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L. A. Marzulli

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

I remember 34 years ago as I was reading through the Bible for the first time and I came upon this passage.  Pray without ceasing!  How can anyone do this?  I wondered.  I asked my mentor at the time Wayne Kendall and he smiled sagaciously and stated, The Holy Spirit will show you how. 

I thought his answer was a cop-out and then went into the bank to cash a check.  Those were the days when Wayne and I worked together and along with his wifey Annie, ate most of our evening meals together.  I dedicated The Cosmic Chess Match, to Wayne and the dedication thanks him for getting me through the darkest days of my life, but I digress!

I was standing in a fairly long line at the bank and became impatient as the line was moving at a snail’s pace.  At this point something amazing happened.  The Spirit of the Living God pointed someone out in the line to me and said, Pray for that man!  

But I don’t even know the guy!” I protested.

Pray for him….

So I prayed.  When I finished the short, half-hearted prayer, the Spirit of the Living God spoke again and instructed me to pray for the woman who had just entered the bank.

Reluctantly I prayed again, not knowing what to pray.

The line moved and I finally conducted my business with the teller.  When I left the bank and  got back in my truck, I told Wayne what happened.

“Very Good Marzulli!” he replied.  “The Holy Spirit showed you how to pray without ceasing.  To pray for those around you when prompted by Him, even when you know nothing about the person.

I have carried this lesson throughout my Christian walk and have learned to pray without ceasing.  Now I don’t walk around praying all the time, but I pray at different times throughout the day and they are non-scripted, they are spirit-led.  Here’s what I mean.  There’s a show on the religious channel that features a group of nuns at a convent praying the rosary.  They chant the same prayer over and over again.  These prayers are rote and in my mind boring as all get-out.  We are actually instructed not pray repetitious prayers!

But when you pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.  Matthew 6:7

The Muslims pray 5 times a day, but once again these prayers are rote, and they are obliged to pray this way because of the mandate for them to do so.

Contrast both of these with the way the Spirit of the Living God leads us in prayer.  It is not rote, or boring, or predictable.  His leading in our prayer can happen at 3 in the morning, or 3 in the afternoon.  He can bring someone to mind that we haven’t thought of in years and we can intercede for him or her.  He can prompt us to pray for healing, deliverance, finances or a host of other specific needs to target.  One thing is for sure, when led by the Spirit of the Living God, prayer is never boring, especially when we hear about or witness the Lord answering our prayers.

A dramatic demonstration of prayer being answered happened in Watchers 8, when we were in the operating theater.  We were looking for Bill’s implant and had gone over the same small patch of skin, with the wand from an Ultra-sound machine, for over an hour without finding the metallic object.  At this moment, just when the Doctors were considering another X-ray, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray, and so I did.  It was short prayer, that went something like this.  Father, if there are forces which are cloaking this object I pray that you would break their power and do it soon.  Less than two minutes later the object suddenly appeared on the Ultra-sound monitor.  The moment was not lost on anyone.  The God of the universe broke the power of the Fallen One who I believe had concealed the implant.  One simple, short prayer, changed the atmosphere and broke the power of the enemy.

In closing todays’ Bun: Our prayers can change lives, heal the sick, raise the dead, mend broken relationships, and forgive those who have hurt us.  Our prayers act as weapons against the enemy of our souls.  Our prayers can summon the host of heaven to come to our aid.  Our prayer-life should dominate our thought-life.  Jesus prayed often and at times during His ministry, while He was on earth, withdrew to pray.  He knew the importance of prayer.

As J. Vernon McGee used to say, Prayer changes things…











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  1. Very good Sunday bun. I will share this at the women’s prison where I teach week.
    Thanks for praying for me at the conference in Colorado, I appreciate you taking your time out to minister to a little old lady.
    Norma S.

  2. Yes. Thank you. It’s funny because the first lines of the Bun from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 say:

    “16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

    This has been on my mind recently. I read a book that was given to me about 20 years ago during some trying tribulations. Being thankful for all things, good and bad, was something I had never really heard of before.

    The name of the book is “Prison to Praise’ by Merlin Carothers. I have read some of his other books also, but it has been so long. I got to talking to a neighbor at the apartment complex that we live in the other day and we got on the subject. I told her I would order some of the books and she was very exited. I got wrapped up into other stuff and forgot about it until I read the blog this morning. There are a few additional books he wrote I would like to read also.

    I highly recommend them, especially “Prison to Praise.” His personal testimony is incredible too. It has been produced into a low budget movie that is available on YouTube. I haven’t watched all of it yet, but the book is much better. Watching parts of the movie made me want to order this book again. It is very scriptural.

    God Bless and God Speed,
    Jimmy D.

  3. Another great bun! I feel like every moment should be a prayer. Hmmm, hard to describe here but I will try.
    It seems to me that prayer is an attitude as much as words/thoughts sent to God……your experience in the bank was listening in the attitude of prayer. Somehow that attitude keeps us in constant contact with Him. When we give in to temptation we are cutting that cord and I know that I for one am grateful that He heals that severed “heart” as soon as we reach back out to Him.
    Like a kid who lets go of a parents hand for a minute and gets scared, I reflexively reach back out now but it is constant practice, practice, practice!
    My own epiphany was years ago while praying as I did housework and, silly me, as I stopped needing to use the bathroom I thought (modestly? LOL) “Excuse me for a moment” and He laughed in my head and said, “Goofy girl…..I invented all of that, do you think I wait outside the door while you tinkle?”
    Once we “get the hang of it” that He is with us always, it doesn’t even need words. I see a name or think of someone’s face and it can be a prayer for that person if my attitude is right. I pray that way with every comment here 🙂
    We are the church and live it every minute, not just when we sit in the “club house” on Sunday morning with other members.
    Does that make sense? I love you all

    • Yes it makes sense. I was at a store and a lady passed by me. Instantly I felt she was distressed and I had this intensive need to stop and pray for her. I stopped called out to her and asked her if it was ok for me to pray over her. Startled, she nodded “yes” and I prayed over her and even laid hands on her. I felt relieved, thanked her and went about my business shopping. I even laughed because the lady didn’t know me but allowed me to pray for her.

      A few minutes later the lady caught up to me and told me her story:

      She had been ill. In fact she couldn’t kick it. She had prayed over it. The Holy Spirit had instructed her to go to this particular store. As sick as she was she did as she was told. Little did she know I would end up praying for her in the aisle. She stated her sickness “broke” right after I had prayed. We both then laughed because we came to understand that we were there for a specific divine moment led by the Lord’s prompting through the Holy Spirit.


    • Oh, Seashoremary! I had one of those same encounters yesterday!!!! At my fella’s son’s wedding at a place called, “Spirit of the Woods conservation club” deep in the Manistee National Forest……almost 20 miles from our little city. What some might call the middle of nowhere!……and I was of course the decorator and much of the planner so after the crazy set up of canopies, tables, decoration and facilitating the caterer to feed 100 people. Then the ceremony over, I went down by the river to a quiet bench for a few minutes. Suddenly, I was joined by a young woman that I had never met from the bride’s family. I had just seen her hugging an older woman. She was teary eyed and said, “I’m sorry… is just so hard.”
      It turns out she came in from probably 1000 to 1500 miles away for the wedding! It was her first time seeing a lot of her ex family that she had lost contact with during a difficult divorce 10 years ago. Her ex who lives here, did not go to the wedding because she was there and though his mother and grandmother were kind and friendly to her it still was stressful. She told me she had gotten over his infidelity which caused their divorce a long time ago but he still hates her even though he was the one who left her for someone else.
      I was able to relate because I had been through similar and was able to counsel and we talked about how hate is not the opposite of love and he is clinging to it so he doesn’t have to deal with his own regrets. We prayed for him and she later looked me up on facebook and friended me.
      I count that a miracle and an honor that God sent her all that way to get a hug and comfort from an old lady stranger in the woods so far from her home! I have a very strange feeling that I will eventually meet her ex since he lives in this area (might even know him already!) and HS will put a right word in my mouth to help him heal too? Hmmmmm, this life is an amazing adventure!
      2 strangers in 2 days in that remote place! the other one was a fisherman who just happened to walk through the site as we set up tents the night before and it turned out he was from the area I used to live and worked for my son!!!!! And asked me to tell my kid that he has been clean and sober for over a year. I didn’t ask and don’t need to know but obviously I was put in the right place at the right time to convey a message for my very own son 250 miles away!
      I am going to think of the place as “Holy Spirit of the Woods” now 🙂

  4. Praying without ceasing…thank you L.A. for your teaching by example. I had wondered too if it meant praying without stopping 24/7 in which case I know I fall short because I’m not quick enough to think of what to pray for to cover the time spent on it. So I decided I would be satisfied to pray when the Lord prompted me. I also pray when mercy and compassion moves me to pray, which can be often.

    The more I pray, the deeper my relationship with the Lord grows, increasing my faith and trust.

    Blessings and thank you Lord!

  5. “”

    Hamas rearming.

    No! Say it ain’t so!

    • after ground-to-air is deployed…
      – then comes air-to-ground


      Rev. 13:13

      “And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people.”

  6. Ephesians 5:15-20

    See then that ye walk circumspectly (* “aware”)
    – not as fools but as wise
    Redeeming the time because the days are evil
    – Wherefore be ye not unwise
    But understanding what the will of the Lord is
    – and be not drunk with wine wherein is excess
    But be filled with the Spirit speaking to yourselves
    – in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs
    Singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord
    Giving thanks always for all things unto God
    and the Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    * – “careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences”

    Ecclesiastes 5:1-3

    Keep thy foot(**) when thou goest to the house of God
    – and be more ready to hear
    – than to give the sacrifice of fools
    For they consider not that they do evil
    Be not rash with thy mouth
    – and let not thine heart be hasty
    – to utter any thing before God
    For God is in heaven and thou upon earth
    – therefore let thy words be few
    For a dream cometh through the multitude of business
    – and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words

    ** – “don’t stick it in your mouth

    much more in James 3 and the Proverbs



    • Broken Vessels…….pray! This is one of those songs where the anointing is SOOO VERY POWERFUL !!! ENJOY HIS GRACE 🙂

      Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) – Hillsong Worship – with Lyrics (Deluxe Edition)

    • PRAYER………it all begins when we speak THE NAME…….JESUS !!!!

      No Other Name [Official Lyric Video] – Hillsong Worship

  7. You know also its about protecting yourself in the spirit. We can’t be on this earth without coming into contact with things and when something tries to attach itself we can pray it off even when we don’t know what it is. We can feel it in our spirit and get rid of it. Lotta times I will get Prayin and I wind up gagging and coughing getting rid of stuff. I know you know what I’m talking about. LOL!



  8. very good L.A., like others mentioned your Holy Spirit inspiration of prayer is very timely and a refreshing reminder of who we are as Christians and even with the turmoil that spans the globe and is probably here, we have A Father Who has us in His Unchanging and Protective Hand. thanks for that, NICK

  9. I needed this bun on prayer, but why do you say Holy Spirit prompts you and how do you know it is not your own thoughts, perceptions and good intentions guiding you? I wrestle with this.

    • @ Flipunderwood: Are you “born again in the spirit?” Once you are born again in the spirit, there is a distinct “feeling” that comes over you. The Holy Spirit is God’s spirit manifesting inside of you. It takes a while to recognize Him but you will. Once you “understand” it’s not you “thinking” of things you’ll recognize the prompting.

      Of course, the Holy Spirit will not give you evil thoughts. God is holy. It’s against His nature to hurt you. But he will definitely guide you into doing the right thing. The most important thing you would need to recognize Him is to read His Word (the Holy Bible) so you understand how God thinks.

      It’s a journey. If a person constantly “feeds” his thought life with evil, then the enemy is manifesting and not the Holy Spirit. If you line yourself up with the Word, you’ll get a better hold of what God has for you.

      God reveals His will to you through His Holy Spirit.

      If you’ve not committed yourself to Jesus Christ formally, let me know. Read this article I wrote in August 26, 2011, “You Must Be Born Again”:
      (note: copy the url, remove the quotes ” “, paste it into your browser and click on it to get to it)


    • Flip, in Luke, we’re shown that The Father gives more of the Holy Ghost to those that ask for more of Him.

      And in Acts, a clear distinction is drawn between being saved (such as those who waited in the upper room) and the Holy Spirit empowering/enabling them.

      Elisha received a double portion of the anointing that was on Elijah. And he did twice the works in kind that Elijah did.

      You asked how you know it’s not your own thoughts. Let me contrast with sin (as doing that which is against God’s will). Sin costs you more, takes you further, and keeps you longer than you want. The Holy Ghost provides discipline, so that we can “take every thought captive” and “have the mind of Christ.”

      For me, His interaction is more often on a pre-verbal level … definitely conversational, often surprising, even to the point of my experiencing “Ah, I see…” He definitely spares words with me, for which I’m grateful. Otherwise, I’d be overwhelmed. I’ve also heard Him speak audibly as The Creator — and there was no doubt that all creation was turning to do His will. (…unfolding and continuing)

      And we have this (faith comes by hearing) — His sheep know His voice.

      I think there’s a self-correcting process also. Follow the leading of your own inner voice enough — and you’ll go off track, which bites.

      The point is just ask Him. Such as pointing out what He takes pleasure in, takes joy in, and delights in ??? !!!

    • Steve Harvey just said that same comment on Oprah’s Lifeclass program tonight ( “Sin costs you more, takes you further, and keeps you longer than you want.”) In fact, my wifey and I will be seen asking Steve a question on next week’s (9/14) broadcast. We taped the 2 shows August 25 here in Chicago. On Sep 7, 2014 10:21 PM, “L.A. Marzulli’s Blog” wrote: > > nomemoleste commented: “Flip, in Luke, we’re shown that The Father gives more of the Holy Ghost to those that ask for more of Him. And in Acts, a clear distinction is drawn between being saved (such as those who waited in the upper room) and the Holy Spirit empowering/enabli” >

    • Flip, That may be an example of a Holy Ghost intervention. Throughout the Bible, it’s typical that God does things with confirming witnesses. “Let all things be established by the testimony of two or three” and see “The Two Witnesses” in Revelation 11.

      What’s important, God repeats. The more important, the more He repeats.

      Both Steve Harvey and Oprah are examples of worldly compromise in their support for democrat party politics including abortion, sin supporting lifestyles, and false leadership. Compromised christianity is like Samson.


      As contrasted with Job, Joseph, or Jesus (Yeshua) himself. Job was turned over to the devil (short of taking his life) by God, lost everything, and was restored. He finally learned to see his complaints about being treated unfairly (indirectly addressed to God) in the light of larger issues. We’re caught in heaven’s war to flush out and contain the angels compromised by satan’s fall.

      In Steve Harvey’s case, who is vehemently anti-atheist (as reported), the truth spoken in love is more like this: Only 1 degree on a 360 degree circle points truly to Christ. All others including atheism lead the damned away (astray). And usually there are fallen angels that have claimed those other directions — often with some false substitute for Christ (other than Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua Messiah, the only direct/begotten Son of God). The christs (nor even the heroes) of the pantheistic religions (cp. Oprah) can’t save anyone from sin. And sin ends in the second death after the resurrections where the fallen angels and their followers are tossed out of heaven into the Lake of Fire — which was made to contain them(*).

      What question did you ask her?

      * – I suspect their followers are physically resurrected in their image (with enemy angel DNA instead of Christ’s DNA).

      ps. sorry no edit … please pardon the typos

    • Hi, Flipunderwood.

      You should be pretty easy to spot on the TV. 🙂

      Read article about Mr Harvey appearing on Oprah promoting his new book, ‘Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success: Discovering Your Gift and the Way to Life’s Riches’, and during interview (w/ O) in which he says he is “lucky and has given credit to his creator…” Further in that article, it states that “Lifeclass… For each class Oprah is joined by an expert she has hand-picked for the topic to be discussed; together they interact with viewers around the globe to share principles and tools that can help people live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.”

      I guess the ‘experts’ will be New Age Gospellers such as Tolle and other counterfeit christs?

      John 14:6

    • G’Day, Seashoremary!

      Years ago, late 90s I purchased “Masters of the Stars” (VHS) video of UFOs over Mexico, produced by Maussan in 1993 or ’94 (I think).. It was astounding because there were so many recordings made capturing UFOs on film (back then) and so many sightings (and not just of one singular UFO being visible in sky but numerous objects at same time) that would stop traffic, in Mexico City, and have people climb out of their cars to observe – and they also, often, made front page news headlines there but, for some reason, would not rate a mention in news programs elsewhere – except for the ones (observed in other countries) that would probably entertain the skeptics and others, including the newsreaders, whom would ridicule the story or eyewitnesses (and give excuse to insert the X-files/Twilight Zone theme music) and mixing up the stories which made the news with legitimate accounts and fake ones – possibly to influence an idea that it is all nonsense, or to discredit any validity to them.

      As usual… to the person I lent that video to…… 🙂

      As for prayer. I give thanks and praise to the LORD for protecting my family and house from major storm which hit Perth through early hours of this morning (actually, it’s been for a couple of days but more severe conditions, last night). Very grateful.. I was in insomnia mode and wide awake through early hours, about 2am, when I heard tremendously loud crashing – initially, I thought the roof of house had come down – I went outside to investigate and, fortunately, discovered that it was the property border fence that had collapsed. As I am writing this, the neigbhour has just visited to inform us about the fence and kindly offered that it is not my problem re insurance etc. I’ll secure the debris, as soon as I can find some help (large sections and still very strong winds/bad weather) so as to avoid it being blown off and causing more damage to our homes or others. I was thinking, “I don’t need this, right now, and I can’t afford anything at the moment and to burden the cost of mending the whole fence is another thing to put me further behind.” And lo and behold, the Lord has the neigbhour visit to tell me it’s not my problem! Amen! It’s hit Perth pretty badly – power outages, roofs lifted off etc, and still in for it for a few more days. Property has been damaged/destroyed, but thank God there have been no fatalities. Many prayers, answered there, I believe.

      God Bless!


  10. I read the blog today as I was waiting for my wife and son to join me at our table for lunch this afternoon. The blog was fresh in my mind when a lady with a little boy came over and gave us a business card from her church and her little boy gave my son a sticker. They were very pleasant people and it made me talk about the scripture passage with my son. LA, you are inspirational.

  11. Amen and thank you L.A! When so many of your contemporaries are leaving sound doctrine and chasing money and offering titillating drama that ends up glorifying the enemy, this post is a breath of fresh, Holy Spirit air! God bless!

  12. THank you so much LA for this timely post.

    I have found that, yes, prayer can be a source of super natural power that can be harnessed to do things or provide things we desire or need. This is an “outside” of ourselves power, meaning we are a bystander or an audience to the change.

    But much more than that, prayer seems to be the most open conduit in which the holy spirit speaks to us, which makes sense when the holy spirit nudges you You pray. It’s like the holy spirit calls you on your cell phone, but you have to answer it and speak to take the call.

    In this way, prayer opens you up to understanding God’s will in our lives. This is a power manifested where we are an active participant in resolving the issue we prayed over by following the direction of the holy spirit. It may not align with our expectations of how to resolve the problem or even the end result could be counter to our own desires. But regardless it will align with God’s will and thus be good for us since God love us.

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