Will the King Go to War? It’s Now or Never…

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L. A. Marzulli

As most of you know, I love maps. They can show us at a glance what is happening in any given area of the world and this map certainly does that.

ISIL—Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—has, for all practical purposes, taken over the country of Iraq.  While they do not yet control Baghdad, the city may soon fall to the Islamists.

ISIL has come right up to the neighboring border with Jordan.  They have threatened to behead King Abdullah as they consider him an infidel.

The Hashemite Kingdom is also taxed to the limit with the influx of 600,000 Syrian refugees who have fled the turmoil in the ongoing civil war in that country.

The King is in real trouble here and it is certainly time for him to make a move.  If he liberates Iraq from ISIL—most likely with the help of American forces—he would be hailed as a hero by the citizens there.  Would this then lead to the establishment of the Hashemite Kingdom in Iraq?  This is what I have put forth numerous times on this blog.  However, as of this post, the king is not on the move and it appears he has no intentions of liberating any country soon, at least for now.


With the recent beheading of journalist James Foley, and the slaughter of countless people in their wake, ISIL has shown its true colors.  These are barbarians who rob, kill, rape and pillage.  They will only be stopped when another military force defeats them.  There are just wars.  Hitler and the Nazi’s were maniacs and conducted the same type of genocide, which ISIL is now practicing, wherever they went.  Nazi Stormtroopers would overwhelm a village and then conduct mass executions, machine-gunning thousands of people and burying them in mass graves.  ISIL is doing the same thing everywhere it goes.  They must be stopped and the only way to do that is by direct military engagement.

For every thing there is a season a time for every purpose under heaven….

The King and the USA have a close relationship.  I would posit that there are daily talks going back and forth and it may be possible that there is some military countermeasure being planned even as I write this.

If the US backed King Abdullah, he would have a good chance of defeating ISIL.  The scenario could go something like this.  Jordanian troops would be the boots on the ground, but they would be reinforced with US air support.  ISIL has no air force, so air attacks by the US, would cripple their entire infrastructure.  Jordanian troops would be responsible for the clean up operations throughout Iraq.  I believe the people in Iraq would hail the King as the man of the hour.  Of course, unless the King engages, none of this will happen and I believe ISIL will attack Jordan at some point.

In closing todays post.  When the Iraqi’s were constructing their constitution in the wake of the Saddam Hussein’s overthrow, the King of Jordan offered to set up a constitutional monarchy in Iraq.  His offer was declined, but the point is, it was offered.  The Hashemite Kings once controlled Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.  They came to power by way of the Brits and French who installed them in these newly formed countries after the Turkish/Ottoman empire was defeated in WWI.  The Baath party overthrew two of the kings, in Syria and in Iraq, but the people remember that at one time the Hashemites ruled.


It’s not to far of a stretch to think that the King might engage militarily, as if he sits by and does nothing, he could lose his entire kingdom, not to mention his head.  If he does liberate Iraq and rid the world of ISIL, he would be hailed as an international hero.  Will the king go to war?  It’s now or never, but in the end we’ll have to see what he does…


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54 thoughts on “Will the King Go to War? It’s Now or Never…

  1. I have been watching King Abdullah of Jordan since 1999. He is a person of interest. ..so glad to see someone with L a’s insight to also take an interest in this person.

  2. This is certainly a conceivable scenario but this is assuming of course the USA actually shows some kind of sense. I wouldn’t bet two cents on that and especially with BHO and his crew running the show.

    USA or not… it certainly is in Jordan’s best interest for ISIL to be stopped and frankly most of the rest of the Middle East should get a clue on that.

    • Some further thoughts:

      I think more likely what we’re going to see is him and his American wife high tailing it out of Dodge on a lear jet at some point because if we’re all waiting for the USA under BHO to show some sense we can forget about it.

      The only caveat to this would be: If the NWO decides ISIL is more trouble than they are worth then they get put down like vermin. That’s got decent odds at some point especially if the oil comes under more direct threat. Then you can forget about it.

      What I’m looking at here is the eventual Psalm 83 setup. Jordan is a part of that. For Jordan to be a part of that means you can’t have some fairly moderate and reasonable person like Abdullah in power when that time happens.

      So we’ll see.

    • Eric, when Psalm 83 happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the enemy countries are fueled by misinformation and deception. I can envision a more “moderate” government agreeing to attack because of false intelligence about Israel’s motives, although perhaps in their hearts the attackers are greedy per Ps 83:12.

  3. Just had loved ones leave the U.S. for Jordan, answering the call to spread the Gospel of our Lord during this chaotic but opportunistic time. So close to the atrocities over the border. Trusting God to work His will in my dear ones’ lives whether that involves physical safety or not but it is hard!

  4. Will Jordan act? Is the King a person of interest the way Eric has defined him? He is a king with great influence in the area. He may or may not need to go to war yet.

    Perhaps he is waiting, as many others are, if Israel and Palestine do broker a 7 year peace treaty of which he would weigh the consequences.

    An embedded statement was recently made and quoted in the Jerusalem Post:


    Approximately 13 paragraphs below the image posted is a stunning statement Israel made: “Israel insists on demilitarizing the Gaza Strip from rockets and missiles, and the declaration of a cease fire that would last between 5-7 years” he said. “The Palestinian side has yet to compromise on any of the key questions.”


    So…Israel already for the 7 year peace treaty triggering the tribulation time frame!!!


  5. Gulf Breeze Jen — Psalm 91:3-10; I also will be praying for your loved ones as I continue to do for all the Christians coming under persecution throughout the world. His perfect will be done.

  6. Let’s play “Pin the Tail…
    — On The antichrist”

    @ Abdullah … LA has even pointed to the possibility before
    @ Bahgdadi … better fits the “stern countenance” model … but not “understanding dark sentences”
    @ some Saudi … ask Kirk
    @ Prince Filipe … probably just one of the “10 Horns” (or at least his office)
    @ Prince William … ” ”
    @ Javier Solana … ” ”
    @ Barak Obama … ” ”
    @ Vlad Putin … ” ”
    @ The Assyrian … seemingly discredited … but note Assyrian christian(?) community in Iran
    @ some collective … consistent with other collectives in The Revelation (spiritual hive)
    @ an office (official title)
    – such as for the current fallen angel that rules over the rest of the fallen (demonic dominions)
    – not always satan and certainly not when he’s locked up in the abyss

    @ dimensions (heaven… earth… hell…)
    – enemy angels “locked up” under the Euphrates
    – perhaps another location for inter-dimensional gates ❓

    Matt, I want to be there when you ask Yeshua to resurrect a pet yeti :mrgreen:

    • What about Romney sneaking back into the spotlight these days? The merman’s have that white horse prophesy…

    • Nome….

      The anti-Christ will come out of the “Seleucus Kingdom” ( One of the 4 Generals that divided up Alexander the Greats’ Kingdom after
      Alex kicked the bucket.) Daniel 8 goes over this along with Daniel 11. The King of The North was the Seleucus Kingdom.

      This kingdom was comprised of Turkey…Syria…Iraq…Iran…..which Scripture tells us that the “Little Horn” / anti-Christ will come from
      this area of the middle east….which was the Eastern Leg of the Roman Empire….which was based out of Constantinople…now Istanbul, Turkey.

      This area was part of the Ottoman Empire….and this Ottoman kingdom “died” in 1924…right after the WW I ended….which caused this HEAD
      to receive a deadly HEAD WOUND. { a HEAD represents a KINGDOM }

      This is described in Revelation 13:3 about the “deadly wound that was healed”. Turkey was the center of the OTTOMAN EMPIRE
      and is currently “being revived from its’ Deadly Head Wound”……..and will restore the Islamic Caliphate to its’ full former status….
      just as we now see “the caliphate” coming about in Syria, and Iraq as we speak…. as the beginning formation of the OTTOMAN EMPIRE
      which is to be REVIVED again.

      As to the Beast which has 7 HEADS, …. history shows us the ORDER of these Kingdoms.

      1) Egypt
      2) Assyria
      3) Babylon
      4) Persia
      5) Greece
      6) Rome ( which did move its’ capital to Constantinople ( Istanbul, Turkey )

      7) Ottoman >>>> This Kingdom ruled up until 1923/24 when The Deadly Wound killed the Beast by the sword (ww I) …. which saw the
      Ottoman Empire broken up ( DEADLY WOUND ) and the entire Middle East was carved out into the boundaries we see on maps today.

      This DEADLY HEAD WOUND will be healed when the OTTOMAN EMPIRE comes back to life again through the 8th Empire being the
      REVIVED OTTOMAN EMPIRE …. which will be ruled by a CALIPH…. and will once again UNITE ALL MUSLIMS under a CALIPHATE.

      The video on youtube called >>>> “ISLAM: Babylon the great” ……. does a phenomenal job laying out all this and a ton more!

      VERY INFORMATIVE !!!! Hope you get a chance to study it because it will answer many questions regarding what we are seeing today.

    • Kirk,

      Let’s run the revived “northern kingdom” a few more laps…
      – king of the north (kon) and king of the south (kos) … (~ shia vs sunni)
      – ref: north and south of Jerusalem
      – kon conquerors and takes over 3 of the 10 horns (or is that 3 of the 7 historical empires?)
      – as part of the 3 … conquers the kos … unifying islam
      – Israel reacts since surrounded (like if surround by ISIL)
      – nations shaken from preemptive strikes including tactical nuclear
      – tacticals possibly already in place world wide
      – Israel nearly perfects Iron Dome during constant rocket attacks by Gazans
      – and use it as a ICBM & cruise missile shield
      – kon+kos (caliphate) unifies islam … controls major oil flows
      – kings of east (koe) deal with kon+kos
      – kings & merchants of west (mow) help establish “new babylon”
      – as a metroplex around present Jerusalem (the new “old city”)
      – new babylon is divided in 3rds (like a bulls eye)
      – The 2 Witnesses….

      All guesses of course…
      – lest we be guilty of adding to the Prophecy of The Revelation
      – True Prophecy being what The Almighty is dealing with

      I have no conclusion beyond recognizing foreshadowing and reflections.

    • I stand corrected H_w …
      – gotta be more contenders out there also
      – Skiba says horus, I believe
      – soros, maitreya, etc.among the geriatrics

      oh yeah… kurzweil as an x-human with a brain implant (head wounding?) … gone hive mind

    • Hi, Nomememoleste and friends.

      Nomemoleste… watched interview with Rob Skiba and ‘Freeman’ (youtuber – August ’14), asking about him about endtimes identities and dates etc. To paraphrase, Skiba replies that AC is not a man, but a beast (from original greek definition of “beast”, as received meaning from a Greek person describing it as not a cow or bull but in the sense of a werewolve-like or some other beast, and evil). He also added that he comes out of the bottomless pit, and that his name never was or is written in the book of life, nor ever will be (so that affirms that he is not a man – according to Skiba).

      Not saying I agree or disagree with Skiba, just mentioning his statements in this interview, and paraphrasing as I didn’t make any handwritten notes of his ideas discussed with this Freeman personality.

      Skiba, also mentions of his military service in Iraq, and that a mummy (in perfect condition) was recovered, in perfect condition and was done in secrecy. I forgot who he mentions that it may possibly be.. [Horus? Nimrod? sorry, I cannot recall precisely], and it’s intentions for cloning etc, and the tomb of Osiris has been located under the Sphinx and the sarcophagus sealed the opening to a shaft referred to as the bottomless pit. As well as Obama being the likeness physical appearance) of one of those pharoahs or Nimrods or Coneheads (hence the alleged scar on the back of O’s big head). He also gives a timeline for the endtime events as being in 30 years or so time, according to his assumptions that the scientists plan and ambition to remake man by 2045 such that provides Skiba with a timeline of “endtimes” (and other factors beginning 2031 – 2045).

      He further states about the Christian/Judaic festivals/dates (Christmas Day, Easter etc) being hijacked and replaced by the Pagan/Sun worshippers gods, and that September 11 is Jesus’ actual birthday and that events that have occurred on that date are to give Christ a bad name if it were to be acknowledged that that is the actual date of his birth, and indicates that the “woman clothed with the sun” (Rev. 12.:1-6) astronomical event was an 80-minute window event that occurs only once in ten thousand years occurred two years before the traditional recording of B.C/A.D calendar reference so that the hysteria of the 21 December 2012 Mayan calendar event took place two whole years before in 2010!

      Probably trivial, Freeman states that he is proud to combine with Skiba, that his views come from a secular aspect and Skiba’s from a biblical perspective.

      I have watched, in part, some of this Freeman’s vids… and notice he makes a lot claims, has many New Age perspectives, but most of all gives a lot of talk without actual evidence. I also found him difficult to follow as his discussion is very broken and lacking in coherency. (a bit like me when I don’t know what I am talking about! LOL)

      I enjoyed some of Skiba’s presentation, particulary re Nephilim (not that he said anything new there as already disclosed by the LAs and Chuck Missler).

      Personally, I don’t see things happening in 30 years time (2045, as Skiba claims)… I can’t see Syria, and Israel etc warring for another 30 years. It troubles me, that some people who may hear this (and accept it as absolute) will panic that they will not be able to endure for another 30 years, and so, give up on faith and/or life – like those that got sucked in by the Y2K bug hysteria or Mayan 2012 and sold up and quit their jobs and went to survive in the hills, as has probably happened with many others over the generations who fell for someone’s ‘the end is nigh’ hype. Personally, I see things are already beginning to happen right now.

      God Bless!


    • LOL Theres an interesting image: merman Romney riding a white seahorse? 😉

      I can’t help but wonder what role , if any, the Mormon church will play in all this. The origins of their faith alone make me suspect they might be used in the coming deception.

    • Mormonism and Islam have more in common than a lot of people know. Mormonism is even known as “America’s Islam” and for good reason. When you start tracking that down…. the short answer is yes. The Mormons are going to be major players in the one world religion setup for sure. It’s all going to come together.

      The alien thing may very well be what puts it all over the top along with the mutual and joint interests in transhumanism that is showing up equally with seculars and increasingly in several religions.

    • Joseph Smith was a 33rd degree Mason. That is why the Mormon temple rites are similar to the Masonic Temple. Yes, they will be part of the NWO. Romney may be the one to lead the US in the Tribulation. Current administration is too weak in my opinion..

    • file under “Ya Think!?”


    • wrong thread for the 666 link…

      @ fishy mormons
      – mormons are to samaritans
      – as masons are to Judah

      Have I mentioned that..
      – “nation of islam” ~ “jehovah’s witnesses”

    • It is interesting that the Mormons believe in the miracle of the seagulls, the seagulls saved their first crop in their new land. Thinking of this reminds me that when the doves of peace were released by the Vatican, a seagull was one of the birds to attack the doves. Symbolism?

  7. Thinking out loud here…if the U.S./Jordan air strike thing didn’t happen, what are the chances of Israel and Jordan pairing up and doing the same thing? Wondering if that could potentially lead to the King allowing the Jewish temple to be built on the Temple Mount…

    • Yep, my thoughts hover on that possibility also Amanda.
      I don’t see Obummer showing much real ‘conviction’ regarding taking out ISIL currently. It’s almost as if he’s had his hand forced to respond contrary to what he’d personally prefer.

      Anyone else got that ‘vibe’ from him over the past month or so?

  8. Hello L.A. On a further note about king Abdullah and the Hashemite kingdom, Abdullah controls the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Any “peace” negotiation with Israel would have to go through him.

    The Hashem (interesting start to the name Hashemite) …ite kingdom would include all or part of Syria. The anti Christ is called the Assyrian, and it is he who confirms a “peace” treaty with Israel for seven years. That phony “peace” agreement parallels that of Islam’s false prophet Mohammmed which he used to deceive the people of Mecca before he slaughtered them.

    On an ecumenical note, Roman Catholicism and Islam are joining hands. It isn’t a far stretch to see the last pope as the false prophet, and the last Caliphate Islamic leader as the anti Christ. Why will the Jews accept him ? Because he has a lineage to Abraham through Ishmael, but will come in his own name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfcJgnRqyL4

    The Jews look for miraculous signs of self promotion. Jesus Christ The Messiah gave them none of those type of hype signs. All His miracles were done out of compassion for the suffering of mankind. The only sign close to the nature of what the Jews were desiring was the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead of which Jesus said would be the only sign given to the unbelieving Jews of that nature.

    The false prophet will do signs, wonders, and miracles along the line of calling down fire from heaven to exalt anti Christ as the Messiah. Him will the Jews receive till he proclaims himself as God sitting in the Temple of God. Then the remnant flee to Petra till Jesus Christ returns, and they look upon Him whom they have pierced. Him who they have crucified. And that isn’t anti Semitic as some Jew scream, but a biblical fact confirmed by Peter at Pentecost. Yes Jesus Christ died for all of our sins, but spiritualizing it in that manner to exempt the Jew of crucifying Him, and rejecting Him is a denial of the truth of Scripture. Wrath has come upon the unbelieving Jews to the uttermost for rejecting Jesus Christ as their Messiah, and crucifying Him. Almost two thousand years of expulsion from Israel, and the destruction of Jerusalem, and the Temple prove just that, and fulfill prophecy.

    John Hagee and his group say they promote Israel out of one side of their mouth (to gain popularity) and then say that the unbelieving Jews do not need salvation, and not to convert them. That is nothing but anti Christ doctrine, and consigning them to the Wrath of God in The Great Tribulation.

    Hagee has an anti Christ spirit for he denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

    1 John 2:22,23 22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: *(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also*.

    No person who believes in Jesus Christ should ever share the same platform with Hagee except to denounce him publicly. But people seem too cowardly to do so. To stand on a platform with Hagee, and his anti Christ spirit, and keep silent as several have done, is to put their stamp of approval on him whether they realize it or not.

    • Hmmmm……interesting…….Regarding John Hagee……. I copied his “statement of beliefs” from his website
      ( See below*** for his statement of faith and what he teaches. )

      To say that John Hagee “promotes Israel out of one side of [ his ] mouth …. [ in order ] …. “to gain popularity” …. is hilarious.

      Hagee has been standing for ISRAEL …. in spite of much ridicule and persecution ….. since I first heard of John Hagee in the late 80’s.
      He did it then….and still does today………..and he gets hotly persecuted for it too.

      Promotes Israel ………..”to gain popularity”…….what a hoot! That’s a new one to me!

      Beliefs >>>> just copied and pasted from his website. See for yourself.

      The Lord Jesus Christ

      We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God. We believe in His substitutionary death for all men, His resurrection,
      and His eventual return to judge the world.

      We believe all men are born with a sinful nature and that the work of the Cross was to redeem man from the power of sin. We believe that this salvation is available to all who will receive it.

      The Holy Spirit
      We believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity and in His interaction with man. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit as manifested by the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit.

      The Sacred Scripture
      We believe in the scripture as the inspired Word of God and that it is the complete revelation of God’s will for mankind. We believe in the absolute authority of the scripture to govern the affairs of men.

      We believe that every man is the steward of his life and resources which ultimately belong to God. We believe that tithing is a measure of obedience to the scriptural principles of stewardship.

      The Church
      We believe in the Church as the eternal and universal Body of Christ consisting of all those who have accepted the work of the atonement. We believe in the need for a local assembly of believers for the purpose of evangelism and edification.

      Prayer and Praise
      We believe in the worship of the Lord through singing, clapping, and the lifting of hands. We believe in the authority of the believer to ask freely of the Lord for his needs.

      Body Ministry
      We believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit to the Church body through the anointing of oil by the elders of the church.

      We believe that evangelism is the obligation of every follower of Jesus Christ. The Lord commands us to go out and make disciples of all the earth. We believe that each person is first responsible to evangelism in their own family as the Holy Spirit leads them and gives them the ability.

      Water Baptism
      We believe in the ordinance of water baptism by immersion in obedience to the Word of God. All those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior should be baptized in water as a public profession of their faith in Christ and to experience what the Bible calls the “circumcision of the Spirit.”

      Our Commitment to Israel
      We believe in the promise of Genesis 12:3 regarding the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. We believe that this is an eternal covenant between God and the seed of Abraham to which God is faithful.

      The Priesthood of the Believer
      We believe that every believer has a unique relationship to the Lord. As His children, every Christian has immediate access to the throne of Grace and the ability to manifest the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in ministry.


      Maybe you should take some time on John Hagee’s website and see how he views ISRAEL and maybe hear the same SALVATION message
      that he’s been preaching since I first heard him.

    • Kirk, one important question. What does Hagee think of the apostle Paul? Nome had some good points awhile back about the Hebraic roots movement.

    • Kirk, I did just that: I’ve spent a good long while tonight, trying to find in Hagee’s own words on his various websites, if he thinks Jewish people must accept Christ as their Messiah, right along with every other stripe of human. No where did I find it straight-up, him saying that. However, all the times he’s been accused of teaching dual-covenant theology, he dances one heck of a merry jig, avoiding answering the question. He responds in loads of misdirection and flowery fluff till he thinks he’s rambled on long enough that the question has been properly obfuscated, then he signs off. That is suspect enough, right there, to have confirmed my general previous assessments of his belief structure, and now I’m bored of him. I’m goin’ to bed.

    • John Hagee’s site……..regarding ISRAEL and The Jewish people.


      Why Christians Should Support Israel
      The Apple of HIS Eye…

      Everything Christians do should be based upon the Biblical text. Here are seven solid Bible reasons why Christians should support Israel.

      Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed.” Point: God has promised to bless the man or nation that blesses the Chosen People. History has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the nations that have blessed the Jewish people have had the blessing of God; the nations that have cursed the Jewish people have experienced the curse of God.

      St. Paul recorded in Romans 15:27 “For if the Gentiles have shared in their (the Jews) spiritual things, they are indebted to minister to them also in material things.”

      Christians owe a debt of eternal gratitude to the Jewish people for their contributions that gave birth to the Christian faith. Jesus Christ, a prominent Rabbi from Nazareth said, “Salvation is of the Jews!” (St. John 4:22) consider what the Jewish people have given to Christianity:
      The Sacred Scripture
      The Prophets
      The Patriarchs
      Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth
      The Twelve Disciples
      The Apostles

      It is not possible to say, “I am a Christian” and not love the Jewish people. The Bible teaches that love is not what you say, but what you do. (1 John 3:18) “A bell is not a bell until you ring it, a song is not a song until you sing it, love is not love until you share it.”

      While some Christians try to deny the connection between Jesus of Nazareth and the Jews of the world, Jesus never denied his Jewishness. He was born Jewish, He was circumcised on the eighth day in keeping with Jewish tradition, He had his Bar Mitzvah on his 13th birthday, He kept the law of Moses, He wore the Prayer Shawl Moses commanded all Jewish men to wear, He died on a cross with an inscription over His head, “King of the Jews!

      Jesus considered the Jewish people His family. Jesus said (Matthew 25:40) “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren (the Jewish people… Gentiles were never called His brethren), ye have done it unto me.

      “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee.” (Psalm 122:6) the scriptural principle of prosperity is tied to blessing Israel and the city of Jerusalem.

      Why did Jesus Christ go to the house of Cornelius in Capernaum and heal his servant, which was ready to die? What logic did the Jewish elders use with Jesus to convince Him to come into the house of a Gentile and perform a miracle?

      The logic they used is recorded in Luke 7:5; “For He loveth our nation, and He hath built us a synagogue.” The message? This Gentile deserves the blessing of God because he loves our nation and has done something practical to bless the Jewish people.

      Why did God the Father select the house of Cornelius in Caesarea (Acts Chapter 10) to be the first Gentile house in Israel to receive the Gospel? The answer is given repeatedly in Acts 10.

      Acts 10:2 “a devout man, (Cornelius) and one that feared God with all his house, which gave much alms to the people, and prayed to God always.” Who were the people to whom Cornelius gave these alms? They were the Jews

      Again is Acts 10:4 “… thy prayers and thine alms are come up for a memorial before God.”

      Again in Acts 10:31 “… and thine alms are had in remembrance in the sight of God.”
      The point is made three times in the same chapter. A godly Gentile who expressed his unconditional love for the Jewish people in a practical manner was divinely selected by heaven to be the first Gentile house to receive the Gospel and the first to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

      These combined Scriptures verify that PROSPERITY (Genesis 12:3 and Psalm 122:6), HEALING (Luke 7:1-5) and the OUTPOURING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT came first to Gentiles that blessed the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in a practical manner.

      We support Israel because all other nations were created by an act of men, but Israel was created by an act of God! The Royal Land Grant that was given to Abraham and his seed through Isaac and Jacob with an everlasting and unconditional covenant. (Genesis 12:1-3, 13:14-18, 15:1-21, 17:4-8, 22:15-18, 26:1-5 and Psalm 89:28-37.)


      I wonder ….. HOW MANY ….men and women of God will be labeled as “heretics” ….. just as JESUS Himself was …. and yet be in Heaven ??

  9. @ Matt: So you say it’s a “Monty Hall moment” to step into the interdimensional portal, experience for myself the giants rather than reading about dried up bones?

    Assuming I’m totally naive and gullible, can I take my 6 story level rubber ducky as a peace ambassador, since I would be in another dimension, and hopefully the receiving aliens would have pity (duh, unlikely) on my lack of feigned low level intelligence?

    If you say “No rubber ducky allowed” then how would I be able to adequately measure the alien intelligence safety level?

    (HA…happy, happy, happy)


  10. i had a distinct feeling this is gonna plow through Jordan and folks i know say, “no way, we would never let that happen”, 3 months back. this must be the set-up for the completion of the Psalm 83 war on all borders. but then i remind myself of 1Thess chp.5. at this point i believe the war will come first then the “instead of messiah” with false peace and very shortly thereafter our Lord. come Lord Jesus!

    • The CHURCH is waiting for her GROOM to come. The Church is not looking for the anti-Christ. ISRAEL signs the treaty, not the Church.
      The Bride will be gone to heaven ( John 14:1-3 ) …. taken by our GROOM …. to The Father’s House…. for our wedding day.

      The unsaved world and ISRAEL will be left on earth and “they will NOT escape”…. as it says in 1 Thess 5…. like you mention in your post.
      THE CHURCH … however… will escape “Jacob’s Trouble”.

      The CHURCH is looking for….waiting for….Her Messiah……( NOT the anti-MESSIAH. ) Our Blessed Hope is Our Redeemer, not a deceiver.

      Indeed, come quickly Lord Jesus !!!

  11. “http://www.thedailysheeple.com/you-do-realize-that-the-u-s-funded-and-trained-isis-right_082014” Looks like the makings of a false flag, millions of americans die at the hands of the evil isis crossing our borders. (who we established under CIA’s operation cyclone during the carter admin) Puppets marching under the the dictates of albert pike and his 3 world war scenario.

    Also read isis wanted madame al qaeda- (MIT doctorate) who sits in jail who planned on an ebola outbreak in the US to be released for the journalist who lost his head recently.

  12. Ouch!!! Alert…Receiving info Re: proposed Constitution for the New States of America:

    Please read the Proposed Constitution for the New States of America:


  13. The following documentary “The Nazi Gospels”, should be a history lesson and warning for people who embrace cultic, mystical, pagan and evolutionary theories. A careful study of new age beliefs, authoritarian religious movements. and the ancient alien gospel will reveal that they share similar dangerous ideologies found in Nazism.

  14. The map is quite illustrative. The Euphrates river always grabs my attention as it’s drying-up is a part of prophecy.

    To Matt, those are interesting stories posted yesterday about dimensional travel. The little boy in a cave with his robot grandma was so strange.

    I have written before(under the name John T) of San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge being portrayed in movies as some sort of portal. At least that’s my interpretation.

    In 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the bridge led to the ape’s paradise. The movie also featured the lab Gen-sys, the lab’s CEO Mr. Jacobs’s, who was killed by Koba(an alias used by Stalin). The ape Caesar was adopted by William and his dad Charles( brit royalty?)

    In the last Star Trek, the battle with the evil, mutated Kahn, was in San Francisco. Home of the oh-so multi-cultural Star Fleet.

    And Godzilla had the same backdrop of the bridge and city. I remember one scene in the movie which featured a small town used as a staging area for a nuclear weapon. It was called Lone Pine or something like that. It reminded me of the Back to the Future theory that the shopping center, where the terrorists and the nuclear device appeared in the movie, was called Twin Pines and later it was Lone Pine mall.

    This has been equated to the pine representing the pineal gland and and a DNA change. The theory has also been applied to Freedom Tower replacing the Twin Towers. Also,near this San Francisco area is the Bohemian Grove and the summer hijinx with raising Nimrod.

    Corey has brought up the theory that the US is laid out like Solomon’s Temple, with the veil, being ripped from top to bottom, as the gate to this other dimension being made accessible.

    Just some of my wacky ideas, I don’t know really what the meaning of these movie plot devices.

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  16. There are some here who think the “gentile church” is separate from Israel & then use this theory to support other doctrines that are not biblical.

    The bible says over & over again that the gentile believers are grafted (companions) into Israel and they then become Israel.

    Besides all the scripture I have posted previously to support this here a few MORE verses that should cement this in for everyone.

    Who was the new (renewed) Covenant made with??

    Mar 14:24 and he said to them, `This is my blood of the NEW COVENANT, which FOR MANY is being poured out;

    Just The “gentile church”, as many want to believe.


    The New (renewed) Covenant was NEVERr made with gentiles or the “gentile church”.

    The New (renewed) Covenant was made with the house of Israel & the house of Judah which is called the church or the assembly.

    Jer 31:31 Behold, the days come, saith Yahweh, that I WILL MAKE A NEW COVENANT WITH THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, AND WITH THE HOUSE OF JUDAH:

    Heb 8:8 For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come, saith Yahweh, when I WILL MAKE A NEW COVENANT WITH THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL AND WITH THE HOUSE OF JUDAH:

    Notice nothing in those verses about the “gentile church”.

    As so many verses say, the gentile believers are grafted in and become apart of Israel. The gentile believers inherit the promises made to Israel.. The promise of the new covenant.

    Even more added support.

    If you are with the Messiah then you are commonwealth (a citizen) of Israel.

    Eph 2:12 That at that time ye were without the Messiah, being aliens from the COMMONWEALTH (citizenship) of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without Yahweh in the world:

    Also, note that Yahshua does not reign over the “gentile church” forever but over Jacob forever.

    Luk 1:33 And HE (Yahshua) shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.

    So, again the bible says over and over again there is only one church (assembly) that started at Mt Sinai with Israel being the bride and those grafted in with her (gentile believers).

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