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L. A. Marzulli

Matthew 6:15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.  Jesus 

Soooo.  I’m working out in my garden yesterday.  I was cleaning out a 10 foot, elevated bin that I “invented,” which is also 3.5 feet off the ground to fend off the pesky gophers, squirrels and rabbits.  (See pic below) I was getting ready to plant some lettuce from seed.  I was minding my own business and just enjoying the moment alone in my garden.  A thought popped into my head about a brother who not only deeply offended me but also said some nasty stuff about my children.

Well, I began to agree.  How dare he! I thought!

Garden BinWhat a jerk!  

The guys an idiot and I’m glad I don’t associate with him anymore.

By engaging in this seemingly innocent thought stream I have just opened myself for an attack from the enemy.  I have, in fact given him legal right because of unforgiveness in my heart.  I have opened the door to all sorts of junk from the Fallen One.

About an hour later the attack began and I went into warfare mode.  There is a book I access daily, How to Rout Demons & Break Curses by John Eckhardt—highly recommend a copy for everyone!  There are some good “arrows” for my quiver in that tome. I also have some goodies on my I-Phone,  and some favorite scriptures committed to memory, so I’m ready to go.

However, the Holy Spirit brought to my attention what I had entertained in the garden.  How I had let the thought of unforgiveness go unchecked.  In fact I had planted the seed of bitterness!  I repented and the Lord’s peace came upon me and the attack from the one who seeks to rob, kill and destroy us stopped, as he no longer had legal right to access me.

This is the key for all of us, forgiving others the junk that they’ve done to us. It doesn’t matter what the wrong is, forgiveness is the key.  Forgiving those who have hurt us sets us free from the self-created prison we have constructed due to our unforgiveness.  By no means does this excuse the wrong, but it does keep us in good standing with the Father, as is evidenced from the scripture above.

When Jesus hung on the cross He looked down at the Roman soldiers who had scourged him within an inch of His life, who had spit on Him, who had shouted insults and taunted Him, who had mocked him with a crown of thorns and who had driven the cold, iron spikes through His wrists that pinned Him to a horrific instrument of torture, the cross, and forgave them for they know not what they do….


In closing todays Bun.  Forgiving others allows the Father to forgive us.  It’s very straight ahead what we are to do and yet, most of us have harbored bitterness at some point in our lives.  We should learn to drop this like a hot potato.  Bitterness and unforgiveness is not worth holding on to and in the end will poison us internally and may even lead to sickness.  Forgiveness is the key that sets us free!  Do not allow a root of bitterness to spring up.  Dig it out with the spade of forgiveness.  May the Lord’s peace be upon all of us today….


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  1. Amen to this.

    A few nights ago we had finished a family Bible study here at the house.

    It was a real nice evening…everything was great… and I had a completely “random” out of nowhere and aggressive, sinful thought come to me while I was listening to Russ on the Hagmanns no less. It was aggressive and I couldn’t just shake it off in a couple of seconds.

    This was a really “God focused” evening all told so of course there had to be an attack and I shouldn’t be and shouldn’t have been surprised.

    It was so out of the blue and ridiculous that I knew it had to be an attack. It couldn’t have been more out of context and out of nowhere.

    I stopped I was doing in an almost dazzled outrage and perplexion of sorts and had to pray and rebuke. This may be one of the clearest incidents I can recall for myself in recent memory where I can distinctly say: That thought process likely wasn’t mind because it was so out of context, so out of nowhere, and so obviously sinful and in polar opposite to what the situation had been.

    Ephesians 6:10-18. Still trying to get that down better.

    • That’s a tangent of sorts that’s related but this isn’t:

      Holding grudges is absolutely toxic and only hurts us. I’ve done that myself more times than I care to admit although the “going about your business and suddenly it comes on you out of nowhere” goes back to what I wrote in my previous post.

      The origin is clearly Satanic.

    • This has happened to me, too. Some of my most rigorous spiritual warfare has occurred while I was happily busy in my garden, then a thought intrudes and I’m off to the races.
      And, ironically, it is almost always concerning others who are Christians.

      Very cool bin, L.A.

    • As you recall……….that first temptation of Adam and Eve………….it came while in The Garden.

  2. One more:

    Hot off the presses: Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 25 – L.A. Marzulli

    Brand new interview done by Natalina with you know who. 😉

    Recent interview done by John Wells at Caravan to Midnight with… you know who. 😉


    • @ Eric…thanks for posting video. I’m always excited when I see L.A. being interviewed because his passion is contagious when he speaks about the Nephilim and the barriers he encounters among the academia who refuse to do “proper” scientific research to either support the hypothesis or refute it, regarding the Nepilim or race of an offspring with an altered genome (DNA).

      At least the host, John B. Wells, is receptive to the bible, the Fallen Angels, and recognizes the “revolutionary” concept that L.A. is revealing.

      Exciting times!

    • I can totally understand how you feel when the nonbelievers won’t help or even ackowledge your work. What gets me is when Christians who claim to love Jesus and seek the truth won’t listen or acknowledge anything you have to say. When they say it is not important or it depends on your interpretation it erks me. I have to constantly remember Jesus words on the cross.
      I believe something different that explains many scriptures in the same way you do. In fact I believe what you have found is beyond doubt. It is obveous. And it couldbe related to what I see as well.
      I believe the earthis hollow like a coconut. That there is a star at the core shining down inside supporting life just as our sun out here does, in the natural. If this is true then perhaps the aliens or the giant offspring have gone inside.
      With this information the location of the watersthatburst forth like out of a mother’s womb is explained. Rev 8 and 9 are understood. Jude said the fallen angels are bound until judgement. They left their former habitation. Are the trapped inside the earth? Are the locust with face of men and hair of women and teeth like lion’s teeth the nephilim?
      They are not the Muslims or the NWO because they come out of the pit and are only here 5 months. They sting only those who take the mark.
      Their king once lived on the surface. He was, is not, yet is and will ascend out of the pit and go into perdition. This is not the little horn because the little horn is here for 42 months not 5 months. I am pretty sure the little horn comes from Turkey.
      Is this king from the abyss the final Anti-Christ?
      He is one of 7 kings. 5 had fallen in 87 AD, 1 was and 1 was yet to come. The 8th is of the 7 and goes into perdition.
      There were 6 Herods. 5 had lost their kingdom by 87 AD but Herod Agrippa the second was still reigning. The final one could be related to Herod. If so one of the Herods is the final beast from the pit. He could have lived there for the last 2000 years. Man lived to 969 before the flood and if I am right it was the result of the ozone, our canopy, being pushed out and stretched thin that caused man to die off earlier until finally 120 is rare. With a different atmosphere inside this is possible.
      Please read page 1 at for a better explanation of this.
      Do we really want the whole truth? Can we handle it?

  3. Amen, and this needs to be taught more, people do bad things to each other because of some issue or pain they themselves have, and need the love of Jesus.

  4. Good morning, L.A. –

    Thank you for your post today on forgiveness. Several people, both at work and in my own family, have hurt me so deeply that for a while I felt like a walking bull’s eye for the fiery dart’s of the enemy! When we allow our anger to linger and then fester, a root of bitterness begins to grow that will ultimately be destructive to our soul. Even though our anger is justified, we need to keep it in check and allow God to help us through the emotional process of forgiveness. Like you said, it doesn’t excuse what the other person did to us, but it keeps our hearts right before the Father. I love the Lord so much, L.A. – I can’t wait to see Him face to face – to fall at His feet and thank Him for all that He has done for me. Thanks again L.A. for your post today and throughout the week – revealing truth and bringing what is hidden to light. May God bless you and your family with every good and perfect gift from above.

    Love in Jesus, Sheryl Russo aka Jerseygirl

  5. I have a couple of those people whose name alone brings out the anger and resentment in me. It is one of those lessons we seem to need to learn and relearn. Even though it may be a decade or more since the attacks, I feel my tongue begin to spew. Then I have to repent and forgive again.
    One of the toughest is a boss who stole from me and and several other artists, then lied about me and fired me because I tried to point out his “error in the numbers” before I finally realized it was not an error but a blatant theft and he had to fire me to separate me from the files that would prove it. To add insult to injury, he told a lie about me to try to justify his actions.
    Lots of prayer and the old “by their fruits…..” has cleared my reputation and now the best I can seem to do when the guy is mentioned is quote my dear departed daddy who said, “Pity a miser because they suffer in ways we will never have to know.”
    Great advice that should be the “everyday bun” not just Sunday. Thanks!

  6. L.A., thanks for the very timely reminder of unforgiveness. I, too, have recently had an experience that ended up with me having been hurt by two family members. Without going into details causing me to get angry again, I will admit that forgiveness became a focus for me. It was very difficult but I was becoming tortured over the incident and I sincerely missed one of these relatives. As soon as I realized it, I had to have God help me to forgive because I couldn’t do it on my own. Since then the Lord has restored my relationship with this one family member. The 2nd family member…it’s still in progress. The Lord has already given me the opening to restore it, which I will.

    Ok, so I forgive but my issue is in the area of “trusting” them again, especially since they are both active family members influencing other members. I’m working on it though and I’m holding my tongue to avoid fanning the fire.

    With God it’s possible.


    • Mary, just saw your note after posting mine. Will pray that your struggle will begin to ease as you keep trusting God and releasing to Him. The last sentence of my post below paraphrased from the pastor “Just release the situation/person(s) to God and move on” hopefully doesn’t sound flippant, as I tried to keep what he said short, but the message ultimately was about the promise of a sense of peace as we release to God, therefore ability to “move on”. (Relatives can be the tough ones, though, eh?) 🙂

    • On a side note…Re: Joe Taylor, L.A. requested prayers for him a few weeks ago.

      Joe made a statement on his Facebook page this Friday:

      “Thank you all for your concern and prayers. I won’t be able to answer everyone. I’m still pretty wiped out. This is my first day out of bed in three weeks. I’m mystified as to how this got started type 2 diabetes at the same time. I’m in good hands here. The others in the dinosaur dig did a good job in my absence.”

    • @ Linda, thanks for your prayers! You didn’t sound flippant. I understood your intent.

      Relatives are a knock out, more so when one is heavily involved in family affairs. We can spend years helping them in need so when we least expect it, they knock us out in the heart where it hurts the most.

      I’m understanding the level of blindness involved though. That’s part of life. The struggles just to make it, and the added pressures you wish weren’t there.

      Prayer is the answer.

  7. Good reminder on the topic of forgiveness. A short sermon I heard recently also made an excellent point that forgiveness means a personal release, through the indwelling Holy Spirit, of a situation, or person(s)/any anger toward them. He went on to say forgiveness does not mean a re-acceptance, or glossing over, or re-engagement in some way, out of a sense of subtle guilt or incorrect sense of obligation that Christians sometimes feel. Just release the situation/person(s) to God and move on.

    • Mary, you just posted this song as I posted my reply to you … will have a listen shortly. Thankfully things are/have been OK by me (though I continue to keep my atheist sister and her family in my prayers). Somehow I haven’t felt any real bitterness towards them or their occasional “remarks” when I’ve mentioned Jesus, but just a strong sense that God will keep working on them.

  8. I also had a similar experience yesterday, angry thoughts and a open door for the enemy ! with GODS help i slammed the door closed and am praying for the door to remain locked.

    • I have been a cleaning lady for over 30 years, going into private homes to clean. I get bombarded with different thoughts at different houses. It finally dawned on me that there are different spirits over different houses, people dealing with different sins, and I pick up on it when in their homes. I always pray to be cleansed of anything I came in contact with in the spirit realm on a daily basis, so nothing latches on and tries to follow me home!

    • Jamie….

      you can also release God’s Presence into those homes by speaking God’s Word over each home and asking God to touch
      the people that live there and that God would bring them to Salvation. Praying over the rooms as you go can be a Powerful Witness.

      Allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to pray through you …. could be …. another great way to see those people set free to know the Truth.
      Keep seeking JESUS and He will guide you as to how you can effect each home as you are there. There is NO distance in prayer!

      You just might see some people in Glory that were effected by your boldness to pray for them!

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  10. Thanks for this today LA. I look forward to Sunday Bun every week. Love seeing you on Prophecy In The News too. Keep up the good work! May God continue to bless your ministry.

  11. @ Cain re: Abel … who was forgiven his brothers murder, yet marked
    @ Isaac re: Ishmael … their grudges amplified over generations
    @ Jacob re: Esau … the brothers themselves reconciled at least
    @ Joseph re: brothers … the curses of slavery and prison turned to blessing
    @ the children of David … Oy! a soap opera from back in the day
    @ Christ re: the religious that said “we’re children of Abraham” … but were not spiritual brethren
    (John 8:31-59)

    Of the 7 abominations in that God hates…
    – listed in Proverbs 6:16
    – there are 2 of note re: grace
    “a proud look” & “sowing discord among brethren”

    The unsaved have no protection on their own
    – from the meddling of the devil
    – so for sins “not unto death…” (1st John 5:16-17)
    – they can be helped by our prayer covering
    – and remitting sins and forgiveness (John 20:23, Luke 11:24)

    More currently…
    – there are all the rude drivers on the roadways (*)
    – and the uncaring or distracted co-workers that litter all they touch
    – and those in forums and blogs that spew out the gall of bitterness
    – especially in the guise of “the law, the law, the law … makes us holy”
    – instead of recognizing that we’re all just sinners saved by grace

    (* Austin is making holding a cell phone while driving illegal.

    Not to mention…
    – those that victimize themselves, their families, and their neighbors
    – either directly or through indifference, such as
    – with elective abortion (with no medical necessity) vice birth control
    – speaking of both parents, their doctors, and compromised politicians

    My most recent encounter is the granny upstairs…
    – with grandkids that visit during holidays
    – that play “the chase each other game”
    – like a herd of buffalo stampeding
    – from 10:30 to 11:30 pm on weekends

    I prayed again last night to be indifferent to the noise…
    – and was given to realize a way to signal to them
    – with a very noisy bathroom exhaust fan — in the ceiling
    …that I ran for 20 minutes — after which — blissful silence

    It’s noisy enough that if need be I could let it run to mask their rumblings.

    Perhaps they thought they broke something.

    1 Cor. 10:13
    There has no temptation taken you
    – but such as is common to man
    – but God is faithful who will not suffer you
    – to be tempted above that ye are able
    – but will with the temptation also
    – make a way to escape
    – that ye may be able to bear it

  12. So interesting to see how the enemy sneaks into our peaceful moments and reminds us of past hurts. It’s like he has a quiver full of the same poison darts flinging them at all of us. This week, I was nursing some recent wounds when the Holy Spirit nudged me to pray for those two people. “Surely not Those people!” I argued. I couldn’t even pray for them until I asked the Holy Spirit to help me pray for them first. It has been my experience that when I pray for my enemies, that the Lord gives me a greater understanding of them and where they are coming from.
    Great and timely Word, my brother!
    Come Lord Jesus!

  13. THOUGHTS……………IDEAS………………….SUGGESTIONS………………..The Battle Tactics of our enemy never change.

    2 Corinthians 2:10-11….
    “But whom you forgive anything, I forgive also;
    for indeed what I have forgiven, if i have forgiven anything,
    I did it for your sakes in the Presence of Christ,
    in order that NO advantage be taken of us by satan;
    for we are NOT ignorant of his schemes.”

  14. by the way,

    LA …. i like your “Garden Gizmo Gigga-Ma-Thingy” that you put together! SWEET !! Wish we could see more of it and how it all comes together.

    I know youtube has many videos of Gardening Ideas that are very useful for everyone….from tiny spaces to larger areas.

    GREAT IDEAS to help maximize plant growth….some things that people have “invented” are really awesome in creativity and function.

    I also go to a really good site called “” that has excellent stuff and great ideas also. Worth knowing about, Very Helpful.

    It’s also amazing what you can make out of simple PVC pipe ….. some people’s ideas are really good.

  15. prototypes of “the image of the beast?”


    quote “Playing Nostradamus,” Kalev H. Leetaru:
    The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) project, which I founded, monitors the world’s broadcast, print, and web news from nearly every country in more than 100 languages and compiles a daily list of more than 300 categories of events — from riots to appeals for peace — down to the city level. It currently has more than a quarter-billion records from 1979 to the present, all of them available in Google’s BigQuery analysis platform. The resolution, time scale, and geographic coverage of this database makes it ideal for exploring whether history really does fall into regular patterns, and if those patterns are sufficiently robust to forecast the future.

    – “kalev” = burial mound
    – “,_Language,_and_Tone”
    – “”
    – “” (re: oz, AI’s, & hidden hands)

    • “” (how to)

      “” (art source)



    • “” (c. 1900 Museum of Natural History, NYC)

      quote: “The Museum collection of Peruvian P .. skulls is so extensive that only a representative series is on exhibition. “

    • Whatever you think of Clarence Larkin…

      Try punching the “speaker” icon on the top right…

      Quite handy reader integration.

    •………..has great prices on his books….along with many other authors! Worth seeing.

  16. This could not have come at a better time for me I have been feeling bitterness for a member of my family who has been taking advantage of us. I will pray to find forgiveness for her. Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Understanding the 7 year cycles x 7 years leading to the Jubilee is deeper than what it appears. However, when you link the mysterious “Shemitah”, the “falling”, to the upcoming Blood Moons both converging in the year 2015, well the whole picture of prophecy unveils what Jonathan Cahn, Rabbi, believes will happen to America…God speaks using cycles of years ending in Judgment.

      Please note that I’m not saying purchase the package. I’m merely saying that this video is an example of how prophecy is revealed when cycles of time bear out the truth.

    • SeaShoreMary………

      Feast of trumpets on 9-25-14 … which begins “Shemitah Year” ( Which is also Jubilee Year ) which goes to Feast of Trumpets of 2015.

      Interesting to note is Jonathan Cahn’s view of ELUL 29 >>> “Financial Collapse of the U.S. – 13-Sept 2015” …. on youtube (excellent video)

      And that date of ELUL 29 corresponds to the THIRD IN A ROW….7 YEARS APART TO THE DAY …. OF WORST FINANCIAL DROPS !!!


      2001 …………. 2008 …………. 2015 >>>>>> 7 YEARS of SEPARATION……… TO THE VERY DAY !!! ( 3 Strikes and Your out !!! )

      WILL 2015 BE THE LAST ONE …….. which is about 2 WEEKS before the FINAL BLOOD MOON IN THE TETRAD ???

      WILL THE “YEAR of JUBILEE” of 2015 …. be a MARKER of coming Judgment upon the World ?? ….and upon ISRAEL ??

      THE 4th BLOOD MOON of 9-28-2015 is….
      * Closest to earth
      * FULL MOON >>>>> in specific, A SUPER MOON !!!
      * on TABERNACLES ( 2nd year in a row )
      * a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse
      * SEEN FROM ISRAEL ( None of the other 3 Blood Moons of the Tetrad were seen from ISRAEL. Coincidence ???? )

      WHAT EVENTS ……… will occur between TODAY and then ???? WILL THINGS GET BETTER or WORSE ????

      Time to Watch, eh ??

    • @ Kirk:

      If you think that’s pretty wild, get this…President Obama, according to an article I just finished reading, will be the first sitting U. S. President to be the President for a month of the United Nations beginning September, 2014!

      Quote from Kerry:

      “The United States will hold the presidency of the United Nations Security Council in September, and we will use that opportunity to continue to build a broad coalition and highlight the danger posed by foreign terrorist fighters, including those who have joined ISIS. During the General Assembly session, President Obama will lead a summit meeting of the Security Council to put forward a plan to deal with this collective threat.”

      This is a major change in the political atmosphere for the U.S. According to the article, President Obama will take advantage of his position and start the process/planning for WW III!

      Article source:

      Plans For World War III Announced: Obama To Seek UN Approval In September (Not Congress)

      The article notes: “Never once in this report did Kerry mention anyone meeting with Congress.”

      I’ll keep tracking this process but really?!!! It’s not even September 2014 but it will be in a few hours, and the prophecy mentioned in Sid Roth’s interview with Jonathan Cahn’s is starting!!


    • I reposted this comment because the first one went into moderation. I quoted an article but forgot to put quotations around the url to avoid moderation. Unsure that LA will have the time to release it tonight.

      @ Kirk:

      If you think that’s pretty wild, get this…President Obama, according to an article I just finished reading, will be the first sitting U. S. President to be the President for a month of the United Nations beginning September, 2014!

      Quote from Kerry:

      “The United States will hold the presidency of the United Nations Security Council in September, and we will use that opportunity to continue to build a broad coalition and highlight the danger posed by foreign terrorist fighters, including those who have joined ISIS. During the General Assembly session, President Obama will lead a summit meeting of the Security Council to put forward a plan to deal with this collective threat.”

      This is a major change in the political atmosphere for the U.S. According to the article, President Obama will take advantage of his position and start the process/planning for WW III!

      Article source:

      Plans For World War III Announced: Obama To Seek UN Approval In September (Not Congress)


      The article notes: “Never once in this report did Kerry mention anyone meeting with Congress.”

      I’ll keep tracking this process but really?!!! It’s not even September 2014 but it will be in a few hours, and the prophecy mentioned in Sid Roth’s interview with Jonathan Cahn’s is starting!!


    • ALERT: Dr. Jim Garrow & Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney Chilling Updates on Planned Terror Attacks [ a little over 15 minutes long ]

      [ Portion of Posted Info under Video…..Seems like a plan of the enemy could be possible….especially 13 YEARS after 9/11. ]
      This is updated intelligence concerning a real possible terrorist attack on 9.11.14 in the United States involving:
      – 103 Malls across America
      – Missing Malaysia Jetliner
      – ISIS
      – Open Border

    • @ Kirk….it’s getting late so I was going to go off for the night but a few moments ago, I received updated info on Dr. Jim Garrow, admitted CIA agent, notorious for releasing sensitive government into into the public, indicating Garrow has been arrested in Canada and is now under house arrest.


      “I was greeted by my local police department who had been informed that I was in possession of illegal firearms. As you remember I just returned from my eastern swing of the “Infiltration Tour”. Guess what was in my camper? A a snub nosed pistol considered to be a restricted weapon in Canada. I showed it to my son in law and low and behold he turned it and me in to the local police. I now know how the Nazis got collaborator jews like George Soros to turn in his own people. 4 different charges have been filed against me and I spent the last 5 hours locked in a jail cell. I am now restricted to staying in my Province, no more Infiltration Tour. Folks may remember that I zoomed home as a result of my daughters serious concussion (she is gradually showing some improvement) and it was her husband who turned me in to the local police. He never asked me how I got the gun that I showed him. I had made a comment about them being valuable on the black market but he showed no interest in learning where I had found it. Rather than ask questions he took the gun to the local police and had me arrested and charged.”

      Article source:

      Former CIA agent and Obama critic Jim Garrow arrested in Canada

  17. I too have experienced how unforgiveness can interfere with God’s blessing. I was at church and the pastor was sick but I could not pray for heeling because my thoughts were that he was maybe being chstised for not listening and preaching obveous false doctrine. A couple ofdays later I jumped off a snowbank and badly twisted my ancle. I soon began to pray for heeling. I had been heeled many times in the past. After a few minutes I realized I was not going to be heeled and asked the Lord why.
    The Lord spoke to me clearly and said, “You didn’t pray for the pastor last night, did you?”
    I said, “You are right Lord. Don’t heel me until you heel the pastor.” I then began to pray for the pastor. After about 5 minutes of prayer my ancle was completey heeled. The swelling was gone and the red lines of blood veins were almost gone. The pain was all gone.
    O that we would understand how unforgiveness and judgement and anger work against us. These 3 work the same. They know no mercy and have no grace.

  18. this is kinda “off the beaten path”……

    A guy posted this recent climb……… which is really cool to see !! ENJOY !!!

    Mt Jefferson solo summit climb

    >>>> Solo climb to the summit of Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson on 7/29/14. Left [his] car at 3AM at the Woodpecker Trail Head
    and climbed the South Ridge to the summit. Back to car at 3PM same day.

  19. “” …………………hmmmmmm ??

    • Image of the Beast Islamic Connection – Armageddon News

      Beast Confederacy Announced in Turkey – Armageddon News

  20. G’Day!

    Sorry, unrelated to this Sunday Bun…

    Bizzaro news:

    Cervera, Catalonia region, Spain: Over 30 000 people attend El Aquelarra (The Coven) to celebrate and partake in witchcraft and “dark world” in occult festival over three days. A “party” featuring invocations, devils, fire, and sex.

    [ON another note, “El Aquelarra” sounds close to what another mob (you know who) shout when celebrating an explosion and other.]

    This festival may be a long tradition in Spain.. any case, with recent news report about those wanting to hold a public satanic black mass (Oklahoma City) it’s all continuing to become more blatantly out in the open, in-your-face and so acceptable to the masses (pardon the pun).

    WND (WorldNetDaily) news report states the Catholic Archbishop of Ok.City has “agreed” to drop a lawsuit against a satanic cult that plans to perform a ‘black mass’ in the city… now that the cult has returned a stolen consecrated host to the church.

    “With the return of the host and an accompanying signed statement from the satanic group leader that the group no longer possesses a consecrated host, nor will they use a consecrated host in their rituals, the archbishop agreed to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice.”

    The “Church” making deals with the Devils? Surely not.


  21. “” >>> WATCH TURKEY !!!!

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