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Tonights Topics: Do your homework!

1.   ISIL!

2.  EBOLA – Wag the Dog or something more severe?

3.  Temple Mount –

4.  UFO Update – From Tuesday’s Blog.

5,  Your Questions!

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WATCHERS 8 continues where WATCHERS 6 and 7 left off, and will try to answer more questions on the UFO phenomena along with the postulation of Nephilim hybrid evidence from Peru. WATCHERS 8 continues with the removal of “Bill’s” implant that Dr. Roger Leir tested in WATCHERS 7. We also interview Capt. Robert Salas, former commander of a ballistic missile base where they had an unidentified craft hover over the base and deactivate all ten missiles. This happened in 1967. Oddly, a companion base had the same thing happen to them a few minutes later, the blast doors on the missile silos were simply lifted off and set on the ground. These doors weigh 20 tons each. Could we be seeing a big clue on how the ancients built their mysterious cities using megalythic stone structures?

WATCHERS 8 continues with the unwrapping of a baby mummy skull in Paracas Peru, and what we find shocked all of us.


On the Trail of the Nephilim 2On The Trail of the Nephilim II


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The photo’s below are from my new book, On the Trail II. 

This is one of the photographic analysis which shows the skeleton exhumed by Ralph Glidden was about 8′.6″.

There are two other experts who examined the photo and came to the same conclusions that the skeleton was in excess of eight feet.

This was a triple blind study that I conducted as none of the people who were analyzing the photo were in collusion with each other.


L. A. Marzulli

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November 7- 9: Tri State Prophecy Conference – W/  Russ Dizdar –

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36 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio!

  1. That Temple Mount issue is NOT going away and it’s gaining steam and momentum.

    I’m personally expecting it to be used as a “carrot on a stick” against Israel in “peace negotiations” within the next couple of years.


    ^^ This is why the Israelis shut it down.

    Looking forward to tonight’s show. We need it. 🙂

    • “”
      Abbas: Closing of Temple Mount tantamount to declaration of war

      Good. Let’s get on with it.

    • @ political stasis
      – cp. king of the mountain
      – islam as a kingdom has planted their chess piece there (i.e. mosque)
      – rome did the same (roman fort)
      – mohammed is seen as a ruler and a prophet who claimed that place by a miracle
      – blocking access is different than removing the mosque or dome of the rock (marker)

      @ restored Tabernacle of David
      – located south of old roman fort area in old city of David area
      – can be re-established at any time without conflict with muslims
      – no conclusion about if it can made truly holy using ritual and animal sacrifice
      – for instance, if Christians raise a physical place, what’s holy people or place?

      @ Jerusalem Above / Heavenly Jerusalem
      – since Christ along with the old & new testament saints (saved) dwell there now
      – and since those like Elijah and Enoch dwell there
      – in what may well be an overlapping dimension (or several, as in “the heavens” plural)
      – does what happens on what the worldly consider the temple mount matter
      – esp. to True Israel, such as King David, Israel, Isaac, Abraham, the Prophets, etc.
      – who are there in Heavenly Jerusalem with Yeshua now
      – note: what does the antichrist defile (place or people) … or offspring of the families of Israel

      With all the enemy angels cast into the earth
      – and all Israel resurrected during the Valley of Dry Bones
      – possibly to dwell in the land along with the end time martyrs
      – during the millennium … is this old world a prison planet
      – to hold the enemy (angels, human, etc.) till the final judgments
      – or a way of identifying the last of the enemy yet to come
      – (or some other)

      For those that know about earthworks and mound builders…
      – who built layer on layer on top of even the graves of their ancestors
      – it’s no surprise that earthly Jerusalem is has such layers
      – having been held by enemy forces in many generations

      Those layers of graves and spilled blood may ultimately need to be dealt with…
      – whether by remitting sins or burning bones.

  2. This is a cooking show, but it gives and interesting peek behind the wall (or fence). Great photography, also.

    Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown – Gaza and the West Bank

    • Really great video. Bourdain chose to walk down the “middle” of the road of theology. In fact, he almost “parked” his mindset on politics. When he did address the divisions of the two areas, he was sensitive to the other person’s perspectives. I guess he has learned this skill from his travels around the world. He has discovered that there is a commonality between the peoples–food. He has learned to be accepting of different cultures and understands that, no matter the differences, there are good people and bad people wherever he visits. He is very much aware of how deep politics dominates a nation but still respects and listens to them.

      I believe the Lord Jesus did say, love thy neighbor as I have loved you.

      Good teaching–by example.

    • Lots of joy and love and food and more…

      25:00 Does he think he will be able to go to his ancestral homeland in his life time, his children’s lifetime? Whats his guess?

      25:11 We will return. Our Quran our instrument told us this. The stone will call this enemy back me. Please kill him. And we understand that.

      Apparently referring to:

      Book 041, Number 6985 (not reiterating 6981-6984 of similarity):
      Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

      -A good Jihad can’t run on an empty stomach. Burp..

    • Bourdain is a …..”world peace-er” ……. and does not want ANYTHING to do with JESUS or “salvation”….as for now.

      Bourdain stands for NOTHING.

      So of course, he is gonna be a pacifist with no stance on ANYTHING. He is like JELLO … with NO backbone.

      He can travel the world over for his show because he NEVER makes waves and he believes people can do whatever they believe is right.

      He is also very very vulgar and foul mouthed.

      Certainly NOT an example of love in my book… he NEVER speaks the real TRUTH…….since he doesn’t even BELIEVE in JESUS.

  3. @ ebola … less or more

    – headline: Nurse Kaci Hickox defies Ebola quarantine with bike ride, Chicago Sun-Times – ‎38 minutes ago‎
    – can she still infect someone like those with HIV or hepatitis etc. by direct contact (body fluids…)
    – if so, should medical personal be allowed to continue to treat the public
    – esp. if they disregard quarantines … such as often set up in hospitals
    – (ex. tuberculosis, sterile areas in surgery, etc.)

    disclosure: I’ve worked in hospitals (all areas) as a biomed tech. Had hep. vaccines, etc.

    Does the medical establishment really know how to contain the multiple species of ebola.
    – Recent events show they don’t.

    • I was chatting with a pharmaceutical chemist a few weeks back and I asked her, do you make your own drugs? She replied sheepishly, no. Then I said gee what a waste of an education.. 😛

  4. Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I have not been around here as of late as I have been working long long hours as the Lord has blessed me with all the work I can handle and more, so I am sorry to have to come to you with yet another prayer request when I have not been able to participate in the discussions for many months now! None the less you are all the church family that I have and those who have been around here for a while will remember me I am sure.My beloved wife of many years has had many health problems and your prayers to our Father have seen her through! She now faces one even more serious than any before,she has a tumor in her heart in the middle and the doctors say that there must be another one somewhere else in her body for one to develop there although there have been seven or eight cases nationwide where there was only the one.If she is not able to handle the surgery(which we do not know yet, more tests to be run) it will eventually grow large enough to cause her heart to burst!
    So please pray for the tumor to disappear or failing that ,that she will be strong enough to go through surgery and that it will be %100 successful! I hope to be around more in the near future as I will be quitting work in about 2 weeks to stay home and take care of her.After all I have had many jobs but just one wife!

    My love to you all and may our Lord heap many blessings upon you.Randall

    • Randy, it is good to hear from you again, but what terrible news! I am so sorry. You have my prayers.

    • Turmeric destroys cancer and shrinks tumors!

      You can study about it on Youtube. Just type in Turmeric and benefits of Turmeric. Lots you can learn!

      Lots of research has been done on it for many many years. Drug companies are attempting to patent it for its’ health benefits.
      Only God can make something like Turmeric and use it for our good.

      Most doctors want to sell pills, surgery, and radiation………all of which speed up a person’s death, rather than bring healing.

      Also study “baking soda kills cancer”. Lots to learn.

    • Randall… I would just say that what you probably ought to engage in doing is laying your hands upon the area of her heart and command that tumor to be gone and leave. As you already are aware, part of what is provided for us by Christ upon the cross is healing… “For by his stripes we are healed”, says scripture. ” “These signs shall follow those that believe (speaking of believers), THEY SHALL LAY HANDS ON THE SICK AND THEY SHALL RECOVER. So I would quote those scriptures to myself if I were you and let them marinate, so to speak, so that it will produce sickness healing faith in your heart, and speak it forth from your mouth commanding the cancer to dissolve and leave. This would be a basic but powerful benefit we as christians have at our disposal. So, give it a whirl. This is faith in action , which is what God would have

    • us to do. I did the same today for your wife in prayer, but you laying your hands on while employing this method of prayer would be more powerful of a method because you are doing exactly what christ said to do for cases of sickness. Let the healing power of Christ be bigger in your mind than that c word and you will get your miracle. I myself know of a person in my family who was healed of breast cancer doing what Christ said to do. So I would encourage you to do the same. Blessings to you and your wife.

  5. by way of ATN

    @ o what wicked webs they weave…
    – that practice nursing to deceive


    political theater — for distraction

  6. Just listened to L.A.’s radio show tonight on the archive link… To Glenda I would say this (without debating the rapture)… Saved people not going up in the rapture because they don’t walk in love or forgive is salvation from the wrath to come by works. Scripture clearly teaches against salvation through any kind of works whatsoever. I would sincerely question the legitimacy of that particular vision and it’s origin. I wouldn’t say whether or not it comes from the dark side because I don’t know. But I can say what scripture teaches, and it’s not salvation by works whatsoever whether it be through physical death or escape from the wrath to come. The escape from the wrath to come will come to people the same way that people will escape eternal damnation… by grace through faith and nothing else.

    • Let me just add that I say that with all respect to you… I don’t intend to come off as mr. Know it all or anything, but when a vision contradicts scripture, I would just say be careful.

    • Hey bro kirk… that’s a pretty powerful scripture that pretty much sums up the very basic essential heart of christianity isn’t it.

    • Matt 6:15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

      Kirk, Corey, I have asked Kirt to stop hammering on the place of Law in Christianity. Please stop hammering at your version of Grace in Christianity. You have both expressed your side of the argument well. Please drop it.

    • Kirk & Corey – There are thousands of people who come here on a daily basis. Please take your diatribes off this blog. The comment section is open for those who wish to comment on the daily blog, not engage in an endless argument, that in the end will only drive folks away who don’t know the Lord. L.A.

  7. “”

    @ flesh eating fun-goo…
    – squarely aimed at witches too
    – frog legs as finger lickin’
    – ‘splains gross faces wiccan
    – toe of frog and eye of newt
    …gets you outed by the boot

    so, hey lucies…
    – curses causeless do not come
    – repent and come out now
    – in The Name and by The Blood
    …of Yeshua Messiah, the True Son of God

    • ps.

      robots are being connected to the global mind…

      – as extensions of the internet of things
      – to make them more intelligent
      – and more irksome as sales droids

      …cp. image of the beast & abomination of desolation

  8. The only way salvation comes is by faith. You can not earn it thru works.

    But how is your faith shown??

    Saying aaa I can live how ever I want. I don’t have to grow & learn His instructions, I don’t have to learn & grow in love, in the Torah.
    I can keep on staying in sin??

    or saying it’s ok if I keep on sinning and breaking the commandments… I just believe.

    If that is your mind set, than your faith is dead & so are you.

    If you truly believe in our Messiah, than your faith is shown thru your works.. YOU DO… you do LOVE. You DO HIS COMMANDMENTS..

    Jas 2:17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.
    Jas 2:18 Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: show me thy faith without thy works, and I will show thee my faith by my works.

    Rom 3:31 Do we then make void the law through faith? GOD FORBID: yea, we establish (uphold) the law(Torah).

    Joh 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

    Believing and becoming a servant for Yahshua is summed up in believing AND doing.

    Most of us know we must believe.

    Most of us then think we don’t have to do..

    Do LOVE….. We get to demonstrate our belief our love to our God & to our neighbor.

    • @ kirt-bot…

      – without Messiah – you can do nothing
      – without the Holy Ghost – you have no power
      – without the Word – all your righteousness is as dirty rags
      – God is love, faith which works by LOVE is what availeth

      …Y’shua is the Way

    • Kirt, you have already very well presented your point of view. Please let it go now. If this subject keeps coming up and being argued, it will become one of those subjects made taboo.

      It’s time to let people decide for themselves what they believe without being constantly badgered.

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