Where do They Get the Guns?

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L. A. Marzulli

Nigeria: Boko Haram Torch 185 Churches in Captured Towns of Borno and Adamawa

A prominent Nigerian reverend has revealed Islamist terror group Boko Haram destroyed over 180churches in the West African country following its capture of towns and villages in the north-eastern states of Borno and Adamawa.

Reverend Gideon Obasogie, the director of Catholic Social Communication of Maiduguri Diocese in Borno State, said the group’s seizure of territory in both states has seen 185 churches torched and over 190,000 people displaced by their insurgency.

Notice the weapons these thugs are holding.  They are automatic rifles and I believe they’re AK47’s, but as I’m not a weapons expert I can’t say for certain.  The point is these guys have the guns and the ammo and this raises the question, where did they get them?  Who supplied them with these weapons?  What country sold them to Boko Haram and who brokered the deal?  The old saying is true, follow the money.

Where does HAMAS get the money to carry out it’s rocket manufacturing?  Where do the Syrian rebels  get their guns from?  Who is supplying ISIL with weapons as they roll over Iraq?  Oh wait, we left all that “stuff” there when we pulled out of Iraq!  

Someone is getting rich off the trafficking of these weapons.  The end results is the burning of 185 Christian churches.  But wait, these radical Islamist blow each other up as just today, yet another vehicle blew up and killed 17 people.  http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/international/world-news/suicide-car-bomb-attack-kills-17-in-iraq-police-doctor/articleshow/44600366.cms

Countries in Middle East are now producing munitions.  http://www.merip.org/mer/mer144/arms-industries-middle-east

The entire region of not only the Middle East but of Africa has become a hotbed of violence and extremism.

The persecution of the Christian minorities in these countries continues as the headline declares.

In closing todays short post.  I love the scripture that tells us: They will beat their weapons into plowshares and learn war no more.  In the meantime some parts of the world are spinning out of control and people are being slaughtered.



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There are two other experts who examined the photo and came to the same conclusions that the skeleton was in excess of eight feet.

This was a triple blind study that I conducted as none of the people who were analyzing the photo were in collusion with each other.


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72 thoughts on “Where do They Get the Guns?

  1. LOL…gee I wonder where they got the guns from. 😉 What a mess. The planet is a mess.

    Will be praying for that show you and Rick are on tonight. Blessings!

    • “http://www.examiner.com/article/ufos-sighted-over-colorado-mountains-formation-investigated-by-police-norad”


      ^^ High Strangeness.

    • “http://www.examiner.com/article/10-mile-spacecraft-and-60-mile-highway-discovered-1968-moon-photo”

      Not sure what’s going on here but it looks cool if nothing else. 😉

  2. Kirk was able to find Dr. Laibow’s ebola protocol. Here it is again:


    Be sure and read the final page. The DOD published findings on the 90% effectiveness of nano silver in fighting ebola, yet will not implement it now.

    We are dealing with monsters.

    • follow up to Bruce re: chimerix’ CMX001 for ebola

      From pre-ebola trials…


      Columbia University virologist, Dr. Vincent Racaniello addressed these concerns in an email message today saying, “The original drug [cidofovir] is toxic because it inhibits cell DNA synthesis; since the modified compound more effectively gets into cells, it should be more toxic. However I understand it might have a better safety profile which would not be my initial prediction.”

      Hostetler also didn’t have a complete answer, although he noted that the lab and David Evans at Edmonton looked at how the drug gets incorporated into the virus’s DNA versus human DNA. Perhaps the viral DNA damage cannot be repaired as easily as the human DNA damage. We do know that cidofovir (in its activated, diphosphate form) does inhibit CMV’s viral DNA polymerase about eight times more effectively than human DNA polymerase alpha. I’m certain that researchers will have to come back to this question….

      The original reason that CMX001 was developed was as a potential bioterrorism agent that could be stockpiled and widely-distributed in the event of a worst case scenario….

      While CMX001 has been Chimerix’s baby up through this day, Chimerix granted a worldwide license to Merck for CMX157, the anti-HIV drug tenofovir conjugated to the same lipid used on CMX001.

    • The Following 5 are effective against viruses and bacteria when used together…..Studies done at University Level: Proven effective!

      This was based off a true account of 4 thieves stealing items off dead bodies during The Plague in France who did not get sick.
      Each of these are potent in their own way, ….yet together are very strong against viruses and bacteria, etc.

      ……eucalyptus radiata

      ALSO: Essential Oils are VERY POWERFUL and a NATURAL WAY to fend off various illnesses.

      ALSO: Olive Leaf Extract …. and/or …. Olive Leaf Powder is very effective against many invaders.
      Oleuropein is the primary substance found in it. Find info at “Olivus.com”

      ALSO: Oil of Oregano is very beneficial against invaders! “http://heddwynessentials.com/ooo/index.php?page=healthrangerspecial”

      ALSO: Lots of Garlic………will keep EVERYONE away !!!

      And yet, ………Psalm 91 and Trusting in God Almighty ……. is STILL Number # 1 after all these years !!!!

    • Brief Article on Oil of Oregano benefits and what it does, etc………….worth sharing!


    • Bruce,

      What we might be seeing is a drug that can be used to make organ transplantation common.

      Possibly even to the point of major life extension. (for which there are prophecies…)


  3. Possibly same outsiders that trained and armed the Taliban/Afghanistan war of late 70s/80s.

    Meanwhile in another war venue, that has also sought to become an Islamic State – Chechnya, a 19-year-old suicide bomber killed 5 and injured 12 others outside of a concert hall in the capital, Grozny.

    According to BBC News report, the Chechen President Ramzon Kadyrov said that “extremist islamic insurgents were no longer a threat in Chechnya, and no longer recruiting. Kadyrov claimed that there were “just 5 to 12 bandits left in the mountains.”

    The rest all headed south-west for the winter, perhaps?


    • My point exactly that I have made in past posts. Satan’s master plan is to unite us in our common “goodness” and the fastest and most efficient way to do that is to stir up the most evil, brutal thing the world has ever seen. The more brutal and bizarre, the stronger we rally to unite and fight.

      Woe to us when good defeats evil. Good versus evil is a false dichotomy. The true battle of God’s will is sinfulness versus righteousness.

    • “http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2014/10/07/Study-11000-killed-thus-far-by-Boko-Haram/8561412691435/”

      “Study: 11,000 killed thus far by Boko Haram
      Researchers concluded nearly 30,000 people in Nigeria have been killed in conflict since 1998.”

  4. Re: CHIMERIX … (continued from this morning, re my e-mail asking them about their company’s name)

    I received 2 more replies from Joseph Schepers. After his first answer (“We just thought that it would be fun to have a company name that people would say incorrectly.”), he decided to e-mail me again. He said his first answer was “sent by mistake”, and asked me to call him. I e-mailed back declining, but also asked if he would, when he had a chance, e-mail any additional info on the company name. He then e-mailed back with:

    Dear Linda,

    Thanks for your email. Regarding our name, the name Chimerix was selected, but there isn’t any significant background about the name or the way it was chosen. Please email me if you have any additional questions about the company.

    Best regards,


    Joseph T. Schepers
    Executive Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
    Chimerix, Inc.
    2505 Meridian Parkway, Suite 340
    Durham, NC 27713
    Phone: (919) 287-4125
    Cell: (919) 323-1790

    (Maybe a little bit odd, and sloppy, for an Executive Director?)
    ..anyway, just thought I’d share the follow-up.

    • That’s just hilarious. Ask a pharmacist sometime- these drug companies sit around and conflab for ages to come up with names composed so every stinking syllable is connected with meaning. I’ve a friend that was a hospital pharmacist for years- and the names of are quite pointed, on all of it.

    • Yes, company names are always chosen with some planning and “meaning”. What would there have been to talk to me about over the phone? Maybe just curious as to who I was and why I was asking.

    • Re: “What would there have been to talk to me about over the phone?”
      Perhaps you would make a wonderful test subject?
      I wonder if CHIMERIX produces CPH4?
      Whadda ya think Lucy?

    • I recall one of the Tom Cruise Movies of his Mission Impossible Series had one about Chymerias….(spelling ?? )
      ……….. they had BOTH the virus………. and the CURE…………and made the movie out of that idea of it starting with
      one infected person in a populated city in Australia I believe.

      Personally, I think they show on film ….. what they plan to do in reality…..
      ……as a way to both Mock God and destroy His creation that was made in His image and likeness.

      Yes….indeedy……….they are wicked & greedy !!

    • I am with you Eric…..vaccines = EVIL.

      Nothing good inside them lurks!………and ONLY “Big Pharma gets the Perks!

    • Azureceu, you could be right! ❗ It wouldn’t surprise me if they are always on the look-out to snare human guinea pigs for their drug trials, DNA tampering, CPH4 concoctions (probably), etc.. All the more reason not to phone him, since a person’s location can be easily traced for the round-up. It’s only about a 1-day drive to here from North Carolina. 😮

    • Linda, with all this knowledge you can unlock secrets that go beyond our universe, I am not sure mankind is ready for this?

      And have power over hedgehogs..

    • Hi everyone. Very intriguing find last night wasn’t it?

      Stonedragon and Linda, totally agree with you regarding the drug company name symbolism. They never choose blase names for their products or their companies
      Linda, that initial response to your email from the Chimerix director was laughable. Also very interesting how he then became curious about YOU and your enquiry in return.

      Here’s a few more very informative links I posted from last night that may have been missed…

      Also, on the Tom Cruise movie front, how many here have seen “Edge Of Tomorrow”?
      VERY interesting things in that film. Couple that with his previous sci-fi flick “Oblivion”

    • @ what’s in a name
      – it get’s better
      – ChimeriX is an older spelling
      – Chimeri-X = heaven-X (a bit blatant)
      – “http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Chimeri”
      – from old norse

      @ guinea pigs, lab rats, & woodchucks
      – interesting that CMX001
      – would be tested “syrian hamsters”
      – “http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18490659”

    • Morgan, that may be too much knowledge! You know the expression “..if she had brains she’d be dangerous”(..though maybe power over hedgehogs would be a good thing).

      And then there’s David Hanson and his humanoid robots, soon to be unleashed on mankind..

    • Linda, in the movie when Morgan introduces Lucy to other scientist he says to them this is the first woman in history..and he stops..then he rewords to complete his sentence. Of course what he was going to say was ..to use her brain…. 🙂
      Of course this Lucy is a later day evolutionary prodigy of the prehistoric Lucy..who becomes omni-everything..

      Bruce, I’ve seen the movies you mentioned. I’m a sci-fi junky, so I like this kind of stuff even though it is laden with Babylonian et. al. mumbo jumbo. I found Edge Of Tomorrow very interesting too..


      How to refrequency your brain…

      I guess for those who can not get the good stuff like CPH4, you can try: REAC Technology
      I just spoke with a guy who is getting these treatments, and this tech is new to me albeit a bit bizarre at first glance.

      The purpose of REAC technology® is to create the therapeutic effects of bio and neuro stimulation \ modulation, through the use of radio-electric fields conveyed in an asymmetric manner.


      – be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…..

    • @Lindafromtoronto1..re: Chimerix, incorporated in Delaware in April 2000. They are a major company in research and no stranger to the “biodefense” research philosophy receiving public funding from the National Institute of Health to the tune of $36 million.

      1. Background Pharmaceuticals:

      This company has a futuristic view on commercial opportunities on human transplants. They contract with Merck, “In July 2012, we granted Merck an exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize CMX157 for all human uses. Merck is responsible for all development and marketing activities for CMX157 on a worldwide basis.”

      “We intend to submit a new drug application (NDA) under an accelerated approval pathway seeking regulatory approval to market CMX001 in the United States and equivalent applications outside the United States. We have received Fast Track designation from the FDA for the CMV, AdV and smallpox indications for CMX001. We believe that there is a significant commercial opportunity for an antiviral such as CMX001 with broad-spectrum activity against dsDNA viruses. According to the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research and the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, more than 20,000 HSCTs and 28,000 SOTs are performed annually in the United States, with similar numbers of transplants performed annually in Europe according to the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation and the World Health Organization.”

      “If CMX001 obtains regulatory approval, we intend to build our own sales force and to commercialize CMX001. In the United States, approximately 200 institutions perform transplants, of which approximately 75% perform HSCT and 75% perform SOT. As a result, we believe we can commercialize CMX001 for prevention of CMV in HSCT recipients in the United States and Canada with a relatively small marketing and specialty sales force infrastructure of approximately 50 employees.”

      This company appears on the up and up because they are after all a company involved in medical research. I always get the chilly attitude now when one company connects somehow through contracts, to another company giving me the Frankenstein philosophy.

      source: “http://www.nasdaq.com/markets/ipos/company/chimerix-inc-376315-71959”

      2. Appears they did receive approval for their drug but I see clearly this is an “Ebola war of pharmaceuticals fighters” with stocks rising and falling as each one comes forward to offer a cure or treatment then fall when the company isn’t chosen for world wide treatment.

      I’m thinking that since the patient in Texas has died, that the stock on this company will fall.

      source: “http://www.marketwatch.com/story/more-ebola-fighters-hit-the-front-one-wins-fed-ok-2014-10-06.”

      3. Patents:

      They have a patent on the smallpox virus (CMx001) “http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AMDA-1QNA05/0x0x649871/8dc65eca-2bbe-4cf1-b4be-70d758ee5c1c/CMRX_News_2004_4_27_General_Releases.pdf”

      “Chimerix is currently developing CMX001, an orally-available phosphonate drug claimed in the patent, for the prevention and treatment of smallpox infection, as well as complications resulting from the smallpox vaccination. Development of CMX001 is funded by a $36M Biodefense Partnership grant from the U.S. National Institute of
      Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health.”

      4. Field of Invention & Lawsuits:

      The present invention is in the field of molecular biology.

      They obviously have stepped on other major biomedical research companies because Chimetix was sued in 2012 by Alllergan Inc., El Dupont DeNemours and Company, Exxonmobile Research, (It’s all greed, wanting a piece of the pie $$$$).

      source: “https://search.rpxcorp.com/pat/US5464758”

      They may or may not be sinister but if we have an all out war on smallpox soon, then we should move this company to the head of the highly suspect line.

      Hope this helps.

      Re: It’s name? Nothing there to be suspicious at this time.

    • @ chimerix founder…
      – also a director of the San Diego VA hospital
      – “http://invent.ucsd.edu/reports/startup/chimerix.shtml”
      – “http://invent.ucsd.edu/info/innovators/hostetler.shtml”
      – “http://health.usnews.com/doctors/karl-hostetler-338675”

      @ insider trading
      – $3.6M shares sold off
      – “http://www.wkrb13.com/markets/372199/chimerix-major-shareholder-sells-3599976-in-stock-cmrx/”

      @ big pharma / aka sorcery

    • @ Linda…I just had a thought and went into the English Hebrew dictionary. It doesn’t have a finding for Chimerix but if I type in Chimera then it comes up with:

      “a monster in the closet would not have been the first chimera that the boy had seen in his mind’s eye.”

      Now I know why I get that Frankenstein theology in exploring these pharma companies–they’re monsters.

      source: “http://www.morfix.co.il/en/chimera”

    • Here ya go, Ms. Investigator…
      – quite the vitae
      – for the founder of chimerix
      – targeting a “most unwanted” list
      – or who’s who of plagues and wmds


      quote: KARL YODER HOSTETLER Born: November 17, 1939, Goshen, Indiana…
      180. Hostetler, K.Y., Beadle, J.R., Hornbuckle, W.E., Bellezza, C.A., Tochkov, I.A., Korba, B.E. and
      Tennant, B.C., Oral activity of 1-O-hexadecylpropanediol-3-P-acyclovir in woodchucks with chronic
      woodchuck hepatitis virus infection
      and synergy with lamivudine, in vitro, Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. On Therapies
      for Viral Hepatitis, Dec. 1999.

      181. Beadle, J.R., Kini, G.D., Aldern, K.A., Gardner, M.F., Wright, K.N., Ryback, R.J., Kern, E.R. and
      Hostetler, K.Y. Synthesis and antiviral evaluation of 1-O-hexadecylpropanediol-3-P-acyclovir: Efficacy
      against HSV-1 infection in mice
      , Nucleosides and Nucleotides, 19:471-480, 2000.

      182. Kern, E.R., Palmer, J. Szczech, G., Painter, G. and Hostetler, K.Y. Efficacy of topical acyclovir or
      penciclovir in orofacial HSV-1 infections of mice and genital HSV-2 infections of guinea pigs
      , Nucleosides
      and Nucleotides, 19:501-513, 2000.

      186. Hostetler, K.Y., Beadle, J.R., Hornbuckle, W.E., Bellezza, C.A., Tochkov, I.A., Cote, P.J., Gerin,
      J.L., Korba, B.E. and Tennant, B.C., Antiviral activity of oral 1-O-hexadecylpropanediol-3-P-ACV in
      woodchucks with chronic woodchuck hepatitis virus infection, Antimicrobial Agents Chemotherapy,
      44:1964-1969, 2000.

      With due regard for the wood chucks, guinea pigs, nude mice, and unnamed simians that gave their lives in the process. (if not Joeys, northern and southern exposures considered)

      Sharon Gilbert could estimate far better what such expertise could contrive.

    • Exciting stuff here. The preservation of the woodchuck is of the utmost importance, thereby providing scientist more time to answer the most sought after questions regarding Life, the universe and how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck had not contracted hepatitis.

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  6. “http://www.timesofisrael.com/hezbollah-claims-attack-the-wounded-2-israeli-soldiers/”

    Hezbollah claims attack that wounded 2 Israeli soldiers
    IDF shells Lebanese areas after cross-border bombing; Netanyahu says Israel will ‘respond with force’ to any attack

    It’s going to happen. It has been and continues to be a multifront problem. No way can I see this hold out for another 50 years or some figure like that.

    I really think Psalm 83 is close. I think Jeremiah 49:34-39 is even closer.

    • Hi Eric, Kirk.

      Regarding Damascus… A couple of weeks back I watched episode (repeat) of the British ‘Top Gear’ show, for which the hosts (Clarkson, May etc) were tasked to travel the route of the ‘three wise men’ (at least, their supposed idea of it). Having managed to get their cars through the Syrian desert they eventually arrived in the city of Damascus (before the internal strife began in Syria). It was profound as Clarkson had said, as he was driving through the city, “This is the most beautiful city in the world.” ( filmed in 2010, I think).

      God Bless 🙂

  7. Interesting…

    ‘Beardless Jesus’ Discovered On Early Christian Artifact Unearthed In Spain!

    Article Source: “http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10..”.

  8. There are a lot of ways people celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).

    I venture to say we don’t see to many videos like this on L.A.’s website.

    MICHELLE, you wondered about not seeing a congregation with Staley’s videos.

    You can tell these people love celebrating Tabernacles. The most joyous time of the year.

    Sukkot 2013 – Passion For Truth Ministries


    • And you don’t have to have performers and speakers or pastors.

      It seems this guy and his wife, with obedience in their hearts just celebrated Tabernacles on their own.

      They just did it to the best of their knowledge of the Word. Awesome!!

      Remember it’s a rehearsal & a remembrance.

      Feast Of Tabernacles 2010!

  9. re: Chimerix…Lindafromtoronto1, I will do some more research on it. It’s very interesting and enlightening to see people picking up on the vaccine subject and researching it.

    In the meantime, I thought this was very intriguing and interesting re: discerning the times; however, I will say upfront that I’ve never seen this lady but I was interested in her “finding” which she actually filmed for us to see for ourselves:

    2014_10_Bob’s Clock Stopped Here: We Must Discern The Times

    • Mary, that is intriguing about the clock, and the lady’s sense of what she thought it showed re. discerning the times, for whatever reason it made all those odd movements.

      It would be great if you found out anything more about Chimerix, too, as well as any more future videos from Dr. Laibow and her work…really appreciate the findings you post!

    • @Linda:..Hey, I just posted my little research on Chimerix on your post entry #5 running commentary.

      Pretty interesting topic, but I’m appreciative that others have taken to do “real” research on varying points of view/interest. Ultimately, I hope that this helps all of us when we pull together. Nothing is too trivial to double check.


      Yes, the clock on end times was a thought provoker.

  10. I’m pro-life but this video really doesn’t define the understanding of what pro-life really stands for, no wonder people laugh or brush off the pro-life movement.

    Ebola Patients Should Be Killed Says Pro-Life Politician

  11. One cost of war: U.S. blowing up its own Humvees

    The United States is spending millions of dollars to destroy U.S. equipment in Iraq and Syria — gear the U.S. gave the Iraqi military that was later captured by ISIS forces.
    The U.S has hit 41 Humvees since attacks began in August, according to data from United States Central Command.

    The U.S. is sending $30,000-bombs to eliminate these armored vehicles, which cost about a quarter of a million dollars each depending what it is equipped with, according to Todd Harrison, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessme
    The U.S. Defense Department confirmed the targets to CNN. “In some cases, we have seen instances of ISIL capturing and employing U.S.-made equipment,” said a spokesperson. “When we’ve seen these terrorists employing this equipment, we’ve sought to eliminate that threat.”

    Once the U.S. destroys the equipment, it might have to re-supply the Iraqi military.

    “If we want them [the Iraqi military] to be able to secure their own borders in the long run, we’re going to have to re-equip them,” said Harrison. “So we’ll be buying another Humvee and sending it back to the Iraqi military.”

    This loop is only one small example of the complexities that drive current expenses and how the U.S. may be paying for them in the future.

  12. One cost of war: U.S. blowing up its own Humvees

    The United States is spending millions of dollars to destroy U.S. equipment in Iraq and Syria — gear the U.S. gave the Iraqi military that was later captured by ISIS forces.
    The U.S has hit 41 Humvees since attacks began in August, according to data from United States Central Command.

    The U.S. is sending $30,000-bombs to eliminate these armored vehicles, which cost about a quarter of a million dollars each depending what it is equipped with, according to Todd Harrison, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessme
    The U.S. Defense Department confirmed the targets to CNN. “In some cases, we have seen instances of ISIL capturing and employing U.S.-made equipment,” said a spokesperson. “When we’ve seen these terrorists employing this equipment, we’ve sought to eliminate that threat.”

    Once the U.S. destroys the equipment, it might have to re-supply the Iraqi military.

    “If we want them [the Iraqi military] to be able to secure their own borders in the long run, we’re going to have to re-equip them,” said Harrison. “So we’ll be buying another Humvee and sending it back to the Iraqi military.”

    This loop is only one small example of the complexities that drive current expenses and how the U.S. may be paying for them in the future.

  13. LA… I’m surprise Rosenberg is not more wary of Jordan’s king.



    “The ISIS terrorists see Jordan’s Western-backed King Abdullah as an enemy of Islam and an infidel, and have publicly called for his execution,” says Toameh. “ISIS terrorists recently posted a video on YouTube in which they threatened to ‘slaughter’ Abdullah, whom they denounced as a ‘tyrant.’

    A tyrant that may yet rule over Iraq and babylon…
    – re: The Cosmic Chess Match
    – with ISIL eliminated and Damascus destroyed

    • Hmmm the 10th & 11th imam were buried here.
      Where is the 12th?

  14. Report: First hint of ‘Life after death’ in biggest ever scientific study:


    • I have always had an interest in this subject. I have read all of the material from Dr Raymond Moody, a pioneer in these studies. Thanks for posting this Pete.

  15. I was reading a strange story about an evil Mickey Mouse film found in a warehouse from sometime in the 1930s…no one knows who could have made it or even where it came from.
    The beginning of the film is nothing special. It’s just a continuous loop of Mickey walking past six buildings for two or three minutes before fading out…Unlike the cutesy tunes put in other cartoons, however, the song on this cartoon wasn’t a song at all. It was just a constant banging on a piano’s keys for a minute and a half before going to white noise for the remainder of the film.

    From an interview by acquaintance of Mr. Maltin and a personal assistant to one of the higher Disney executives which were present at the time of the viewing.

    It wasn’t the jolly old Mickey we’ve come to know, either. Mickey wasn’t dancing or even smiling. He was just kind of walking as if you or I would walk, with his head tilted to the side as he kept this dismal look upon his face. Up until a year or two ago, everyone believed that after it cut to black, that was it.

    When Leonard Maltin was reviewing the cartoon to be put in the complete series, he decided it was too junk to be included. However, he wanted to have a digital copy due to the fact that it was a creation of Walt’s. When he had a digitized version on his computer, he noticed something.

    The cartoon was actually nine minutes and four seconds long.

    After it cut to black, it stayed like that until the sixth minute before going back to Mickey walking. The sound was different this time, though. Instead of the piano, there was a murmuring. It wasn’t actual talking, but more like a gurgled cry.

    As the noise got more indistinguishable and loud over the next minute, the picture began to get strange. The sidewalk started to go in directions that seemed impossible based on how Mickey was walking. The dismal face of the mouse was slowly curling into a smirk, too. On the seventh minute, the murmur turned into a blood-curdling scream and the picture was becoming more obscure.

    Colors were happening that shouldn’t have been possible at the time. Mickey’s face began to fall apart, with his eyes rolling to the bottom of his chin and his curled smile pointing upward on the left side of his face.

    The buildings became rubble floating in midair and the sidewalk was still impossibly navigating in warped directions. Mr. Maltin became disturbed and left the room, sending an employee to finish the video and take notes of everything happening up until the last second and immediately store the disc of the cartoon in the vault afterward.

    The distorted screaming lasted until eight minutes and a few seconds in, when it abruptly cuts to the Mickey Mouse face at the end of every video with what sounded like an out of tune music box playing in the background. This happened until the last thirty seconds, but I haven’t been able to find out what happened in those final seconds.

    From a security guard under me who was making rounds outside that room, I was told what happened after. After the video ended, the employee stumbled out of the room looking pale. He repeated, “Real suffering is not known,” seven times before taking the guard’s pistol and shooting himself.

    The only thing I could get out of Leonard Maltin was that the last frame was a piece of Russian text that roughly said, “The sights of Hell bring its viewers back in.” As far as I know, no one else has seen it. However, there have been dozens of attempts to get the file onto the internet by employees inside the studios, all of whom were promptly terminated of their jobs.

    When a Disney death is covered up as well as this, it means this has to be something huge.

    ya know, I’ve always felt the old Mickey Mouse cartoons were a little creepy, but this one sounds extremely creepy….

    • Creepy was EXACTLY what I thought about the fourth paragraph in …. before seeing your comment at bottom.
      Some people are simply wicked. So much of Disney is simply that.

    • Matt,

      This has been around for a few years now. Methinks you must be referring to what truly is a disturbing bit of video. “Suicide Mouse”. That screaming is just flat out demonic sounding.

    • That video is definitely demonic wickedness! Sick people yielded themselves to sick fallen beings to create this nonsense.

    • Kirk you just described 99.9 % of what is coming out of Holly-weird. Even the so called Christian films have a hidden agenda. There is a new “Christian” faith film coming to a theater near you called “The Song” which is a movie based on the Song of Solomon.
      The film has outrageous, extreme adultery throughout the film. The story of the film is Jed King, a singer-songwriter whose wealth and fame leads to temptations that threaten to ruin his marriage. After Jed commits adultery, he finds his marriage and his career at a crossroads…the producers are spinning it as a Christian based film….saying “”Well ultimately it’s a story about the life of Solomon,” “It’s a modern day telling of the Song of Solomon, and Solomon certainly committed adultery – outrageous, extreme adultery – to the point that he married 700-something additional women, and then had 300 concubines as well. So I think if you’re going to stay true to the text, which we wanted to do, you have to go there. And also, not just that, but in the interest of being real and honest, people do make that mistake. They do commit adultery. So to stay true to the text, it was a necessary step.”

      Uh huh, well I wonder if these fine film makers understand that at times in history God has allowed, without necessarily approving, plural marriage, especially in ancient Hebrew times. Solomon did not commit adultery for he was only living according to the law of his times. To judge ancient cultures by virtue of 21st cen. hindsight and the Christian dispensation is very narrow minded and foolish.

    • @ witchy board
      – and other seeming fantasies
      – like slender man

      “you have to break the connection, or they will keep coming for you”

      Genesis 11:6

      And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one
      – and they have all one language and this they begin to do
      – and now nothing will be restrained from them
      – which they have imagined
      to do

      Luke 21:25-28

      And there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars
      – and upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity

      – the sea and the waves roaring

      Men’s hearts failing them for fear
      – and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth
      – for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

      And then shall they see
      – the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory

      And when these things begin to come to pass then look up
      – and lift up your heads for your redemption draweth nigh

      Their fantasies are becoming physical reality…
      – ever more rapidly as a result of collective efforts
      – yet they don’t see the end from the beginning

  16. Hi, Matt. Very creepy details there.

    Nothing new, then, about subliminals, suggestion or influence on conscious through audio/sounds and video/images – appears they’ve been at it for a while, seeing as how it disturbed Leonard Maltin enough to step away from it.

    I remember Maltin’s movie reviews featured on news & ET, and books, from years ago. I wonder if he walked out on “A Million Ways to Die in the West” – I had to walk out on the video, I’d rented, after about 59 seconds. Wasn’t creepy, just pathetically bad. Creepy that some of the actors would take part in it, though! Thought I’d try a ‘comedy’ selection for once!

    0/5 stars.

    God Bless!


    • Yeah Pete, I have walked out of more films than I care to remember. However, I take it a step further and let the manager of the theater know why I’m leaving, and 9 times of 10 its not that I am offended in any way, it’s simply the film stinks and not in the slightest bit entertaining. I usually get my money back and an apology the theater was showing such a lousy film in the first place. Although one time a theater told me if I wasn’t happy with the film I should contact the lead actor and let him know.., they even gave me a print out of the studio he worked for….this was pretty funny and led to many emails back and forth between myself and the theater.
      I recently was invited to a special re-mastered to digital screening of the original Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D at a theater, the first time it has been shown in 3D since it was originally shot. (It was originally shot in 3D but not shown since it premiered in 1954 in 3D) I enjoyed the film but one of the original production assistants spoke before the film and said when it was originally shown in theaters in 1954, people were so terrified they screamed, passed out and got sick and had to be escorted out of the theater. I said, are you sure we are taking about the same film here, as I could see the zipper on the creature’s suit. It goes to show how hardened our hearts have become…there is no way to terrify anyone over 3 years of age with this film, unless of course you are talking about the soundtrack, which was beyond horrible and the most frightening thing in the film, besides the acting.

    • I see Jeff D has linked that creepy mouse video (above). I was thinking that the way Malten described it that it may have been another film. I no expert, but the sound effects (the more computer-ish one, rather than the piano and moans) sound more modern than 1930s era.

      Agree with you, about the not so-much-it’s offensive but just a lousy product with the quality of films these days. I recently watched The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on late-night TV for possibly the third time this year (the ABC channel appears to be rotating it’s stock). It was just as enjoyable to watch as the first time, this year! 🙂

      I just took a look at Jeff D’s linked video which was vastly different to one I’d seen a few years ago (on youtoob), in that this one, the graphics were somewhat distorted and much more simple (for wont of a better description), but having said that, I clicked on another video of same title that came up among options after the first video finished and it was the one I’d seen a few years back – same scenario but clearer and more Disney-esque in its cartoon characterish qualities – the facial expressions and backdrop of buildings/shopfronts etc but with same demonic audio soundtrack. The ending of this one (the clearer, more defined quality one – watermarked with ‘Gorix Videos’) is possibly more macabre, when you see its ending (it is). After end of cartoon, it displays the typical Mickey Mouse smiley face logo (with background rays) but underneath has words in Cyrillic (Russian) text. The translation that you mentioned earlier, “The sights of Hell bring its viewers back in” is pretty close to how I read it (and backed up with expert opinion from my dear mum – and now she’ll want me to go and practice some Russkie language!).

      As you say about this cartoon not being able to scare a 3-year-old and hearts hardening, these days.. no wonder with all the occult/demon character cartoons they constantly bombard the kids with and the endless bloody ‘realistic’ gore flix coming out of Hollywierd – whether it’s a horror or cop/action flick. I haven’t seen ‘Noah’ yet/still, except for a short featuring the rock giants (Rock giants? Did they borrow some props from Lord of the Rings?) but I do hope that maybe with the new Christian Bale movie “Gods & Kings” they’ll stick closer to the Exodus/Old Testament account.

      Next time I select a comedy, I tinx I’ll choose a Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin or Danny Kaye. Been a while.

  17. @ ChimeriX
    – norse: heaven-realm-barred

    IF cmx001 and similar $1000 dollar pills can be used to counter viral infections such as HIV, smallpox, and wmd’s…
    – as well as radically lessen or eliminate problems with organ transplants
    – then this may be a prophecy unfolding about radical life extension in the end time

    And the “chimera” implication could be about having a patchwork of organs from other persons
    – other species
    – or even regenerated neanderthal DNA constructed organs
    – where neanderthal = nephilim (or angelic bio)

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