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Iraq Official: Islamic State Group Lined up 30 Men in a Town West of Baghdad, Shot Them Dead

Iraq official: Islamic State group lined up 30 men in a town west of Baghdad, shot them dead.
US ambassador to Iraq: WH was warned early on about ISIS, “did almost nothing”

It took only 800 ISIS troops to seize Mosul, thanks to the dessicated readiness of the Iraqi army, according to Martin Smith, who reports for the documentary. It will take a lot more than that to push ISIS back out of a city that once held 1.8 million people, but so far the only effort made by the US and its allies has been bombing runs that have forced ISIS to harden its communication lines and operations. When Smith asks Joint Chiefs chair General Martin Dempsey whether he’s optimistic about that being enough to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, Dempsey says no:

I’m going out on a limb here but I truly believe Baghdad will fall and most likely do so before the end of this year, 2014.  ISIL continues to add to the growing body count and as the headline in red above states, they lined up 30 men and shot them dead.  This type of genocide has become the hallmark of ISIL.  Several months ago I posted a video clip showing Shia Moslems lying in a trench with their hands bound behind their backs, being shot in the head, one by one.

While most of our press continues to focus on Ebola, the Middle East is changing and doing so rapidly.  However, what I find interesting is how every one of the signs that Jesus warned us would precede His coming, seem to firing on all eight cylinders.  Wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places….

When Baghdad falls, what happens to the Iraqi oil revenues.  What does Iran do as its eastern border is with Iraq?  Does Jordan come into ISIL’s cross-hairs at this point?  What about Saudi Arabia, with the prize cities of Mecca and Medina?  Does Israel sit back and do nothing?

Think about the blood and treasure the US spent in fighting the Iraq war.  We toppled Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical government, that tortured and killed thousands of its own citizens.  We were told we were liberating the people of Iraq, and in some sense we accomplished this.  However, from the get-go the car bombings and so called sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Moslems persisted and every seven to ten days another deadly suicide bomber would kill scores of Iraqi’s.  The Maliki government was at best enervated, and failed to unite the people of Iraq.  A fact that I have stated numerous times on this blog.  While the recent elections put the Sunni’s back in power this change in leadership is most likely is to little to late.

ISIL is not being dealt with seriously and here’s what I think may be  happening behind the scenes.
PSALM 83We know from prophecy that there will be a Psalm 83 war.  Look at the nations involved in this prophecy.  See Bill Salus @

It seems to me that this war is being set up and at some point Israel will have to deal with those who pose an existential threat to her.  Think about it.  Hezbollah is entrenched and rearmed in Lebanon.  HAMAS is doing the same in GAZA.  Now, on the eastern border, just beyond the nation of Jordan, a very active, radical, military force is in operation and it does not equivocate in its mission.

In closing todays post.  I believe we are seeing the nascent beginnings of the Psalm 83 war.  The players are in place and the world, for the most part is not engaging to stop the genocide that is happening with clock-work like precision in Iraq.

What was written will come to pass.  What was foretold will unfold. L. A. Marzulli 2013



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This was a triple blind study that I conducted as none of the people who were analyzing the photo were in collusion with each other.


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85 thoughts on “ISIL – Update! When Baghdad Falls

    • I agree with Eric but not with Rose.

      “missing link” + “A gasket will bust soon”
      (caution adult content)

    • ERIC, you may be right, but I got a feeling we are going to find out really soon! You are usually right on! It’s getting super super close!

    • Hey! Kirk may know best if it’s better to “bust a gasket” (laughing) …or break a rib (as he often does on here!) By now, with all the broken ribs from being “doubled-up” with laughter, poor Kirk probably can’t sit up straight anymore, I’m thinking. (Don’t know why the strange association right now on all that ❗ )

    • Rose, true true, sorry! I have been watching too much of the genealogy channel (Animal Planet) & playing alotta Dung Beetle Derby lately.
      Linda, was listening to this:
      Putting on the Armor of God – PMO 10-28-14

      To-Ron-To was mentioned..are not, is to..

    • Azureceu, thanks..will start to have a listen this evening. PM’s singularity series has been interesting, too..


      Matt, I believe you may be right … and to think he started off by just monkeying around!

    • Linda, in this video he is at a much older age as when he played the bartender. Notice how refined and well-polished since his first role. He was very established at this point in his career, although if you watch closely his acting did not change much over the years. At one point his career took a turn for the worse and he became very depressed, in which he finally checked himself into rehab for banana abuse when he lost the lead role as Bonzo in the 1951 film, Bedtime for Bonzo to character actor Cheetah from Tarzan films.

    • Darn dirty ape! He even did a Planet of the Apes television show. I remember him from an early Night Gallery episode and a movie called Fright Night, I think. And the legend of Hell House or something like that. Of course he was friends with Hollywood’s biggest leading ladies, such as Liz Taylor and Lassie.

    • There was Malcolm McDowell(Clockwork Orange) and Roddy McDowall for years I though they were brothers. Their physical similarities and the similarities of their names led me to think they were brothers. Later I saw their names are spelled differently, and found out they are not related at all.,,,just for grins I will throw in Andie MacDowell (Groundhog Day)..also not related.

  1. @ russians … meddling in the mideast … nosing their way into orbital resupply … putin’s pedigree
    – the bear (russia, czarists, soviets) if not gog & magog are figures more prominently than the eagles (imperial germany, mexico, usa)
    – “”
    – “” (spare ribs or cubs)

    • Putin has just announced a 30% cut off in oil to Europe (Ukrainian pipeline). European leaders are apoplectic. A gasket will bust soon.

    • Sorry, 60% embargo. Yikes


    • @ Nome:
      “russians … meddling in the mideast … nosing their way into orbital resupply”

      I thought it was pretty spectacular when I posted the explosion at NASA late last night and early this morning seeing Russia launching it’s own rocket with supplies “to the rescue” attitude–all in less than 24 hours! Amazing preparation…wish we could be that prepared when we go camping!

      They have since landed successfully:

      Raw: Russian Cargo Ship Docks at Space Station

      Oh well!

    • Anyone remember the infamous open mic incident Obama had with Medvedev when he was president of Russia before Putin? Traitors are destroying us.

    • Look at all the gushing useful idiots frothing all over themselves at a glimpse of Obama… totally disgusts me. In reality, if they knew what this cat was and what his globalists puppet Masters were really up to, they would be throwing those burgers square in his face after they vomited all over the buns of the burger and blew their nose into the beef portion. In reality, they should be calling for his head and demanding his arrest for treason as the face of the globalists, who should also have their buns and burgers spat on before being served cold… and then hauled away in cuffs for treason.

    • The useful idiots in the beginning taking their pictures and getting a case of perma grin before they entered the restaurant especially disgusts me. RIght there is where they should have had the mustard and ketchup bottles squirting in their faces and calling him traitor. I suspect back in the day, that would have been happpening… back before the globalist Illuminati dumbed everyone down so they can’t think for themselves anymore. But somehow, you really can’t blame them… or can you? There’s enough information out there for everyone to look into to learn the truth about these traitorous, treasonous bags of green mucous.

      In Jesus name….. Amen.

    • @ bustin a gasket … russian epic fails
      – see esp. time 3:48-4:00
      – Az, Pete, and Matt will appreciate the rest

      @ best furries forever
      – “”
      – opossum’s not withstanding

    • @ russian dolls … assad baghdadi putin


      @ russian bait & switch


      @ lookin’ for little cheese cake


    • Linda_from Beyond…
      – mebe some such came through with Corey
      – gravity anomalies in sub-space considered


      …explains how they make crop circles

      @ eau de le pew…
      – kardashian vole


    • Hi, Nomemoleste and all.

      Thanks for video.. I sort of with Matt on that one, mate, although there is an intriguing part (8 minute mark) in there featuring R.O. priest speaking on Christians and peoples over-indulging in everything – eating, booze, sex, violence. [that was gist of what I could understand him saying].. not sure why included in this “fails” video. Maybe suggesting the priest had over-indulged in the sacramental wine?

      Other than that, the fails video failed! 🙂 -1/5 stars. (Sorry).

      God Bless!


  2. WATCH: Obama official calling Netanyahu ‘chickenshit’ will impact U.S. election, says Tapper

    CNN’s Jake Tapper on the Hugh Hewitt radio show said he believes that in the last week of the U.S. midterm campaign, ‘not just Jews but evangelicals, will be making huge hay out of that comment.’


    • Prayed hard this morning. For mercy upon this nation and forgiveness for slapping Israel in her face. And I ask you to please join our at least stand with me in another prayer. That Yeshua will personally visit our president. I’m talking 3am wake up call of extreme proportions.
      In a weird way I’m telling people, random people and friends both to watch and see what tough stuff is coming because we snubbed Israel. Hope some critters get saved from that realization. Laugh now…but be wowed by his power shortly!
      My daughter is in the hospital 3000 miles away fighting a MRSA infection currently. I’m so tired of being under attack constantly. And I mean worn out, worn down and dragging. I’m sure you guys are all getting hit too. They don’t call us soljas for nothing. Onward!!!!!! Lord Jesus, give all your people strength!
      So thankful to be here with all you guys who actually “get” it! Thank you for being real brothers and sisters! And LA, thank you for your faithfulness. You and Peggy. So amazing!

    • @ Ally: Have been praying for you … will add your daughter to my prayer list of needs. I call her healed in the name of Jesus Christ, who took EVERYTHING to the Cross and saved us!


  3. I think it might be possible that the Psalm 83 war and the war spoken of in Rev. 6 could happen at the same time. Just a thought.

  4. Didn’t TPTB telegraph to us we’d see an interesting 4th quarter during the super bowl? They also said to prepare.

  5. @ hell-o-ween

    “” (VFTB @ Pike’s Peak … Russ Dizdar – Satan is Real)

    secular vs holy…
    – valentines vs Passover
    – easter vs Unleavened Bread
    – independence day vs. First Fruits
    – halloween vs. Pentecost
    – thanksgiving vs. Trumpets
    – xmas vs. Atonement
    – new years vs. Tabernacles

    The secular holidaze are “market days” (at best) – or – worse, replacements for the Holy Days given by God.

    No matter how much Kirk C. and the like supposedly sanctify them.

    • Besom of Destruction

      The End of Days will be on November 2nd, well that’s how I translate “dia de finados” which is porpoisely wrong on purpose. Brazil is Halloween free otherwise.
      -don’t play with strange fire

    • According to the novelist Joseph Wambaugh, Halloween in Hollywood is redundant. Perhaps it’s the same in Brazil.

      Things have been really weird in my sleepy little town these last few days. A bank robbery and four murders – not usual occurrences in a town where most people don’t bother to lock their doors.

    • @ Besom of Destruction…
      – the imagery of a false rapture


      …with the chaff falling from the skies
      – carried away by the 4 winds

      @ accidentally on porpoise

    • Rose, I had thought towns that did not lock their doors ended 30+ years ago. I am sorry to hear about the crime wave. As you said, Halloween being redundant in Brazil might be the case considering we have Carne-val here.

      At least I am happy not to be a youngin in Tejas and end up at Nome’s Hacienda just to get a rock in my treat bag!

      -The Great pumpkin is coming..Achoo

    • Nome, a Monkee enter the house from I Dream of Jeannie to find a guy watching a TV broadcasting the eye of horus?, then, exits and runs past the Partridge Family house. 60’s TV was so strange.

    • Race,

      Similar time frame in soviet russia…

      – all TV houses look like Potemkin Village.
      – all monkees look like beetles
      – all single eye ikons look like Lenin

      no, not John, Vladimir …Nostrovia!


      Similar programming

  6. With regards to the Torah Codes trailer above- codesearcher on youtube (who trained under Rabbi Glazerson) has a bunch of bible code videos- also on Facebook. He and another group of codesearchers do a live ‘hang out’ and record it every Monday, where users can ask questions about the tables they are discussing… Next year is looking pretty significant around the feast days (go ck out the Oct 27 youtube where they discuss)

  7. I’m listening to Wm Cooper the day of 9-11, and he was speaking prophetically: starting at minute 13: This is a step toward world totalitarianism, socialistic government…what we will see now- offshoot of this is legislation and laws coupled with martial law. (paraphrased)

    He is 100% correct=and he is shot to death less than 2 months later. And 9-11 was the reason why we went into Iraq, and subsequently why ISIS is in there today. All I can say is Maranatha.

  8. @ Corey:

    I have an interesting ‘calculator” for you to play with called Gematria Calculator:

    Ebola Vaccines Equals 666 in English Gematria!


    I’ve never seen this before so I’m not advocating it like the Torah/Bible Codes. It doesn’t appear to be “evil” so if anyone thinks I’ve gone over the edge, I haven’t. It’s just interesting (cough, cough, cough)…


    • FYI only…I ran the keywords, IS, ISS, ISIL…came up with very chilling details. Obama shows up as 4th term, (it doesn’t say President), only 4th term, Oama, Pelosi, Reid, names like Hannah Dakota Fanning, Keith Richards, Horses Loaded, etc.

      Maybe there is “something” to this after all???

    • eyes open indeed… here’s why:


      So now what I wonder is this… Is there any information (hidden or not) that would suggest whether or not this “vaccine” has the potential with the chip they plan on inserting into it to change a person’s DNA. L.A. has a powerful point about people’s DNA being changed, thus making them unredeemable for salvation in Christ according to what the book of Revelation has to say. I think we all remember the odd and seemingly alive device implanted in a certain patient’s arm/skin in one of L.A.’s Watchers documentaries. And for the love of Peter, Mary and Joseph, let’s not forget about the Nephilim/demonic entities that are now entrenched in the various governments of the world (including the Vatican) who are really running things. I think we’ve seen enough evidence of this as well (see Karen Hudes shocking revelation). So the CDC is working in tandem with this demon run government to require this chip implanted ebola vaccine!!!???? WHAT!!!???

      Indeed SeashoreMary… there is something to this. They are going to need control and soon because of the chaos that will ensue because of the approach of Planet X (See the stunning and startling interview two blogs back of Bob Fletcher on the “Midnight in the Midlands” radio interview. It is so well worth the three hours that it will take, but you will be hanging on every word it’s so riveting. He makes a possible connection to the false flag Ebola scare to gain control because of the approach of Planet X. In fact, I’ll post it again below for those who haven’t heard it yet.

      Wow, to me, it is all interconnected and the picture is coming together. When you even see it in the English Gemetria, it is that much more interesting.

      The ebola 666 chip in the vaccine and Obama seemingly will get a 4th term according to a possible allusion to it in the bible code too!!! Looking rather suspicious. Let’s also not forget that the bible code links the arrival of Planet X to the words “Annunaki”, Satan, and the arrival of the Antichrist due to the place in scripture where the code is found… and of course, the Mark of the Beast figures prominently into things with the arrival of Antichrist. COUGH! COUGH! COUGH! COUGH!

      Is everyone seeing the big picture here?

      Thanks for posting that one Seashore… COUGH! COUGH! COUGH!

      The video below cannot be photoshopped

    • Corey and Mary, you may have inhaled “CHEMBOLA” trails! (Combination “chemtrails” + Ebola)….have a look at this short video.

      Also, re Ebola vaccine … a couple of weeks ago, a Canadian lab that has made an experimental Ebola drug was looking for healthy volunteers. Can’t imagine anyone willing to be a volunteer after seeing the Ebola-RFID video Corey posted!

    • Linda… Sheeesh! Why don’t they just nuke us and get it over with. Pretty frightening video. It does make you wonder what in the deepest, darkest Hades they are putting in these chemtrails! The Ebola video above I think I saw one day on SeashoreMary’s website… either that or she posted it on here one time before.

    • Soon after I posted the “chembola” vid, I wondered if it was on this blog where I originally saw it posted.

      …Keep an eye on Putin, too, with all that is going on. I still have my surface-to-air missile ready with all those fly-overs that have been happening ..

    • Wow Kirk!… Anyone who has studied Planet X will tell you that this thing is hurling all these meteorites, comets and whatever else at us. This is where all of this is coming from. Comets and meteorites have picked up dramatically. Soon, earth will enter it’s millions of miles long debris trail and then it’s Katie bar the door, put out the dog, and hide under the sheets baby because here comes Planet X and boy is she pi#$*%!

    • Hey Dom,

      That video “Mysetery Fireballs” was taken in Davison, MI.

      The person shooting the video shot it at 6:50pm right around sun set and you can tell the person was pointing the camera towards the sun, towards the west while the sun is going down.

      Do you know what is due west from Davison, MI ONLY 15 miles away?? At about the SAME distance away as those long-lasting trails are???


      But it could not be chemtrails….right??

  9. Pingback: L. A. Marzulli’s Blog – ISIL – Update! When Baghdad Falls | End of Days Prophesy

  10. Islamic State militants have anti-aircraft weapons

    excerpt from (..and also reported on CNN today):

    “Militants of the Islamic State organization have got hold of man-portable air defense which can be used to down passenger planes, German Bild am Sonntag newspaper wrote Sunday.”


    • … more

      ** ISIS has captured an advanced Chinese-made surface-to-air missile **

      The new missile raises the threat to US Apache helicopters, which have been returned to Iraq as part of the US-led coalition support for the Iraqi army.


  11. Please note…
    – the emergence of “deep mind” AI?
    – cp. the image of the beast


    quote: “That is an impressive piece of work. “Our experiments demonstrate that [our Neural Turing Machine] is capable of learning simple algorithms from example data and of using these algorithms to generalise well outside its training regime,” say Graves and co.

    That is an important step forward that has the potential to make computing machines much more brain-like than ever before. But there is significant work ahead.”

    …but I don’t believe there’s enough time remaining to create a “AI”
    – apart from the x-human component of the “10 Horn” collective

    Not that they wouldn’t try to convince everyone otherwise.
    – as just a classic “wizard of oz” scam
    – or chess playing mechanical turk, if you prefer

    They admit it masters Atari 2600 class games rapidly already…
    – I suspect it’s (they’ve) already mastered a “troll bots” as well
    – perhaps even one that frequents blogs…

  12. Headlines from last week.

    Texas pastor arrested for soliciting prostitute at Motel 6: “Christ’s love allowed me to get caught”
    Reeves said it was Christ’s love that allowed him to be arrested, the Globe-News reported.
    “I’m sorry for wounding the heart of Christ … I want to be a faithful son,” the letter read, according to the Globe-News.
    Reeves also admitted to having a pornography addiction for the last 25 years in the letter.

    Priest accused of indecent exposure suspended from work

    A Catholic priest arrested Tuesday for allegedly exposing himself to an undercover police officer at Olmos Park has been temporarily banned from working

    Pistol Packing Preacher’ pleads no contest to possession of marijuana

    Pastor already accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl is now charged with online solicitation of a minor

    Pastor accused of sex assault of minors at two York churches

    San Antonio church leader indicted on sex charge

    Pastor convicted of having sex with a minor

    Parents sue 2 churches after youth pastor solicits daughter …during video calls to consul the girl, “Foster would expose himself and engage in acts of self-gratification while he was in his church office.” He would also ask the girl to take off her clothes, talk dirty and regularly pressured her for sex, the suit states.
    “He groomed her and pressured her for sex via Skype,” Feldman, the parents attorney said.
    Foster told the girl to keep their relationship a secret and that he would hurt himself if she told anyone, the suit states.
    At some point, Foster began working at Community of Faith, during which time he continued to abuse the girl, the lawsuit states.

    More perverts hiding behind religion…
    Why are priests and sorcerers or whatever you want to call these pastors allowed to have free access to these children? Sexual perversion will be the destruction of the church. Just wait and see, it’s a total epidemic. Satan has his claws deeply implanted in the church through sexual perversion. These are just a few in the last week that got caught. Think of the ones that are still deeply imbedded in the closet, getting up into the pulpit every Sunday to give a “message” It has not only affected the church leaders but the members of the church as well. This is a real serious issue that no ones want to talk about; it’s the 1000 pound Gorilla in the sanctuary everyone seems to ignore. Sexual perversion will bring many churches to its knees as this is probably the top leading indicator that there is demonic activity. The minds of many pastors and church leaders are under the control of demonic forces. If you read the headlines from this past week, it clearly shows the church is on a downward spiral into the perverse, how much longer will God will let this insanity go on? I think that it may get worse before it gets better, but I feel God will deal with sex perversion in the church at some point as he will not allow sexually perverts to continue to prey upon the innocent

  13. As always, thank for the updates LA. You got me wondering about something. While not the exact same country, the region is obviously the same as it has since antiquity. I got to pondering about the Strongman of Persia or the “Prince”. Me wonders if he is still there and if so how much chaos he is crafting along with the regions’ other Strongmen (Princes).

    Sometimes I really would like to be like Elisha’s servant for just a couple of seconds. I don’t know if I could take more.

    • Sorry, typo …it should read the The ‘God is Dead’ man who died in a state of complete insanity. Please read and pass on….

  14. I apologize in advance for anyone who might be offended by this Police officers pathetic language. I am not posting this for shock value. I saw this and became really agitated. I know the kid was most likely smarting off but still Cops like this are KILLING the once proud name of “Police Officer”.

    It caused me to pause and pray, knowing that even though he might just be having a bad day…a really bad day…there is still this knowledge of men and women all over the world who have been “Programmed” to be triggered to go off and do unspeakable things.

    And even though this has absolutely zero to do with the “Black awakening” there is still no cause whatsoever for this to happen. I pray this man does indeed get the punishment he deserves for causing further damage to the once proud name of “Police man” and just being a bully with a badge.

  15. @ headlines medical personnel “cured of ebola…”

    – is that like “cured of HIV”
    – and does that mean still able to work in the health field?
    – basically are they still carriers??
    – esp. as a risk to those with weakened immune systems???

  16. @ the impending hell-o-ween high day…

    – Is sorcery / coveting (*) now dominating the world?
    – lording over the merchant system
    – like elton john in bed with the pope, ET’s, and big bangers

    * the spirit of pharmakeia, drugs, witchery, babylon, mystery, hermes, the occult

    Has the dragon been kicked out and cast down…
    – leaving a power vacuum among the enemy?

  17. Thank you for all the information ! You supply me with the TRUTH that I(we) need to hear to prepare my family for all things. Jesus truly sent a Blessed Gift, when I was stumbling through the t.v.channels One morning I came across P.I.T.N. for the first time, you were the guest.I have been reading your blog ever since.Through Christ All Mighty you were shown to me! From that morning on I continue to share with others the info from your blogs and encourage them to read what the Good Lord has given you to tell us. Thank you L.A. and Thank You Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior !

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