Where Will ISIL Go Next?

ISIS Control in Iraq and Syria 6/16/2014

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L. A. Marzulli

As most of you know I’m a big fan of maps.  They let us get a good overview of what is really going on in the world.  Take a good look at it because ISIL—I refuse to call this group by anything but their original name; The Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and the Levant—is on the move again and just took over the Syrian city of Kobane.  However, as I write this post in the wee hours, at 5:15am, a news flash informed me that ISIL has been pushed back from parts of the city.  So goes the fog of war.

ISIL MapHere’s another map, that ISIL created.  It shows what their goal is, which is to establish an Islamic Caliphate that corresponds with the land Muslims once controlled and adding a few new areas too.

Please take notice that the entire Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe are outlined here!

The first map shows us where ISIL is now, but the question that we should be asking ourselves is this, where will they go next?  They are ambitious and if Baghdad falls—they are within one mile of the capital—then this victory for these radicals will be a game changer in the region.

Notice that Jordan lies directly in the way of ISIL going after the prize city of Al Quds, or what the rest or us call Jerusalem.  They want to control it and perhaps make it the capital of the new Islamic Caliphate.  The Moslem Brotherhoods Imam Hagzi, declared that Jerusalem would be the capital of the New Arab States.  http://www.raymondibrahim.com/from-the-arab-world/muslim-brotherhood-calls-for-a-united-arab-states-with-jerusalem-as-its-capital/  Is Jerusalem the would-be capital of ISIL?

As I posted in a previous entry, the King of Jordan, Abdullah II, is no dummy and I’m certain can see the hand writing on the wall.  He must act or his country will go the way of Iraq and fall to ISIL.  (This was posted on 8-22-2014 )

I’m sure Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has several plans ready to go to deal with the threat of ISIL if they come knocking on his door.

Israel has the might, the firepower, the aircraft and the trained boots-on-the-ground, to go after ISIL.  The question is this, will they act, or will they sit in the wings and do nothing?

One scenario would be a combined effort between the Israeli’s and the King of Jordan.  ISIL has threatened that they will behead King Abdullah, and these terrorists will carry out their threat, if given a chance.

The King could ally with Israel, relying on the Israeli air force and tanks to crush ISIL.  It’s a win-win situation for both countries and would ensure a modicum of stability in that already unstable region.

We also may be looking at the nascent beginnings of the Psalm 83 war.  Hezbollah is entrenched in Lebanon and HAMAS in Gaza, thus, Israel has two armed forces which pose an existential threat to her existence, as both groups have sworn they will never recognize Israel.

Then there’s the power vacuum and lack of leadership in Iraq.  If the Israeli’s ally with the King, will the King then offer to set up a constitutional monarchy, like he did when the Iraqi’s were drawing up their constitution after the ousting of Saddam?

In closing todays post.  ISISL, is not going away and they are like a modern-day Blitzkrieg—a lightning war—they are gobbling up swaths of territory in Iraq and now Syria.  Lot’s to keep an eye on as the grim question looms, where will ISIL go next?




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42 thoughts on “Where Will ISIL Go Next?

  1. According to the next president of the U.S. of A.

    ISIS is neither Islamic nor a state…

    Benghazi is not Bengazi, its more like Bengay…

    • From doing a bit of reading here and there the prevailing wind says that ISIS should just be referred to as a terrorist organization who are not Islamic and well because Islam is a peaceful religion and how can they both be peaceful and murderous at the same time?
      It also appears that ISIL prefers to just be called IS (Islamic state)..the same who called a caliphate into existence and institutes Sharia Law and who follow the Koran. It appears to me thus far you have moderate Muslims and devout Muslims who are extremest but Muslim all the same.

      So to conclude we have Terrorist who by a shear coincidence of fate are devout Islamists who are not Islamist because they are not moderate whereby creating a paradox in the space time continuum
      -therefore they do not exist in selected time zones and this was all just a waste of time.

    • Azureceu, speaking of “prevailing wind” and hot air that Islam is a peaceful religion ..

      ** Busted ISIS Cell Planned Beheadings on London Streets **

      “Four arrested terrorists reportedly were hardened jihadists returning from Syria; follows beheading plans in Australia and Norway.”


    • re: “WAS”

      Are not
      Ha! In the article they call them “Islamic terrorists”, therefore if Hilary is correct and ISIS is not Islamic and being these ISIS Jihadist are “Islamic terrorists” then one can only conclude that ISIS not being Islamic does employee Islamic terrorists who are not Islamic because they are not moderate in certain time zones.

    • Bruce, I did miss the videos, but I have just watched them lol. He has a funny way of making a point and no doubt why he does it, because the politically correct crowd wants to educate through misinformation endlessly repeating their mantras which of course has great affect because you see by reading many posts in commentaries on ISIS articles that many are parroting that ISIS is not Islamic.

      IMHO if the Islamic world that is moderate (1.5 billion) and denounces the devout Muslims as being apostate then they should clean up their own mess and as you can see that is not going to happen..

      P.S. Boot out Obama, Hilary and their PC speech writers..

      Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.
      1 John 2:23

    • Looks like some are fed up with PCness.

    • Az, the REAL problem is that the ‘moderates’ are actually the real apostates Az according to what the Qur’an, Sahih Al Bukhari (Hadith) and other Islamic ‘literature’ teaches. What we’re seeing ISIS – HAMAS – Hezbollah and all the other ‘radical extremists’ doing IS actually the real deal of Islam. They’re the ones who are actually really living out their faith/beliefs. The Qur’an and the various authenitically recognised Hadith (Bukhari & Muslim) very clearly promote and ‘justify’ the atrocities we are all currently witnessing from REAL Islam.

      How do I know this? I own two accurate english translations of the Qur’an + a 9 volume set of Sahih Al Bukhari to reference and judge Islam by it’s own words and teachings. It frustrates me no end hearing of this imaginary ‘moderate’ Islam the media is trying to bluff us all with. As I have said several times previously, moderate muslims are the same as apathetic christians. It’s a title only as neither actually live their faith the way they’re instructed to, and as such, they’re actually not who they say they profess to be.

      Once again, here’s a brief expose, once again from David Woods.
      (I also posted this a couple of days ago too Az)

    • ” the REAL problem is that the ‘moderates’ are actually the real apostates”

      I agree. And the moderates are “the majority” who are being pandered as peaceful Islamist while the devout Islamists are being called non-Islamist, that there be the rub.
      I’ve read all this stuff that Davis Woods is presenting many crescent moons ago, so I understand.
      In fact looking afar off the chess game is much bigger than insignificant Islam who is a temporal means to a larger goal, played by the prince of Persia et. al. and greater Babylon.

      Better days are ahead!

      And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.
      Revelation 5: 9-10

    • Yes, right you are Az. Islam, though a significant part of the the overall ‘chess game’, is still only a small(ish) part of the whole scheme of things.
      Lots happening all over at the moment aye? The intervals between them birth pain contractions are certainly getting shorter…

      Oh, also on another note to your reply yesterday about “Edge of Tomorrow”…
      Very interesting that the alien’s ‘names’ were Alpha’s & Omega’s. …and that the Omega was positioned in France under you know what don’t ya think..?

    • Bruce, yes very interesting about the Alphas and Omegas & the pyramid & the blood (dung beetle bug juice) in fact.

      I just found this link (esoteric review), I am going to read it later, looks interesting.


      -Don’t get any bug juice on you

  2. Good thought…where will ISIL head/hit next? If the map is correct they want Northern Africa. If they manage to hit that area next, then they will take a major hit by contracting the Ebola Virus. Or they at the very least become carriers.

    Very grim picture….

    Evil has a face–destruction.

    I pray for the innocent victims who get in the way.

    • Before the way with Hamas, an Israeli general stated as an aside that the IDF might soon be invoices in a drone war on ISIS. T his was before ISIS was a news item/ invading Iraq and beheading people.

  3. General: If Ebola Reaches Central America, ‘There Will Be Mass Migration into the U.S.’


    Now why wouldn’t there be mass migration to Mexico or S. America? Why must it be the U.S.?

    • @ Jeff…Third Phase of the Moon has a Youtube Channel. Apparently, within these past few days they have posted multiple videos on UFOs in LA:

      Here’s their channel link (w/o cost)…


      UFO Visits The ISS While The European Space Agency conducted a spacewalk outside the International Space Station Oct. 7 to relocate a failed cooling pump and to install a power cable device designed to provide backup electrical capability to the station’s rail car system.

      The video carries a “list” meaning the 1st video is a short video and the 2nd video will automatically upload in more detail…

      I hope it captured correctly.

  4. In the meantime…

    John B. Wells, host of Caravan to Midnight had guest speaker Richard C. Hogland discussing Mars and artifacts that Nasa has released depicting “femur bones” and what appears to be a massive graveyard of ancient bones on Mars, now being digitally captured by the Chinese robot taking images.

    Conversation also includes the ISIL movement, Mars, and the ESA (European Space Agency) and the coming alien “disclosure”.

    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 122 Part 2 To Mars and Back with Richard C. Hoagland

  5. New Mexico Police Catch Mysterious Ghostly Intruder on Camera Police Officers Haunted by Mysterious Intruder. Police Claim That the Bright White Figure in This Security Footage Is Anything But Human

  6. FBI seeking public’s help in identifying ISIS terrorist with a North American accent.




    RCMP Probing 90 Suspected Extremists Who Have Returned To Canada


  7. I think it’s clear to some in christian circles including me that ISIS was created, is being funded and turned loosed deliberately by the Satanic globalist/Illuminati for a bigger evil purpose. By just the fact that suddenly we have a terror network called ISIS should say to the spiritually awake who know of the Illuminati and their satanic worship that Islam will have a major part to play in the future regarding prophetic events in the Tribulation period i.e. heads being chopped off for the witness of Christ. This goes to the large picture of the woman (New World Order globalist Illuminati with the Vatican centered smack dab in the middle of the this world order) riding the beast (Islam?). She controls this beast (obviously she does because she has given this beast the name “ISIS” … where have we heard that name in occultism before…. and the beast will turn on her and burn her with fire. Sounds like Islam to me. So, put it together…. A radical Islamic global terror network cutting people’s heads off and spreading throughout the world, is known to be funded by shadowy groups in the West who control the West, and is called “ISIS”. The fact that they are called ISIS should tell people that they are being deliberately funded and turned loose on the world by powerful occultist organizations who run the West.

    Hope we can see the big picture now. We have to remember some key points of information that we learned about the vatican… and that is that the vatican has been infiltrated by these Illuminati Satanists… (read the book Windswept House). Another great read regarding this is Tom Horn’s book “Apollyon Rising 2012.”

    The picture is becoming ever so clearer every day… especially with the surfacing of this radical Islamic group called “ISIS.”

    • In the book of Tevelation, we see this woman riding this beast who will turn on the this controlling woman and burn her with fire… thus the reference above concerning the woman riding the beast… it’s all a part of prophetic events foretold in the book of Revelation (for the surfur by who doesn’t know anything about biblical prophecy).

  8. One thing that must be understood about Muslims is that they are much like Jews and Christians in that they have those who do not accept Mohammad and those who do with many “denominations” for want of a better word. These all interpret differently when it comes to their Allah and Mohammad. The main difference between them, of course, is whether or not they accept Mohammad as a true prophet. Those who do not, to my understanding, correct me if I am wrong, are more than willing to co-exist with other religions and just love one another. Those who accept Mohammad and follow his teachings are the radicals that want Israel wiped off the globe and all others who refuse Mohammad with them. Then there are those who do not follow the teachings of Mohammad but claim that he was a prophet of Allah. These believe in peaceful co-existence with all other peoples.

    Failure to understand this makes one group all Muslims in one camp. Terrorists, or terrorists in waiting.

  9. One misconception that is prevalent in virtually all teachings of the last days is the 7 year great tribulation. This teaching is a door that has opened up all sorts of error in interpreting prophecy, including the pre-trib rapture.
    There is no doubt that there will be tribulation during the final 7 years just as there is today in much of the world, however, the great tribulation of scripture is for Israel and does not begin until the abomination is seen in the temple beginning the final 3 1/2 years. We are told to rightly divide the word of truth. So where in scripture is there a 7 year tribulation?
    The actual great tribulation is because the armies surround Jerusalem in Luke 21 and take the Jews captive into many nations according to Joel 3. It might only last a few months up to 3 years. It is followed by but does not include an asteroid hitting the earth. This is not considered part of the great tribulation though. Signs in the sun moon and stars and hearts failing at what is about to come on the earth. It is described clearly in Rev 9.

    I wish more Christians would start dispelling the 7 year tribulation myth.

  10. Comment 10: Cory, you are bang on about Islam being created by and destroying the Vatican whore in Rev 8, however, I am sure the beast is the 10 full members of the EU who are controlled by the Vatican Illuminati. The little horn of Daniel 7 is a Muslim country that becomes the 11th full member state in the EU. This is proven by the fact that he comes from one of the kingdoms where Alexander the Great’s 4 generals reigned. Near the end of the final 3 ½ year reign over Israel Islam, through the little horn of Daniel, (probably Turkey) places his own 10 kings over the beast and then destroys Babylon.

    Please check out tkicbs.blogspot.ca for more on this.

  11. As for where the ISIS will strike next, it is not likely Israel because we have not seen the King of the North from Daniel 11 yet, unless it is actually ISIS itself. We do have a 7 year covenant made by a prince of the former Roman Empire. It was made on Jan 1, 2007 and strengthened on Jan 1, 2014. This is the ENPI.

    (The European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) is a foreign relations instrument of the European Union (EU) which seeks to tie those countries to the east and south of the EU into the EU. These countries, primarily developing countries, include many who seek one day to become either member states of the European Union itself, or generally more closely integrated with the economy of the European Union.

    The EU offers financial assistance to countries within the European Neighborhood, so long as they meet the strict conditions of government reform, economic reform and other issues surrounding positive transformation. This process is normally underpinned by an Action Plan, as agreed by both Brussels and the target country. The ENP does not cover countries which are in the current EU enlargement agenda, the European Free Trade Association or the western European micro states.

    The EU typically concludes Association Agreements in exchange for commitments to political, economic, trade, or human rights reform in a country. In exchange, the country may be offered tariff-free access to some or all EU markets (industrial goods, agricultural products, etc.), and financial or technical assistance.

    The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (or Barcelona Process) is a wide framework of political, economic and social relations between member states of the EU and countries of the Southern Mediterranean. It was initiated on 27–28 November 1995 through a conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, held in Barcelona. Besides the 27 member states of the European Union, the remaining “Mediterranean Partners” are all other Mediterranean countries without Libya (which has had ‘observer status’ since 1999). Since the establishment of the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument in 2007 the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Initiative will become fully a part of the wider Neighborhood Policy. )

    So the next significant thing to see, if this is the correct covenant, is Daniel 11:20-31. Egypt is the King of the South in that chapter and Syria the King of the North. If ISIS gets control of Syria then I would say watch what unfolds between ISIS and Egypt. Other takeovers may precede but the attack on Israel should not be one of them.

    This will not be the Ezekiel 38 war but the Psalms 83 war. If I see correctly then the UN will step in and ultimately the Vatican will gain dominion over Jerusalem for the final years until the little horn destroys the Vatican.

    Notice that in both Ezekiel 38 and Rev 19 Gog and Magog are destroyed by fire. This tells me that the Ezekiel 38 prophecy is for the end of the millennium not now.

    Food for thought!

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