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Tonights Topics:  Do your Homework and check out the links below!

1. War in the Middle East! – Two Front War?’s-complex-toils-in-both-Golan-and-Gaza-

2.  Super Volcanoes! Bardarbunga!

3.  UFO Update!

4.  Satanic Mass in OK City!

5. ISIL – Barbarians at our gates!

6. Ukraine Heating Up!

7.  Weeping Icon – Real or Satanic counterfeit?

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Watchers TV sat down with an exclusive interview with Dan Gordon.  Dan is a Captain in the IDF reserves and holds both US and Israeli citizenship.  You will want to watch this and perhaps forward the link to your friends.  Dan makes it very clear what the average Israeli citizen lives with on a daily basis.  He has just returned from Israeli and his insight is both erudite and sobering.

Dan points out that HAMAS has broken every truce by firing rockets into Israel.  He also explains what happens when rockets are fired and how much time the average Israeli has to get into or find shelter.

You won’t find this on the CNN or the 6-o-clock news.

Thanks Dan!  Stay Safe!



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September 13:   L. A. Marzulli last East Coast Appearance!

Living Word Alive – Dumont New Jersey!


GIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub


giants-2nd-annualsGIANTS: Revealing the Agenda of the Fallen Cherub Recorded LIVE at the 2ND Annual NEPHILIM MOUNDS Conference – June 2014  

Russ Dizdar

  1. Back-Breeding the Nephilim: “Supercharging DNA to Create the Ultra-Race”
  2. From Rocket Scientists to Ufologists: Manufacturing a Hybrid Creation
  3. The Quest For Immortality: The Guiding Hand Cloaking Transhumanism

L.A. Marzulli

  1. Giant Bones-Giant Coverups
  2. Ancient Megalithic Structures- Nephilim Architecture
  3. The UFO Breeding Program- Are the Nephilim Here Today?

Gary Stearman

  1. What is a Giant?- The Old Testament Footprints of the Nephilim
  2. It’s All About the Seed- The Human Genome and the Seed of the Woman

The Nephilim Mounds Conference that took place in Newark, Ohio last year was such a popular event, Russ Dizdar and L.A. Marzulli decided to do it again—with a familiar expert guest—Gary Stearman! These 3 experts on the biblical Nephilim expose the real agenda of the fallen cherub, Lucifer, and take this bizarre subject to a whole new level of understanding. Stearman’s unique perspective on the biblical background of the various types of giants that once roamed the Promised Land lays the groundwork for a complete understanding of Satan’s plans for the last days. 8 unique messages stand alone in their advanced biblical understanding!

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L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule 2014

L. A. 2013 PHOTO 23New Years Eve! December 31 – Calvary Chapel Oceanside – Southern Cal.

Watcher’s 7! Screening in Southern California – Saturday – Feb. 1st. 7:30 pm – Just Cause Motion Capture Stage – 4130 Del Rey Ave. Marina Del Rey!

February 21-22: Decoding the End Times Bible


March 28-30: Prophecy In the News! Orlando 

April 5 & 6 – Dominion Christian Center

April 25 -27: Behold the Days are Coming Conference   

May 5-15: Peru tour with L. A. Marzulli & Brein Foerster!

June 13-14: Nephilim Mounds II – June 28-29: The War of Art! Southern California!

July 25-27 – Prophecy in the News Colorado!

September 13:   Living Word Alive – Dumont New Jersey!

October 24-25: Strategic Trends with Chuck Missler –

November 7- 9: Tri State Prophecy Conference – W/ Gary Stearman & Russ Dizdar

2015 Speaking Schedule

January 17 – CERO UFO Lecture – Los Angeles

March 12-15: Lion Heart Ministries in Knoxville Tennessee.  

April 3-5: Memphis Tennessee.  Details soon.

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views. Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.

37 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – Ask L. A. Anything!

  1. What gets me about the OK satanic mass isn’t the satanic part but the fact the Catholics were upset about the wafer having been stolen. Just goes to show you how corrupt the Catholic Church is. To them, the body of Christ was stolen by the devil!

  2. ‘ Morning!

    Given the subject matter(s) provided, the show should be pretty high charged with emotion.

    If satanic worship or sharia law coming to America is allowed to be practiced publicly and there isn’t an outrageous outcry from the public, then we deserve what we get.

    “Not speaking up is speaking up; not taking action is taking action” (sorry I can’t remember who coined this phrase). But, yes, it’s a form of cowardice.

    Prayer is still the answer.

    At least Hannity is willing to publicly address the sharia law issues. Good for him!


    • Hi SS Mary —
      Hannity should have hit the Mute switch early on and let the Imam know he would only be heard on the air waves when he answered Hannity’s question. It does give us a better understanding of B.O.’s consistently ‘blaming someone else’ for the problems he has created. It’s the result of early education from the Imams and his narcissistic personality — ‘he just can’t help himself”! LOL.

      To: R. Brannon
      I’ll have to change my favorite song from “His eye is on the Sparrow” to “His Eye is on the Swallow”!

    • G”Day, Seashoremary!

      There have been some cases over here of backyard sharia law justice being carried out. It’s just not officially recognized as a part of local law… yet. Give it time.

    • Blessed Hope, if I may add a bit more to yesterday’s post. Like LA and Linda and so many others, I lost a parent not too long ago. It was two years ago when I lost my father. Then, last summer, I noticed swallows and doves seemingly more prevalent than in years past. I mentioned this fact to my wife, who recounted the story of a funeral last summer, where two swallows land on the casket of a graveside ceremony, and perched there for most of the prayers.

      I told my wife of how the swallows, in art and literature, represent returning home. She related that fact to the family of the deceased, and they were comforted with that thought. Doves have represented the Lord’s Spirit and in the case of the mourning dove, an impending death in the family.

      Later last summer, I lost my aunt, so the sight of these doves and swallows did make me recollect that we do indeed have a heavenly home.

      Then last January, my aunt’s husband, who was my dad’s twin, passed also. There certainly wasn’t any birds to be seen on that miserably cold day.

      The funeral procession had to drive past my uncle’s home, as it was on the way to the cemetery. Strangely, as we got to my uncle’s home, the procession stopped for a few minutes.

      I asked my cousin if she gave the instruction to stop, possibly as a time to reflect. I was surprised when she answered that she had no idea why the procession stopped in front of my uncles’s house.

      Then it came to me, the “returning home” symbolism on full display?

      I read to much into things sometimes, but it does make one wonder. Someone said of the people that have gone before, that they are not gone, but gone on ahead. A lovely sentiment indeed.

    • One more item, if you couldn’t tell by my typos, in the past I posted here under the name “John T”. But another “John T” commented a couple times so I made the switch so as not to be confusing. So just in case you were wondering that this R. Bannon’s stories sounds familiar, just me under another name.

  3. Whilst the hacker hords unleash locust-bots and zombie cloners across the web…
    – if you can connect you may want to see if various services are disrupted
    – for instance, Time Warner Cable has had outages yesterday and today
    – and Microsoft’s Office 365 is currently down in many places in the US (still)
    – including email, etc. … as shown on “down detector” web site

    If you punch on the graphs, a “heat map” of the US is often displayed showing areas impacted.
    – based on comments sent in
    – “”

    “” (outage heat map)
    “” (running comments)

    Asymmetric Warfare in our age…
    – remotely piloted war drones and bots sent out
    – bot armies doing massive denial of net services sent back

    amerika might wake up when terrorism takes out their entertainment networks

    • “”

      The obvious question here is why this group is still online and able to continue these sorts of disruptions, not only after a string of DDoS attacks but in the wake of tweeting a bomb scare to an American airline, the sort of offense that one might think could land you in a deep, dark hole somewhere.

      The answer? These investigations take time, even for the FBI. If I had to guess, judging by the group’s braggadocio about not fearing the Feds, and constant references to 9/11 and ISIS, they are not based in the US. They might not be in Iraq, as they claim, but if they’re abroad anywhere, obviously that complicates things. The US government would have to collaborate with other countries to see them caught, which would take more time than if they were simply able to handle things entirely as a domestic matter.

      The Lizard Squad has turned into something of a fascination for the gaming community, who seems both simultaneously annoyed and bemused by them. It’s irritating to have these services taken down by these kinds of attacks, but some in the community seem to be attempting to play into the group’s games, as evidenced by more than a few foreheads with a certain reptilian identifier etched on them.

    • “amerika might wake up when terrorism takes out their entertainment networks”

      Nome …or how about if their bank accounts are hacked?

      FBI said to be probing whether Russian government tied to JP Morgan hacking, and possibly one other bank. From the article: “The sophistication of the attack and technical indicators extracted from the banks’ computers provide some evidence of a government link.”

    • “amerika might wake up when terrorism takes out their entertainment networks”

      Nome …or how about if their bank accounts are hacked?

      FBI said to be probing whether Russian government tied to JP Morgan hacking, and possibly one other bank. From the article: “The sophistication of the attack and technical indicators extracted from the banks’ computers provide some evidence of a government link.”


    • Linda,

      That’s the type of thing which could cause billions to “take the mark.”

      If an additional security system is put in place that supposedly “protects” bank accounts and other online transactions from hackers — using “bio-tags” (… possibly interfaced at forehead, hand, or voice* bio-circuit).

      Rev. 13:16-17
      And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond,
      – to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
      – And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark,
      or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

      By way of Mike Heiser…
      – “”
      – as a mechanism for a unique “authentication loop”
      – keyed to each individual’s live neural circuits

  4. The ebola issue is also disturbing, and maybe a little hard to believe WHO and others that say risk of catching this is “low” (?), and people should continue to travel, etc. Meanwhile, Canada has just brought back 3 scientists on a private jet after it was discovered several people at the hotel in Sierra Leone where they were staying were infected with Ebola.

    Ebola outbreak: WHO warns that virus could infect 20,000


  5. Kill Shot Miss? Up Close to M Flare & Napa Earthquake <<<<< Wait until you see about half way into video…. interesting trip !!

  6. YELLOWSTONE CLOSED: The Caldera Is Destabilizing – Magma Is Surfacing

    <<<< From back in July, regarding recent activity. BE WATCHFUL. ARE YOU PREPARED ??

  7. Scientists Theory: East Coast Super volcano In Atlantic Ocean

    <<<< Truth is there is a HUGE SUPER VOLCANO that makes Yellow Stone Caldera "look like a pond". Activity has increased over last 2 years.
    So it is definitely something to WATCH going forward…..and this is one of 3 MASSIVE Volcanic Systems in pacific and atlantic oceans.

  8. Wildfires Now Described as APOCALYPTIC! <<<<<<<<<<< The SILENCE in the media …. surely tells us …. it is VERY VERY BAD !!!

    • Kirk, interesting that the song in the video is Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find my Way back Home”. A subject that I was just commenting on in a space above. Such a sad song.

    • Kirk and R. Bannon (John T.), so sad to see images of wildfire devastation, including on the innocent animals ..that really tugs at the heart. So many rapidly increasing signs of the times, as we all keep seeing and saying. God bless and keep looking up!

  9. Islamic Agenda In The U S by Walid Shoebat <<<< Another EXCELLENT time with MORE INSIGHT from WALID !!! WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!

  10. R. Bannon,

    You asked me yesterday about Rev 3:10 where it says…”I will keep thee from the hour of temptation (“trial” in some versions) which shall come upon all the world..” Is this passage meant for a past generation? The church of Philadelphia?

    Notice the verse right after Rev 3:10 in verse 11 what is said.

    Rev 3:11 BEHOLD, I COME QUICKLY: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown

    “Cometh quickly” is how the THIRD WOE comes which is Yahshu’s one & only return at the 7th trump & last trump at the end of the tribulation.

    Rev 11:14 The second woe is past; and, behold, THE THIRD WOE COMETH QUICKLY.

    Here are the 3 woes.

    1st woe when Satan opens the pit and locust type creatures come onto the earth torturing men
    2nd woe is a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were terrified, and gave honour to the Elohim of heaven.
    3rd woe is Yahshua’s return (7th trump, last trump)

    So Yahshua is telling those in the assembly of Philadelphia that He will guard (keep) them from the hour of temptation until He comes quickly (at the 7th trump, last trump).

    The hour of temptation is the hour of testing.

    Mat 4:1 Then was Yahshua led up of the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be TEMPTED (tested) of the devil.

    Satan will test (tempt) the world with His fallen angels 1st and then when the AC sits in the temple claiming to be God.
    And most will believe the lie or in other words fail the test (temptation).

    2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
    2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called Elohim, or that is worshipped; so that he sitteth in the temple of Elohim, showing himself that he is Yahweh.
    2Th 2:5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

    How do we always guard (keep) against the devil??

    What did our Master do?

    Yahshua guarded himself from the Devil by responding with the commandments.

    In all three tests given to Yahshua by Satan He responded with “It is written…”

    Yahshua quoted and kept the commandments.

    How will Yahshua Keep us guarded during the time of temptation?



    Rev 3:10 tell us..

    Rev 3:10 “BECAUSE YOU HAVE GUARDED MY WORD OF ENDURANCE, I also shall guard you from the hour of trial which shall come upon all the world, to try those who dwell on the earth.

    We will be guarded (kept) by His word. By doing and responding with the commandants just as Yahshua did when He was tempted, He will guard (keep) us.

    The commandments are Yahshua’s commandments. He gave them at Mt. Sinai. He is the lawgiver..

    The commandments are a complete demonstration of Love to our God & our neighbor.

    Joh 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

    The commandments guard us.

    Ecc 8:5 Whoso keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing: and a wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment.

    Pro 7:2 Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.

    Yahshua is the commandments in the flesh. He fullfills love.. love = the commandments.

    • Kirt7, hmm, in case you didn’t know, LA generally likes for us to keep the , is there or isn’t there a rapture debate, kinda off the table here. Creates to much division and argumentation. But he does encourage us to research it on our own!!! 🙂 and we all agree he is coming back!!!! Just not exactly on the timing part….
      Besides we have so much other stuff talk about here!
      Yes there are “escape” routes but many prior to that are going to suffer for believing….many are right now and dying for him…..
      The only consolation in my heart is that they are now with the Father! Where there is no pain, no suffering, no tears, only JOY!

  11. Firehouse Live <<<<<<<< These PRAYER meetings have been EXPANDING all over the world !!!! AWESOME !!!! GO PERRY GO !!!!

  12. Chuck Missler interveiws Bob Cornuke
    – on the evidence that the Temple
    – was located in the City of David
    – well south of the dome of the rock
    – which means that it can be built anytime
    – without muslim interference
    – also well based on Bible analysis

    • oops! missed the Ask Elm link…
      – “”

      Gihon Temple Discovered !!!
      Commentary for July 17, 2014 — But Is It an Israelite Temple?

      “… that the Temple of God built by Solomon and the later Temple built by Zerubbabel after the Babylonian Captivity were both constructed about a third of a mile south of the Dome of the Rock (the place where all people today erroneously believe the original Temples of God were built).”

  13. Tried to post your link concerning the satanic mass in OKC on FB, but apparently was censored because it did not post. I shared that a couple of weeks ago, someone placed a typed letter underneath the windshield of my car while I was working (downtown Tulsa, OK). I didn’t notice it until I was on the freeway going home. It was on an 8 1/2 x 11 single spaced letter entitled “Reasons Why Praying to God Should Be Illegal.” They used scriptures, but what they wrote had nothing to do with the scriptures. It was anti-Christ and stated God was the enemy and evil. I asked my Christian friends to “PRAY.”

    Needless to say, I was shocked when I got it and then became angry about it. I found out later that a satanic group from New York were in OK to support the satanic statue they were placing in Oklahoma City. I showed it to a Christian friend of mine via text message, who is an attorney in Lubbock, TX, who said she was also shocked. She deleted the text with the letter, and I burned the letter and washed it down the drain in the kitchen sink.

    Christians in America do indeed need to wake up. lamarzulli posted: “_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Acceleration Radio PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL AIR AT 9PM EASTERN TIME! W”

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