L. A. Marzulli on Beyond Extraordinary with Natalina!

Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 25 – L.A. Marzulli

Is there a war coming in the Middle East? Are we headed toward a One World Government, a One World religious system? Will America be attacked again? Do ancient prophetic texts warn of the time we are living in? Are we in the Last Days… the Time of Jacob’s trouble… the end of the world as we know it? And what of the increase of UFO sightings? While we may disagree as to what is causing the phenomena, we can agree that it is real, burgeoning, and not going away. Is this the coming Great Deception that ancient prophecy warns us about? Does time seem to be accelerating? Join me, Natalina, as I welcome L.A. Marzulli back for another riveting and stimulating interview!  This is Beyond Extraordinary… Episode XXV!

LA. Marzulli Interview 2014*If the above paragraph seemed familiar to you, that’s because it is the same opening that you’ll hear L.A. deliver LIVE every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. PST during the opening sequence of Acceleration Radio*

It has been nearly a year since the last time I had L.A. Marzulli on Beyond Extraordinary, and it was such a pleasure to welcome him back.  L.A. discusses current events, Watchers 8, and the brand new Watchers TV.

Join us as we talk about the latest on the conflict in Israel, the threat of ISIS/ISIL, the UFO phenomena and how it all may indicate an acceleration toward events spoken of in ancient prophetic texts.  You won’t want to miss this show!

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WATCHERS 8 – Cloak of Secrecy!

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September 13:   L. A. Marzulli last East Coast Appearance!

Living Word Alive – Dumont New Jersey!



GIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub


giants-2nd-annualsGIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub Recorded LIVE at the 2ND Annual NEPHILIM MOUNDS Conference – June 2014  

Russ Dizdar

  1. Back-Breeding the Nephilim: “Supercharging DNA to Create the Ultra-Race”
  2. From Rocket Scientists to Ufologists: Manufacturing a Hybrid Creation
  3. The Quest For Immortality: The Guiding Hand Cloaking Transhumanism

L.A. Marzulli

  1. Giant Bones-Giant Coverups
  2. Ancient Megalithic Structures- Nephilim Architecture
  3. The UFO Breeding Program- Are the Nephilim Here Today?

Gary Stearman

  1. What is a Giant?- The Old Testament Footprints of the Nephilim
  2. It’s All About the Seed- The Human Genome and the Seed of the Woman

The Nephilim Mounds Conference that took place in Newark, Ohio last year was such a popular event, Russ Dizdar and L.A. Marzulli decided to do it again—with a familiar expert guest—Gary Stearman! These 3 experts on the biblical Nephilim expose the real agenda of the fallen cherub, Lucifer, and take this bizarre subject to a whole new level of understanding. Stearman’s unique perspective on the biblical background of the various types of giants that once roamed the Promised Land lays the groundwork for a complete understanding of Satan’s plans for the last days. 8 unique messages stand alone in their advanced biblical understanding!

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L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule 2014

L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23New Years Eve! December 31 – Calvary Chapel Oceanside – Southern Cal. http://www.calvaryoceanside.org/upcoming-events/item/322-l-a-marzulli-2014.html

Watcher’s 7! Screening in Southern California – Saturday – Feb. 1st. 7:30 pm – Just Cause Motion Capture Stage – 4130 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey!

February 21-22: Decoding the End Times Bible

Conference! www.theprophecyforum.com

March 28-30: Prophecy In the News! Orlando www.prophecyinthenews.com 

April 5 & 6 – Dominion Christian Centerhttps://www.facebook.com/dominioncc?ref=hl

April 25 -27: Behold the Days are Coming Conference http://www.412church.org   

May 5-15: Peru tour with L. A. Marzulli & Brein Foerster!

June 13-14: Nephilim Mounds II – www.nephilimmounds2.com June 28-29: The War of Art! Southern California! https://www.facebook.com/events/477292755732768/

July 25-27 – Prophecy in the News Colorado! www.prophecyinthenews.com

September 13:   Living Word Alive – Dumont New Jersey!   http://livingwordalive.com/index.html

October 24-25: Strategic Trends with Chuck Missler – http://khouse.org/conference

November 7- 9: Tri State Prophecy Conference – W/ Gary Stearman & Russ Dizdar

2015 Speaking Schedule

January 17 – CERO UFO Lecture – Los Angeles

March 12-15: Lion Heart Ministries in Knoxville Tennessee.  

April 3-5: Memphis Tennessee.  Details soon.

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at la@lamarzulli.net L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views. Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.


33 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli on Beyond Extraordinary with Natalina!

  1. This is an awesome interview.

    This girl was born from three biological parents

    ^^ Playing God… how’s that working for us?

    Someone asked me: If you have a heart transplant, isn’t that like receiving DNA from somebody else?

    ^^ That’s a very good point.

    LA’s interview with the Hagmanns from last night. Also well worth your time. 🙂

    • Hi Eric! Yes, DNA, on the heart transplant changes the DNA added to blood transfusion involved.

      I became suspicious when my mom started receiving blood transfusions when her blood cells were low showing up on her lacking strength. In fact, she was being told by doctors that she was loosing blood but they couldn’t find the source of her loss.

      I prayed over her situation and God showed me through revelation, that she wasn’t loosing blood cells, but rather she wasn’t manufacturing them!

      I explained the loss to mom and she understood the concept. She must have repeated the concept to her doctor because she ended up receiving a newly created method to create new cells through blood transfusions. Her blood type totally changed due to the method.

      We always prayed when transfusions took place asking the Lord for healthy blood.

      It does get sticky because now that I understand alien cells mixing with human cells nullifies the human!

      Mom’s “spirit being” hasn’t changed and I’m believing she is receiving pure human blood. I know mom still prays each time she may have to receive a transfusion.


    • The Hagmann & Hagmann interview last night was great. So good to hear L.A. cut loose with no major time restraints and tell it like it is. Good job!

    • Seashoremary, interesting comment about Jerry Lewis yesterday. Also, I’ve wondered about colloidal silver for ebola, surely they’ve tried it already? Praying for your mom.

  2. @ H&H interview of LA last night
    – re: voting lesser evils
    – obama’s, reid’s, pelosi’s
    – compromisers (political & religious)
    – chrislams, interfaithers, pantheists

    Gotta say that voting is an opiate
    – in any “representational system”
    – where the elected officials remain
    – active party members
    – who are the actual super-voters

    Which is even more diluted by…
    – imperial presidencies
    – judicial activism
    – false leaders
    – short cutting vice enforcing

    The only good alternative…
    – is the Kingdom of God
    – which is righteousness, peace, and joy
    – in the Holy Ghost (spiritual)
    – cp. Whole Armor of God (spiritual)

    other dimensional connection
    – like a great net cast into the sea
    – recall Elisha showed Gehazi…
    – the holy angels camped about
    – and Yeshua told us
    – that heaven is within

    Why dwell in the physical…
    – when the only good place in this world
    – is to remain in the House of Prayer
    – hidden in the cleft of the rock

    Remember both Yeshua and Peter walked on water…
    – before Yeshua was crucified, resurrected, and glorified

  3. Attn. Matt

    Biffoot sighting and print,
    Sawer it by the monkey bars. (bess ta stayway frowm them monkey bars)


    • Hoax alert. “Childers is used to dealing with strange occurrences, and he has even been featured on A&E for his paranormal investigations. But the large creature, whatever it was, actually startled him. “I think it was hiding out. It was bedding down, and I spooked it whenever I got there to take pictures.”

      Uh huh , sure you did Childers….the guy is a supposed “paranormal investigator” and he has no idea what it was? I’d say he is a poor investigator then. I would know in a split second what I was looking at if it was a Sasquatch , there is no mistaking or misidentifying these creatures….his story is pure bunk.

  4. “http://news.yahoo.com/islamic-state-issues-video-beheading-u-hostage-171957528.html”

    2nd American reporter beheaded!

    • Beheaded?

      Did we actually see the head being removed? Sorry to sound so callous and hard-hearted. That’s not my intent. The intent being the very real possibility that just as the other reported “Beheading” of James Foley did not happen but was faked. I’m not saying it is a fake. I am just saying this must, MUST be vetted 100%. My prayer and hope is that these are indeed fakes.



  5. you have to listen to this: linda m howe is interviewing a man w/ knowledge re dulce, different alien life forms and why they abduct people and mutilate animals. They preserve their lines through us: we like a pharmacy for them. It’s on her web site.

  6. “http://www.esecurityplanet.com/network-security/russian-hackers-breach-jpmorgan-chase-four-other-u.s.-banks.html”

    @ “gotta be embarrassing…”
    – all that security
    – all that responsibility
    – I’d check disgruntled employees
    – with “blackmailable” lifestyles

    Hackers Breach JPMorgan Chase, Four Other U.S. Banks

    The hackers stole gigabytes of sensitive data, though it’s not clear whether the attacks were aimed at financial gain or cyber espionage.

    Whatever can be shaken….

  7. National UFO Alert: Seven states report 285 August cases
    Posted by: Roger Marsh September 2, 2014 0 308 Views

    The National UFO Alert Rating System has been updated for September 2014, with California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio moving to a UFO Alert 3 as the highest reporting states during the month of August 2014, filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
    California was the leading high-reporting state in August with 99 cases, down from 104 July cases, 107 June cases, 102 May cases, 80 April cases, 103 March cases, 59 February cases, and 102 January cases. Those states in a UFO Alert 4 category with 13 or more reports include: Washington, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, Indiana, and New Jersey.
    All other states move to a UFO Alert 5 category with lower numbers of UFO activity. The Watch States – with 10 or more cases – are Georgia, Nevada, Alabama, Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and South Carolina.
    MUFON released August statistics September 1, where the total number of reported UFO sightings is listed by state. The entire country was moved back to the lowest alert level – UFO Alert 5.
    California takes the lead with 99 cases; Texas, 42; New York, 29; Michigan, 28; Florida, 26; Pennsylvania, 26; and Ohio, 25.

  8. Pastor Jack and Dr. Paul Wilkinson discuss Christian Palestinianism <<<< MANY people need to understand this teaching.

  9. @ file next to “their god is their belly”


    reminds me of “the hogfather”

    • I looked up ‘the hogfather’ and ended up reading the wikipedia info. BIzarro theme & plot… the description “…assassination of hogfather and other anthropomorphic personifications.” was interesting. I have come across a few people in the last couple of years who have tried to convince me regarding Christ and the Bible characters and accounts as being ‘anthropomorphic’ in formation or whatever. A few of these people were uni students in English language. They haven’t convinced me, no matter how impressive they may be with words, or so they think. That’s why I refer to Colin’s Cobuild Dictionary for English Learners and the Aussie Oxford dictionary and the Webster’s now and then. Fancy word that ‘anthropomorphic’. I can see your comparison after reading those articles (somewhat). 🙂

    • “their god is their belly”

      When I see this socialist Idololgy it irks me to no end, makes me want to hasten the coming of our Lord.

      Pete, Behave! Yes, Spring is in the air. Soon time to throw a couple of bunnies on the barby cobber.

    • @ muffin toppers…
      – for plastic barbies & cobbers
      – add a couple of bertie bunyips
      – with a kangawallafox or two
      – for brekkie, with snottygobbles
      – so Matt can snare a squatchadoodle

      …on the side :mrgreen:

  10. ** Dogs feast on Ebola victim carcasses in Liberia **

    A foreshadowing of Revelation 6:8?

    And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.


    • Linda, the idea came to my mind when I read this article a few days ago, however the beast of the Earth possibly refer to the beasty boys of Revelation if you know what I mean jelly bean. Anyway why not entertain both ideas till one becomes more prominent than the other.
      Here is a link on the subject I found randomly that I am going to read for others perspectives: “http://www.alankurschner.com/2012/08/04/who-are-the-wild-beasts-of-the-earth-in-the-fourth-seal-of-revelation-68/”

    • Azureceu, yes I know what you mean about the beasty boys of Revelation, that it could refer to them as the beasts (better than the poor animals). Interesting article, will read it through again.

      Another thought is could David Hanson possibly be the A/C who turns on humanity? (.. just as in the tale of the heat gun..)

  11. Why do we think that it’s difficult to explain the existence of God to men? Cold is the absence of heat, darkness is the absence of light, then Satan, aka evil, is the absence of God, the Father of Love, in our heart.

    We adults make things too complicated, so He chose the child to explain God to us!

    Can we see the wind? Can we see love? No we see the results of the wind by the rustling of the tree leaves and we see God by the result of level of love in us.


  12. Learning how to stream “live” through youtube.

    Here’s Evangelist, Pastor, Perry Stone live streaming right now through Youtube. Note the small red dot explsing the live stream in progress (it’s currently 8:34 pm CT) 9/2/14:

    The Power of Remembrance

  13. False Flag Alert! 11 Libyan Jetliners Stolen, Tripoli Falls to Islamist Militias!

    >>>> 11 Airplanes stolen………..9 Days before 9/11 …… 13 YEARS later from the “original date”………Hmmmmmm ???

  14. Well, I have stocked up on ammo and water, a bit of nonperishable food to last at least a few months, as well as medical supplies. I have just about everything I need to hunker down for quite awhile in case Joan Rivers is taken off life support.

    • Oh my! Matt, you have caused me to be flooded with guilt over preparedness. I am glad you have stocked up ahead of time and seem to have a good handle on what might happen during the coming days of chaos and lawlessness. I admit I have not yet taken time nor made any great effort to have a surplus. I didn’t prepare during the Y2K freak-out either. I do fully believe that very, very soon there is a day coming when having the kind of supplies you listed above will be well used by wise and forward thinking individuals. I know I should be more forward thinking myself, especially with three children-two of them with type 1 Diabetes. I truly am feeling heavily guilty now. I too must get my act together as I don’t know what I am going to do if or when Joan is taken off life support. I should have prepared as you have done. Guilt…guilty…fully guilty is me. The days of chaos and lawlessness will be like nothing we have experienced once this happens.



  15. By the way LA, it sounds like you are enjoying some mighty fine swiggums as you slurp, slurp, slurp in my ear while listening. Made me crack up. 😀

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