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Bun!!!Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

2 Corinthians 10:5

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

I’ve covered this before but as I was on my run yesterday I felt that I needed to go back over it.  It’s OK, as there’s always another skin of the onion to uncover.

The mind is where we hold our thoughts.  No one knows what we are thinking.  Here’s what I mean.  We can be sitting next to our wife in church and looking at the woman in a pew across the aisle in a lustful way!  We can be smiling while talking to someone and acting like they are our friend but our minds are steeped in bitterness towards this individual and who knows?  We can say one thing and inwardly know we mean exactly the opposite of what we are saying.

We can imagine that we are more than what we are, that we should have this job or drive that car, or live in some mansion somewhere.  We can all think to highly of ourselves.  We can entertain imaginations, or as some translations say, vain imaginations.  It all happens in our thought life.  The mind is truly the battle ground.  James warns us against this when he admonishes us:

 But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. 15 Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death. (James 1:14)

A thought comes in to our minds.  If we do not take charge of it, if we do not check it at the door of scripture and what the word of God tells us, we are in big trouble.  If we entertain it, before we know it, we are captured by it and it has control over us.

This is why knowing what is actually in the Bible arms us with the truth and allows us  to distinguish right from wrong.

For the word of God—the Bible—is alive and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.  (Hebrews 4:12)

When a thought comes in that is contrary to the word of God we are to take charge of it.  We are to cast it out, annihilate with prayer, and bring it into captivity.  In other words we make sure we are in control of it, not the thought in control of us.  This is the charge of every believer.

In closing todays Bun:  I have a “quiver” of arrows on my iPhone.  These are scriptures I use in warfare, some I have committed to memory, others are old friends and I literally wash my mind with these when the unwanted thoughts begin, or I am tempted.  The good news is this, once the spirit of the Living God is in us, it is He who will help us with this.  Then, when we put on the armor of God that we read about in Ephesians 6, we are armed to do battle and we can take every thought captive.

We can and should as believers walk in the victory!






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  1. Amen. Blessings to all. 🙂


    Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich from Prophecy Watchers were interviewed by Derek and Sharon Gilbert last night. Happy listening!

  2. Another great bun! ……also, it is so easy to look at people on TV and in the news and think ungodly thoughts. This past few years has had too many to count. I know I am guilty of seeing a face or hearing a quote and thinking, “I hate that guy”……I repent! I do not even know these people and they are like cartoons to me. I have to remind myself to pray the Lord to touch and heal them of the evil that seems to be driving them. I am going to try harder to love the sinners while hating the sin. And that poor sloth did not deserve to be posted on facebook when that fella resigned……I repent again…..and again 😦

    • such as…


      1st John 5:16-17

      If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask,
      – and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death.

      There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.
      – All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death.

    • We had a fill in preacher this morning. His sermon title was, that’s not fair, and he talked on grace and praying for those you don’t like…he preached for maybe 10 minutes, then abruptly stopped and said a dismisal prayer and was outta there. Walking out of the church I looked over at a friend with a glazed look and said, wow, was that even 10 minutes long? Bam! There I went, shooting the guy out of the saddle before he even got his car started.. I can’t seem to help myself! I am guilty too of not praying for those I need to, and not giving out enough grace to others, all of the above! I try to take thoughts captive, but sometimes they squeek by!

    • The preacher probably glanced at his watch and realized he wasn’t going to make the noon kick off time, and decided to quickly wrap it up.

  3. @ “capture every thought”
    – take for instance — interconnected DUMBs (underground bases)
    – so are underground secret tunnels and waterways exaggerated ?
    – and is Catalina Island connected to the China Lake weapons ranges ?
    – (some on land & sea, some in air & space, some underground & undersea)
    – “”
    – and are these connected to the “hidey holes” of the “ten horn” kings (one minders) ?
    – and by extension to ufo’s, uso’s, quakes, groans, portals, vortices, and bottomless pits ?

    – “”
    – “”

    Are such networks real (?)…
    – (or mere consensual delusions ? )
    – masked by distractions and misdirection
    – with ties to other grids in ancient earth
    – and even other dimensions

    Does the Bible reveal the reality of other dimensions?

    • What are your thoughts on Adam and Eve walking with God via inter-dimensionally, with the gate being closed and an angel at the guard. I read a well researched article by Nathan Leal concerning:

      There is a great spirit of deception that has been unleashed worldwide.

      Over the past few years, the world has taken part in a summoning. Pagans worldwide have called out to evil spirits and demons and invited them into our dimension.

      This has not taken place in secret but rather in plain site.

      It took place during the Para-Olympics of 2012. (And the crystal skull tour of 2011)


    • A bit rhetorically…

      – Why high places? Why the “tower” of Babel? Where were (and are) they trying to get up to?
      – Why Machu Pichu? Why Olympus? Or layered up burial mounds…

      – Why did Moses visit the “I am” in the mountain? Reminds me of a similar setting with a feast for 70…
      – How did the Tree of Life get into New Jerusalem? Or is it where it’s always been?
      – Why the Upper Room? re: Pentecost
      – To where did Yeshua — physically ascend?
      – And from where does He come physically when He comes again like lightning spanning the skies, the heavens rolling back like a scroll….

      In a simple model of overlapping “earths” (in now disjoint dimensions) — perhaps the “heavenly earth” is somewhat larger than here, where we presently dwell physically? Or perhaps here is an almost full scale prototype, a bit worse for the wear, in a matrix-like dimension??

      re: Eden … also see Ezekiel 28 & 31

      What have you found Mrs M ??

      Yes, I can see Adam and Eve dwelling with God, walking together in the cool of the day, when there was as yet no separation between the dimensions. And those that try to break in now (such as shamans) may well find the way still guarded by flaming swords — except through the veil — (whereby the saved are) sprinkled with Christ’s blood.

      Hell of course is lower ( in some sense “fried” and smaller perhaps ) … but possibly still an overlapping “planet” in a prison dimension. (I’ll forego making comparisons to popularizations like superman’s phantom zone.) That’s why I keep pointing out to Kirk and Corey that the dead star of the hell dimension may be what they see near sol … phasing in and out … like a binary. I wonder if FaithfulElect could see the same?

      Simple overlap is complex and hyperdimensional overlap moreso. And then there’s the creationist with their canopy … and the possibility that multiple overlapping creations are referred to in the first several chapters of Genesis.

      Entering in (rapturing? enraptured?) or being kicked out of the Kingdom of Heaven, (or cast out re: the fallen), may be a good deal more literal than we suspect. Elijah and Enoch likewise considered.

      I’ll reject though, “traveling back and forth between many similar alternate realities” (a delusion) like put out in “Lost Time” (2014).

      The possibility of “waterfall” or “wind” effects might be evident. Just a point to annoy the climate changers (greenies) — perhaps the increasing instability is from “more portals being opened.” :mrgreen: As if humanists could ever do anything about that. (jeje)

    • @ possibly related…
      – interesting when other things fall in place
      – like angels being physically larger (Rev. 10)
      – or nephilim hybrids as giants (or subsequent offspring)
      – perhaps more suited to a spiritually larger “heavenly earth”
      – not to mention “Jack and the Bean Stalk”
      – or grays being smaller (re: smaller hell earth…)

      …or the hell earth overlap squaring with “hollow earth”

    • I haven’t found much but I had an inkling you would have some thoughts on the matter, and you did. Thank you, it will give me things to chew on for days! I’ll let you know what I come up with.

    • Nome,

      Been meaning to ask you this for over a year now.

      Why, oh why dear Nome
      -Do you break down your sentences
      -into bullet point style
      -when you could just finish each sentence
      -as you used to do?
      Or as is customary/traditional/normal English writing style?

      Will you tell me
      -it is “Nome-al”?

      Just a long overdue observation
      -appreciate your understanding
      -in advance

    • Hey Jeff,

      @ why “verbal pointillistics…” (if I may be so bold to borrow)
      – “”
      – in a word “brevity” else I’d blog-hog LA’s-place
      – and overload Elaine’s phone (and any small devices)
      – and find all the verbal padding squeezed out
      – in seeming infinite tails … from the left & right frames
      – forming pincers when increasing font size (^ +)
      – along with the tendency to think in arrays & lists
      – and finding that classic grammar dismisses
      – salient points otherwise lost in interstices*
      …and not in the least, enjoying, scripture so styled

      * sounds like “in-tur-sti-sees” vice “enter-stices”

      each point is another view
      – in the testimony of many witnesses
      – and best if subroutines
      – yet portals unto other vistas

      Also credit to Roy Crabtree’s verbal “coder’s” style…
      – from discussions in usenet, now long prior
      – where it became obvious that grammar
      – is mental pro-gramming, (cp. tele-gram style)
      – tho’ less sing song than grammo-phones
      …and not your “granny, nana, gran’ma (‘s)” style


      Romans 12:2

      And be not con(form)ed to {this world}…
      – but be ye trans(form)ed by the =renewing of your mind=
      – (that) ye may prove {what is}
      – (that) good and acceptable and =perfect will of God=

      Let me know why you asked please some time. Thanks!

      Enjoy… (Thanks Leah!)

    • Hmm

      Well thanks for the reply. Still don’t understand it but, oh well.

      I ask because when reading your words, the sentence structure comes out all chopped up and not at all flowing smoothly. But carry on good soldier for I shall do likewise.

      In Christmas


  4. Amen! Timely word. The battle can be constant. I lean on God’s help daily not to swallow what the enemy is trying to seed into my mind, including putting to rest old memories of wrong stinking thinking.

    • The ultimate way to clear the stinking thinking is to take them and surrender them to the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer for Him to clean us up restore our minds:


  5. Thank you lin I needed to be reminded of this I catch myself always Wanting more, A better house better car ext. when what I have is fine at least I have a job thank you Jesus my shepherd I shall not want I keep praying for more revelation of Jesus. Bless you have a wonderful week

  6. When I was in my 20’s (a long time ago) I really struggled with depression. I committed this verse to memory in order to combat negative thoughts. It has served me well through the years. Making every thought captive to Christ is my goal for every day. Thanks, LA for today’s bun and for the idea of putting the scriptures on your phone. We need lots of arrows!

  7. Why NO-ONE is Allowed to tell the TRUTH About Terrorism!

    My advice is to have everyone become familiar with the Patriot Act:


    • The video is picking up “list” which includes the video I’m not trying to include in this thread. I hope this now picks up correctly:

      If this doesn’t work either I give up, but still become familiar with the Patriot Act which I did list correctly.

  8. Thanks for posting this again…It’s a verse I sure needed to be reminded of again…(Could have actually benefitted from remembering it yesterday!) Thoughts of doubt, discouragement took hold of me for a good bit of yesterday, but once I began studying the Bible for today’s Bible class my thoughts began to change and I remembered what wonderful things the Lord has done for me and my family.
    Would like to know which “arrows” you keep on your phone, I’d like to do the same!

    Thanks again for posting,


  9. What a great Sunday bun once again.
    It is difficult to take that narrow road literally,,and even more difficult in the mind.
    I think like an athlete we as followers of Christ need to purposely train our selves to take that narrow road.
    I dealt with this just last weekend,,,after a family wedding. My daughters ex boyfriend was there. He was so abusive to her that I truly thought he would kill her during their living together time. Any mother would have bad memories about this fear. ( the boy was abused by his alcoholic drug addict parents and step parents)
    Not that this is an excuse for bad behaviour!
    Out of my own hurt for my daughter I laughed with my sister and said something mean( behind his back).
    2:00 AM ,,,,out of a dead sleep,,,the feeling of shame like never before came over me,,,,I felt ashamed before my Lord. I got the feeling that Christ was saying how dare you child! This kid had he heard you,,,,knows you profess to be a Christian,,,how does that look. He might never come to me if he thinks your not real for one moment.
    I cried and confessed my sin. I should not hold on to bad feelings, no matter what others have done. Its funny because I did not know I still felt that way it has been 6 years.
    Christ convicting me out of a dead sleep,,,,just makes me love Him more.

  10. “” (In search of Aliens – Nazca, H2)

    GT, DC, and EvD promoting ET for glyphs, band of holes, and long skulls in Peru
    – vice nephilim tribes as LA does

    ( also shows Senor Juan citing hair DNA testing as northern european* )

    The funny thing is that a multi-dimension hypothesis may have some practical utility
    – as opposed to a far far far far far astronomically far ET visitor hypothesis
    – since if there are trans-dimension portals, the energy flows might be harnessed
    – much like waterwheels and windmills harness hydropower and wind power
    – energy sources the ancients may have used for their grids and megaliths

    Trans-dimensions tech also suggests a way to solve the entropy ever increasing issue, re: so called black holes. Basically, entropy increase would be “portal-ed” to another dimension.


    * no worries for those of us that consider neanderthals as nephilim

    • jeje…

      – as any mapper knows
      – “the sun star and cross” glyph
      – is likely a compass rose

      … for the Nazca-Palpa global map

      As a global scale map…
      – Nazca-Palpa might be a weapons target range
      – or orbiter calibration range
      – for ancient angel tech, to “call down fire”
      – something like China Lake

    • As regards drone / cruise missile ops…
      – it’s prudent to consider that this “scaled down” regional map
      – might possibly also simulate southern California and Baja
      – including the China Lake and naval test ranges
      – in addition to the chinese – russian border


      China Lake as a chinese lake … too funny 😆

  11. Good Word LA !!………as always you challenge the status quo that we see in The Church today. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is needed….yet rarely seen!

    Three GREAT messages for people of our day! Please get these to your friends and family !!!!
    People need to know what’s coming very soon. Are YOU ready ?????????

    The Beginning of The End – Amir Tsarfati

    What In The World Is Going On? Session 1

    What In The World Is Going On? Session 2

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