There is Evil in the World…

ISIL Shooting Iraqi'sCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Marched to their deaths: Sickening ISIS slaughter continues as 250 soldiers captured at Syrian airbase are stripped then led to the desert for mass execution (Warning Tabloid Link Below!) 

Obama Says ‘We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet’ for Fighting ISIS

“I don’t want to put the cart before the horse: we don’t have a strategy yet,” Obama said of the effort to combat the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) in its safe haven in Syria. “I think what I’ve seen in some of the news reports suggest that folks are getting a little further ahead of what we’re at than what we currently are.”

The picture to the left gives us a very clear picture of the face of evil.  We are told that Satan was a murderer from the beginning.  Here are his modern henchmen, carrying out his plan to rob, kill and destroy.  There is evil in the world and unless men and women stand up to it and fight against it, until it is eliminated, the slaughter of innocents will continue.

ISIL has its sights on setting up an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.  ISIL MapWhile pundits here in the states and elsewhere are calling the group, Islamic State, its original name was Islamic State of Syria, Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL.  Here’s their map of what they want to accomplish.  This is their end game. Their plan to establish an Islamic Caliphate with Sharia law in place is ambitious, but unless they are soundly defeated militarily they are well on their way to accomplishing their goal.  Please note from the map, the entire Middle East is under their control.  Of course this means the destruction of Israel, which, in my opinion, will never happen….

ISIL is growing bold because so far they have won most of the battles they have fought.  The Iraqi army folded and ran from them.  The Peshmurga fighting force of the Kurds, so far has been able to repel ISIL’s advances.  However, as seen from the picture above, the atrocities continue as ISIL spreads it terror across the Middle East.

Obama has stated that he doesn’t have a strategy for fighting ISIL yet.  Really?  Mr. President, you have the best minds at your disposal and you’ve had weeks of meetings about this group of terrorists and yet you have no plan?  Perhaps more time away from the golf course might be a good place to start to formulate one.

Of course the president made sure thousands of illegal children were bussed and flown all over America to set up and internal crisis in the US and so far he has succeeded.  Nice plan Mr. President! Here’s an article from FOX castigating California’s Governor Brown for welcoming these illegals which is costing the already bankrupt state billions of dollars, but I digress…

In closing todays short post.  There is evil in this world and unless it is confronted it will only spread its darkness.  ISIL offers nothing but destruction.  It has no real plan for the people it conquers except forced conversion, or death.  May I suggest to our president that the plan should be to cut the head of the snake and wipe ISIL from the earth.  Of course there are stories floating around the NET stating that our CIA helped create ISIL in the first place, as a force to oust Bashir Al Assad in Syria.  Like the Taliban in Afghanistan this force has gone rogue.  Israel is aware of the threat and so is Jordan.  (See my post about the King of Jordan, last week.)  Hezbollah, entrenched in Lebanon, has fired rockets into Israel and while HAMAS so far is keeping the cease-fire with Israel, the war is most likely taking a short breather before it resumes.  One scenario that we may be looking at, and which would fulfill the Psalm 83 prophecy that Bill Salus brought to light, would be for Israel to not only engage HAMAS and Hezbollah but go after ISIL too.

I’m sure Netanyahu has a plan and most likely has several back up plans on how to deal with ISIL, because Bibi knows only to well that there is evil in the world.



Watchers TV sat down with an exclusive interview with Dan Gordon.  Dan is a Captain in the IDF reserves and holds both US and Israeli citizenship.  You will want to watch this and perhaps forward the link to your friends.  Dan makes it very clear what the average Israeli citizen lives with on a daily basis.  He has just returned from Israeli and his insight is both erudite and sobering.

Dan points out that HAMAS has broken every truce by firing rockets into Israel.  He also explains what happens when rockets are fired and how much time the average Israeli has to get into or find shelter.

You won’t find this on the CNN or the 6-o-clock news.

Thanks Dan!  Stay Safe!



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71 thoughts on “There is Evil in the World…

  1. Darkness is falling. Start preparing for the day when the only voices of fellow believers you can hear are the ones you can access without technology. If you think you don’t recognize the world now compared to five years ago, then imagine five years from now: it will be many times worse. As always: focus on the LORD and not the wind, waves, and storm. Jesus is your only refuge and your salvation. You can do nothing without Him and you need only look to Him.

  2. “Of course this means the destruction of Israel, which, in my opinion, will never happen….”
    Jeez oh wheeze, everybody’s so cautious these days. “In my opinion,” “allegedly,” “apparently,” “claims to be”– the operative words in a PC world!
    No, it’s not an opinion, it’s a FACT from God on high–Israel wins in the end.
    Rough times, yes, dark times, yes. But destroyed, never.
    Sorry. I love Israel too much to let that one go.

    • Someone define “Israel” please…
      – nation political
      – nation geographic
      – people (multi-religious, multi-ethnic)
      – culture (national or global)
      – in history
      – in prophecy
      – includes the saved and the damned
      – resident aliens
      – some combination of the above

      I believe that will save a lot of arguments.

      For me it’s easy…
      – True Israel are those that are saved — living with Christ — out of the bloodlines (genealogy) of Jacob
      – including those from other bloodlines that are joined with them (whether on earth or in heaven)
      – for those still on earth in the present generation that are truly saved — only Christ knows the heart (no conclusion yet)
      – I don’t believe the damned are part of True Israel … but there are Sanctuary Situations in the Bible
      – so some may be under protection in the “sanctuary city” during the life of Our Great High Priest (Yeshua Messiah)
      – unless they leave…. but then you need to know something about the Old Testament and The Kingdom of Heaven to get this

      The wildcard (which I have no conclusion about at all) are those that will be resurrected at the Valley of Dry Bones event
      – I can’t say if that’s part of the first resurrection
      – or is broader than Israel, such as the generations of Abraham
      – or includes “all Israel” in that age
      – or “all Israel” that have ever existed (including the aborted)

      So when I hear assertions about “Israel this or that” I always wonder what someone means in the speaker’s context? There’s all kinds of baggage that muddies up discussions.

    • No need to get that intellectual about the definition (otherwise, believers would have to have PhDs to understand what God means). Israel is the land of the Jews.

  3. Honestly? This is the kind of thing that goes towards me thinking O is one of them or at least EXTREMELY sympathetic to those types. “Incompetent” just doesn’t cover it.

    His handlers can’t at least have him SOUND better than this? Really?

    • I agree, Eric. By not doing anything and not even having a strategy, he is telling us that he is rooting for their team and not ours.

    • compare with “false witness”
      – not telling the whole story
      – remaining silent when something should be said
      – distracting from the more important points with lesser

  4. The atrocities continue…that’s war, whether justified or not. The body count rises, evil permeates almost everywhere.

    Impending explosive earthquakes threatening flight shutdowns, fires raging uncontrolled, biochemical viruses striking nations, racism questioning senses, militarized states, etc. One need not look too far because evil does have a face.

    Look no further for the answer–Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the light. We won’t make it in this world without Him to lead us to the truth. He is the Master Plan. He is the One who can lead and guide us. When all else has been exhausted, He still is ruling and reigning.

    Pray for all those souls who were in the way of the enemy, then stand still for it is He who is victorious and has overcome evil.


    In other news: Joan Rivers hospitalized in critical condition. Remember it was she who publicly stated Obama was a homosexual and Michelle, aka Michael, was a tranny. At least she spoke out.

    There comes a time when no matter the circumstances, we come face to face with the spirit of death and a choice has to be made regarding our souls. No one is exempt.

    Choose life, choose Jesus Christ.


    • So ironic, at work this morning, when I turned to today on my desk calendar, it was a cartoon about Joan Rivers dying. It was in bad taste and such awful timing. Praying for her and the pope. As a frequent critic of the pontiff, I felt quite uneasy reading that he is a target of ISIL. Praying for all to accept Jesus.

  5. LA appreciate this article; but we both know that the President is doing EXACTLY what he wants to with regards to this state of affairs. 🙂

  6. Just been reading through a post from an orthodox priest named Fr. John Peck on the Underground church. In light of all the craziness of this present time, he writes about coming into the presence of Jesus, nothing else. This article is long but well worth reading and absorbing.
    Jesus will keep us from the spirit of fear while we try to sort out the chaos and what it will mean to us and those we love.
    Blessings to all!

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  8. Sharing a happier news article I found today …. blessings, everyone, and have a peaceful day and weekend. 🙂

    *** The Stones Cry Out: Archaeology Bears Witness to the Gospels ***

    “When archaeologists decided to dig where John [in his Gospel] said that the pool had been located, they found a five-sided pool… Apparently John didn’t make up the pool after all.” (Pool of Bethseda — John 5:1-15)


    • I wonder if the Romans put up idols at the pool? If so, is Lourdes something similar? That said, confirming Bible histories in archaeological evidence could lead to other connections.

      Perhaps it’s a transit point between the dimensions? Where angels coming and going do mercies when entreated like giving hand-outs to street beggars at intersections. Or feeding animals at a petting zoo. And did that change when it was covered over — or has it always been an open space in the heavens? …a special place in the heavenlies, (the dimensions that co-locate with this world).

      When I write “transit point” I mean like a bus stop or road intersection with stop light.

      As for the damned, those that are tares, doomed to double death even though resurrected…. let none impede their descent.

      The lost however, need to hear, have faith in the report, and come out from the darkness quickly, to accept Christ as Savior. Why spend one moment longer when the call comes to reach out to Christ? Since God hears even the cries of the heart.

    • Interesting about a possible “transit point” for angels, Nome. And no doubt evidence from archaeology can help show the context and connections re. the scriptures.

      Your bottom line on those that are still lost says it all, though. “The lost however, need to hear, have faith in the report, and come out from the darkness quickly, to accept Christ as Savior. Why spend one moment longer when the call comes to reach out to Christ? Since God hears even the cries of the heart.”

    • I understand there are some questions as to the authenticity of the dating or time frame of these pools. One of the archaeologists that was included on the dig went on record to claim that one of the idols located looks strangely similar to Mark Spitz, therefore dating the pools between 1968 and 1972

    • 🙂 I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. It was the perfect set up.
      Disclaimer (No actual or fictional archaeologists ever made these claims) and (No idols were harmed while constructing the post above)

  9. After all this time…no strategy? It’s because he either doesn’t want to do anything or hasn’t a clue what should be done.

    • I hear many claim that BO is somehow clueless..?? He knows EXACTLY what he is doing. All by design.
      Come Lord Jesus, COME quickly!

    • It’s because they’re a means to an end- it doesn’t fit into their agenda to go to war with them now; they need more bloodshed first.

      When was the first time you ever heard of ISIS, then ISIL? The politicians have been broadcasting for months another 911 but only greater is happening soon, and wouldn’t you know we now have a new boogeyman to replace Osama, how timely.

      Here’s a snip of a prophecy scribed by a gal named Julie for encouragement for you all:
      The stage is set and all unfolds exactly as it has been written and is foretold. As pawns on a chessboard the players take their positions, although oblivious to My Supremacy over all the earth. Nothing occurs outside of My perfect will or My consent. I have spoken to My end-time prophets and do confirm that this, your generation will see My return. Events come now in rapid succession and the chaos in every aspect of life escalates. As was done in the beginning now all will be made undone. To know the beginning is to know the end. I AM a God of order, and I AM will bring order out of chaos. Just as all was so intricately knit in its formation, it must be unraveled and loosed to be made new again. I AM will leave no stone unturned. The magnitude of what is unfolding is unlike anything ever witnessed on this earth before now. Every nation without exception will be impacted by My judgements. I AM come to make war and to establish justice. My Robe runs crimson with blood. The heart motive of every soul will be exposed to the brilliance and radiance of My presence. Therein the choice is made. Many will fall to their knees in humility and repentance when in the presence of Almighty God. Some will continue to choose eternal death. All have a choice. I AM forces no one to love Me.

      You need not fear the terror of the night however My chosen, for I AM has established Myself in and through you as you have enthroned Me upon your heart. I AM requiring now that you come together as One Body, One Spirit in Me in complete unity across the lands, anchoring My Glory which now rests upon My Bride, My Beloved. The ransom has been paid and you must climb upon Me the ladder to access the resources and storehouses of blessing that My end-time army requires to remain fully engaged and powerful in Me for all that is coming to pass. Pray unceasingly, remain sober and alert. Be courageous and walk in complete faith and victory. Your obedience will assist many in coming home to Me. My peace remains always with My Beloved, My Heart..


  10. “”


    Britain faces a terrorist threat lasting for decades, David Cameron has warned, as the official alert level was raised due to events in Iraq and Syria.

    The Prime Minister announced new laws to give the authorities greater powers to seize the passports of suspected terrorists amid rising concern about the danger posed by Islamic State (IS, the group formerly known as Isis). Mr Cameron told a Downing Street press conference: “What we are facing in Iraq now with IS is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we’ve known before.”

    He added: “We are in the middle of a generational struggle against the poisonous and extremist ideology that I believe we will be fighting for years and probably decades”.

    On the advice of security experts, the threat level in Britain was raised from “substantial” to “severe” – but still remains lower than the highest level of “critical”.

    And the global arms merchants just bought more
    – gold toilets and sewers
    – facebooks and googles
    – and the souls of human traffickers

    …and more golf courses.

    • “”

      quote: “The document was released by the Texas Department of Public Safety and warned that ISIS was actively promoting and encouraging supporters to take advantage of the porous Texas-Mexico border to carry out terrorist attacks against US citizens.”

    • “”

      Islamic State laptop computer found in Syria allegedly contains plans to build chemical weapons for spreading bubonic plague.

      The computer, now in Antakya, Turkey, belonged to a Tunisian militant named Muhammad S., who studied university-level chemistry and physics. It was found at an abandoned IS base in Idlib, Syria, by moderate rebel forces, and contains detailed instructions on explosives construction, the use of disguises while travelling, and chemical weapons plans, according to the magazine Foreign Policy, whose reporters were shown the laptop.

      It also contains a 19-page document, in Arabic, on developing biological weapons, and the weaponization of bacteria causing bubonic plague, taken from infected animals, as well as a 26-page fatwa, or Islamic ruling, by currently jailed cleric Nasir al-Fahd, on the philosophical use of the weapons.

      “If Muslims cannot defeat the kafir (unbelievers) in a different way, it is permissible to use weapons of mass destruction. Even if it kills all of them and wipes them and their descendants off the face of the Earth,” the document reads.

      IS reportedly used chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters in july.

    • I wonder how one Arab can tell if another is Sunni or Shiite? Do they do an armpit sniff test, if it smells sun-fresh its a Sunni if it smells like Shite its a Shiite?

    • “I wonder how one Arab can tell if another is Sunni or Shiite?”

      …also found this in Wikipedia ..something about the Battle of Siffin … that might be confused with SNIFFIN(?)

      ** The historic background of the Sunni–Shia split lies in the schism that occurred when the Islamic prophet Muhammad died in the year 632, leading to a dispute over succession to Muhammad as a caliph of the Islamic community spread across various parts of the world, which led to the Battle of SIFFIN.**

    • Siffin must be the past participle of Shniffin, such as in quit shniffin me armpit you shiite!
      Anyway for Pete’s sake it’s an Aussie weather report; Sunday will be Sunni and Monday will be shiite.

    • Azereceu! The weather has been very threatening, and very shiite, the last few days. Hopefully, we won’t transition from a sunni & shiite winter of discontent to an arab spring, but I see there are more storms still to come.

      I wouldn’t envy that armpit-sniffing job either way.

    • Azureceu, I dunno … seems the entire sniffin’ religion was dreamed up one night by an armpit, don’t you think? 😮 ( …probably Kirk, Pete and Nome would agree … Nome’s jpg speaks volumes!) Pete, re. your weather, I hope the forecast improves soon, too!

      P.S…Let’s all hope IS will soon become WAS, too..

    • that said…
      – reminds me of certain tribal hallucinogenic rituals


    • “Let’s all hope IS will soon become WAS, too”
      Amen Sister!

      Pete, good news Spring starts this coming Monday meteorologicaly speaking.

      Meteorological Season
      Spring: 1 September to 30 November

      Astronomical Seasons
      Spring: 21 September to 20 December

    • David W. Lowe’s first two books are PHENOMENAL and should be read by EVERY Christian on the planet.

      YES……..they are THAT important !!!!

      See them at EarthquakeResurrection . com >>>>>>>> Absolute MUST reads !!!

  11. Good versus evil is a false dichotomy manufactured by the evil one to unite us under a false pretense.

    Confront and destroy ISIS? Absolutely! Defend the innocent? With everything we got! Will Israel be destroyed? Never!

    However, that doesn’t mean Israel couldn’t take a major thrashing first. And if it does, will we say God would never allow it?

    If a super natural force came in ufos to Israel’s aid and with fire and destruction destroyed Isis, the Muslim confederation and its allies, would we stand strong and proclaim them as demons or change our stance some how believing this must be God’s will?

    This is the strong delusion. Woe to us when good defeats evil, because no righteousness is in either. The true dichotomy is sinfulness versus righteousness.

    • @ “we’re being set-up…”

      @ “Games Criminals Play”
      – to the tune of “Go Ask Alice”
      – meaning “how to educate the hippies”
      – about the evils of using drugs
      – while promoting drug use

      The typical roles of cons working in teams…
      – one gets next to ya … becomes friend and savior
      – one is the brain ya never see … devises compromises in series
      – one is the outside guy … to kill your family if you don’t bend
      – one is the seductrix … to real you in
      – many are the thugs (locusts) … to terrorize till another compromise
      – many are the bosses … to turn blind eyes
      – many are the witnesses … that will never tell

      So it starts small…
      – just give me a bit of info, (like your telephone)
      – next is where you live, (crossing another line, a bit at a time)
      – then just send a little money… (and your bank, if not account #, yet)
      … and your children’s names
      … and your fears
      … and your soft spots
      … and your schedules

      Till they put you in that situation…
      – where compromises turn to crises
      – and you become their tool and mule
      – they pack it in, again and again, or else
      – threatening to expose all your compromises
      – and kill your family and friends — if you talk
      … which was always the key — talking to them
      … instead of confessing those small compromises
      … to those that can exact truly righteous judgment

      The devil’s time is short …
      – the rest of the enemy’s angels
      – are being kicked out of heaven
      – into this world and human affairs
      – which will look like the comix on earth
      – as they make acolytes into heroes & villains
      – to do superhuman exploits reviving the ghosts
      – of all the old empires which were, are not, yet are

      Christians much more than waking up…
      – need to get out of the crib and grow up

  12. Excellent blog today. Couple points; Obama doesn’t have a strategy for most things, except the destruction of America….however, he did have a strategy not long ago in Syria when he decided to create and nourish the ISIL terrorist organization. Remember when Obama called them “FREEDOM SEEKERS” seeking DEMOCRACY?? Remember hundreds of tons of missiles he gave ISIL for free?! Remember him supporting Saudi and Qatar terrorist regimes to transfer arms, money and man-power to Syria to slaughter Syrian people? Remember when he wanted to rage a war against the Syrian government IN SUPPORT OF ISIL? Remember tremendous amounts of intelligence he provided to the ISIL? Remember US commanders were training (and maybe are still doing so) ISIL terrorists in Jordan? As I said, Obama’s only strategy is the destruction of America.

    • “”

      more “Arms for Antichrists…”
      – Assad (Syria)
      – Abdullah (Lebanon)
      – Baghdadi (ISIL)
      – Blair (EU vs. Russia over Ukraine)
      etc. etc. etc.

      …or pay offs

  13. I read in our local paper that our town’s “First Baptist Church” is going to vacate their building, and will hold future services in the local movie theatre. Their church building is a handsome edifice built in 1925 with 17 inch thick steel and concrete walls with a brick façade. It has huge columns at the entrance. The building looks as though it could withstand anything, but, attendance is down to about 40 people for the 25,000 square foot building.

    Kirt posted a comment yesterday how The Lord’s commandments will guard us in our times of trial. It makes sense then that the 10 commandments are the object of much of the ire of the Leftists, and I fear they have won out. Commandments are contrary to the pro-individualism wave that is sweeping the country. “Do as you want, the government will take care of you”, seems to be the mantra.

    Maybe that’s why the Ten Commandments can’t be seen at a government building. Society promotes there no higher power than government or self.

    Ironically the local food pantry is also housed at the back side of the Baptist church.

    A church that would hold up to anything except the fact that no one is going through the front door on Sundays, I find it sad. Especially considering the happenings in the world, as talk about on this blog. Is everyone so self-interested that they don’t see the urgency of the times? Heaven help us. That’s my rant for today.

    • If you want my real opinion on what is going to happen – sadly this is it….
      We will not cut spending on entitlements until the baby boomers are gone. That’s going to be 20 years or so. At that point debt will be massive. We won’t be able to pay the interest – which will rise as the debt/overspending gets worse and it becomes obvious we won’t be able to pay our debts. So then the Gov’t will still resist shrinking and will print money and raise taxes. That will create a depression.
      I’ve seen this over and over in other countries and throughout history. You can look to Greece to see the future. Heck, Europe is already entering the death spiral.
      People don’t go to the doctor until they are in real pain. And the same is going to be true here.
      Benjamin Franklin said “When the people find they can vote themselves money,(tax dollars), that will herald the end of the republic.” This means a country like ours is doomed.

    • By the way, sorry to hear about the church in your area, that’s really sad they lost the building due to low attendance. Seems the only churches that are dong well these days are the mega-churches.

    • Matt, I agree, though maybe sooner than 20 years. If the dollar looses it’s reserve currency status, it’s value will drop like a lead balloon. But while faith got people through tough times in years past, the next depression may get ugly.

      Grandma talked how they would always feed the hobos, even though they didn’t have much for themselves. Now, no one knows to feed themselves. I pray i’m wrong.

    • “Is everyone so self-interested that they don’t see the urgency of the times?

      I dont know, I think some folks out there are just trying to survive. Trying to take care of their families and trying to make ends meet. Even if they see the urgency of the times they still have to put food on the table and put a roof over their heads. These are difficult times and many people live paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth…it’s tough to care about much else when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from.
      Then you have the others that are well off and really don’t care one way or the other about the urgency of the times, these are the ones that are self-interested. These are the ones that hope the party never ends. I have met so many of these people and they are very shallow human beings. They only care about themselves and material things this life can give them. To ever suggest they would ever be instrested in the urgency of the times is a joke. To them,all is well with the world.

    • If something were to ever happen, I think you would be better off in a small community, perhaps a small town, where you know your neighbors. There are places like this where folks are still willing to help each other. Sadly, I feel in the big cities you would be pretty much out of luck and on your own, no one will help you. To those in the big city you must be self-sufficient and well stocked, as well as able to defend your home at all times. Don’t announce what you have as far as what you have put away and stocked. We had a hurricane a few years back and I was the only house in the neighborhood that had an in ground generator that was powerful enough to run AC plus fridge and TV/Radio…I must have had 25 to 30 people at my house…one by one they came over. I felt bad for the elderly and children as the temps were 100+ with 98% humidity, that’s rough for anyone with no AC.

  14. Putin: Don’t mess with a nuclear-armed Russia

    President Vladimir Putin’s message on Friday, the same day a British government source claimed that Russian troops had significantly ratcheted up their military incursion into Ukraine.

    Russia is “strengthening our nuclear deterrence forces and our armed forces,” making them more efficient and modernized.

    “I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations,” the President said. “This is a reality, not just words.”

    He later warned, “We must always be ready to repel any aggression against Russia and (potential enemies) should be aware … it is better not to come against Russia as regards a possible armed conflict.”

    President Obama will hold a news conference in which he will state, “We don’t have a strategy for this.” This is of course after they try to brief him when he makes the turn after the 9th hole.

    And on that note perhaps England should be more concerned with their 5th world muslim problem than commenting on Russia at this point in time.

    Microchip implants could become part of human life

    Navy develops bio-coatings for implants, dressings

    US military developing brain implants to restore memory

    Is there a microchip implant in your future?

    Microchip you implant under your skin is the future of medicine.

    NBC predicting RFID implanted in Americans in 2017

    Foxnews; You can inject one under your skin and no one will ever notice. Using short-range radio frequency identification (RFID) signals, it can transmit your identity as you pass through a security checkpoint or walk into a football stadium. It can help you buy groceries at Wal-Mart. In a worst-case scenario – if you are kidnapped in a foreign country, for example – it could save your life.


    In their right hand or in in their foreheads….Reminds me of the syfi movie “Logan’s Run” with Michael York, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jenny Agutter and Peter Ustinov.
    They had a light on their right hand so that when they turned 30 it would turn red and they went to “carousel” thinking it was a celebration. It was death for them all. And they were underground and told they couldn’t look for “sanctuary” (outside of the confines) or they would be killed. They were referred to as “runners”
    I guess I will be a runner…if these implants ever take hold.

    The film Soylent Green could be another glimpse into our possible future.

  16. and in my backyard…







  17. wondering if you have seen this and thought if you haven’t , you may find it interesting

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