It’s Coming to America…. To Where We Live

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L. A. Marzulli

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) — As they strolled through Westgate Mall, guns strapped to their torsos, the attackers chatted on their cell phones while they sprayed bullets at terrified shoppers.

Ruthless and nonchalant, they randomly gunned down shoppers at the upscale mall in the Kenyan capital.

At one point, they took turns to pray, removing shoes to perform the ritual washing in a room stacked with boxes. They bowed down in Islamic prayer, taking a break from incessant gunfire.

 This terrorist attack happened far from the shores of America.  It was conducted by radical Islamists, Jihadists who mercilessly cut short the lives of at least 67 people.  They conducted the attack with precision and cunning, even stopping to pray to their god before killing another innocent bystander.

So why am I running with this story now?  Yesterday a second journalist was beheaded by ISIL in Iraq.  The Islamists cut the head off this man and ended his life in a very gruesome way.  This is the face of Jihad.  This is what radical Islamists bring to the table.  As an article I posted several weeks ago stated, Radical Islam is the monster in the room!

Let ‘s look at the numbers.  There are roughly 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world.  if only 1% of them are radicalized that would be 14 MILLION terrorists.  The numbers are higher, but for the sake of erring to the  conservative side, I’m going with only 1 percent.

Our malls are unprotected.  Millions of people visit them daily and on the weekends many families spend time together there.  They are beautiful, and in many cases the architecture is stunning.  Water falls, quite pools, statues and other art are standard fare.  Giant mobiles slowly  turn over head.  Food courts boast multi-national dishes from the four corners of the world.  People think the mall is a safe place to go. Think again….

I believe the Islamists will target our malls.  They are a soft target and if they strike they will cause panic and fear, which is exactly what the Jihadists want.  There are 47,835 malls in America at the moment.

All of them are sitting ducks, easy prey for those who seek to kill us.

When, not if this happens here—God forbid—what is our next step as a nation.  What will we do to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Islamic Slogans Spray-Painted Onto Three Indiana Churches

“We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve for what they have associated with Allah of which He had not sent down [any] authority. And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.”  From the Koran

Our malls, schools, sporting events are all soft targets.   We must take action soon, by deporting any and all people from Middle Eastern Countries who support terror groups, period.  The fact that three churches were spray-painted gives us an idea that “they” are already here and like Major Hassan—the Fort Hood Shooter—there’s no way to tell who the bad guys are until after the smoke clears.

The KKK and other hate groups used to lynch people in the last century.  This was home-grown terrorism.  Our FBI could put a stop to the threat of Islamic terrorists if they are given the go-ahead.  However, Obama doesn’t seem to have a plan….!  In the end if we cower and do nothing they will attempt to fly the black flag of ISIL over the White House.  They say what they mean and mean what they say and we can’t sit and discuss peace with them.  They do not peace, they want a world that is under their interpretation of Sharia law.


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69 thoughts on “It’s Coming to America…. To Where We Live

  1. When they hit the malls and maybe schools also,.. people will be afraid to leave their homes
    It will really hurt Comerse and then the Stock Market.

  2. I thought ISIS was “just the JV team” according to our esteem POTUS.

    It’s like they want something to happen. Or at least he does. And his handlers. I’ll spare the ranting tirade I could go on right now but needless to say I agree with today’s blog.

    • ” We must take action soon, by deporting any and all people from Middle Eastern Countries who support terror groups, period. ”

      Never happen as badly as I wish it would.

    • I know! I’m perplexed by our president’s seeming lack of interest up until now. With the 2nd beheading he’s really had no choice but to do something. But I don’t think 350 extra troops in Iraq are going to help much. I swear, he’s either “out of it” for some reason or he really wants to help the enemy. I’d really like to know what his deal is.

    • “or he really wants to help the enemy.”

      I honestly lean more towards this or at least a: “gotta keep tearing the USA down by any means necessary even if it means allowing something like this to a certain degree.”

    • Eric, unfortunately I can see both possibilities. I didn’t vote for Obama, of course, because I disagree with his policies but I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, re: the theory that he wants to undermine the country. At least I felt like, on the surface, other Democrat leaders CARED about the U.S. and would protect it. But I don’t get that feeling from him, either in word or deed.

    • That makes sense Eric. Deport. I have often wondered here in Canada since we are really really loaded with many people (first generation imigrants from many diverse nations ) what would happen if there was an all out war here? To whom would you give the guns to fight for us?
      Or who would you know to shoot at? Since both sides look the same? Well here in the North:) we would have to colour code our uniforms..

      I think L.A. Has cured my shopping habbit:)

  3. If terrorism strikes America, perhaps preparation is the key to safety, being alert at all times, having an escape plan actively in one’s mind should be paramount given the circumstances:

    The question we should be asking if this terrorism is meant to instigate the preparation to initiate a military police state?

    • Instilling fear into people is the target. That’s preparation 101.

      However, disconcerting as it may appear, there is an obvious plan in action when 11 airliners are stolen:

      It isn’t just malls in America but other highly visible larger population areas which are in my option, target areas.

      We’re coming up to 9-11, be prepared for the unlikely.


  4. Hi All,

    Remember in the Bible when Jesus cast out demons and was accused of being a demon himself. He responded
    with, how can satan cast out his own …a house divided cannot stand. If the potus is doing nothing I feel we already have our answer.on who he is………the house of evil will not be divided and only the appearance of action against it, is what we will see.

    • I’m afraid you may be right. I am shocked that POTUS has not even tried to look like he cares and has a plan. His people must be totally incompetent or he doesn’t listen to them. Surely they know the image he’s perpetuating. Maybe they don’t care either!

    • If nothing else I’m amazed his handlers haven’t at least had him say some things that sound remotely presidential. Have they left him hung out to dry?

    • Looks like we have to experiences another 9/11 attack before our esteemed government gets off their amply padded arses and does something, then again, they could burn America to the ground and Obama would just play golf. As long as he is president there will be nothing done to stop this.
      Obama had his goons have not yet figured out, if they are not stopped over there, they will eventually come to you. Just ask the Europeans that were invaded years ago. These brainwashed radicals think in centuries, not hours or days.

    • Eric, I’m wondering…are they letting him hang himself for some reason? Or is he unmanageable? Matt, interesting point about them thinking in terms of centuries.

  5. I would think that they would hit football stadiums because that seems to be the popular ‘god’ of the US. And it is the start of the season. With that, we are not to fear.

    • I am hoping that there would be some Intel if there was any kind of threat against a football game. If there is a creditable threat the game should be canceled. The potential loss of life would be on a grand scale. There is no “game” worth the risk of a terrorist attack. NFL needs to think of the fans, players and most of all the cheerleaders in any decision to go forward with any game if there is a creditable threat by any terrorist group.

    • I respect RP a lot. His strongest suit far and away is fiscal issues.

      I’m no neocon by a mile but I really don’t have a lot of agreement with him on foreign policy when we get into certain specifics. I certainly can’t agree with him on this right now. We need to have some kind of policy and answer.

      Whether we made them or not… ISIS is a real problem and very likely some of them are probably here in the USA, too, along with other sleeper cells. We have no borders. This isn’t “conspiracy theory.” This is just using our heads.

  6. Radical logic?

    @ attack Wall Street and The Pentagon (9/11)
    – striking against “the powers that be” and
    – their occult symbology (horns/double-obelisk and pentagram)
    – to target the great satan and his power base
    – like blowing up the twin buddhas

    @ attack mainstream media
    – by beheading reporters
    – or gunning down olympic athletes
    – to co-opt news cycles
    – for recruiting those that alone are impotent

    @ attack malls and schools
    – as active shooter targets
    – to inject chaos into the lives
    – of those indoctrinated (mesmerized)
    – into mindless mass consumption

    Willing victims??

  7. I want everyone to remember Obama’s words “There is no sound as beautiful as the morning call to prayer”. ISLAM THE GREAT AND PEACEFUL RELIGION. Obama said so and gave ISIS and the Muslim brotherhood a billion dollars in aid when he referred to them as the Syrian resistance. The great Arab spring at work with the help of US tax dollars. Doesn’t it make us proud of our leadership?
    “There is no sound as beautiful as the morning call to prayer”
    Well, Obama obviously has not been sound asleep in a hotel at 4:00 am across the street from a mosque when those speakers go off. I had to sleep with earplugs for 3 months while on a job for my company…it was horrible. . I should have demanded hazard pay.

    What is really upsetting is British Prime Minister is more concerned about an American having his head lopped off than Obama…..must have been tee time again and he couldn’t miss it. Obama and his entire administration are so preoccupied with fund raising on the golf courses and completing their month long vacation no matter what is going on in the world. Obama himself is so incompetent, inept, disinterested, and has no idea what to do… therefore will do nothing….does anyone have any idea who is going to step up in his place and protect the American people from this evil that is moving closer and closer to home?? Two Americans have been killed on the National stage and Obama ‘has no strategy’. I have seen him recently out on the ‘campaign trail’ making speeches about CLIMATE CHANGE!! REALLY? I don’t know a single person that gives one diddly about climate change. He is campaigning all over the country and saying he can’t get these things done without the Dems keeping the Senate…..he has no clue that our very lives are at stake in the country……and he doesn’t have any idea what to do!!
    I’m still amazed this community organizer is our president…
    Benjamin Franklin — “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic”

    • Benjamin Franklin — “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic”

      That’s all there is to it.

    • Personally, I like the sound of church bells ringing. I’m remembering as a child I used to wake up to the sound of or nearest church bells ringing early morning. Don’t know why they stopped doing it. I wasn’t born again yet but they did minister to me.

      For whom the bells toll. Do they toll for thee?

    • Honestly, I would rather listen to Brother Mike Murdock talk about how poor he was as a child and how many times he walked 8 miles to school without shoes in the dead of winter than a Muslim call to prayer. Both are like listening to fingers nails running down a chalkboard but at least Murdock with his hurricane strength toupee and jet black dye job is somewhat entertaining to watch

  8. “”
    Murdered US Journalist Was Actually Israeli

    Journalist beheaded by Islamic State had made aliyah, risked his life to fast on Yom Kippur and pray towards Jerusalem in captivity.

    And with that, ISIS has made their first direct move against Israel or at least a citizen of Israel that I’m personally aware of.

    • Yes first they killed a professing Christian, James Foley and now a Jew, US/Israeli citizen Steven Sotloff. We must pray for Steven’s poor mother who just last week made a video pleading for the life of her son.

      We have to destroy this army of “radicals” before they destroy us. They are not kidding around. Anyone who would ram a crucifix through a child’s neck is demon possessed. Is there any doubt who Allah really is?

  9. My son and a team from our church were scheduled to fly into Nairobi, Kenya the day after that slaughter happened for a two week mission trip in the bush country. I’m so grateful to report that they were unscathed, were very productive in their ministry and arrived home praising God for His presence with them. Things could have gone very differently but we all had a deep peace in our hearts after prayer before they went to the airport to leave. I know many of you are in agreement w/ my opinion that BO and TPTB have no desire to thwart this potential holocaust in our country – or anywhere else. It’s all part of the plan. How shocked these minions of evil will be when they find out the real plans satan has for them. I fill my heart and mind with our Lord’s promises in Psalm 91 as I dwell (not just visit) the secret place of the Most High.

  10. What a horrible event if something like what LA described would happen. We are no longer safe anywhere it seems. I agree! We should deport anyone who supports terrorism. 14 million is a mind blowing number.

    • Reminds me of a comment I read on an article about IS coming to the U.S., the commenter said something like; “Wonderful its better they come here because I can’t afford a plane ticket to go there to kill the bastards”.

    • If they do indeed come here they will be immediately issued a drivers licenses , food stamps, free health care, free education, free transportation (bus passes) free cell phone (Obama phone) ,free section 8 housing, free cable TV, plus free English/Spanish classes, so they can then watch their preferred networks CNN, Telemundo, and Al Jazeera. (The free Spanish classes are in case they get lost or need to order a pizza in the Miami area)

    • Kirk, I see Gill Broussard did a radio interview. He has matched the audio with all of his intricate charts. Here’s part 1 if you want to give it a glance. By the way, where’s Corey? Hope that he’s fine.

    • R. Bannon ( aka = John T )….

      This is one of the videos that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all people …. especially LA MARZULLI …. since he also does research
      that is effecting the world in these “end times”.

      Can anyone “fully understand” every aspect of what is coming ?? Probably not, except by God giving “insight and revelation knowledge”
      that comes by His Word and a personal relationship with Him. This is just one reason that The Prophets of old were mocked, because
      they “knew things” without necessarily “seeing”….. but instead “knew by The Spirit of God”.

      I think this series >>>> “Planet-7X – KELB Radio Interview Part 1 of 6” on youtube by Gill Broussard …. should be studied by EVERYONE.
      Broussard gives much to look at and ponder over that really lines up with Biblical Study….which sadly is missing by many people today.

      Thanks for being “bold enough” to put this on the blog, because MANY will poo-poo things like this also, but that bothers me not…
      except for the harsh reality of the effects that will eventually come upon this earth that will bring in the TRIBULATION PERIOD.

      And the vast majority of people do NOT even see what is coming…..just like is stated in Luke 21:34-36….

      Currently, we are on the door steps of this period of time! Yet most people do NOT know the signs of the times.

      R. Bannon…….you did very well by posting this!!! [ As to Corey, he may be more active on his own blog possibly. 😉 ]

    • R. Bannon ( John T )….

      i forgot to mention that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE subscribing to Gill Broussard’s Youtube Channel and going through
      the many videos he has produced because they do a great job putting explanations to historical events. Worth the time to study!!!

      i have been subscribed to Gill’s channel ever since i first found his stuff earlier this summer and that was when i first placed a video
      on this blog asking for Corey and everyone to watch it too…. and he felt it was very good as well.

      Some of these things related to Planet x / Nibiru / nemesis, etc …. I studied many years ago, but Gill Broussard’s graphs and charts
      take this subject to a place of GREAT EXCELLENCE IN STUDY and a whole new level of understanding…to which I appreciate.

      Once again, thanks for the “reminder” to view this series too….as i have yet to see this recent upload by Gill (Planet 7x).

      🙂 SWEET !!!

    • Hey Linda…..Make sure you watch the entire 6 parts and get to others………will do you well to understand this subject in light of Scripture.
      Much will blow you away and give you many “ahhh haaa Moments”. 😉

      The Word of God just keeps being revealed in greater and greater measure!

      AWESOME !!!

    • After listening to more of Gill’s videos ….which certainly make you really think….

      …. he does appear to not fully understand that there is a HUGE difference between THE CHURCH …. and ISRAEL……
      ………and he has a tendency to blend them together from what I can hear from him so far.

      Attempting to blend the two together makes for much confusion in Bible Prophecy and the fulfillment of prophetic events relating to each.

      MANY fail to realize….
      The rapture is for THE CHURCH [ made up of Born-again Jews and Gentiles ]….which takes place before the Time of Jacob’s Trouble,
      which is for The JEWS (ISRAEL) and is also known as Daniel’s 70th Week…The Tribulation Period….which is for 7 years….
      and BEGINS with the SIGNING of a 7 YEAR COVENANT by the leaders of ISRAEL …..made with the anti-CHRIST.

      this is noted in Daniel 9:27 and Isaiah 28:14-22.

      THAT period of time is coming and has NOT started yet, but is getting very close! Gill’s research is certainly showing that is true!!

  11. Haunted objects, associated with idolatry, divination, scrying, magic rituals, etc. can bring misfortune to those who
    own or acquire these items.


    [19] Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver.

    Flatmates put ‘haunted mirror’ up for sale on Ebay after being dogged by bad luck, financial misery and illness since rescuing it from a dumpster

    Painter Sotiris Charalambous says the mirror caused him to wake up screaming with ‘stabbing pains’ in the night
    Student Joseph Birch, 20, says ‘glimpses of black darkness’ have appeared in the antique
    Mirror, blamed for restless sleep and nightmares, has not reached reserve…

    • Famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren had many “haunted” or possessed objects locked away. No one was allowed alone in that room with these objects, it was kept under constant lock and key…and some say for good reason. Only way to see the objects was if Ed himself escorted you in and even then you were not allowed to remove or touch any of the items on display. Most of these were the items that Ed and Lorraine obtained from some of their paranormal investigations. (By the way, the movie “The Conjuring” is based on one of Warren’s actual cases)
      In fact one was called Annabell the Haunted Doll. It has been stated that this is one of the most unusual cases of a possessed object on record.
      They also had locked away a haunted Dibbuk Box; a painting created by artist Bill Stoneham called “The Hands Resist Him.” This painting is now largely considered to be one of the world’s most haunted works of art.
      There is also the Myrtles Plantation Mirror which is said to contains the spirits of a woman and her children,
      a haunted wedding dress that dances on its own, Robert the haunted doll, a chair from 1894 (that pushes people out of it and make them feel sick) There is also “The Women from Lemb Statue” and “The Anguished Man” (Captured On Video)….

  12. What is coming?
    Is that coming or brought to you by your on people?
    Till now barely anything has come to America, only things the Americans have brought in themseves.
    And yes, if some Islamic nut goes on a rampage or killing spree in America, watch out what you could bring over yourselves after that. Your reaction as a nation will be crucial and decisive. It’s like 9/11, after that event the American nation decided that it was alright to have a bunch of their liberties taken away from them. Another event like that and America will be at its knees by its own choosing. If you ever felt the need to prepare for something, prepare your hearts so that you won’t lose courage and allow to he enslaved. And certainly, it’s worth making this point sooner than later: americanism is not Christianity. Being a christian and an American patriot are two very different things. Christians will fall by confusing one for the other.

  13. President Obama speaking on behalf of NATO (he continues to use the “we” referring to United Nations, not U.S.A. Remember, Obama is President of the UN Security Council for the month of September.

    So who is minding business for the U.S. for September?

  14. Great article on terrorists !! – but double check your math- 1% of 1.4 billion is 10.4 million- But we still love ya brother lol. There again- I do hillbilly math and I could be crazy Sent from my iPhone


  15. fence rail riding security robot
    – radar
    – IR
    – audio
    – “other payloads”


    I wonder if there’s something similar that travels sewers?

  16. LA, perhaps you and Richard should do an “On the Trail of the Nephis” video game…
    – or mebe a Watcher TV segment on “Watching the watchers”


    Borchgrave obviously doesn’t get watching golf, tennis, bowling…..

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