the supposedly secular holidaze
      – don’t do worldly holidays — which are just a front (setting) for idols

      I’ll spare y’all the elaborations — that those who are friends with the world — are enemies of God.

    • Nome, your comments on secular holidays from a few days back got me to thinking about your point on valentines day versus Passover. Passover of course involved the Holy Spirit, but valentines day is celebrated with roses. Sometimes delivered by that company with the Hermes logo .

      Hermeticism sprouted many of the occult organizations, one of which is the Rosicrucians(Rosy Cross). The rose in Christian iconography can mean the soul, Our Lady, or the wounds of Christ.

      Rosetta in Arabic is Rasil meaning guide. A guide is also the description of Hermes.

      In Philae is the supposed burial place of Osiris. This is the reason that Philae is the name for the lander on the Rosetta spacecraft which lands on comet 67p.

      For what are these secular holidays conditioning us? I would think for acceptance of the plans of the fallen angels in whatever guise they arrive.

      Some trivia, the comet 67p has perihelion on august 13, 2015.

    • Hey Race, On hermes in particular, hermeticism and occultism are the same, basically sorcery … close kin to mystery religion and secret societies. I’d point more to mystery babylon behind that mask, and thus halloween as the associated secular high day.

      Compare the western pantheon in “the days of the week,” that “reconcile” (amalgamate) the northern and southern european cultures (former empires), aka the hosts of heaven. … sun, moon, mars, mercury (hermes), jupiter, venus, saturn … Amalgamated much as in Ezk. 8 as a pluralistic or ecumenical religion (cp. all faiths).

      The figure more associated with valentine is cupid, a child of venus. Note in particular the use of the bow similar to apollo. These hunters amalgamate again into the end time archer … the beast / antichrist … false whitehorse rider with bow conquering. There’s also an association of mother/child, venus/cupid, perpetual virgin mother/child, isis/horus, and such.

      The tactic of using holidays to focus the attention of the masses, whether to increase sales, or distract from Messiah and His concerns, has much more to do with group identity. Shared holidays are used to help define cultures, families, affiliations, etc. In families, holidays include, births, coming of age, graduations, marriages, reunions, burials and such, where those that share in are considered family or extended family.

      As for rosicrucians… you may find them more focused on the total pantheon. Lupercalia is the old roman market holiday related to valentine’s. A day to celebrate the wolf twins of rome vice the The Lamb of Passover. (also see wolf as an icon of romatic conquests)

    • Nome, very informative. Thanks. the elites have these pagan tendencies to gain power, learning about these things should bolster faith in the one true Lord. Everything seems related, so if the comments stray off subject, I am ok with it.

    • ISIL may be the judgment of God against the NWO.

      Allowed. Characteristic: send one evil (cp. Nebuchadnezzer) to overcome another.

      Granted old Nebs repented, but that makes the case — ’twas evil.

    • @ stargate vs. dimension gate (cp. biden’s gate to hell)

      – “stargate” suggests an ET from distant galaxies paradigm
      – gotta reject that on a “doesn’t matter in one lifetime grounds”
      – not that the delusion of instantaneous information transmission across galaxies
      – is a current spin re: quantum computing

      @ can the enemy angels engineer through x-human (demon mixed) proxies
      – a way to return to heaven from which they’re cast out?
      – not in the least — with the Holy Angels ready to bounce them right back

      the noose is closing, time is short, satan and his ilk are soon gone and forgotten
      – no more crying, no more pain, no more tears, soon enough

  11. Something WEIRD is Happening in Playgrounds!! (2014)

    <<<< Something to be aware of !!!!!!!! LISTEN TO ALL OF IT !!!!! ALERT OTHERS !!!!!

    • You may have also heard of this a few days ago? More evil and lawlessness …

      ‘Fake clown attacks put French police on alert and trigger vigilante response’


    • Guys….the CLOWN was NOT the biggest item in this video……..

      ……….LISTEN to the whole thing……”I’m not clowning around here”………..and let others know too!


    • Linda…..these people are sick units!

      I wonder about wicked people doing stuff to food in the market places too!……just like in candy to hurt kids.

      People need to be paying attention …. a lot more than in the past………and seeking God’s protection as our SHIELD everywhere we go.

      Perilous Times!

    • @ Just tidying up a bit…
      – things do tend to come full circle
      – to those that don’t learn from history
      – the lessons plainly etched in prophecy


    • Hi, friends.

      I can tell you why lions don’t eat clowns.

      AS for clowns having red hair, there is a claim of its origins being Russian. Old Russian proverb says: There was a never a saint with red hair.

      Redheads get a bad run throughout history/folklore/customs/beliefs/art – from Garden of Eden (Eve/Lilith) to Spanish Inquisition (flaming hair was evidence its owner had stolen the fire of hell and had to be burned as a witch), unlucky in Egyptian times (maidens burned).

      You’ll have to give me the answers, thanks, Nomemoleste, re those q’s.

      Agreed, Kirk, re awareness of surrounds.

      Have a blessed weekend!


    • @ russia as land of the reds … land of the giants

      quote: “The first red haired clowns came from Russia. It so happens that Russia means ‘land of Reds’ in deference to a Viking with red hair named Rurik.” “” (see cache)


      hazarding to cite wiki…

      “” (scroll down)

      Alternate Anti-Normanist theories

      A number of alternative etymologies have been suggested. These are derived from the “anti-Normanist” school of thought in Russian historiography during the 19th century and in the Soviet era. These theories are discredited in mainstream academia.[7] Slavic and Iranian etymologies suggested by “anti-Normanist” scholars include:


      Rusiy (Русый), light-brown, said of hair color (the translation “reddish-haired”, cognate with the Slavic “ryzhiy”, “red-haired”, is not quite exact);
      A postulated proto-Slavic word for “bear”, cognate with arctos and ursus.


      The Russian linguist I.N. Danilevskiy, in his Ancient Rus as Seen by Contemporaries and Descendants, argued against these theories, stating that the anti-Normanists neglected the realities of the Ancient Slavic languages and that the nation name Rus’ could not have arisen from any of the proposed origins.

      The populace of the Ros River would have been known as Roshane;
      Red-haired or bear-origined people would have ended their self-name with the plural -ane or -ichi, and not with the singular -s’ (red hair is one of the natural hair colors of Scandinavians and other Germanic peoples)….

  12. On Deathbed, Former ‘Lockheed Martin Engineer’ With ‘Top Secret Clearance’ Opens Up About…Aliens

    A man who claimed to be a former Lockheed Martin engineer said on his deathbed that aliens are real and have visited Earth, in a now-viral video posted to YouTube.

    Boyd Bushman, who claimed to be a Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments engineer, died on August 7th at the age of 78, but left behind a video with explosive claims about possible extraterrestrial life.

    “I do have a top secret clearance,” the 78-year-old said at the beginning of an interview with Mark Q. Patterson, an aerospace engineer, according to the video.
    Boyd Bushman, who claimed to be a former Lockheed Martin engineer, said on his deathbed that aliens are real and have visited Earth. (Image source: YouTube)

    Boyd Bushman, who claimed to be a former Lockheed Martin engineer, said on his deathbed that aliens are real and have visited Earth. (Image source: YouTube)

    Bushman then detailed incidents with “aliens” at Roswell, presenting what he said was photo evidence of the extraterrestrial beings.

    “They were approximately four and a half to five feet tall,” he said. “They have three back bones. They’re actually cartilage.”

    Bushman said that the aliens had fingers and toes like humans, but claimed they communicated in a much more advanced way.

    “They’re able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you,” he said. “You walk in the room with one of them, and all of a sudden you find yourself giving the answer to your question in your own voice.”

    According to Bushman, there are “two types of aliens.”

    “It’s like a cattle ranch,” he said, noting that some could live for more than 200 years. “One group is wranglers, and the others are rustlers — the stealers of cattle.”

    Bushman said that the “wranglers” are “much more friendly and have a better relationship with us.” He also said that the alien planet is some 65 light-years away from Earth, but can be traveled to in under an hour using alien technology.

    According to a Texas news outlet, a biography accessed through an Internet archiving site appeared to validate claims that Bushman worked at Lockheed Martin, saying he worked in “advanced aircraft concepts.”

  13. LA, I am thankful to see you personally take a hands-on approach to so many posts to your blog with only your name on it. It is easy for some to take for granted your grace and begin treating it as their very own blog with their very own rules.

    It has become increasingly nauseating the past year or so to see a person or two try to take over your blog with their own agendas. I do hope it ends and you will, as much as needed, step in and put a stop to it when necessary.

    I know I too have posted off topic but I try not to. You have my word LA that I will not open a thread that does not pertain to your subject of the day.

    As always, thank you for being on the front line and fighting the good fight. Stay armored up and press on. Many blessings for all you do.

    Sincerely in Christ


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