The Failure of Government – Can’t Close the Southern Border…

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L. A. Marzulli

U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico

WASHINGTONMilitants for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have traveled to Mexico and are just miles from the United States. They plan to cross over the porous border and will “imminently” launch car bomb attacks. And the threat is so real that federal law enforcement officers have been placed at a heightened state of alert, and an American military base near the border has increased its security.

Texas Sheriff: Reports Warn Of ISIS Terrorist Cells Coming Across The Border

“There’s always a way to get across, there’s coyotes that bring those people across for thousands of dollars.”



We can send a man to the moon and back yet we can’t close our southern border.  We are the richest country on the earth and yet we can’t find the money to secure the border.  We have some of the smartest folks on the planet in our country, yet we can’t figure out how to build a fence that will keep illegal aliens, as well as ISIL and other terrorists groups out of the country.

We have a government who after the events of 911 declared that the building of a fence across our southern border was of the highest priority.  Bush stood before the country and promised he and the Feds would do this.  Now, after over a decade later the southern border remains porous and as the quote above indicates, the attitude is one of complacency,  that a coyote will get you across and into the USA for a few thousand dollars.

This is our government at work… sorry that’s an oxymoron.  They can legislate till the cows come home and create onerous taxes on us, but when it comes to actually doing something they fall flat, they strike out, the slip on the banana peel of reality!

I have written about the southern border numerous times.  I addressed the issue in my book Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural and I have compared the failure which is Obamamess to the security disaster which is our southern border.

Year after year, thousands of people come across this stretch of land and cross into our country illegally.  These folks, while only wanting a better life for themselves, and in that regard I can’t blame them, create a burden on our social services, schools and hospitals.  The problem of illegal entry has literally bankrupted California.  However, as I wrote about in P.P. & S., in the 1990’s Bin Laden was given a Fatwa, a decree from an Imam, which allowed him to bring weapons of mass destruction into the country.

1.  We know that the former Soviet Union had what is known as suitcase nukes and these were sold on the black market. I believe some were purchased by Bin Laden and smuggled across our southern border and are now embedded in US cities.  If one of these is set off by terrorists, it creates a Chernobyl-like effect.  A city essentially becomes inhabitable.  Can imagine one of these going off in Los Angeles or Manhattan? Game changer….

2.  We know that ISIL and other terrorists groups have continually called for the destruction of the US.

3. ISIL has threatened to fly its black flag from the White House.

4.  The Feds will not increase border agents to the area.

Can you imagine if you hired a company to do a job and they failed like our government has failed the American people?  Can you imagine?  Our government is supposed to protect us and secure our borders.  All administrations have failed to do so, but Obama makes sure the Gay agenda is pushed forward and that Obamamess becomes the law of the land.  I have equated Obamamess with the disaster that is our southern border and did so before the Gov. launched it with the most expensive web-site in the history of the world only to have it NOT work.

In closing today’s post.  This is our government “working” at its best.  It can’t finish a fence.  It can’t secure the border.  It can’t really do much of anything expect get in the way of the small business men and legislate us and tax us to death.  What should happen is that the militia groups should take charge of the border under US military oversight.

Drugs pour into our country endlessly.  Now terrorists have entered here.  We will see some kind of an event and most likely we will see it soon.  Bottom line for me is that our government has failed us and now we face people who want nothing more than to destroy us and they will give their lives to see that happen.



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89 thoughts on “The Failure of Government – Can’t Close the Southern Border…

  1. Couple of things… I just read a Fox News announcement that Mexico’s president is condemning Gov Perry for sending National Guard to the border – this action in my humble opinion, is Mexico being complicit with ISIS/ISIL and should send a message to all Americans to avoid Mexico like the plague. Meanwhile, associates of mine have stated that DHS is aware of ISIS/ISIL but also, they’re calling San Antonio the “first line of defense” and I’m asking, why are we giving ISIS 150 miles of Texas land!? Frankly, this is a time we take 300 miles South to create a buffer and make it a red zone otherwise, American Citizens could lose their lives because of this so-called policy. I’m blown away at how casual these organizations are being and not taking a harder/stronger stand.

    • I live 4 hours south of San Antonio on the US side of the border. There are border check points an hour north of here.

      We’re in a zone here already, which is politically US and culturally Mexican. 85% speak spanish
      — which is the language spoken here outside of business hours (along with tejano / tex-mex).

      There are border check points an hour south in Mexico also. Basically, the idea is that visa’s are needed beyond that.

      Unless of course we’re talkin’ NAFTA traffic (trucks and such) … the border is basically completely open to them.

      No doubt the same goes for ship borne containers. The globals are already transnational since Clinton and Perot.

    • …was just about to post the same Lindy.

      I personally believe we are also all about to witness a major string of ‘false flag’ terror attacks across the world targeted predominantly at all the nations who are starting to take on ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State for their alleged ‘eradication’.

      There have just been way too many ‘odd’ yet also familiar patterns in which this has all been set into motion through what we’ve been fed from both politicians and the media…

  2. Related IMHO:

    Obama to send 3,000 troops to tackle Ebola

    Are you kidding me?

    In other words: Use our soldiers as guinea pigs. There’s no good way to spin this.

    I would be beyond terrified if I were any of these soldiers or their families. What does it take to finally consider desertion or some other response under this rogue regime?

    Yeah, I went there. No, I don’t care.

    Then these guys will come home. If you thought “Gulf War Syndrome” was something…wait til you see this.

    I’m sorry but the way this whole Ebola thing has been handled… to me it’s like they want something to happen here. That’s what it looks like to me anyways.

    False flag? Real? Mix of both? As before: It won’t ultimately matter. The results will.

    • Did you hear the doctor on Trunews last night? Very scary! And I think it is a Trojan government we have…….the enemy is in charge and that is also why the gates are wide open.

    • Hey Church…


      Tells its straight…
      – about the slow motion fall of america, america
      – “God shed his grace on thee” (??)
      – level be level collapsing in on itself (with help)

      It’s not like we don’t have historical Israel for example.

      So stop tearin’ down the hedges
      – tossin’ off the Armor
      – sittin’ down vice standin’
      – sleepin’ at the wheel
      – rollin’ like a tumbleweed
      – instead of distant thunder
      – for every wind of change
      – that comes huffin’
      – just to pluinder… (bonk!)

      Reversin’ course…
      – begins with repentance
      – and doing God’s will
      – instead of sinnin’

      quote:1st John 3:23-24

      And this is His commandment…
      – That we should believe on the name of His Son Jesus Christ
      – and love one another as He gave us commandment.
      And he that keeps His commandments
      – dwells in Him and He in him.
      And hereby we know that he abides in us
      – by the Spirit which He has given us.


    • Sadly, this is calculated to do just what we all suspect it will do….put our military members at undue risk of getting or carrying home Ebola, subjecting them to a highly emotionally charged atmosphere where good judgment is scarce because fear is rampant. I know our soldiers will do their best to handle the situation professionally. But, really…? We’re going to send them into Africa as sacrificial lambs. This angers me beyond words! This situation coupled with the border issues is enough to drive a person over the edge – save for the presence of Holy Spirit!! Psalm 91, Folks!! Shalom!!

  3. ‘ Morning!

    Like in Afghanistan, harvesting poppy makes for big business, so has the southern border now become–big business in smuggling:


    Is our government now covertly become involved in this “smuggling business.” Are the waters being tested to see if the public will stop them?

  4. I haven’t seen our dear Rose here for a while….praying all is well for her and she is just on a fabulous vacation!

  5. What you’re describing, LA, is the bigger picture of the grand DECEPTION. In other words, it’s more than just ETs and UFOs and antichrists. It’s the phenomenon of ignoring 800-pound gorillas in the room, starting with Iran’s nuclear dreams, the slow torture of Israel, the US border, the evil of Islam (not just radical, but the entire religion)….the list is very long by now.

  6. “”

    One agent said they were operating on a skeleton crew at the bridge….

    Customs and Border Protection issued a statement about staffing at the bridges when they are closed.

    “For security reasons, we are not at liberty to discuss specific security arrangements at non-24-hour facilities. However, border security is a critical part of our mission, and we will continue to undertake measures to ensure that our personnel, the traveling public and our facilities are secure,” the statement read.

    • Corruption Rife Along the Border


      Drug kingpin Tomas “El Gallo” Gonzalez, former Sheriff’s Office Cmdr. Jose Padilla and nine of Gonzalez’s underlings were set to be sentenced Thurs….

      Gonzalez pleaded guilty in Apr. to drug trafficking and Padilla pleaded guilty to bribery. Tomas Gonzalez’s uncle — Francisco Javier Rios, of Atlanta, Georgia — pleaded guilty to money laundering and the other eight men pleaded guilty to participating in a drug conspiracy.

      Treviño pleaded guilty in Apr. to money laundering — accepting donations from Gonzalez for his 2012 campaign. Treviño reported to a federal prison in Pensacola, Florida, on Sept. 9 to begin his five-year sentence.

      note: Treviño was sheriff for 16 years and only recently caught and convicted. His son, also, was caught and convicted — who had been part of the Panama Unit — an interagency anti-smuggling task force. His executive assistant was also caught and convicted, who had been his campaign manager.

  7. Front page headlines from my local newspaper today….”West Texas Sheriff says ‘Muslim clothing’, Quran books found near border”
    Now living in a border state myself I was very concerned about the possibility of radical Muslims entering my state through Mexico because as we all know it’s very easy to walk across an unprotected border and have access to any of tens of thousands of targets within this country. I don’t know that they have or have not already entered this country, but I do know that it wouldn’t be very hard for them to do so given the lack of security we have on our borders….I do believe that it is entirely plausible that they have already come into this country, and that they continue to do so on a daily basis. And with this news of possible border breach, Obama will, of course do nothing…… so ladies, get your burka and a chador ready. Our current government won’t do anything to defend us because, you know, it’s our fault that the jihad jerks want to kill everyone that won’t convert.
    But all my concerns were put to ease this morning when, the Secretary of Homeland Security released a statement on the issue: “The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are unaware of any specific, credible threat to the U.S. borders”
    Ok. Well that settles that. Let’s get back to fundraising and book tours.

  8. So… here’s a situation: “” The man has petitioned and won his euthanasia case. How does someone send a letter with just the gospel in it for him before he ‘goes’? How does a person go about finding an address for such a thing? I’m clueless.

    • Stonedragon, there are a couple of Belgian embassies in the U.S. Maybe you could send an e-mail and enquire through one of them?



    • It’s seems like everyone is accepting of murder as the norm: new Miss America worked at Planned Parenthood

      How in the world could this have slipped through? We live in a culture of death.

    • Sorry, Mrs.M- the Miss A ‘pageant’ is nothing but meat on stilettos. Never has been more. The carefully crafted glossy veneer that its so much more than that is as hysterically funny as the show Dexter trying to tell us that outright evil is guided by a moral code.

    • Speaking of a culture of death, at the labor day parade that to which I took my family, there were zombies and other assorted ghouls. I thought Halloween had come early. It just seemed a bit early for that. In my town, people are even decorating to a greater and greater extent at halloween.

      Matt mentioned Ernest Borgnine a few days back. I remember seeing him in a not-so- good movie called The Devil’s Reign(or maybe is was rain), he turned into Satan or something, they can’t all be good, but he did make alot of good movies too. That last comment was unrelated to the blog, sorry.

      Referencing yesterdays blog, the new also reported a fire ball over New Jersey.

    • @ R Bannon: Yes, fireballs are increasing over the U.S.

      Large Fireball Explodes over East US!

      “100’s of reports coming in daily! September 10,11,12,13,14 & 15 2014. Unbelievable..something strange is going on in earth’s skies, people are seeing it daily..worldwide!”


    • There were 235 reports from yesterday, September 15, 2014 seen over CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA and WV on September 15th 2014 around 02:52 (UTC).

      The legend is “off the charts” “”

      Pretty spectacular!

    • I remember seeing one TRULY SPECTACULAR METEOR a few years ago…….and i’ve seen a few more like it since,
      …. i just know they were not near the same size, brightness, or colors as that one I saw right out side my front door! Amazing !!

      Recently, like about week or two ago, I just saw another one….looked like a plane at first….then it sputtered, flashed, and burnt out. Wild.

    • The only way the increase in fireballs, meteors etc. can be explained is if we realize that we have entered or are entering the debris field of Planet X as it approaches. Yet another powerful evidence of Planet X.

    • Well, possibly that we’ve entered SOME debris. The conclusion that there is debris, therefore its from planet x, is logically flawed.

    • Seashore, thanks for posting the video, that’s what was mentioned on the news

      Corey, I was watching a show on comets, and it was said that Martin Luther called them “harlots” because their paths were not straight. Check out Planet7x’s videos on youtube. He has one of Carlos Ferrada, who predicted the 1939 Chile earthquake. Ferrada says there is indeed a planet-comet Hercolubus or planet x.

    • That is most interesting. At this point, considering all the evidence taken in whole, it’s kinda like denying that the earth is round if one denies the existence and approach of planet x. I think there is a word for this human trait, but the name escapes me at the moment. AAhh yes… I remember now… it’s normalcy bias. The idea of this is so outlandish to the darkened human mind that people will not believe regardless of the evidence that says otherwise.

      Thanks for posting.

    • You mean to tell me that the EARTH…… is ROUND ?!?!?!


      Is the MOON made of CHEESE too !?!?!?!

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! i believed the P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A !!!!!! AYEEEEEEE – Cheee – Waaa – Waaaa !!


      Ohhhhh Corey, BTW………….THE EVIDENCE………… on its’ waaaaaayyyy !!

    • Good Stuff … R. Bannon…….glad to see you continue to study this stuff too !!

      I am glad you brought back Gill Broussard to my memory some time back. Though Gill does not believe in PRE-TRIB rapture,
      he does do a good job in his study of Planet X. Even though none of us knows everything…. the pieces are coming together!

      So we keep WATCHING and LEARNING.

      “people who often keep their head in the sand don’t have very good vision.” 😉

    • R Bannon ….did you know William Shatner and Eddie Albert was also in the film you mentioned? So was John Travolta believe it or not. That was a very strange movie. Anton LaVey, the actual founder of Church of Satan played a High Priest in this movie….it was rumored the shooting of the film was plagued by eerie events and accidents. Because of this Ernest Borgnine said in an interview that he vowed to never work on a project with this subject matter again.

    • What can I say, I’m a movie buff. I enjoy movies and actively go to the cinema on a regular basis. See, you know I’m serious…. I said cinema 😉

      I will take “music” for 500 as well.

    • Hey Matt….did you see a movie that came out about 4 guys in the military on a special mission and only one survived ??
      I think it may be ….”lone survivor”???…….. I forget the actors names……… but it was in afghanistan I think…and the guy was cared for
      by an “afghanny” guy during the movie ?

      Did you happen to see it ??
      Is it a good one to see ??

    • Yes I saw it; . I read the book as well. Mark Wahlberg is the star in the film
      It’s a good movie but its gut wrenching to watch at times like Black Hawk Down. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but it’s one of those movies where you asked yourself what I would do in those situations.
      I think you will like it…it’s a true story which make it that much more intense. After reading the book I feel this movie got as close to the real events as possible. If there is one thing that this film will accomplish is to make you feel something. I assure you will not get bored watching it. Now, what you will feel will no doubt be up to you.

    • Kinda wild…..crossing the sky all day today and in heavy numbers!!! i wonder what “the pause” was all about in NOT spraying for a while,
      ….. because it was noticeable.

    • Kirk, down here in the SW corner of Oregon- I’d noticed a complete absence of trails too, for a good long while. Can’t see if there are any now- too much smoke from all sides- but I HAVE noticed that any time there’s a slight chance we can get some rain, a change in the unrelenting heat and dry high pressure- guess what? Out come the trails, and the chance of rain evaporates immediately.

      There was a strong chance of rain last night- it dissipated, after a full day of continuous weather reporting that it was a very strong trough. There’s a good chance of rain by Wednesday night here… another trough coming through, this one purportedly stronger than the one that fell apart last night. Hm. Wonder if this one, they’ll allow?

    • StoneDragon….being that i am in Bend, Oregon … it is typically BLUE SKY DAYS … nearly year round… with snow of course at times…
      usually anytime from 1st week in october through April/May. Sometimes we can have 4-6 inches in the morning and it may be all gone
      off roads by noon. Because we are in “High Mountain Desert” area….it is usually HOT during the day and VERY COOL … almost COLD
      …. at night. Not as temperate as the other side of the Cascades …. which has less temperature variations….and much more rain.

      Then there are the wildfires that do come sometimes. Had a big one earlier in year and about 80 homes were evacuated but none burned.
      Mainly was just a precaution….cause if the winds change directions….things can go bad FAST…. as you know.

      This summer wasn’t too bad for fires here….although we did have a number in the region. Only a few days did we keep the windows shut
      due to smoke. But you can really see the amazing sunsets when smoke is in the air. WOW !!!

      I am only about 20 Minutes to MT. BACHELOR ( big ski mountain ) …. so I can see for long distances and yet today has been truly
      off the charts for the amount of spraying being done today. When I first moved out here in 2008 i rarely saw any Chemtrails.

      It’s so obvious when the chemtrails are being done….since sometimes there are a FEW regular clouds….then a dozen or more trails
      being sprayed all at once.

      But the last 3-4 years has been extremely consistent…. and i can tell that the middle of the country gets pounded with storms in about
      2 days after I see them here….and that seems pretty obvious too … for the most part.

      You mentioned rain….which we don’t get too much here. I like it when it does rain, partly because it keeps fire potential down and keeps
      the dust out of the air…and makes everything real green and smells awesome after a storm.

      Oregon has a lot of beauty all around the state. AMAZING TO SEE ………. as long as the spraying doesn’t mess up the BLUE SKY.

    • Matt, I knew u would know that film. I haven’t seen it since it’s original theatrical showing. I forgot about Shatner too.
      Kirk, yes Broussard s videos are interesting. He does seem to think that we must all go to Jerusalem as the bride must purify her thoughts. But he has a great presentation in his videos. I am like you in thinking that it all seems to be coming together.

    • Video with regard to the other slender man – with horns!

      NY Times website published image of 0’s speech regarding policy toward that non-Islamic terrorist organization, the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL). The thumbnail image on website depicts Obama with horns protruding from the top of his head. Further, the video of Obama making his speech from lectern inside Oval Office appears to be CGI’d.

  9. call me a conspiracy theorist but am I the only one that thinks this border fiasco is part of the illuminate plan to bring Canada/north and south America and Mexico into line with their plans for the one world government? It is inevitable , just a matter of time.

    • Yes, Niki…it’s the establishment of the North American Union, or the merging of South America, North America, and Canada into one Union. It’s part of the New World Order, (NWO), one world government agenda.

      The border fiasco is, in my opinion, part of the process, and it’s what caused me to view what “fiasco” would be used to combine Canada and the U.S. together. The only one I can think of would be using bio chemical weapons (i.e. Ebola Virus) as a plausible scenario.

      We’ll see…

  10. I guess no vacation in Mexico,,it was already unsafe.
    Every time I feeled surprised by exposed corruption, cover ups,,,,Its like my soul says what else did you expect tribulation birth pangs to be like?
    Good Christian people serving in well meaning churches are having their ears tickled and their constant social programs are keeping them pre occupied while the world falls apart.
    I am always surprised at people that can spend Sunday morning worshipping,,then gossip and lie,,,,,like as if you don,t have to really try to obey God’s word. Like as if its not real,,,,
    I am fearful of God ,,,I know He is loving , forgiving and merciful,,,,but I have a healthy dose of fear,,,,Is this wrong?

    My worst fear would be to hear my Lord say depart from me I knew you not!
    Especially when He was speaking to people who were doing good and noble things in His name!
    I do not want to be Sad u see:) sorry my poor attempt at humor
    I wonder what this next blood moon will usher in?
    October 8 th is that right?

    • Michelle… If you are a born again Christian, you have no reason to fear him telling you those words. Scripturally speaking, once a believer is born again in Christ, he cannot lose his or her salvation. That scripture you quoted was speaking of unsaved people. These people were doing good works in his name and casting out demons in his name yes (think Catholicism or any other denomination or mindset that is works focused to get God’s approval for entrance into the Kindom of Heaven) but they never had a truly born again experience with God through Christ. They trusted in Mary and used the name of Christ for these miracles yes, but they didn’t put trust in Christ himself. If it is possible that this scripture is speaking of truly saved Christians as well, then we have a major, major contradiction in the bible and it cannot be trusted as the true words of God… in which case we may as well throw the bible in the trash and go live like we want to live indulging in every thing we ever wanted to indulge in. You could also conclude that God made a huge mistake by putting Christ on the cross if there were something that could cause you to lose your salvation. If God made a mistake, then he is not really God and the bible is the most gigantic hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. The bible stands or falls on the whole issue of salvation and the eternal security of a born again believer at salvation.

      But I say that to make the point that you need not worry about it.

    • @ Michelle: What’s confusing to us is that “our” Gregorian calendar dates do not coincide with the Jewish calendar, so when the Feasts are to be observed, we miss the mark because we aren’t lined up properly.

      Mark Biltz’ compiled a great calendar that has the Gregorian dates as we know them, but underneath he also listed the known Jewish Feast.

      For example, next Wednesday, September 24, 2014, on our Gregorian calendar dates, Biltz included that this is the actual date under the ELUL as the Eve of Feast of Trumpets.

      Thursday, September 25, 2014, is Rosh Hashana (which we may see on our Gregorian calendar) which is actually the Feast of Trumpets. This is also the beginning of the New Year of 5775 under TISHREI.

      Saturday, September 27, 2014, is marked “Fast Deferred.” (No, I have no clue what that Fast Deferred means. Probably have to look it up.)

      Sunday, September 28, 2014, is listed Fast of Gedalia. (Nope, I have no clue what that is either. Maybe that’s why the Fast Deferred leads to?)

      It helps to simplify what events are coming up, plus lots of studying on Jewish observances.

      Under October 8, 2014, there is a bright red moon and marked “Erev Sukkot” (Tabernacles Eve).

      It’s wise to invest in a calendar that reflects both the Gregorian & Jewish dates simply because that’s what we (U.S.) function under plus Jewish dates showing the Feasts so we, at least, understand what’s going on.

      My calendar runs through Dec. 2014, so I’m not sure if L.A. has a promotion for the 2015 calendar. I just backed up to April 15, 2014, showing a bright red full moon notated “Unleavened Bread.”

      Lots to still learn. It’s a journey.

    • Michelle,

      If you continue reading the verse we can see who Yahshua tells to depart from Him.

      Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Sovereign, Sovereign, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

      Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: DEPART FROM ME, ye that WORK (DO) INIQUITY (LAWLESSNESS, BREAKING THE COMMANDMENTS INCLUDING THE SABBATH).

      We see it’s those who do not do His commandments.

      Doing His commandments means we are doing love to God and to our neighbor. Those that do not keep His commandments are told to depart from Him.

      Confirming verses

      Act 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that Elohim is no respecter of persons:
      Act 10:35 But in every nation he that feareth him, and WORKETH (DO) RIGHTEOUSNESS (equity, keep the commandments), is accepted with him (Yahshua).

      Mat 13:41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, AND THEY SHALL GATHER OUT OF HIS KINGDOM all things that offend, and them which DO (WORK) INIQUITY (LAWLESSNESS, BREAKING THE COMMANDMENTS INCLUDING THE SABBATH).;

      The next blood moon will not usher in anything.

      This upcoming “blood moon” falls on Oct 8 that will NOT be during Tabernacles.

      So it does not occur DURING the Feast of Tabernacles as almost everyone is trying to say.

      Also, signs tell of something that will happen in the advance.

      These tetrads that occurred in the past signaled NOTHING IN ADVANCE.

      There is no pattern with these tetrads. All but one tetrad took place during or AFTER the event.

    • Romans 14:5-9

      One man esteems one day above another
      – another esteems every day alike

      Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind
      – He that regards the day regards it unto the Lord and
      – he that regards not the day to the Lord he does not regard it

      He that eats eats to the Lord for he gives God thanks and
      – he that eats not to the Lord he eats not and gives God thanks

      For none of us lives to himself and no man dies to himself

      For whether we live we live unto the Lord
      – and whether we die we die unto the Lord
      – whether we live therefore or die we are the Lord’s

      For to this end Christ both died and rose and revived
      – that he might be Lord both of the dead and living

    • Hey Michelle,

      If you get a chance, check out >>> Blood Moons Coming . com

      read everything on the site and definitely check out the graphs under “2014-2015” ….. especially Graph 8A….will BLOW your mind !!!!

      Also: when viewing the graphs….read the portions of text that reveal the HISTORY of what happened during each tetrad of the past.
      Then you’ll better understand their significance. Some people still live in the dark and don’t know their history.

      when you’ve seen all the parts of this particular website, you’ll then understand that GOD is NOT “random”…. and He uses SIGNS.

      Again, Graph 8A is unlike any other past blood moon tetrad …….. and you’ll see for yourself….. IT IS PERFECT !!!!

      Only Our Awesome God can do that !!!! 🙂

    • I stopped going to Mexico long ago. I hear nothing but horror stories coming out of there now. It’s a shame too as most everyday Mexican people are very nice and welcome visitors with open arms, however, the corrupt government and the drug cartels make it impossible to vacation there, even in the resort towns. Just way too dangerous to even consider it.

    • Kirt… with all due respect to you and anyone else who may feel otherwise, people who “keep the commandments” will not be justified before Christ. The following verse makes this abundantly clear… “Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight; for by the law is the knowledge of sin” (Romans 3:20). “knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified” (Galatians 2:16).

      As you can see very clearly from these two verses of scripture, no human work including the law itself given by God, will justify anyone before Christ and allow them entrance into Heaven. If a believer is not doing this, he will absolutely not lose his salvation and be told to depart from him. The scripture you quoted has nothing to do with being accepted into the kingdom by “keeping or doing commandments”. If this is true, than we have a major, major problem here with scripture contradicting itself. The exact opposite is stated in Romans 3:20 and Galatians 2:16. People very often quote Matthew 7:23 and others like it out of context. One thing that you have to take into consideration is that Jesus was speaking and operating under a time when the law was still in effect and he was speaking to the Jews who were operating under that law. God gave the ten commandments on Mt. Sinai not to justify, but as Romans 3:20 states, the law is given “for the knowledge of sin”. … not as something to be followed for the cure for sin and be in right standing before God. As far as Matthew 7:23 is concerned, when Jesus says to “depart from him you that work iniquity, he is speaking of something symptomatic of people who are not saved, or in right standing with him through faith to begin with. or have the required faith in God of a promised future redeemer (Christ) as expressed to the Jews through the symbolism of required animal sacrifices where blood would be shed. It is interesting that Jesus used the word iniquity in his phraseology. Iniquity would be one level above (or should I say step down) from sin. In other words, iniquity is something symptomatic of a larger reality. That reality is that a person is not saved, or have the required faith, to begin with. This is the thrust of what Jesus is saying here. And there are other scriptures that are like this that require careful discernment in it’s interpretation and have to be taken in the context of the culture, custom and time dispensation of God’s program of that day. All of the confusion clears up when this is understood. Again, if these scriptures mean what you say they are meaning, then not only does this contradict Romans 3:20 and Galatians 2:16, but it goes against plain biblical sense. The death of Christ on the cross is absolutely meaningless if it requires our works and effort to maintain any right standing with God. It flies in the face of what God has been up to from the book of Genesis straight through to the very last word in Revelation. If we could save ourselves, then what is Christ for?

    • Thank you Corey for responding to Kirt’s error.

      I really am amazed at how much “wrong beliefs” there are in soooo many Christian circles.

      All the result of bad teaching and things taken out of context…..just like you pointed out.

      2 Timothy 2:15 ……. is desperately needed in our generation.

    • Kirk… Well, this is one subject that it is vitally important for people to understand as it deals with the destiny of people’s soul. How one goes about seeking to make sure that he or she is going to be o.k. after death is the most important thing a person can do in life. The destiny of one’s soul hinges on their knowledge and belief of who and what Christ is and all that he accomplished on the cross.

      To add another example of the one above about these misinterpreted scriptures contradicting the plain meaning of other scriptures can be found in John 6:40… “And this is the will of him that sent me, that everyone which sees the son and believes on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.” If the above interpretation of Matthew 7:23 is to be believed, then it would also contradict John 6:40. Clearly in John 6:40, we have mentioned by Jesus himself the clear cut prime ingredient in order to produce true salvation of the soul… and that magic ingredient is belief on the son (Christ) and what he did for the atonement of our souls, and that alone for salvation. There are no works mentioned in what he said about keeping the commandments or anything of that nature for one’s eternal security. He clearly promises a raising up of such a person on the last day if one has this magic, one ingredient of belief in their heart apart from any works. That is just one of many that can be given. I know you already know this, but it is a common belief in many christian circles and by people in general that works somehow have to be interjected for the salvation of one’s soul as you have already stated before.

      But I would also have to make it clear that one can have a head knowledge of this truth and not act on it thinking that they are automatically covered having never bowed their head in prayer and asking Christ for the forgiveness of sins and asking for eternal life. One does have to come to the point that they recognize that they are seperated from God automatically because of their souls being already dead when born into the world… which produces the symptoms called sin. But once forgiveness is received by said person through their belief in Christ and asking for his forgiveness with a whispered prayer, it can never be lost from that point forward regardless of a christian’s performance of living the christian life. This is not to say that there are not consequences for not living right (which is why the bible speaks of chastisement of the believer and rewards lost at the coming judgment seat of Christ), but strictly speaking of salvation and entering into Heaven itself, one needs not to worry about ever losing it and scripture makes this abundantly clear. Hope that clears things up for Michelle and anyone else who struggles with this unsettling idea of losing salvation and hearing those dreaded words from Christ on Judgment day.

    • I would also add that if a person is truly saved and born again in Christ, but then starts having doubts and in their mind starts to revert back to trying to add their effort to maintain their salvation and “stay saved” through their own added works won’t lose their salvation because they are then trusting in their works. But it will add to that person’s life a sense of fear, worry and apprehension and leave them with no true peace if they don’t understand the concept of trusting in Christ’s blood alone for their salvation apart from works. This is why it is vitally important for people to understand the correct interpretation of scripture regarding salvation apart from works. Your very peace depends on it.

      Once a person has the Holy Spirit indwelling them at the moment of salvation, he will never leave them or forsake them. Well look here, I found another scripture that the above interpretation of Matthew 7:23 would contradict didn’t I? Hmmmmmm….

    • Corey,

      Is the law no longer in effect? Is the law only for Jews?

      What standard are we to live by??

      If the law is no longer in effect than we never break the law and are not in need of savior.

      The law which is all known as the instructions and known as love commandments is forever.

      Our Messiah was the Law in the flesh.

      He said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments (the law).” Joh 14:15

      When ever you break the law you are in sin.

      Is it ok to sin??


      In my response I never said we are justified by following the law.

      Remember faith without works is dead.

      Paul was asked, do we do away with law?

      And He said heaven forbid, we establish (abide) in the law.

      Once you enter in covenant with Yahshua it is the law that we then start to learn and live by.

      There is nothing wrong with the law. The law is love.

      1Jn 5:2 By this we know that we love the children of Elohim, when we love Elohim, and keep his commandments ( law).
      1Jn 5:3 For this is the love of Elohim, that we keep his commandments (laws): and his commandments (laws) are not grievous.

      There is something wrong with our hearts and we are to change our ways to the instructions which is the law.

      With Yahshua’s death we have the grace to live out the law just He did.

    • Great info guys,,,,but see why that scripture makes me nervous,,,the law not the law, grace only,,,,I guess we just need to get on our knees have a great relationship with Him,,and love one another.
      I just know so many who profess Christ yet mame people with their mouths,,lie gossip…..even though they are “saved”…… I think people might be surprised that pretending to be good,,their salvation is not.
      They make being called a Christian embarrassing,,,Joel Olsteen Christianity
      Thank you all for your words of wisdom,,,,,

    • Kirt… “Faith without works is dead”… another misinterpreted scripture that people wrongly regard as having to do with a christian having to add works to his salvation to assure his place in Heaven. Salvation is an unconditional promise made by God to the one who would receive it by faith in Christ. You are assuming things in your comment above that i never said. I did not say nor do I believe that we are to willfully disobey the moral code to live by. I am speaking strictly of salvation here. I already said that christians can be chastised for disobedience in their christian walk (reaping what you sow). Your statement regarding that if the law is no longer in effect, than we no longer break the law and no longer in need of a savior I already explained. I explained it to by quoting Romans 3:20 which states “For by the law is the KNOWLEDGE of sin”. The law is given so that we will know that there is a standard that God requires, but emphatically states in his word to us that we cannot live up to that perfect standard that he requires FOR ENTRANCE INTO HIS KINGDOM AND TO STAND BEFORE HIM PERFECT AS HE REQUIRES. The law is still in effect and should be adhered to for the functioning of a peaceful society and for our own benefit and safety. It ensures that humanity can function. Again, we are not talking about this aspect of it. We are not throwing the law out the window just because the law is insufficient to keep us saved or in right standing with God. Your putting words in my mouth that I never said. We are talking about the eternal security of the born again believer and going to Heaven. Indeed, the law was given so that we would realize that we are in need of a savior… that was God’s intention all along.

      Your statement “whenever we break the law, we are in sin”. WRONG. When we got born again in Christ, our spirit was recreated or made alive in Christ because it was previously dead in trespasses and sins. If a believer then breaks the law or moral code, the part of him that got recreated or made alive in Christ at salvation does not “slip back into sin”. Put another way, your fleshly self can sin i.e. the body, but your spirit (the part of you that got recreated at the new birth) cannot sin. This is stated emphatically in one of the books of John (not the gospel of John).

      You claimed that you never said we are justified by the law… I would disagree. Your response to Michelle was this “If you see who Yeshua tells to depart from him, it is those who do not do his commandments.” You very clearly said this to Michelle. You also said again in that same comment the following… “Those that do not do his commandments are told to depart from him”. You are misinterpreting what Jesus was getting at here. But I’ve already explained how so I won’t repeat. Just go back and read my explanation of this scripture again.

      Your statement “Is it o.k. to sin – Never” But does that mean that when believers do, they are in danger of losing their eternal soul and being told to depart from Christ? No, absolutely not. The consequences of sin can be chastisement from God, not punishment as is reserved for unbelievers or the unsaved i.e. the wicked. This is also made clear in the new testament.

      It is possible for a born again believer to struggle in their christian walk and not live up to the moral code set up in the law by God and still go to Heaven. Christ is not going to declare to these christians to depart from him because he never knew them. The key words in that scripture are “He never knew them”. The problem with this group of people is that Christ never knew them… meaning they were never in the family to begin with. This has nothing at all to do with a Christian keeping the law or trying to live up to the law’s standards and failing. Two totally different groups of people here.

  11. yes October 8 at evening time is when it begins. tabernacles is also known as sukkot.

    You can go here to check dates of all the days of various Jewish Holy days….
    >>> “”

    The 7 major FEASTS are listed in Leviticus 23 in order ….. and are God’s Appointed Feasts of the Lord. Leviticus 23:44

    [ This will SOON come out of moderation mode! ]

  12. MYTH: Two forms of Islam. ‘Moderate’ muslims/Islam & ‘Radical’ muslims/Islam.


    The above article hits the nail on the head regarding the deceptive myth of there actually being two types of Islam. Paragraph 3, and it’s following 10 points re-enforce what I’ve posted here previously about this fact a few weeks back. A ‘moderate’ Muslim is the same as an apathetic ‘Christian’. They are only ‘muslim’ and ‘christian’ in title only as both don’t submit to, or live out, the essence of their REAL spiritual beliefs.

    Is there such a thing as a ‘moderate’ doctor? ‘moderate’ lawyer? ‘moderate’ mechanic? No, of course not.
    You’re either fulfilling your full title/role, or you’re a charlatan masquerading. THIS is the truth about what a ‘moderate muslim’ is.

    Purely for educational purposes, I currently own two copies of the Qur’an and a 9 volume set of Sahih Al Bukhari (Hadith) to read/study/learn the real teachings of Islam from it’s own source material. I have found that apart from Islamic literature being about as spiritually ‘refreshing’ as drinking water from a dirty toilet bowl, both sources DO very clearly confirm that there is no such thing (nor any room for) a ‘moderate’ muslim in Islam. TRUE believers of Islam DO support, condone and justify the promotion of Shariah Law through the enforcement of violent Jihad if necessary. Their literature very blatantly endorses it. This is the reason why the likes of ‘burgeoning barbarians’ like Anjem Choudary and his other fellow ‘clerics’ can never give a straight or honest answer during media interviews about whether they do or don’t support the violent atrocities perpetrated in the name of their religion.

    Another very informative website regarding the vile realities of pure Islam is:
    “” [WARNING: Much of this site is also VERY graphic and disturbing]

    Religion of Peace? ONLY if you’re (an obedient) Muslim.

    As we are all discovering, the horrors of Islam are certainly not going away in a hurry. It most certainly and unfortunately appears as though it is a BIG part of the end times scenarios we now find ourselves living in. As I mentioned in a post above, the whole ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State situation could also very well be yet another ‘false flag’ being co-ordinated and orchestrated by the global powers that be as a further prelude to bringing forth the world ‘saviour’ that will help release us all from it’s rabid, global threat, whilst promoting a ‘moderate Islam’ smokescreen in it’s place.

    In spite of this, as many of us know, Yeshua IS and will always be our ONLY blessed hope and redeemer through whatever we are about to find ourselves facing over the coming days/weeks/months/years.
    As many of us know, the only TRUE peace this world can ever find is in the PRINCE of Peace.
    Yeshua Ha Mashiach. KING of ALL Kings and LORD of ALL Lords.

  13. @ rose colored glasses and nothin’ but blue skies

    Quantifying EMP events in 9 slides…


    …or “How I learned not to worry and love the e-bomb”

    – signed Dr. Strangelove

    • Meanwhile those mad, mad scientists…
      – in the reported “primordial brain” area
      – (delusion … so consider the source)
      – have found the on/off switch for deep sleep
      – with a bit of gene hacking


    • Sometimes, I think they’re just seeing how far they can pull our legs…

      “Mars Rover Curiosity Finally Arrives…”

      The scientists are particularly interested in a stretch of rock known as the Murray Formation, which it will cross en route to its original stopping point, Murray Buttes. Kathryn Stack, Curiosity rover mission scientist, pointed out that the Murray Formation could provide an unprecedented wealth of information about the history of habitable environments on Mars. After all, the Yellowknife Bay formation where Curiosity found its first life-friendly spot was only 5 meters thick, representing perhaps thousands to hundreds of thousands of years of sedimentary deposits. The Murray Formation, by contrast, is 200 meters thick.

      “We potentially have millions to tens of millions of years of Martian history just waiting for us to explore,” Stack said.

      The hard part, scientists said, will be deciding how much time to devote to Pahrump Hills, Murray Buttes and the next interesting unit up the slopes, called Hematite Ridge. Grotzinger said he was particularly interested in the silicon in the upcoming rocks, because the element’s distribution can often signal the movement of water.

      Come again…
      – tens of millions of years divided by 200 meters
      – is mighty slim pickens

      Not to mention…
      – harrumphs
      – pahrumps
      – and buttes

      Now for some True Science…

  14. One step closer to the technical realization of …
    – the prophesied “calling fire down from heaven”
    – ref: Rev. 13


  15. I was just outside taking a walk around Sloan’s Lake and a fireball or meteorite came flying down out of the sky. Guess I was in the right place at the right time to see it. Sure are alot of these things here lately.

    • Our Solar System has ….

      ** “The Asteroid Belt” ….which is beyond MARS …..actually between MARS and JUPITER. That is one area of “debris”.
      ** “The Kuiper Belt” ….. this is another “debris field” beyond PLUTO (which was down graded from Planet Status 😦 …. ahhh !! ).
      ** “The Oort Cloud” ….. is way out there ….. about 55 AU from the sun….so for perspective,… the EARTH is one (1) AU from the sun.

      [ AU = Astronomical Unit ] ……. a way to ‘measure’ distances in our local solar system….. and DEFINITELY too far to swim. 🙂

      So, ….. if an object is moving through/or near these three major “debris fields”…. then it could knock debris everywhere as it plows through.
      Hence, more meteors and comets in the last few years.

      Also, this explains the 6th Seal events and the first 4 Trumpet Judgments.

      All the natural upheavals that JESUS spoke about are happening……….because of PLANET X coming through our Solar System.

      And who knows, but God alone………that maybe a few other “surprises” may be coming our way. Time will tell.

  16. Oh hey! Up studying late again. Just rec’g info …

    Amazing Volcanic Eruption and Lava Flows in Iceland

    I’m now believing that there is a prophetic connection between the unusual amount of shooting meteors, volcanic activity, tied to the Feast of Trumpets next week ushering in the New Year in Israel, mixed in with the Blood Moon Oct 8!!!

    Pretty spectacular!


    • Really ??

      Gosh……..I thought it was all just a coinky-dinky-linky-thinggy.

      Hmffff………I am befuddled.

    • It is spectacular to watch volcano eruptions…the very nature of volcanos are so majestic. It amazing to see the pure forces which create such gigantic fire throwing pits. I flew over the one on the Big Island and it was an awesome sight even though that is more of a slow flowing magma.

    • As I watched this video, what is really amazing is that something that can be so destructive is also what supplies the ingredients vital to evolve and sustain life and which also constantly shapes the Earth’s landscape.

    • @ hell & dimension overlaps
      – above the earth (*) … heaven
      – below the earth … hell
      – in adjacent dimensions also
      – possibly wobbling to and fro
      – like a drunken harlot
      – and all creation shakin’
      – * surface

      @ dimensions of the damned
      – bleeding over into this world
      – with their sun a brown dwarf
      – and their planets barren cinders
      – some discern more than others
      – perhaps quantumly entangled
      – or like Christ in spirit form
      – slipping into darkness with
      – the keys to death and hell

      @ Still waitin’ for K, C,
      – and the lost planet airmen
      – to start a “Commander Cody” blog
      – to store the vast archives
      – of niburu, elenin, & anunnaki lore
      – along with blood moons
      – and black hole suns
      – and a stichin time savin’ nine
      – or was that a nick in time :mrgreen:

    • related…
      – “”
      – “”
      – “” (“stop killing our children … if you want yours to be safe”)
      – “”


      Have we learned nothing about the nature of absolute evil and the supreme confidence it displays — like the vain strutting of a shrill and capricious god?

      It is this same quality of god — this batlike deity projected against the backdrop of Heaven that moves termite-souled men to diabolic deeds more suited to Hell’s asylum. Having meditated deliciously upon the worm of loathing — having consumed that toxic diet of terminal civilizations whose crimes extend past the portals of distant memory has allowed Islam to consecrate vengeance, overweening pride, fratricidal ecstasy, and metallic cruelty into the congealed form of a savior who will raise it to the stars and exact every last drop of suffering from its enemies. In swearing to the annihilation or absorption of the infidel billions, their Allah of the Raging Furnace sanctions a litany of acts no casual lunatic would entertain:

      The crucifixion of unbelievers, the auctioning off of captive women, brothels containing Christian girls for serial ravishing, the rounding up and dispatching of little boys with 9 grams behind the ear, the raping of virgin girls before murder to deny them paradise, the beheading of non-combatants, the summary execution of surrendered forces.

      All of these acts, and others bearing the fingerprints of demoniac imaginations, are what comes when men sanctify that hideous presumption festering within and sculpt that viciousness into the alabaster mantle of a distant and terrible god.

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