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L. A. Marzulli


And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.  Genesis 1: 26

Our Bibles tell us that we are made in the image and likeness of God.   If I’m honest, I really don’t grasp all that implies.   However, if this is true, and as a Christian I believe it is, then everyone I meet, no matter what they look like, fills the bill, as they are made in the image and likeness of God.  This concept allows us to love everyone we meet—they will know you by the love you have one for another (JESUS) This love is called Agape. 

As we go through life there are people we encounter, they bother us and sometimes this get us into the dangerous realm of judgment.  For some of us it can be people who look different from us.  It can be people who have tattoos, or long hair, or no hair, or fat, or thin, or tall, or short, or of a certain ethnicity.  It doesn’t matter what it is that hangs us up, for when we go down this road, when we allow these thoughts to be unchecked, we are living in the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of the enemy.  We have crossed over into the kingdom of the Fallen One, who comes to rob, kill and destroy.   These thoughts align with the fallen cherub and thus, we when engage them, when we allow them to enter in, we are living in his kingdom.

When we allow ourselves to begin to pick at others in our thought life, we are, in essence acting like the accuser of the brethren, which of course is the signature of The Fallen One.

I travel a lot and I’m actually writing Sunday’s Bun from 34,000 feet in the air!  (Got to love modernity!)  The next time you’re in an airport or a mall,  go to the side and just watch the people go by.  Begin to pray for each person you see.  Sometimes there’s so many people you can’t possibly pray for them all, as they are all going somewhere.

This is a great exercise as we can just bless everyone who walks by.  We can also listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit who may have a word for an individual.  Everyone we see is made in the image and likeness of God.  Everyone has value.  Everyone has a destiny that has been created in them before they were their mother’s womb and most don’t even know what that is, as in many instances it has been hidden from the person by the Fallen One.

God loves each and every person walking by in the mall or at the airport, or train station.  God loves everyone and does not want anyone to perish.

In closing todays Bun.  When we look at people with disdain, contempt, or from a haughty attitude, we are living in the enemy’s camp.  We are participating in the works of the devil.  We are bound by our thoughts and held captive to them.

When we begin to pray over everyone we encounter, things change,  the atmosphere changes, people respond and begin to talk to us about their lives without knowing why.

What we are showing is the love of the Messiah, Jesus, whose love transcends time itself.  He will be with us even unto the end of the age.  

We are admonished to love one another.  When we begin to see everyone, know matter what they look like, as created in the image and likeness of God, everything changes and we are bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth.










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  1. G’Day, LA!

    Thank you, again, for another wise and important Sunday Bun. Bidding you safe travels.

    Apologies for my lengthy blogs and the content on occasions.

    Apologies to others on here for occasional disagreements with subject matters.

    God Bless.


    • Good Day to you too, Pete – very gracious and humble post!

      Just to say that even if you’ve had “occasional disagreements” with others, they have always seemed rational, good-humoured, and (to me and probably many others) have never come across as coming from a prideful and angry spirit.

      About the lengthy posts, well …sometimes it’s hard to keep a story or testimony short (or if quoting scriptures) .. but otherwise I’ve noticed your other posts are getting pithier with practice! 🙂 Blessings to you.

    • howzit Pete reply from yesterday:

      thanks mate thats great. yes the way in which deception happens in each place is different. yes the statue in some way represents the scapegoat of religiosity that allows you to stop thinking and interacting with the Truth, instead of the true lamb. the country is officially dedicated to the black “Mary who has appeared”, whose site represnets the biggest catholic pilgrim site in the world 8m /yr. and i don’t think i need to say anymore.

      i think we see less attack and turmoil around these nations because they are already dominated in many ways. and so the major attacks are on the anglo nations (ie. gradual health decline, occult control groups, infiltration of doctrines of demons whether christian or secular etc). many of these other nations are ready and waiting for the final stages of the age.

      ofcourse each culture, nation and person, has exemplary god-given charxcteristics. i enjoy the openness to emotions, communtiy and spirituality here, true to its mideast heritage, and which the west’s idolatry of intellect has obfuscated. some amazing qqualities here and ofcourse the people are real fighters under all this oppression. raw humanity right here.

      talking about perth i have met some exemplary characters from that area. and i must apologise for my countrymen’s infiltration but maybe we can also blame that on sinister forces!

  2. Indeed… It all boils down to that hideous, unspeakable four letter word called Hell, a word that the tender, loving and compassionate son of God mentioned and warned more about than even Heaven. L.A.’s statement “God loves everyone and does not want anyone to perish” sums up the reason for all that is stated in today’s Sunday bun.

    It all

  3. Scientists recently found cracks on the ocean floor with fire leaking out. What they found near these fire breathing cracks were 8 foot long worms that apparently can withstand fire… “Where the fire is not quenched and their worm dies not” said Jesus of Hell and all unsaved people who go there.

    Indeed, this is why we check ourselves and be sure we pray for all even when we encounter unsavory type people.


    • Corey, this is rather an eye-opening revelation that certainly proves again there is no idle word spoken in the bible.


    • wow Corey………that is a sobering find.

      I had an opportunity to witness (along with 2 other Believers) … just last night. One of the things that came up rather quickly in the
      conversation was that these 2 JW’s don’t believe in Eternal Torment or suffering, etc. We discussed it back and forth. Eventually,
      I took them to Luke 16:19-31….The Rich Man and Lazarus… and the one young kid admitted he had never read that before.
      I told him that you guys (JW’s) … don’t read a whole lot of the Bible.

      Also, JW’s believe a person (soul) is NO longer in existence once they die. Based in part on Ecclessiastes 9:10 and another in Ezekiel.

      I told the one young kid … who would at least be somewhat open to listening ( the other guy was just a Dr. of Spin ) … to also read
      Revelation 20:11-15 (another passage he had never read before…..hmmmm ?? ) ….. and also told them that God
      created us “in His Image and Likeness” and that we are first a spirit being that will live ETERNALLY in one of two places…heaven or hell.

      Both guys again refused to believe that too! I told them a person “does NOT cease to exist” once he leaves this earth….
      and mentioned the “fire is not quenched and the worm dies not” verse….which neither seemed to like that one either! (Big surprise…not!)

      I also told them that JESUS spoke more about Hell than anyone else! I think you should listen to The One who knows what it’s like
      and why He died on the Cross for all of our sins…so that you don’t have to be in hell for ETERNITY.

      Further … I went on about The Holy Spirit….which “They” don’t believe in “a Holy Spirit being God”…nor the doctrine of The Trinity.
      The “bolder kid” said, you can’t find even one verse that says that.
      ……………..{ ohhh really, there are only about 50+ Scriptures that show He (The Holy Spirit) …..
      ………can be grieved, ………lead us into Truth, …………speak to us, ………is our Helper etc !! }

      Hmmmm…like I said …”JW’s don’t read all the Bible”….cause that is an easy one to find answers too all through Scripture re: The Holy Spirit !

      Yet, dealing with these “masters of spin” …cough!…cough!…hack!…hack! …. it is generally very difficult to stay on any one subject
      with these guys constantly trying to spin their doctrines into a web that catches the unsuspecting. Once the one “bolder kid” found a
      time to “escape” this chance meeting….he bolted. Very typical.

      But there sure is a lot of ignorance out there….so much deception….trying to pawn their lies off on the unlearned.

      As it says in 2 Peter 3:14-16 … the one part says…
      …….”….which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures…… their own destruction.”

      Sobering Truth !!

    • Where was hell when Yeshua visited between the crucifixion of His body and His physical resurrection at the tomb?
      1st Peter 3:18-20 & Rev. 1:18

      My guess — in His spirit body in another overlapping dimension — similar to heaven also being an overlapping dimension.

      If so, then quite literally the damned are already in hell in their spirit bodies — and stuck there when their physical bodies die — and stuck there till the resurrections.

      Compare to Christ’s teaching about “the rich man and the beggar Lazarus”
      Contrast with “the souls under the altar” in Rev. 6

      There’s a movie out now pushing a pantheistic mix of gnostic+sufi+kabalah notions of a lord of the rings type collection of entities: humans, angels, and jinn (demons).


      So it’s not that the world isn’t interested in hell — as long as they think it’s just a fantasy. Anyone dressing up in ebola protective suits for halloween? How ’bout as ebola victims?? :mrgreen:

    • Nome….at the time that JESUS was on earth the first time, He still had not gone to the Cross yet and purchased our redemption
      when JESUS was telling this account in Luke 16:19-31.

      SO….all the righteous who died in faith went to Abraham’s Bosom and the unrighteous to Hades, which was on the other side.
      This was like a “holding tank” for the righteous and unrighteous….in which they were separated by a great chasm of sort. luke 16

      Sheol….the abode of the dead was in the earth, as it still is today.

      After JESUS rose from the dead, He took all the righteous out of Abraham’s Bosom see Ephesians 4:8-10.

      This also ties into what is announced in Psalm 24:7-10….after Jesus triumphed in Colossians 2:13-15….along with what you mentioned
      in 1 Peter 3:18-20 and Rev 1:18.

      Today, ever since the thief on the Cross who repented, a Believer’s spirit goes straight to heaven…. 2 Corinthians 5:1-10….
      but the body remains corruptible in the ground…..and this ties into 1 Corinthians 15:50-57, …when we are changed….
      and also 1 Thess 4:13-18, and Phil 3:20-21…..which add to this resurrection of the righteous person’s dead body being made incorruptible
      in a blink of an eye !!!

      WHEW !!!!!!!!!………………..that day is approaching fast !!!

      Wonder what it will be like if we don’t die prior to the Catching Up … and we are Transformed into our Glorified bodies no longer ravaged by sin.

      Ohhhhh What a Day that will be !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice post. I’m afraid a “conspiracy mindset” runs counter to the attitude you’re talking about, however.
    Conspiracy theorists suspect everyone. “Pray for them? Forget it!” they think. Sadly it’s where we’re at in America these days.

    • True enough on people’s attitudes today in America (and I’d even say all of North America and maybe a lot of our western culture in general)!

      Also noticed comments to you on Friday’s blog after it closed sometime yesterday. Maybe you were having a slightly “off” day in how you offered your some of your suggestion, because normally (and personally) I haven’t noticed your past comments having a negative tone towards anyone, IMHO. If so, hope all is well and things are better today! God bless.

    • My “thing” is communication. The more words, the less likely it gets read. That’s a general truth. No english teacher would disagree. So I merely ask, “If we christians want to communicate effectively, why not practice amongst the ones we love?”
      Don’t know if you saw some responses to my earlier post but using Paul’s all-night talk as proof that wordiness is okay was….well, let’s just say, a bit over the top.
      I’m only trying to state the obvious. We live in an age where people are in love with the sound of their own voice (or fingers typing).

    • this comes back to my point in friday~s post – we are getting a hang of a lot of our illuminati/NWO teaching from secular guys. and the fruit of this is exactly as you say – doubting everyone and eveyrthing, withdrawing. where is the clear voice on exacty what is the extent of these “bad dudes running the show”? i see a big gap here guys.

      we need to live psitively in the middle of the rumours of wars etc. active, loving, praying, excited.

      even when we see such immense contradictions and levels around us and even in the church. lets make sure we understand who is on top.

  5. Wanted to share my weird experience:

    Ironically I did this once,,,,,,I took on a job 4 years ago to find out what Monsanto actually does as they are just 10 miles away. I worked with people out in a corn field taking corn off the stalks in paper bags and tagged them.
    Needless to say field workers were a little rough. I began to pray for each person I could see in the field that I worked with.
    One day there was a guy about 6 ft 10 out in the field with a Russian accent ( a big boss they flew in )…… As I prayed for him he quickly turned around and gave me stink eye,,,,,,it was the creepiest feeling ever,,,like he knew I was praying for him. He then came over and put me in another feild away from him. ( and yes I was praying in my head not outloud) it was a very weird experience.
    This just makes me pray for strangers all the more.

    • The all stinking eye

      A funny story after the fact of course, nostalgic for me recalling the multiple occasions that the very same thing has happened to me and I am sure to everyone else. It`s a spiritual battle often fought in prayer against the enemy you can`t see, then that, one day by chance arrives, and you are fighting that same opposing spirit in the flesh eye to eye. I was put into a situation where I worked with two people in the same area, it was a daily battle where I learned to pray, and go toe to toe, in weakness, trembling but in the power of the spirit, each new day of those seven years a new battle between two opposing spirits. I hope to see those two in glory.
      -with faith, hope, patience – love conquers all

  6. This applies to the homosexual lifestyle as well, which is a hot button right now and many Christians are struggling with. People can’t get their arms around how homosexuals could worship and praise in our churches and they ask are we supposed to make them feel comfortable by not judging them.

    Frankly I think this should not be as difficult as it is. Homosexuals should feel welcome in the church, but not comfortable. More to the point, no one should feel comfortable in church. We shouldnt lower the bar for homosexuals. We should raise the bar for the whole lot of us. Our church is filled with angry, back biting, porn watching, lust seeking, world pleasing, you name the sin congregants. Everyone of us should squirm in our seats.

    • I should clarify one thing. The homosexual lifestyle should be treated completely seperate from the homosexual agenda. The agenda is from the pit of hell and seeks to make an enemy of the church. Seeks to remove the sin from the lifestyle and drives a wedge between the sinner and the one thing that can bring them salvation.

      The homosexual agenda is an enemy of anyone caught in the homosexual lifestyle, as it leads them to doom. These individuals need our compassion, not our scorn. When we spurn them we only reinforce what they already believe.

  7. Being made in the image of God includes body, soul, and spirit. ( transdimensional !)

    We’re taught to “let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.” And “to put on Christ,” “to grow into the full stature of Christ,” and that “we shall be like Him” (for “the saved’).

    The x-humans (“transhumanists”) are trying to remake themselves to become like gods. They no longer see the human species as family. They’re making themselves “twofold more children of hell” by having bought into the lies of the fallen. LA’s point applies, “…when we go down this road, when we allow these thoughts to be unchecked, we are living in the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of the enemy.” They’re making themselves into products with versions and model numbers (cp. 666). “EverReady” (in “The Matrix” sense) to discard the old for the new and more massively interconnected complex… that has “seven heads, ten horns, and spans the globe” in real time. They make themselves expendable, mere appendages and extensions.

    At what point are the x-humans no longer “our brethren?” When they’ve taken the mark of the beast? (bowed down to that number and name) We’ve been taught to “preach the gospel to every creature,” but also to “shake the dust off” when they won’t listen and move on. ( and these days that could mean smart dust !)

    Proverbs 21

    15 It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

    16 The man that wanders out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.

    Judging others is very different than judging actions…
    – with The Word we can know the difference
    …love the sinner, hate the sin.

  8. Quote from LA “This concept allows us to love everyone we meet—THEY WILL KNOW YOU BY THE LOVE YOU HAVE ONE FOR ANOTHER (JESUS) THIS LOVE IS CALLED AGAPE”

    What is “Agape” ??

    Rom 13:10 LOVE (G26 agapē) worketh no ill to his neighbour: THEREFORE LOVE (G26 agapē) IS THE FULFILLING (living out, doing) OF THE LAW(TORAH/THE LOVE INSTRUCTIONS).

    • Oy!

      family terms for types of love (in english)…
      – love of parent for a child
      – love of brothers and sisters
      – love between husband and wife

      (“agape, philadelphia, and eros” lead off into disputes)

    • Nome,

      The verses I quoted are what?

      The word “agape” that LA referenced is what?

      That verse means exactly what it says in the English & in the Greek or whatever language it gets translated to….which all have to go back into the original… which is what?

      Even in Chinese it says the same thing..

      What ever language that is… if you are quoting the same verse… it says the same thing.

      Are you guys so against what love is?????

      Do you not realize that when you break the law/torah it is sin.

      and when in sin are you in love??

      Can’t be…..

    • хм … у нас научились говорить на иных языках ? И это то, как проповедуется Евангелие по всей земле ?

    • I resemble that remark, Kirk!

      Spent the last 4 hours in a police station in the sweltering heat amidst a drought and while waiting there was a Futebol match going on. My wife lost R$6,000.00 that was robbed electronically from an ATM of the highest security that man can devise, supposedly. Bleh!

    • That’s horrible, Azureceu. 😦 Up here there have been some occasional high-tech ATM scams, also ones using tiny hidden cameras placed where the PIN can be recorded, so always hesitated to use an ATM.

    • Linda, she has a chip & pin card, 4 EFTs to four different dummy accounts were made, to use the card at the ATM you use a pin, to complete each individual transaction, you need to choose 3 double digit codes that are randomly scrambled, three failed attempts and the card gets cancelled. The only way to get this code is from the code holder or security division that issues the code. So It mystifies me as to how they done it and what other options they have to circumvent the system?
      She should get the money back, when I’m not sure, in bureaucracy here are no guarantees especially in Brazil.
      -this is as good as any example of not loving your neighbour

    • Az…..several months ago….when The Hobbit series had it’s next film coming out at the movies, I decided to go, but thought
      I should watch the first one to know what was going on. So, i purchased the movie on youtube for something like 2.99 or something
      and you get 24 hours to watch it as often as you like. I did so.

      Maybe a week or so later, another movie popped up that interested me, but this time I had used a different “check debit card” to pay for it.

      LO and BEHOLD………in about three weeks….. BOTH CARDS were compromised….and BOTH were attempted to be used at
      stores, atms, and gas stations………one card actually had $100.00 dollars taken from my account … which I did get back after the bank
      did their investigations. The other had an attempted amount of 831 dollars !!! plus some gas stations too!!

      Funny, on BOTH instances …
      I got a call from the FRAUD PREVENTION CENTER of each bank ( 7 am on a Sunday !!!! … 2 different times)…
      and they asked me some questions about a few transactions and if I did any traveling lately….
      …….as these FRAUDS were in the Eastern portion of the USA and Pennsylvania, Alabama, and others … if I recall.

      Well….currently living in Oregon,
      I was not shopping at a Men’s Casual Shoppe …. in North Carolina…..Nor did I buy gas in Pennsylvania, Alabama, etc.

      like Nome says…..”Oye !!”



      Funny, first two times I ever chose to watch a movie like that on youtube ….and I got myself “snookered by the crookies” !!!

      How all that transpired …….. had to be online snooping of some kind …. and “maybe” the crooks use those movie rentals
      as a way to capture your info as it moves along online transactions.

      What a pain in the buttskie !!!

    • Kirt, twice in the last few years, my credit card has been compromised both times online purchases were charged to them. The truth is no technology is safe as long as there is technology involved. If at any point I have to pay for thefts which I have not had to, the only logical recourse is to minimize using the cards or abandon them totally.
      -What a pain!
      – anyway it should please Kirt that I got the Law involved to mediate this matter :þ

    • No-Me-Mo-Les-Te, I have been getting aroundtuit, but not yet got a aroundtuit. I should start with #1 first I suspect.
      Whats your take, do you appreciate?

    • Azure-Çeu ⚽

      I’ve attempted to supply an aroundtuit above. One never knows amidst these shifting paradigms. Why am I reminded of Ah-Men-Ho-Tep?

      No easy thing for the Gilberts to juggle presentations, chats, g+, youtube, mics, limiters, dachshund and doctrine. So I’m glad they’re a team. They’re overcoming the classic technology start-up hiccups.

      And hopefully they’ll take a break from Genesis before Abraham and the tribes to cover Mark before the end of december, on what seems like a 5 year mission.

      For the novice, keeping the flood account comparisons separate from non-biblical narratives might be challenging. The Gilberts may need to provide notes so that enlil, mami, and the annunaki don’t get mixed in. There’s certainly plenty of historical, contemporary, and prophetic reference.

      At roughly 3 chapters per week with 1000 chapters to cover …. I suspect they’ll be picking up the pace.

      … הסחת דעת קטנה

  9. “Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: AND OTHERS SAVE WITH FEAR, PULLING THEM OUT OF THE FIRE; HATING EVEN THE GARMENT SPOTTED BY THE FLESH.” (Jude 21-23)

    It’s often hard to do even as a christian (both my hands are raised), but this is an example of what persistance in well doing toward others can accomplish even if they in the beginning are not so savory…

  10. I applaud your Sunday bun, L. A. and while I believe every Christian is called to “love their neighbor”, I also believe Jesus expressed a great love when he warned the Pharisees of the state of their hearts and where it would lead them and others: Mt. 23:13: “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.”

    I understand you are not suggesting that we totally ignore sin and its consequence, but love the sinner while hating the sin. If we see a donkey in a ditch, will we not have the heart to stop and help him out of his trouble? Should a Christian not lovingly do the same for a sinner bound for hell? Persecution seems to be coming from the sinners rather than the Christians. Is the present state due to judgmental Christians rather than them just following Jesus? — or is it due to the sinner loving their sin – and as the Pharisee wanting to take others with them? I believe they love their sin AND want to silence ANY one that believes there is a God and an moral absolute. Eph. 4:14-19. I Thess. 3:12.

    I use the present case in Houston as a example. While any pastor welcomes anyone to openly come and hear his sermon — sinners and ‘sinners saved by grace’ — there is a limit that cannot be ignored. I am praying for both sides in this case — that one side will awaken to their sin and repent and the other side will continue to preach God’s truth with boldness and love. Jude 1:21-23




  11. Hey! Good Sunday teaching. God created man in His image, this includes His nature of judging.

    He has called us a “righteous judging,” more so since we live in a fallen world where evil exists and must be dealt with.

    If we were all driven exclusively by love, the agape kind of love, there would be no sin, there would be no fallen world, and no need to run to the Father for help or even forgiveness, for we all fall short of His Glory.

    Re: righteous judgment.

    The Father reminded me of an article I wrote titled “Judge Not?” “”

    I worked for the State of Texas Attorney General’s Office as an Investigator. I’m retired and believed my “judging” days were over. I’m a Cristian Writer, a Poet, a commentator, and website builder…I should be living the easy retirement life the American Dream.

    But God has His agenda. I’ve been thrown into the NWO, explored the many facets of depopulation, tyranny, current revolution of civil unrest, have become disillusioned over the theology that I live in the best country in the world that now wants to destroy me, my friends, my family and still guard my sanity.

    I have found myself in prayer to the Lord lamenting that since I really don’t want to think like a criminal, I’m having to accept it in order to recognize the enemy’s cunning tactics who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

    My point:

    In less than 24 hours this video received over 20,000 Hits. I know because I was #301 when I got it yesterday. People are afraid and rightly so. So, I yield to righteous judgment, call for an investigation, and bring into accountability the criminal element that wants to destroy innocent lives.

    So, again I’m reminded that I MUST love man, be a watchman, warn of danger because I’m accountable to the Lord God Almighty, using the skills, the knowledge He has provided, and keep sane at the same time, all under His guidance. I’ve found myself praying for the courage to speak out in truth, for courage over those who sit in authority to act to protect the people, and to bring accountability to those who do harm.

    Much revelation everyone.

    Love and Blessings.

    • @ the intersection of “smart dust” + “rfid dust” + vaccine injections + chemtrails + nano tech + internet of things (IoT)


      jump to 6:00 minutes…

    • Mary, I believe there are many that feel the same as you and not without reason– that our ‘easy’ retirement and American dream was just that… a dream. I certainly do. I had looked forward to the time my most stressful thought would be which flower to plant in my garden next… or what cross-stitch project to do … but that was before.

      Concerning the video — the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” would go a long way in stopping the spread. If a spread is feared – close down air travel and use our troops to seal our borders instead of sending them in them over to be directly exposed. Since that idea has been refused by the one in power, I have to assume he is not the least concerned about the spread. Why not?

      Even the flu vaccine contains mercury as a “preservative” — a substance of which no amount is known to be safe in the human body. As an R.N., I was trained to never give a medication drawn up in a syringe by another nurse unless I had personally seen her draw it up from the vial – otherwise how could I possibly know what was in the syringe. Additives may be added (i.e., mercury) that are not even listed on the vial so why should I trust the injection or the vial? We do have the right to refuse vaccines — at this moment. If it becomes mandatory, I would be even more concerned! Wanted to let you know I’m with you. Guess I have overused my word limit –the wrath of pithy may strike (please don’t) so I’ll close out. I really don’t enjoy listening to my own voice.

  12. Great Bun as always, L A , I appreciate your insights. If we follow the world’s messages both spoken and implied, one would think that anyone that is not young, affluent, beautiful and photogenic need not live. I am surprised at how easily we get sucked in to the deceit. But, thank you, Jesus that our inner being is what is important.
    Years ago, I was having difficulty with a certain person I worked with. I began to think of her as my enemy. Then, I remembered to pray for my enemies. I began to pray for her, and the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me things about her that made me understand her better. In the end, we never became friends, but I was able to tolerate her better. I began to be aware of my own faults in dealing with her and asked for forgiveness from her, as well as God. The situation became not only bearable, but pleasant. Amazing how the Lord’s wisdom reigns I our lives, if we listen.

  13. It is difficult these times to not be judgemental. I don’t even let my feet hit the floor in the morning before I go to the Lord and adk Him to be part of my day. It is way too difficult to do it on your own.

    I am surrounded by very very judgy people. My fellow Christians to be exact. A neighbour who runs about looking how he can gossip and find out everyones bussiness. ( Calls himself Christian) belongs to a church for the last 55 years.
    These same people ( our Christain school) he tells tales to , he is gossipy and a liar,,judging its just what he does to fill his days.
    He is like a watch dog in the neighbourhood,,always on his porch watching,,
    I always thought that when your get old you would have maturity of years and be wise.
    All I can do is pray God would open his eyes to how he destroys peoples lives through his tongue.
    I always try to see the best in people,,,He is the most difficult as I do not see it.

    This has brought about the hardest thing I have endured yet,,,and I have been through alot! It is hard not to see him in his backyard and not think” what a jerk”.
    I take it to Christ’s feet daily. I pray the Lord would convict him of what he does, as he is 76 and could not have many years left.

    • Also had an older neighbour a lot like that a few years ago, Michelle, (as well as being mean to our cat). We knew him on speaking terms so thought we’d talk to him as best and honestly as we could on his behaviour, but no change. After that we basically kept our distance with clear consciences.

      When the person is a Christian, it’s worse, but I like your prayer (that “the Lord would convict him of what he does”). Surely that’s the main thing to do. Past that, sometimes Christians feel they then need to start “making nice” as a sign of “forgiveness”, and I don’t believe that is always OK, or even helpful to the person. (What does the ornery person then really learn about himself/herself? That everything they say and do are OK?) Jesus had compassion on everyone, but He also required repentance when He offered forgiveness. Forgiveness wasn’t unconditional, “oo-y goo-y love”. This is a verse I came across recently on all this:

      Luke 17:3 and 4

      “Take heed to yourselves. If your brother sins against you, REBUKE him; and …IF… he repents, forgive him.”

      Sometimes people forget about the “IF”.

    • “as well as being mean to our cat”

      Perhaps he was defending himself?

      Picture of Linda’s cat

    • Linda…….I think your cat needs help!

      ……… like maybe new DNA !!! Ha ha ha…….

      I think i have been traumatized by that picture………..AhhhhhHHHHhhhhhHHHhhhh

      i need counseling !!

    • Linda, sorry I guess I’ve overplayed the Possum card. However, deep down in me itty bitty heart I didn’t want you to forget your posthumous Possum, because every Possum is precious!

      As for your neighbor you could turn the other cheek…
      Then pick up a snowshoe and beat the hell out of him! How dare he dis a poor defenseless kitty cat! 🐱

      Btw, you never mentioned how your Canadian Turkey day was. Did you have a traditional dinner or Aboriginal fusion?, rabbit dumplings or Pierogi stuffed caribou?


      TASTY 🙂

    • Kirk …. oh.. I hope you don’t need counselling. Maybe just have some pierogis as comfort food!


      Azureceu, I too, agree with you deep down that every Possum is precious, and always happy when you play the Possum card 🙂 (.. and bring the posthumous Possum to remembrance, wherever he’s gone to). As for the neighbour, he passed away so no need for a beating now (…since I don’t have snow shoes anyway!)

      Turkey Day was OK, too, laddie, thank you for asking … a traditional dinner it turned out to be, nothing too exotic. Maybe next year the Pierogi stuffed caribou would be nice!

  14. i think sometimes for me it is a desire to protect myself from being hurt by poeple, that creates a shell of hardness. or simply seeing this hardness in so many around me, that I take on this same bearing when i am around others. to be like them. taking my example from them. to fit in. becasue i assume thats how we should be.

    so maybe this thing of walking in the love and prayer requires not only love and forgiveness but also worldview understanding – understanding the world we live in and how people act under a worldview without god. when we carry thsi understanding more powerfully, we are equipped to assist.

    regarding judging others, i think something in the protestant setup has equipped us to judge others. alot. this is one of the joys of living in brazil (just to balance out my criticisms from yesterday´s post 🙂

    i want my faith to be much more like a big, bearded, hugging, magnanimous walk than the guy that is alwsy trying to be correct. just think about how many times god covered over your huge errors and came in with love. love covers over a multitude of sins. Be not overly righteous; neither make yourself overly wise: why should you destroy yourself? less fear, more love.

    • I’ve got just about enough GMO boxtops from my breakfast cereal to send in to get my Kurzweil flux capacitor then all I need is a nuclear powered source (CEREN) to conect it to. My plan is to travel back to Noahs Ark and assinate two mosquitoes and replace them with Brazilian genetic mozzies.
      -Dr. Emmett Brown

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