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  1. so sorry to hear this – praying for a hasty recovery and restoration. Blessings and grace, Ann

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  2. Take some activated charcoal. I was the only one out of 4 that didn’t have to go to the hospital cause I took the charcoal pills! It works.

    • I usually pass on the pill form and go straight for the charcoal briquettes, stronger concintration plus if you marinade with A1 sauce an hour before hand and then sprinkle with shredded cheese , it’s outstanding. Works for quick party favors as well.

  3. What If There Is a Heaven?


    Dr. Maurice Rawlings, Formerly A Cardiologist And Professor Of Medicine At The University Of Tennessee College Of Medicine In Chattanooga, And His Colleagues Are Constantly Treating Emergency Patients, Many Of Whom Have Had Near-Death Experiences. A Study Of These Cases By Dr. Rawlings Was Reported In Omni Magazine.

    It is no longer unusual to hear about people who have almost died who speak of seeing a bright light, lush green meadows, rows of smiling relatives and experiencing a deep sense of peace. However, Dr. Rawlings obtains additional information from his patients by interviewing them immediately following resuscitation while they are very much in touch with their experience.

    Dr. Rawlings says that nearly fifty percent of the 300 people that he has interviewed have reported lakes of fire, devil-like figures and other sights reflecting the darkness of hell. Rawlings says that these people later change their story because they don’t want to admit where they’ve been, not even to their families.

    “Just listening to these patients has changed my whole life,” claims Dr. Rawlings. “There is a life after death, and if I don’t know where I’m going, it’s not safe to die.”….cont…

  4. get well la.,but I finnally!!!was able to hear your repeat show with Bill and Rich,,This silly old man finally could hear your show!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! George

  5. “http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/10/06/top-10-food-poisoning-risks/”

    quote NYT:

    Here are the top three riskiest foods on the C.S.P.I. list:

    1. Leafy greens (363 outbreaks; 13,568 cases): Responsible for 24 percent of the non-meat outbreaks listed, salads and other greens become contaminated by contact with animals, contaminated water, poor handling practices and even contaminated washing equipment.

    2. Eggs (352 outbreaks; 11,164 cases): Most egg outbreaks are because of salmonella poisoning. Although external contamination of the egg can occur from poor handling practices, more often the contamination happens inside the hen, before the shell is even formed. Half of all cases of egg-related illness are in restaurants. Catered events and prisons also reported large outbreaks.

    3. Tuna (268 outbreaks; 2,341 cases): Fresh fish can decay soon after being caught, the C.S.P.I. reports, leading to scombroid poisoning caused by a poison called scombrotoxin. Symptoms include skin flushing, headaches, cramps, diarrhea and loss of vision.

    4. Oysters: 132 outbreaks; 3,409 cases.
    5. Potatoes: 108 outbreaks; 3,659 cases.
    6. Cheese: 83 outbreaks; 2,761 cases.
    7. Ice cream: 74 outbreaks; 2,594 cases.
    8. Tomatoes: 31 outbreaks; 3,292 cases.
    9. Sprouts: 31 outbreaks; 2,022 cases.
    10. Berries: 25 outbreaks; 3,397 cases.

    • Kinda Wild. Thanks for the info Nome-ster! There are even “implantable” kidneys that function “in” the body. Not sure if certain yet.

      But I am still gonna believe for my kidneys to be fully restored. God is my Healer !!

      But we get new bodies on the way up….YEEEE HAAAAA !!!

  6. L.A., there is a product called super silver solution. It is particles of pure elemental silver suspended in pure water. You can take a spoon each hour, it can stabilize fp in a few hours and hopefully within a day or so. Or you can find silver at a health store.

  7. I just noticed it looks like we bombed inside Syria on the first day of Autumn. Occultists love those Autumnal equinoxes, et al.
    Get well, LA.

  8. I hope you are feeling better today. I’ve had food poisoning before. It’s no fun. Praying for you to recover quickly.

  9. LA….how ya feeling today ?? Any better ??

    Get some activated charcoal in ya…will really work wonders by binding the toxins in your gut so you can get rid of them faster. (noted above)

    Also, the silver solution will work fast throughout the rest of your body as mentioned above also. Good stuff!!!

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