WWIII – Update

ISIS Control in Iraq and Syria 6/16/2014Iraq Imposes Curfew in Ramadi, Fearing Militants


Islamic State captures three jets


REUTERS – Iraqi pilots who have joined Islamic State in Syria are training members of the group to fly in three captured fighter jets, a group monitoring the war said on Friday, citing witnesses.

Quick update today as I’m slammed.

Fighting continues in the Anbar province and ISIL has its eyes fixed on Baghdad.  While POTUS sends troops to Liberia, the Middle East is imploding in ways that are, in my opinion, unprecedented.

More later…

L. A. in yet another undisclosed location!  LOL!


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The photo’s below are from my new book, On the Trail II. 

This is one of the photographic analysis which shows the skeleton exhumed by Ralph Glidden was about 8′.6″.

There are two other experts who examined the photo and came to the same conclusions that the skeleton was in excess of eight feet.

This was a triple blind study that I conducted as none of the people who were analyzing the photo were in collusion with each other.


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79 thoughts on “WWIII – Update

  1. LA, this is coming this morning because of the comment section yesterday being closed. I am sorry if it is not supposed to be carried over …
    I know I am not at all prolific in the understanding of a lot of what fellow brother and sisters share here, and sometimes feel like its way over my head at times, and causing me great confusion without that knowledge. One thing that keeps me bound in the confusion lately, is about talk of the “Bible Code” .

    All I can say about it, ( and I know God calls us as believers to NOT cause our fellow ” siblings” to fall ), is that whenever the topic of “Bible code” is explained, or challenged, or furthered, there comes this really powerful , and dark spirit to cause me to go back into my being raised the way I was in a dark spiritual teaching, and to remember ” code” from those teachings of my family and others, which are causing me to fall into great doubt of darkness about who God is, and what His teachings are, and how true they are..

    Those codes were part of that teaching I grew up learning which I am being bombarded again with the last week or so especially..
    Just saying that I don’t fully get why it is such a hard place to come here to read, and learn right now , when the talk of ” code” comes up. Because I know LA is a man of God, and teaches what he has learned in all aspects of Christianity, and the like, I trust that he allows this subject of code to be furthered for a reason, but for some of us that know of OTHER codes of our being trained, is there some way for us to understand the “Bible Code” better so as to not fall into this kind of confusion I have right now? I trust the Bible explicitly, as I do God, but sometimes here, its a hard place to know where, and what is true, right, and holy with such differing of opinions. Just venting because the enemy of my soul right now is kickin’ my butt to hell and back because of being unsettled..

    • To live with Saints in Heaven is bliss and glory.
      To live with Saints on Earth is another story.

      Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
      -Matthew 10:16

    • Azureceu… Lol! You literally about made the almond milk and the oatmeal blast out of my mouth with laughter with that one. Too funny. Hope you don’t mind if I use that one from now on… “To live with Saints in Heaven is bliss and glory, To live with saints on Earth is another story.”

    • Quilter56… You need not let the bible codes make you question who God is. Not knowing for sure about the bible codes is not gonna effect your walk with God or your right standing with him as a born again believer child of God in the end. God is not keeping tabs on you for any confusion about the bible codes… nor is it going to effect your destiny with a one way ticket for a rocket ride straight into the portals of Glory when he comes. Trust me, God is not holding your feet to any fire concerning what you know or don’t know what is true about the bible codes. Think of it as a curiosity if you want and nothin more. Obviously, as you can tell from my comments the last few days, I think of them as rather a blessing from God and not something we should use as a “crystal ball” to start predicting the future and use them in place of the plain teaching of scripture. Although I stop short and hesitate minimizing them, at the same time though, they are to be looked at as a “looky here children” from God. I think God is showing us these things to show people that he knows the end from the beginning and to make himself real to people… particularly the unsaved world at large as well as individual unsaved people in order to point people to the authenticity of scripture itself. If it’s making you question your standing with God regarding your walk with him or any doubt in some other way, then you are looking at these bible codes in the wrong way. They are not intended to make you doubt and confuse you.

      So, I would just relax and not take them as seriously as you seem to be taking them. They are not something to worry over but to be blessed by.

    • Corey, I heard that from DR. J. VERNON MCGEE in his “Thru the Bible” audio teaching:

      Its a funny but true saying but even funnier when he says it with his accent/drawl.

      Looks like this saying might be attributed to Brigham Young (Bring’em Young)? Ironic, eh?

    • To:Quilter 56
      First of all, I too am a Christian and a quilter so I know we could enjoy time spent together and would be friends. There is a cute expression, “Quilting keeps me from going to pieces” and truer words have never been spoken — lol! I haven’t kept up with the blog for the last few days and may have missed what you are concerned about. I haven’t see any remarks from you before although I’ve followed L. A.’s blog for several years and I definitely want to say that I, personally, am sorry that any discussion has caused you concern because there are some wonderful Christians here with as many opinions discussed here as there are people – yet each individual may feel strongly in their heart about their opinion — as we humans do, BUT remember, it is only that — an opinion! I feel that a lot of “brotherly love” is called for regarding differing ‘opinions’ because God loves each of us equally and clearly sometimes one’s opinion may not be gospel (God’s opinion) — nevertheless, it is what they feel strongly in their heart and I feel God will be the One who eventually leads us to all truth if we ask Him.

      I am troubled more when one Christian badgers another about ‘a difference of opinion’ rather that allowing that individual to come to their own conclusion (with God’s help) — without feeling that person is pushing their belief on anyone else — and unfortunately we all see in a ‘glass darkly’ until all truth will be revealed when we see Yeshua (Jesus) in person. I hope I am making sense to you… and I am not accusing you as one who badgers — that prize goes to others at times! I believe you are just trying to understand ‘Bible codes’ and I don’t think they can be fully explained — other than a group of equi-distance letters spelling a person’s name or a word — ??? significance. There are some who believe in them deeply — while the ‘jury is still out’ as far as their significance (where I’m concerned) and until you fully understand them (if we ever do) adopt the ‘wait and see attitude’. Spend time just reading God’s Word — pray for understanding of HIS Word — that is why we have the Comforter – the Holy Spirit (John 14:26) and let Him be the one who leads you to your conclusion.

      Taking the ‘codes’ ‘with a grain of salt’ (not too seriously as far as content since they’re are derived of equi-distance letters (nothing more) — and not a full explanation of anything) will cause you less concern. There is truly nothing sinister about these ‘codes’. Blessings to you and I hope that ‘mini’ explanation of equi-distance spacing of letters helps you to understand how a computer comes up with a ‘bible code’ — simple as that — nothing more.

    • Blessed Hope.. you rock on the quilting .. and yes, quilters have more fun…friendships are made easily in my experience, and sometimes understand the need for ” quilt therapy”, lol…

      I have made a few comments over the time I have read this blog, but mostly try to read and learn, and find answers biblically like we all should. I am just glad God doesn’t give up on my lack of understanding some of what is written here, but even more glad He gives me patience, and stronger desire in the hard times to delve in His Word to find what is important to remember. ,
      As for the “code” stuff, due to how I was raised, ” codes” if you will, were important to keep us locked in to the teachings we were pummeled with. And right now, this time of year especially, the enemy knows how to confuse those like me that came from backgrounds set apart from His Truth.. Even thru means that are not meant to bring confusion .. The enemy is crafty in all his ways, and will use every avenue to do such things – I think we all will agree on that.

      For Corey, your sharing more this morning sheds light on some things, so thank you for replying.. All I know is where there is Light , there will be darkness of thought, understanding, and attempts of others( not saying here on this blog ) to bring believers into confusion – simply because those in the darkness will try to destroy what is truth. I just am grateful my faith in Jesus Christ doesn’t rely on understanding what others think or believe – but that He gives me grace to ask questions when I don’t understand, while giving strength to fight off the spiritual attacks that come, and strength to not fall into feeling stupid when I do ask things that most believers might already understand, or know.
      That’s why I like reading LA’s blog for the most part.. I learn.. and I seek answers when I don’t understand, and I don’t feel like I am being criticized, or judged for not being ” up ” on what the topics are..

    • Quilter56,

      Remember, satan counterfeits what God does. I still have my doubts about the codes, but it doesn’t surprise me that the enemy of our souls has something similar he uses to oppress people.

    • My grandma taught me how to stab my thumb repeatedly… I mean quilt. I decided it was best just to buy one somewhere. :o)

    • hang on a sec. now I’m confused. what exact type of codes are you talking about my friend? if they are occult codes, which create some kind of secrecy (I don, I would encourage you to meet up with a pastor, if you havent already done that.

      and as azureceu says, make sure it is someone who is loving, and open/respectful/serious about your situation and experiences.

    • Quilter… Well, That’s why I comment and share things here. Ultimately, it’s for the benefit of others. If perhaps I have some something of insight and able to contribute to someone else’s peace about something, I would feel obligated to share it… particularly with the subject matter of eternal security, a commonly misunderstood matter.

  2. @ code talkers & other tongues
    – compare with sex, which is a blessing in holy matrimony, and a curse as part of sexual sin (re: issues of the heart like lust and hate)

    Romans 14:22-23

    Have you faith? Have it to yourself before God.
    – Happy are they that don’t condemn themselves in that thing which they allow
    – and s/he that doubts is damned eating against his/er faith
    – for whatever is not of faith is sin

    @ archaic tongues & sacred names
    – I have to laugh when folks put more stock in ancient greek, hebrew, and latin than old english
    – since we have a much more to work with from 500 years ago than 1000’s of years past
    – those that speak multiple contemporary languages know it’s challenging to keep up with current phrases & sayings

    There are much better ways than relying on one’s own understanding
    – which we are specifically told not to do in the Old Testament (Prov. 3:5-8)
    Better is to compare multiple scriptures about the related topics
    – what’s important God repeats, the more important the more repeated
    Best is to be taught by God via the Holy Ghost
    – which we’re told to do (John 6:45, 1 Thessalonians 4:9, Psalm 71:17)

    So the true-namers and hebrew-rooters and so-called-scholars that think they know better interpretations… more than missed the boat.

  3. I think we believers should read the Word as it is written and let the Holy Spirit lead us to understand. Jesus doesn’t operate ‘sub rosa’ He always acted and spoke out in the open.

    • Hmmmm?

      JESUS often used parables to keep the meanings hidden, while he then explained everything privately to His own disciples.

      See Mark 4:10-12……33-34

      JESUS also spoke many things that were very confusing on the surface to those that heard him, including His own disciples at times, ….
      …… but when digging deeper into His sayings….. there was a truth that was hidden in open sight.

      One very simple example: Matthew 24:36 >>> OFTEN MISINTERPRETED BY MANY PEOPLE ….

      yet……..was a common Jewish Idiom of JESUS day that was describing a 2-Day Feast known as “The Feast of Trumpets”.

      This was tied to the “new moon” cycle, … which was a “hidden moon”… as it was NOT visible yet, …
      …..THEN when the very first sliver of light was visible from the moon THAT was the start of The Feast of Trumpets.

      So this could be either on the first day they looked for it, or on the second, and could be at ANY HOUR….

      Hence, NO MAN KNEW …. THE DAY…. NOR … THE HOUR.

      Of the 7 major feasts (Appointed Times of the Lord >>> See Leviticus 23 for more details. )…
      ………the F.o.T. was only one based on a hidden moon………all the other feasts were born on a FULL moon.

      Also tied to this:
      It mentions ONLY the FATHER knew, which again was tied to the Ancient Jewish Wedding which ONLY The Father knew
      when he’d give permission to his son to go get his bride and bring her to “the father’s house” that the son had just prepared
      a bridal chamber for his bride…built off of his Father’s House.

      This was customarily done at night, and this wedding day was a total surprise to his bride,
      and she was therefore always to remain WATCHING and READY for her groom to come. Just like The Church is to be today!

      This was a hidden meaning behind the Feast of Trumpets, that everyone knew in early times, yet most today don’t know.
      And therefore, Matt 24:36 is one of those “often misinterpreted verses” that JESUS SPOKE CLEARLY, …….

      ……. yet unless those that truly understood it after they heard it…….they’d take a completely different sense to it’s intended meaning.

      JESUS has many of those throughout The Written Word alone.

      Again, JESUS used parables to hide the meaning of certain truths…. and yet explained everything openly to His disciples.

      Surely, JESUS wants people to SEEK HIM……….then they shall FIND.

  4. I hope that the codes bring faith in Christ to our Jewish brothers.

    On a different subject, the ISIL advance is frightening in that Iraq’s “missing” weapons of mass destruction were rumored to have been possibly moved to Syria. That would be a game-changer.

    • Temple Institute hold water libation ceremony

      For the first time in nearly two thousands years, priests trained in the ordinances of the Jewish Temple held a re-enactment of the water libation ceremony…..


    • Azureceu, good article, I made note of the website so I can read some of the articles when I get the chance. I like the teaching on the lamb’s blood.

    • Considering that the Ark of the Covenant was more than well able to fend for itself against the Philistines….

      – I have to wonder if any true temple of God can be defiled, such as by antiochos e. or by the 666 in prophecy

      1st Cor. 3:16-17

      Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
      – If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy
      – for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

      John 18:36

      Yeshua answered, My kingdom is not of this world
      – If my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight
      – that I should not be delivered to the Jews
      – but now is my kingdom not from hence

      where: servants = angels ?!

      So if the temple institute manages to build above or below the old roman fort and dome of the rock — I surely don’t expect the Glory of God to rest there. My angle is that the better location is south in the city of David.

    • Nome, timely scriptures. So many pagan places of worship were on high places such as mountains. Our Lord’s great words at Caesarea Philippi, after Peter said that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God, “Upon this rock I will build my church”. Not a physical place and a good contrast to Caesarea Philippi, which was a place used for the worship of the Pan, a satyr-like god. A sort of chimera. In the greek mythology, possibly the son of Hermes.

      Now I stray a bit, a few nights ago, my son and I watched the new tv version of The Flash. It doesn’t seem as dark as Arrow. Knowing the character is based on the Mercury/Hermes character, I wondered if the references stopped with the costume and superpowers. I noticed that the female lead is named IRIS, possibly after the greek equivalent of Hermes, who is a mediator between worlds.

      Okay, here’s where I really stray, Iris backwards is Siri. Remember the siri app about the gates of hades opening on July 27. The gates of Hades is supposedly at Caesarea Philippi. And of course the gates will not prevail against the Church.

      Last July 27th was uneventful, except for something I stumbled across. On the timeline for the Ebola virus, the first event was the discovery in 1976. The second event is the July 27th outbreak.

      LA refers to a cosmic chess match between the Lord and satan. In chess, there is something called a prophylactic or a strategic move. Prophylaxis is greek for guardian or prevention. The medical use of the word is prophylaxis, used for clotting to prevent bleeding. These words are based on the proopylaius, a word for Hermes. Hence, Hermes is often seen holding the medical caduceus.

      If you remember the conversation about the chimeroid. The chimera was killed by Bellerophon and Pegasus in the mythology. The virus, in a Mission Impossible was named chimera. I have related Pegasus to this year of the horse and Neptune.

      Anyway, I just found these things interesting. Here’s a good article about the ebola vaccine:


    • And of course this Simpson’s Ebola reference from October of ’97:

      Just my far,far out thoughts. Lol, I bet I lost everyone at “Iris backwards is Siri”. Don’t mind me, I’ve stayed up too late.

  5. Hey!

    re: Bible Codes

    What a coincidence, I was watching a tv program made from Canada, the Artful Detective. The episode I was watching was on “breaking the code.” All
    I could do was laugh…in this particular episode they also included the beginning stages of the lie detector, then I completly broke out laughing!

    First, the breaking of codes brought my memory of the U.S. WW II cryptography program, particularly the “Enigma Machine.” Nations had their special “code” to speak with other members in the allied service, to deliver messages, or troop movements,


    Teletype wasn’t being used because it could be read by anyone “listening”.

    Codes were used to hide messages but not to the receiver who had the “key” to breaking the code.

    The Bible Codes have a set key of codes–the scriptures. However, there are a particular set of parameters that need to be programmed into the computer to get an “answer.” If enough key words are inserted and the outcome shows an intersection of the key words or names, then a pattern emerges and the “interpreter” makes note of it and compares it with known bible scriptures.

    The mystery is semi-revealed. It’s not concrete until the event comes to pass. The supernatural component is that as “real time” event starts to take shape, the codes could reflect it, but when believers pray in “real time,” against a believed destruction, and God grants an extension so the event doesn’t take place or eliminates it altogether, the Bible response also “automatically” reveals the changed event. It’s a mystery still in progress.

    Second: The movie “Wind Talkers” (starring Lou Diamond Phillips) revealed the Native American Indian involvement during WW II as special soldiers, because no one understood their particular native language since their language was known only to a particular tribe who were used by our government to deliver messages. The “key” was known only to this Native American Indian.

    This particular WW II program code was called “Codetalkers.”

    If I were to express this a bit further, tongues. When one prays in tongues, the “language” may not be known to the speaker but someone familiar with the language reveals what God is saying. For many believers, praying in tongues is unfamiliar and makes them uneasy but it’s real nonetheless.

    Both of these examples are meant to decipher “mysterious codes.”

    Then, I got a total “hoot” on the lie detector. Today lie detectors are inadmissible in court as credible evidence against a person of interest. I do understand that many companies use them as part of their screening program to hire employees.

    We used them initially when we created our cs program in 1974, 1975. However, we determined that the lie detector has flaws and we elected to discontinue using it.

    The lie detector measures “emotions” which were being interpreted based on the person’s response, as either a lie or truthful. The lie detector was programmed with a set of variables (or the key) by measuring the rise, fall, or steady blood pressure.

    The detector is valueless because it’s a machine, and not enough variables exist, in my opinion, to read the outcome accurately.

    This machine is exactly that–a machine. It cannot measure “true” human emotion.

    For example, there are some people who literally go into a high state of emotion just thinking that they have to take a test, are facing a “high stakes competition” like an Olympian or a small boy trying out for Little League, or a woman having a baby experiencing birthing pain. Their blood pressures instantly increase or changed based on circumstances.

    Hope this helps.


    • Good Words SeashoreMary!!

      Would be awesome if more Believers understood and prayed in tongues more often, … we’d see more fruit in ministry
      and have greater communion with God and at a deeper level, and we’d get more downloads from God in the process.

      But…..the devil sure has deceived a great majority of Believers that don’t believe in tongues … and blast others that do.

      I mean, it’s “only Scriptural”……….go figure!

    • Kirk…I was speaking with one of my devout Catholic aunts not too long ago. During the conversation, tongues came up. She was saying a family member from another city was “escorted” out of a church service because she was speaking in tongues. My aunt watched the scene completely embarrassed more so because this other family member was already dying of cancer.

      I explained to my aunt that the usher was completely wrong but explained until the church “teaches” that it’s ok to pray in tongues it will continue. I mentioned that I did pray in tongues, my mom and other sister also pray in tongues.

      I went on to explain that it is scriptural. The conversation led in a way that I ended up praying with her in tongues and she became a born again believer in Christ. All of this over a long distance telephone call, me in Corpus and she in Houston.

      Her parting words: “Mary, I’m so excited!”

      We don’t know when or how God will use us, we just need to follow the conversation, take our time, and go with it when it’s obvious the “other” person needs more than what they are currently getting but don’t know what they are missing, until it’s explained in a manner that can be understood.

      Thanks Kirk!

    • And for the doubters to reconsider…

      1st Corinthians 13:1

      Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity
      – I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

      … the tongues angels speak in ❗

    • Nome, to me also, that is the only verse that makes me think it may be possible (speaking with tongues of angels). The other verses seem more to refer to other (human) languages, to me.

      (btw .. I replied again today, 2nd article down on your blog, about WordPress, my operating system, etc.)

    • Hey Linda,

      @ another key tongues verse

      1st Cor. 14:1-2, 14-15

      Follow after charity and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy

      For he that speaks in an unknown tongue speaks not unto men but unto God
      – for no man understands him howbeit in the spirit he speaks mysteries

      For if I pray in an unknown tongue my spirit prays but my understanding is unfruitful

      What is it then? I will pray with the spirit and I will pray with the understanding also
      – I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also

      Much like prayer within, those that experience the back and forth of relationship living with Y’shua through the Holy Spirit need no other proof.

      ps. For indents, re: wordpress, you may also be able to use a table to indent by skipping the first column. You’re welcome to experiment at my place. I’ll check there tomorrow.

      pps. In the full editor the “text tab” supports html. It’s possible to edit in Word. Save as html. Paste into the wp text tab. But use “save as” then select doc type “html filtered” to clean out the Word peculiar mark-up.

    • Nome, thanks for noting some of the verses in 1 Cor. 14. Overall, the whole chapter has seemed to me more about speaking other languages (speaking in tongues) with a distinction implied from “speaking in the spirit”. (That’s a whole topic in itself, though, so I’ll leave it there.) But I respect those who believe differently on it. 1 Corinthians 13:1 on the other hand is compelling!

      Thank you, too, for some ideas re W/P formatting and may try them sometime. 🙂

    • SeashoreMary….

      Good Job !!! SWEET !!!

      Not sure if you have heard of Andrew Wommack, but he really teaches the Word, and always gives great teachings on speaking in tongues
      and why it is a blessing for everyone and to better understand the purposes behind this very basic gift used within a Believers life.

      He teaches and explains The Baptism in The Holy Spirit probably about as good as I ever heard anyone do so and gives away a free book
      on it for people new to it to help them better understand why it is a huge benefit to be Baptized in The Holy Spirit.

      “http://www.awmi.net/” Check out his conference videos and audio teachings if you have not heard of him.

      His site noted above is very full of teachings and videos, just a simple click of a button on his website to hear great teaching.

      “http://www.awmi.net/tv/this_week” Here is a link to this weeks video teachings …. definitely a blessing to know The Word !!!!

  6. Seashore Mary — have to tell you a funny story about lie detector tests… My husband had a top secret clearance in Security Services, USAF, but when he applied for a part-time job at a San Antonio grocery chain, they gave him a ‘lie detector test’ and a squiggly line after a particular question supposedly led to their conclusion he had been in trouble with the police even though they knew he had a top-secret military clearance which he could not have with any blemish on his background! His clearance was such that when he and I got married they investigated me and my family’s background before he could be granted permission by the commander to marry me. Needless to say, we never stepped foot in that grocery chain even to buy a newspaper. And I never asked him, What did you do at work today.”

    • Blessed Hope, good example of the lie detector being just that a machine unable to assess the true difference between a lie and a truth.

      I’ll add another example…one of my sisters had to take a lie detector test, I can’t remember for which company, but when she took the test one of the questions asked if she “ever” did drugs. She felt so insulted at being asked the question she got angry and failed the test. My sister is anti-drug and has deep feelings against them. She today works for the Post Office and doing well.

      The question “have you ever done drugs?” is wide open to interpretation because anyone who takes medication of any kind, will fail by saying truthfully, “yes” but not allowed to explain the prescription drug that he/she may be under.

      That’s why I don’t believe in lie detectors even today. They are misleading, judgmental and they’re only machines.


  7. I’m happy to report that one of the local sheriffs office is now pro-active in putting up the faces of wanted offenders and suspects on their facebook page. They just caught a sex offender that way — who turned himself in after the posting.



    This is the same SO that’s under a new interim sheriff with elections coming up.

    The old sheriff and his chief deputy, his exec assistant, his special unit narcotics officer son, and the drug runner that was bribing them were all incarcerated this year. He’d been in office 16 years. Credit the officers, agents, prosecutors, and citizens that worked together to detect, arrest, and convict them. This in a county that has most of the colonias in the US and many bridges to Mexico.

    Hidalgo County Bridges
    – Anzalduas (McAllen – Reynosa)
    – Donna
    – Hidalgo
    – Los Ebanos (ferry)
    – Los Indios
    – Pharr
    – Progreso

    Adjacent County Crossings:
    – B&M (Brownsville – Matamoros)
    – Gateway
    – Rio Grande City
    – Roma
    – Veterans

    “https://dabrownstein.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/41650176_mexico_boarders_3_map416.jpg” (border fence)

  8. see time 14:00+ for wearing protective suits…
    insight “are we prepared”

    same vid better centered…

    Ebola in africa could spread in bloody jihadi populations. How will those that don’t have access to major medical survive?

    Could it be that the Revelation 10 visions that are sealed are actually about extending care to enemies such as warring jihadists??

    • that’s only “your” experience Nome…………

      I hear about it constantly “Get your flu shots”,…”Don’t be without your flu shots”, …”Did you get your flu shots”, …”we sell flu shots.”

      yap…yap…yap………..these vaccination vigilantes are annoying and lying to the public about their inocculation crap!

  9. Just over a week ago was our Messiah’s birthday.

    Today the 8th day after His birthday is the 8th day, known as the Great Day.

    Luk 2:21 AND WHEN EIGHT DAYS were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, his name was called YAHSHUA, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb.

    The seven days of Tabernacles (Sukkot) speak of the perfect Messianic Age & the 8th day, (Great Day) speaks of Eternity.

    It foretells the Father’s invitation for Israel to stay, to remain in a state of rest with Him for an eternity.

    The last day of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is the eighth day of assembly (The Great Day).

    Num 29:35 ON THE EIGHTH day ye shall have a solemn assembly: ye shall do no servile work therein:

    The rabbis interpreted this verse to mean that GOD asks all who made a pilgrimage for Sukkot to tarry (atzeret, which comes from the Hebrew root word meaning “to hold back”) with Him one additional day.

    From this, the rabbis concluded that 8th day (Great Day) is an independent festival.

    The eighth day — that is the day after “seven.” Seven, being a perfect number in the Bible, signifies a complete unit of time as each week ends with the seventh day called the Shabbat (Sabbath).

    Thus, the eighth day is the day after time. It is the end of both kinds of time. It is thus not just the promise of redemption, but the actual moment of it. God said, “Remain with Me (atzeret) an extra day,” a time beyond time.

    The 8th day symbolizes the following.

    The perfect Millennial Kingdom will be rounded out with fullness of the Eighth Day. On that day, the New Jerusalem will come down, and the Father will forever more dwell (tabernacle) among us.

    • Revelation 22

      10 And he saith unto me,
      – Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book:
      – for the time is at hand.

      11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
      – and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still:
      – and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
      – and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

      12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me,
      – to give every man according as his work shall be.

      13 I am Alpha and Omega,
      – the beginning and the end,
      – the first and the last.

      14 Blessed are they that do his commandments,
      – that they may have right to the tree of life,
      – and may enter in through the gates into the city.

      15 For without are
      – dogs, [cp. the destroyer]
      – and sorcerers, [cp. mystery babylon]
      – and whoremongers, [cp. ten horns]
      – and murderers, [cp. death & hell]
      – and idolaters, [cp. the beast]
      – and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie [cp.the dragon and the false prophet].

      1st John 3

      23 And this is his commandment,
      – That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ (Yeshua Messiah),
      and love one another, as he gave us commandment.
      24 And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in Him, and He in him.
      – And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.

      Revelation 2

      4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.
      5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works;
      – or else I will come unto thee quickly,
      – and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

  10. Ted Cruz speaking to the IDC (In Defense of Christians).

    Video was updated 9/11/14…(clear cut case re: anti-semitism/Jews against Christians and Christians against Jews)

    Sen. Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage

    (food for thought)

  11. So, Belize and Mexico can restrict entrance with potentially Ebola travels but Obama said it would be near impossible to prevent Ebola people from entering that is why he hasn’t yet restricted travel from Ebola countries…Suddenly, even Mexico and Belize sounded smarter than our leader Hussein Obama…Obama has got to go.

  12. pretty fed up tonight. in the middle of presidential elections for brazil – one of the largest countries in the world – world leader in murders 50k /yr and probably in missing persons 250k /yr. the most closed economy in the world and the biggest evaporation of public funds in the world. as a gringo living in the middle of brazil, it is very hard for me to ignore what is like a giant smack in the face every day, looking into what is probably one of the great experiemnets in the inversion of truth.

    i see s.america as a kind of middle eastern colony. whether babylonian thru rome, or arabian thru iberia. but the seed runs deep in the mindset here. i await my eternal home and prepare my kids for that. but testify daily to the devastation that the evil one has brought on this earth and in men. and ofcourse we have to live in this each day.

    every conversation here is cushioned in so much subjectiveness that objective truth DOES NOT HAVE A CHANCE. and i am talking about 200 million people. and this is a semi-developed nation. imagine a nation with no judeo-christian influecne. i think we in the west would need to immerse a bit in those cultures to feel what is a culture of darkness. the earth really was in darkness before abraham.

    but now we are being presented with a marxist and a globalist as presidential candidates. the churches enter into this election spirit with great conviction. i feel like the deep nature of the problems of the country are not apparent to them. and i feel how the happy church vibe imported from the US just doesnt match the systemic darkness here. in fact it may even be a part of it, keeping people in some kind of happy, ordered servitude.

    so baah humbug! yeah thats me tonight. or maybe i just ate too much junk food for dinner 🙂 and apologies for bringing it up here 🙂

    • Hello, Charles.

      There is a video website that I visit as it reveals footage of events, usually caught by CCTV and civillians phone cameras, that mainstream media will usually not mention or show. Criminal activity in Brazil make the list regularly. 50 000 victims of murder a year and 250 000 missing persons? Those figures are… I can’t think of words… “shocking” seems a weak response. With those figures in mind, it’s amazing how Brazil functions at all compared to nations at war or in civil war – though those Brazil stats suggest it is a type of civil war.

      I’m in Western Australia, and have met a few visitors from Brazil over here in the recent years. Many come over this way to pursue the surfing along our coastline. Most have been friendly and decent (to a certain degree) but there have been some that hold a certain pride and consider themselves superior to others (I guess they are usually those that are from well-to-do families, since mention of being academics or business owners and not living in shacks back in Brazil). I’ve wanted to talk with them about the rampant crime and how they cope, as well as the poverty of a majority of the population, but also to discuss the biblical perspective that shows how there is such wickedness in the world – wherever and whatever it is, and since Rio has the giant statue above its city (not that I put faith in statues and idols etc – but they may serve as a reminder for some). Unfortunately, most times I tried to bring these matters up and the Bible, I’m met with ignorance, not from the Brazillian visitors so much, but other locals who will say that’s “depressing” or “negative” to talk about and the other cliches of “there is no god, otherwise it wouldn’t happen” and “the Bible is BS”. So if people don’t want to know about the Gospel and what it says about these things I don’t force it on them (as much as I would like to, at times, but no point casting pearls before swine since they simply do not want to know).

      Somewhat surprising that they haven’t yet replaced that giant statue above Rio with that of a giant soccer ball since soccer/football is a major religion there (regardless of world cup results) and gets priority over issues of more significance (poverty, crime, health etc, and faith). But as you say, it is probably one of the great experiments in the inversion of truth which is part of a plan devised generations ago, to eliminate the Judeo-Christian influence and presence and incorporate the Satanic/Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Fascist and Godless control, which has been gradually rearing its ugly head as an influence of many governments in western nations and other ‘developed’ ones, and that government is the saviour and protector of the people (after the initial chaos created).

      There is a conditioning, here, in such that many do take for granted what is going on, this wickedness and systemic darkness, in nations such as Brazil and elsewhere there is great turmoil (Africa/Middle East etc) but people don’t want to know the truth of what’s going on and why and so remain apathetic for various excuses. Many will be in for a severe and rude shock when these evil events will increasingly start knocking on their doors, more and more, here, locally, and they could have been prepared for it all – but they choose to ignore the Truth that can only be found in Christ.

      Thank God the Living Father, He is our hope and salvation, and that we are just visitors passing through this world.

      God Bless you, Charles, and your family.


  13. “http://preemptionbroadcast.podomatic.com/”

    Russ Dizdar quote:

    “I don’t believe we’ve been told everything.”

    “Today I am changing my message on the Ragged Edge To:
    EBOLA IN AKRON 7 min from my door?”




    Gotta say, When LA gets back from the plane trips, he may see ebola as a more personal threat.

    • You’re very welcome Charles!

      Glad to have your reports as with AzureCeu’s from Brazil. (In the spirit of the Two Witnesses?)

      Interesting that Pete and Bruce cover Oz for us.

      Linda and others from Canada.

      Myself and SeashoreMary from south Texas (even if 2 hours apart)

      Matt and Jeff D. from sodom and gomorrah :mrgreen:

      Corey and ? from Denver.

      The rest can chime in as appropriate re: their areas such as Israel.

    • thanks v much nonmoleste. bit of a blowout last night but its helped me to make some decisions today. good.

      i have fond memories of brief visits to houston, galveston and corpus. god bless in the love of christ – the truth brought by the spirit.

  14. It’s interesting to read how certain west African countries were able to squash this virus and stop new outbreaks, all by closing their borders…
    Isn’t THAT a thought !! THIRLD WORLD countries who were able to find a way to act in order to control the spread, whereas the U.S. government STILL doesn’t understand why a porous border is a bad idea.

  15. Dang… mini-cyclone just passed through town and has flooded my house. Could be worse. Praise the Lord, the house didn’t wash away entirely even though it needs a good cleanup! Been meaning to get rid of that old persian rug. My mother and I said a prayer, as the hail came down, to keep us from the storm as He has done in the past… for a moment I thought He didn’t hear us as we had water coming down along the walls from the ceilings and flooding the floor in a few rooms. I confess I got angry and loud about it. Now, I’ve realized He did hear and answer our prayers – we’re okay, and the house is still standing, albeit a little damp inside – glad the weather has been getting warmer and we’re no longer in winter. If only I could be more like my dear mother and never complain. Forgive me, LORD.
    Funny, too… the local council is having the annual waste collection this week and I nearly threw out some old mops onto the heap when I was tidying up, however, something compelled me to hang on to them! Don’t tell anyone… some friends think I never clean up around here because all the books and drumkit/guitars/amps make the house look cluttered (which it is) but its tidy and clean as can be, just busy with useful junk (the useless stuff is on the heap awaiting collection!)

    Even when things seem pretty bad, God is still good! 🙂

    • Pete,

      – You’ve a much better and quicker response to the drill than Job…
      – praise in overcoming sure beats whining for 40 chapters !!
      – others prepare for the drills !!!

    • Wow, Pete. I’m so glad that you and your mum are okay and your house is still standing. I live in tornado country and know what a blessing that is to get through a storm in one piece and how frightening these storms can be. God bless you for your wonderful attitude.

  16. The holidaze inversion are upon us…
    – like an inverted cross

    the holy …vs… counterfeit (market days, pop occultism)

    1 Passover …vs… valentines (lupercalia, wolf not lamb)
    2 Unleavened …vs… easter
    3 First Fruits …vs… independence day

    4 Pentecost …vs… halloween
    5 Trumpets …vs… thanksgiving
    6 Atonement …vs… xmas
    7 Tabernacles …vs… new years (saturnalia)

  17. I’ve always said….that brevity is the key to truth. That’s why my “name” is “pithy.” (No, my name is not Paul either.) If you can’t say it in one paragraph, then it’s not worth saying! Look at the way Jesus talked…short, concise, to the point. Aren’t we supposed to talk like Jesus? Don’t we realize “more” words only “muddle?” Aren’t we to encourage others? To paraphrase Paul, how can we when our own words are indistinct? 1 Corinth. 14:7
    Doesn’t anybody edit? Go back and eliminate 90% of what you type and I guarantee you’ll be better understood!

    • pithypaul, I don’t believe you are accounting for the 90% of quoted scripture that is is typed . If one eliminate 90%, then it would only leave 10% for a cognition thought.

    • Jesus wasn’t pithy. Scripture says that if everything he said and did was written down the world could not contain the books.

      You obviously never read Iranaeus, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Finney, or Charles Hodge. They were not pithy in the least.

      Also, the Apostle Paul wasn’t pithy. He wrote most of the New Testament and once preached so long that a young man fell asleep and fell out of a window to his death. However, through the power of the Holy Spirit he raised the man from the dead, confirming the power of God behind Paul’s long-winded preaching!

      If you’re grumpy about certain posts, just skip them. Don’t rain on others’ parade. Very unkind.

  18. Here’s a great way to settle portions of the undeveloped national parks…
    – 100,000 haitian relocations (“the relocated” cp. “the disappeared”)


    • In Guantanamo in ’80 & ’81, still in the midst of the cold wars against the soviets & commies (like shining path)….
      – though I’d only seen a few boats myself, such much of this is scuttle-butt from the swabbies
      – the marines would take the rickety boatloads of haitians fleeing their devastations that would wash up packed full
      – doctor them up, give ’em supplies, and send the back out to sea … to meet whatever fate
      – more recently that became haitian refugee camps… (prior to Al Q stockades)
      – I was still deep in the midst of my own descent into darkness at the time, so consider the source

      Of course, it’s a very bad smear for Bill Clinton to be in charge of Haitian Aid(s) with no progress to show for it.
      – so there are no doubt other agendas … are the haitians going to be used as hessians by the partisans
      – to shore up voting districts lost to voter ID, etc. etc. etc.
      – or will they be the vectors for viral plagues?

      The 2 Witnesses in prophecy are not doubt just in their use of plagues. Plague for plague?

    • Wow, what a thought. It’s the reason why this blog exists. It’s the end result of all of man’s current pursuit upon the earth and his final resting place for all eternity… if he doesn’t or will not believe on christ. Kinda morbid reality. When you put it like that, kinda puts everything into perspective… hmmmmm. And it’s only a four letter word.

    • Take for instance…

      Matthew 23:15

      Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
      – for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte
      – and when he is made ye make him twofold more the child of hell
      – than yourselves

      Perhaps something like the reverse of the double anointing from Elijah to Elisha?

      As for “child” — I’d contrast with Christ as the Vine and we the branches — re: offspring.

      We have that “death and hell” are spiritual entities (enemy angels) or spiritual collectives.
      – death being the last enemy

      I’ve noted that hell might be another dimension contrasted with heaven which roughly overlaps our worldly dimension.
      – and my guess would be that it’s contracting in on itself (like an imploding black sun for solar system)
      – while the New Heavens need no such star — The Lamb being the light of it in glorified form
      – (with New Jerusalem the hyper dimensional nexus of coming creations, the mother of all as the Lamb’s wife)

      The eternity of the damned though is unending death in the Lake of Fire…
      – constantly either de-rezzed or over and over failing and falling again, isolated from the new heavens and new earth
      – as it were in the parable, separated by a great gulf which none can cross
      – yet tormented by the presence of The Almighty

      Damned because they’ve joined spiritually with the fallen and the demons…
      – and possibly in their resurrections as having fallen angel DNA in their basically nephilim bodies
      – since their spirits are resurrected with the demon spirits which they’re combined

      how’s that for horror stories…
      – in the spirit of the season

      (sorry pp … no edits … it’s the weekend)

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